Baby Name Tag – Round 2!


Today I am doing another baby names tag! I found out that Gabriella had uploaded a second name tag video back in late November, and I started thinking about doing something special. The first part of this are her questions she put in the video, but I’ve also added on my own questions too. I’ve only written out five more at the bottom for your enjoyment!

I also decided how cool it would be, if I did three separate baby name posts to coincide with another tag I’d publish on my blog’s Facebook page from the months April to October. Somehow I came up with it in literally two days! I was somewhat impressed and terrified of myself at the same time! I’ve already published the first post back in late March, just before The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were due to have their first child. If you haven’t seen that post, you can go here. By this time, I will be at the letter “M’ or “O” on the ABC Baby Names Tag on Facebook.  If you want to go back through and check out the names I picked out for the previous letters, you are more than welcome to do that too! The link for that is right here. First though, let’s start this tag while I’ve still got your attention! The final post will be going up either at the end of September or October, so you’ll have to look out for that too!

What is your favorite name from the FRIENDS cast?

I have always loved Phoebe and Rachel. I’m surprised that I’ve never cared for any of the guys’s names, even Joey!

If you had Triplets and you had to choose 3 winter themed names, what would they be?

I really like Winter a lot, it’s one of my favorite girl names. Since I am a big fan of trees, I think Pine would be a really interesting name to give a little girl. Lastly, I have to say I really like Noel too, but only for a boy. It’s different but gives you that cheery feeling just saying it!

If you had triplets and you had to choose 3 summer themed names, what would they be?

I really adore the name Summer, but I would rather use it for a boy than a girl. I have a really good combination that is neutral and its Summer Brighton. I also love the name Ocean, but honestly the variation: Oceane is better for me. I know it’s not pronounced the same as the original, but I’d rather have this spelling for a girl. And my final (weird) name is Palm, and again, we’re playing into the tree element. I like my trees damn it! I think it could work for both sexes.

What is your favorite typically English baby name?

There are honestly a lot of really pretty names out there, but I have always been interested in both Edgar and Nigel. I don’t really know if they are English at all but I’ve always seen them feature in British films in the past, so that’s how I’ve associated them, please correct me if I’m wrong!

What are some non-negotiable names that you love?

I think I’ve finally decided on three names that I will use on some level, whether it’s my future children or as a character in one of my stories, but they are David, Mason, and Ruth. Both David and Ruth are family names that mean a lot to me and I’ve always said to myself that I would use them as middle names. Mason is a name that I have loved since probably 2005!

If you had to choose names from your favorite movie, what would they be?

I grew up on the Back To The Future franchise so I have a love for the name “Emmett”. I think the main reason why I enjoy it so much is because it reminds me of my sister, since her name is Emily, I feel like it is as close to that as humanly possible. I’ve searched for others that start with “Em” but this is the only one I’ve liked and the fact that it was used in one of my favorites movies, is just an added bonus too!

Another name that I like, is fairly new to me, because I’ve only ever heard it on this movie series. I love the Hotel Transylvania films and from the first time I heard the name “Mavis” I was hooked! Since in those movies, Mavis is the daughter of the character Dracula, I do associate it as a semi-dark and mysteries name, but I also think it’s really playful too. And the fact that it’s a “M” name that makes things better, as I would like to continue the letter for my first born daughter.

If you had to use a name from your phone contacts, what would it be?

The only ones that I really like (name wise) are Christopher, Samantha, and Russell.

I’ve always loved the name Christopher, and whenever I talk about my cousin, I actually call him that rather than Chris like the rest of my family. Speaking of family, our close family friend, who is like my uncle has the name Russell. I like it for it’s 60’s and 70’s vibe. I’m not calling you old by the way if you’re reading this! Kate Hudson has a son with the name Ryder Russell and I’ve always loved those two names together so if I could I would definitively use this combination!

Now with the name Samantha, back in the 90’s it was a very common name for girls. I have known a large amount of girls with it growing up, but I still love it! I don’t know if I found this or came up with it myself, but I really like it with Claire; I think it works as a first and middle name, but my favorite way is Claire Samantha. What do you think?

What double-barreled name would you consider?

Since I found this tag, I’ve actually created a large amount of double-barreled names. The two that are like at the top of my favorites list are Avril-Hayden Morgan and Felix-Henry William.

