The Food Questions!


Hey guys!

So last night I hosted my week of #USBloggerChat and we finally talked about food! If you follow me, you’ve probably seen me promote it since Monday! I’m very sorry about the spam, but I just want to make sure everybody knew that we would have a chat and maybe there would be a good turn out! And it was marvelous! I had a great turn out that talked about their favorites and I’m hoping created some everlasting friendships!

Something I tried to explain to another person on Twitter, all of us at #USBloggerChat open up our Thursday chats to everybody! Jasmine, who is our co-creator, she tries to send out tweets throughout the week; to help promote the host, topic and whatever time it starts in your country! When I host, I don’t care if you are a blogger or not. If you want to join in it’s perfectly fine with me. As long as you use the hashtag or mention me at the start of your tweet, I will reply back to you as fast as my little toes will go! Never think because you’re not a blogger or someone not from the US that you can’t join the chats. You are always welcome!

I mentioned that I’ve been promising this topic of choice since last November. Somehow at the end of the chat, we started talking about food and I think because it was after Thanksgiving and getting closer to Christmas, everybody was sharing their favorite comfort foods and like three or four of them asked for that subject. Well,  I was hoping I’d have my food bucket list post up by now and that it would contribute to the whole chat, but I haven’t worked on it since early November! I’ve also had two other chats that I’ve hosted so it’s safe to say, this was a long time coming!

Thankfully, I still had my mom’s picture of the crawfish my dad made during the SuperBowl that I knew it would be the perfect “starter” to this post! When I made up these questions, once I was finished scheduling them and whatnot, I actually had a couple more questions pop up in my head. So since I didn’t have any more room that I would try add them onto this as bonus questions!

I hope you guys enjoyed the chat and like the questions! Hope I didn’t make you all too hungry during or after! 😀

Q1: Let’s start with a somewhat easy question, what is your favorite meal of the day?

Q2: As kids, we were picky eaters. What were some foods you never liked?

Q3: I shared that I was creating a food bucket list – places I just wanted to visit for their food. Do you have such a list?

Q4: Have you ever had anything exotic before?

Q5: Do you cook/bake often? What is your signature dish?

Q6: What is your guilty pleasure?

Q7: Who is your favorite chef?

Q8: We all follow at least one or (like me) 10 food bloggers. Who is your favorite?

Q9: Who inspires you to cook/bake?

Q10: What do you think of paleo, veganism, and popular registrations?


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How I Take My Pictures!


Hey guys!

I’m doing something kind of cool today! For starters, tonight I hosted the #USBloggerChat on Twitter, the theme was “Props For Photography” after I need a little more time to come up with good questions for the food theme that some of the girls wanted me to do a couple of weeks ago! I just thought I’d come up with a few questions for the chat and make up a post including those exact questions like I always do, but then I started thinking about it more and more, before long I decided to create one big post about the same subject!

I’ve always tried to use my own pictures, but sometimes I’ve had to use my families photos such as my mom and sister’s mostly. If I use anybody else’s pictures I usually try to ask beforehand and/or add the link below. I was using my phone to take my pictures a couple of years ago, but then they kept getting smaller and then Facebook took away their mobile email thingy and I couldn’t upload them anymore. So I started looking for another way to take pictures because even doing them from my phone were fun! It’s easy to hold my phone and snap a few with my toes, but I’ve tried to hold and take pictures on a smartphone before and it took me literally five minutes for one picture! So I knew that wouldn’t work. I’ve actually had a digital camera, same color as my sister’s, but a freak accident occurred after the graduation ceremony was over with and I was trying to pass it to somebody else to take it for us and it dropped to the concrete and shattered to pieces. My folks have never let me down from that experience.

So I have my own reasons to be nervous on owning a camera. I’ve always been curious about getting another one and seeing what all I could do with that. When my sister gave me her old digital camera last January, I was very excited to learn this new challenge! I thought with my weird feet I wouldn’t be able to balance it correctly, but as I kept experimenting with it, I found out that my right foot is perfect for balance and different angles! I have a total of three ways to stabilize my camera on that foot.  For once, my feet make a good team when they want to!