The first one has been on my list for both b/g since probably 2006. I found inspiration for it by my love of both singer Avril Lavigne and actress Hayden Pentitiare. As for the middle, it was my great-grandmother’s maiden name but it was also used for my papaw’s middle name as well. That’s why I think it could work out both ways! Felix-Henry is fairly recent for me, ever since we named one of our cats Felix I have grown to love it more and you know, with my love for history, I am always looking for create ways to use the name Henry and William, so I decided to put it here.

I thought it would be nice if I shared a couple of ones for girls, so I have made up Daisy-Kate Elizabeth and Sadie-Jordyn Elizabeth. As you can see, I really love my middle name a LOT!  What do you also think of these pairings?

What Disney themed names would you pick for a boy/girl?

Disney names are SO difficult for me! However, I love the name “Ariel” but only for a boy. Apparently it’s an angel based in both Jewish and Christianity traditions. The way that I came across it was because a character in the symphonic metal band Kamelot’s album (that I cannot remember at this moment), the character itself was portrayed as a male so that’s how I ended up loving it.

The other one that I really like is “Elsa.” I am a lover of Scandinavian names here recently, but the reason why I love it the most is because I have a great-great-great aunt that used it as part of her name, her full name was Elsaleah. Unfortunately, Elsa has never be used in the future generations, probably because it is has grown really popular after the success of the movie Frozen, but Leah has shown up with a couple of family members. I would like to use both Elsa or Elsaleah because I think they’re so pretty!

What would you name a brunette, blonde and red haired child?

BRUNETTE: Sienna June. BLONDE: India Catherine. RED-HAIRED: Rowena Carrie.

BRUNETTE: Harvest Roy. BLONDE: Bjorn William. REDHAIRED: Hamish Michael.

What are your favorite country/city themed names?

I REALLY enjoy city/country names, at times probably a little too much, but that keeps me interesting!

My favorite girl names are Georgia, Israel, Vienna, India, Petra, Adelaide, Victoria, Brisbane, Manhattan, London, Jersey, Alberta, Italia, Savannah, Marseilles, Brittany, Sahara, Essex, & Arizona. Apparently I like a lot of places ending with “ia” and I didn’t even know it!

Boys are always more difficult for me for some reason, but I love Austin, Columbus, Diego, Boston, Bronx, Camden, Charleston, Houston, Orlando, Paris, Richmond, Manchester, Nevada, Rio, Trenton, York.

And just for fun here are some unisex names too! I really love Berlin, Brooklyn, Dallas, Denver, Hamilton, Ireland, Dakota, Jordan, Memphis, Paris, and Kingston.

If you had to pick a Harry Potter themed baby name, which would you pick?

This is a hard one! The first one that comes to my mind is Luna. Luna Lovegood is one of my favorite female characters, but I also love both Minerva and Narcissa. As far as the boy names, Remus was my favorite adult/teacher, but Neville and Seamus are really cute too!  

If you had to use one of your friends’ names, which would it be?

There are only two that I can think of right now, and they are Samantha and Desiree. I kind of explained Samantha above, but I like it for its 70’s vibe and the Southern charm it brings out. However, I think I only love Desiree as it has this French flare to it. 

What are your favorite space themed names for a boy/girl?

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with space themed names, but there is Luna, which means “Moon” in Italian. I  don’t have a favorite boy name at the moment.

Choose a boy and girl name based on Greek Mythology

I think Greek mythology is a little easier compared to other mythologies, than maybe Egyptian mythology but that might be because I have always been obsessed with Ancient Egypt since I was little! Anyways, I love Athena for a girl, it’s one of my favorites ever! Now for boys, it’s a little bit difficult but I’m always pulled to Ares or Jason than any other name. 

What is your favorite name that was popular in a different era?

I have three favorite eras: Tudor, Roaring 20’s, and 1970’s. So I’ll give you 6 names from each time.

Let’s start with Tudor times, we have Henry (of course!), Edmund, Richard, Anne, Bridget, and Lettice on my list. Lettice is pronounced like “lettuce” but I actually prefer “lat-tis” like when you’re making a lattice for a pie. I think that way sounds more feminine compared to the other way. For the Roaring 20’s, there is Bernard, Norman, Sidney, Ada, Gloria, and Olive. And my final six favorites coming out of the 1970’s are Michael, Brian, Scott, Jennifer, Stephanie, and Sarah.