I’ve listed the questions below, I won’t answer all of them especially since my real answers will be on Twitter anyways! I think I’ll only explain three out of seven questions more in-depth of how I do them.

I have a total of 12 props, but in a way I think there’s more because I forgot about my flowers too! I’ve recently been using bandanas as a different textural element and pop of color to the pictures. I mostly use darker colors like purple, blue, but use a dark shade of orange or green for anything other than black. Sorry for the lack of items to use as examples! I only have my speaker remote and flowers nearby!


Both photos featured on my Music Haul | Rock & EDM post!



I like to use about anything, boxes to towels! That’s what my nana and I had to work with until last October when we got the foam board. I did not think a foam board would be an excellent background for pictures, but it is! The original size was I think $7.64 for 11″ x 14″ it was really big and a small section of it was cut to make a stand and exclamation point for my Boo! Sign my Aunt Laurie, Uncle Mike and I made for Halloween! It was recently cut in the middle so that I had a piece at home and the other is in my nana’s kitchen if we need it!

I also have two shiny cardboard sheets that came inside the boxes of my grandparent’s meals. I told you! You can virtually use anything that shows up good on your camera! They take up less space than the foam board too! However, for different items the sheets reflect every bright light in slight and makes the picture seem a lot brighter than it needs to be, so that’s why I hardly ever use them!


This picture was taken on the cardboard sheets. I think with or without a flash on your camera (and I tend to keep mine on!) makes the item look blurry, the outside areas are too white and it’s not all that pretty!

I’ve stopped using PicMonkey for the time being but I would probably use a different filter to offset the brightness a bit.


This one was taken on the foam board, despite the scratches on it, it’s less bright around the flowers. It doesn’t allow the brightness of the flash to ricochet off each other. You can see different details of the flowers and their stems better like this.


I have created an easy backdrop for my photos. Technically I didn’t make it, my dad did! It was made after the idea came into my brain one late sleepless night! I imagined it a little differently than the way he made it, but it still works!

It’s made out of old cardboard scraps I had after my old velvet posters and duct tape! No nails! No glue! Nothing! The best way to describe it is like a pop up inside a book! When you turn the page it unfolds as it stretches. Originally it was like that, it had three parts holding the backdrop straight up and titled back a bit. However, it kept coming undone so after figuring out that it didn’t need the bottom part I took it off (it was already falling off) and letting the two sides in the back hold it up. All you do is open it like a book in the back and it sits up right. It’s actually better than I imagined it, I’m not going to lie! My dad did a pretty good job!


I hope you have enjoyed this post and the chat if you were a part of it! This was fun putting together! Now let’s get into the question shall we?

1.) What kind of camera do you have? What is your favorite feature on it?

2.) How many props and backdrops do you normally use in your photos?

3.) What are some inexpensive props an up and coming blogger can use?

4.) White or colorful backgrounds?

5.) Have you ever made a specific prop or backdrop for your photos?

6.) Strange question, what is your favorite angle?

7.) What kind of apps do you use to edit your pictures?


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Chat Questions!

s1830duk5u3hdmlpwnookvx6amgpd2p8I don’t know how exactly this happened but it did. I hosted TWO different chats on Twitter!

The first was of course, Thursday’s chat at 8pm EST for USBloggerChat! Originally, I had done what I say I’d do in last month’s post of questions. I asked fellow blogger Maria if she wanted to host it for me, but she had to let it go last minute so I decided to take it back. I’ve known about my role as host for Friday’s chat of SpoonieSpeak for at least a month or so. I didn’t think I’d be able to organize two different themes, questions, and answers but I did! Am I officially the master of multitasking now?

I decided to put both sets of questions on this post, so I hope you don’t mind. I only decided to talk about Christmas for the USBloggerChat because I doubt we’d have a chat the week of Christmas, somehow I got really lucky of finally getting the chance to ask holiday questions! As far as the SpoonieSpeak chat, I had to go a different route. This chat is for “spoonies” or people with disabilities/illnesses. I have to say they’re a great and supportive community. So I’m thanking Miss Tania for allowing me to take over the reins this week. This chat was at 2pm (7pm GMT) for me, so this makes my first international chat I’ve ever hosted too! Hope you guys like the questions!

Q1: Who is excited for Christmas?

Q2: Have you been doing blogmas/vlogmas? If not, who have you been keeping an eye out this month?

Q3: What kind of traditions do you have at Christmas?

Q4: Do you like it better when your gifts are wrapped or inside bags?

Q5: If you got one gift card, what card would you love to have the most?

Q6: What are the best Christmas cookies?

Q7: What is at the top of your list to get for Christmas?

Q8: How soon after Christmas is over do you take everything down?

Q1: What is your disability/illness?

Q2: For those of us who have weak muscles, what do you do to help strengthen yourself? Have any exercises?

Q3: What are some daily things that you’ve had to find new ways of doing them? Do you use any special gadgets?

Q4: Do you push yourself on different tasks? Like, you know you can do it, but your body isn’t letting you, but you continue?

Q5: Do you set a limit of time to learn an old/new task? Like a week, month, or year?

Q6: Have you ever had to give up something completely? Something that was already helpful or that you loved doing?

Q7: What are your goals for 2016? What do you hope to learn or relearn to do?

Q8: Have you found some cool, different products online that you think would help you in someway?

Blogs That I Love #22


It’s the end of another week, which means there needs to be some joy in the blogger community! All three of these blog are from the US! I actually didn’t have this planned but thought I’d give some love to these three ladies because I met all three of them via USBloggerChat! And since I hosted last night’s chat I thought this would be a lovely surprise for them! After I listed one the others actually came to me a lot quicker than I thought they would!

  1. Courtney’s Little Things – Courtney is a newbie blogger but you wouldn’t really know that by reading her blog. Everything on her blog looks like she’s been doing it for years! That’s a skill that I didn’t even have when I first started. I found her during my first USBloggerChat that I hosted. I found quite a few girls that night but I’ve been watching her blog a lot more, not in a stalker way I promise! I love her though, she’s so nice and takes beautiful pictures!
  2. Hello Wrench – Miss Jenn! That’s what I tend to call her on Twitter which makes her sound older than she is so I might have to stop doing that. Jenn is another sweetheart, this girl hosts a lot of Twitter chats. Almost every Friday for bdibNA and then she hosts the last week of the month for USBloggerChat. I read her organizing post she did recently and how she writes out her themes and questions, which is really smart – in case she repeats a theme she can look back and see if she’s already talked about it. I might want to do that! I do love her blog, there are not a lot of blogger blogs that I can comment on a post with ease and hers is not on that list.
  3. Color U Bold -Jasmine. She’s such a sweetie and very inspiring too! She’s a beauty, fashion blogger, but her blog has a lot of advice/inspirational posts too. I think she’s so gorgeous, every OOTD post I see on Twitter or Facebook it’s like, I’m not that beautiful – even though I know better, I am beautiful. I just tend to forget about it after I read one of those posts.


USBloggerChat: Book Questions!

009Last month I gave up my normal week of hosting the USBloggerChat on Twitter for somebody else. Our “leader” Jasmine had asked all of the hosts if anybody wanted to give up their week for her and it took me about three minutes before I messaged her back that she could have mine. I hadn’t even thought of the theme or questions, so I thought that was a sign! I thought Maria did a great job at her first time at hosting!! I’m finally back though and I had one idea but I could NOT figure out my questions so I backed out of it and went with books instead.

I’ve been having to miss a few of these chats because my show is on at the same time and I know if I try to multitask the both of them I would miss something, so Damon Salvatore has been winning majority of the fights! Sorry ladies! I hope when TVD goes off for winter break I’ll be able to come back to join some of the chats before the holidays start up. I don’t know what our schedule is going to be like for December. I might see if Maria wants to host next month’s chat before the end of the year. Let’s stay in the present, here are the questions from last night’s chat! Hope you enjoy them!

Q1: What was the last book you read? Out of 10, how did you rate it?

Q2: What kind of topic do you generally go for? Action, thriller, romance, comedy, etc?

Q3: How are you about a series of books? How many is too many? What was your last finished series?

Q4: What was your last book recommendation from a friend or family member? What is your go-to book to share with people?

Q5: Do you watch any booktubers?

Q6: Where do you go to find books?

Q7: How do you read? Do you have a little nook you crawl into?

Q8: What is on your wishlist?