If you had to choose a famous brand to name your child, what would you pick?

Honestly, I think Forbes is really cute. Since it was used as a last name on The Vampire Dairies for the character Caroline, I thought it just flowed so nicely together, but if I actually used it I would put it with a boy name instead. The other one that I really love is Dior. I love this, but I’d also use it in a boy name. I fell in love with Nevada Dior a long time ago, I still think it was my first outlandish name I ever came up with before! 

What is a name that you’d normally pick for your dog or cat, that you’d use for your own child?

The majority of our pets have had people names, so that has been both a blessing and curse at the same time! Especially when my sister was pregnant with my nephew, she really wanted to use Oliver, but my mom threatened to call him “mew-mew” like we did with our family cat Oliver, so that’s the reason why they switched to Nolan.

I don’t know if you agree with this or not, but I think cats should have a regal sort of name. They carry themselves higher than any other animal, so I think they deserve a sophisticated type of name. Unfortunately, only a handful of our cats have ever had smart names in the past and even the present too! We have had names like Selene, Oliver, Oscar, Otis, Felix, Tavis, and Nelson. 

What is your favorite royalty name(s)?

You can tell I created this question! I think I’ll just give you a great collection of names because what I originally wanted to give you all would make this post super long, so I hope you’ll like this instead.

My favorite royal names are: Elizabeth, George, Henry, Charles, Alexander, Anne, Margaret, Carl, Augusta, Victoria, Alexandra, Louise, Catherine, Antoinette, Xaveria, Claude, Philip, Alice, Mary, Estelle, Gabriel, Henrik, James, Irene, Isabella, Leonore, Nicholas, Oscar, Edmund, Richard Alix, Albert, Irene, Therese, Wilhelmina, Charlotte, Helena, Ernest., Theodora, Marie-Chantal, Arabella, Josephine, Louis, Paul, Maud, Jane, Frederick, Augustus, Mathilde, Maxima, Henrietta, Leopold, Arthur, Michael, Harald, Joan, Thyra, Dagmar, Anastasia, Olga, Blanche, Madeleine, Birgitta, Hedvig, Catharina, Magnus and Friederike.  

What are your Top 10 names that you love but probably will never use?

Alexandrine | Siobhan | Nicah | Salima Honor | Nevada | Leopold | Thaddeus | Calix | Atlas 

All right I am finally finished with this tag! This actually took me longer to do then I figured it would, it made part of me wish I had worked on it earlier on like I wanted to, but yeah it was really fun like always. If you are interested in baby names, I definitely recommend doing it too! If you do, please let me know I would love to see your answers! 




It’s been a while! I have not blogged in a month. Well, technically, if I had held off for another week, it really would have been for a month. The last blog post that went up was my annual post of my papaw’s death and the last post I wrote was the one that’s coming tomorrow! I’m hoping to do another “Life Lately” post next week but we’ll see what happens.

This post is about a project I’ve somehow created while I was on hiatus. You all should know by now how much I love baby names. I’ve talked about my favorite styles on here before, but at the end of March I was looking through Pinterest at various boards of other people who make those adorable wood name signs and as I would continue to pin and scroll through the many, many names I kind of found myself somewhat bored with my limited choices so one night I thought, “well I can’t find what I want, I might as well create them!” I have to add I’m not doing wood signs like them, I’m purely using my Paint software on my laptop to make things easier on myself. What I thought would be a cute little board of my favorite name pairings turned into a board full of 400+ names in a matter of a few weeks!

Originally I made the board of names I have always loved and have in my phone’s notes. After that, I found others on a baby names Facebook group I recently joined and anything I enjoy in the local newspaper, on Nameberry’s birth announcements, etc. Finally, after all of those inspirations, I would even literally come up with in the middle of the night, and yes, it happens a lot! I also went back and forth about creating little mini boards for the different sexes, I even have a board of both unisex and unique styles too! Ultimately it just kind of got out of control to the point now my whole lower half of my body hurts after about an hour or so!

Here are some of my recent uploads to the board.

Click here to visit the official board of baby names!

I myself have a wide array of styles, I always tend to stay in between classical and quirky ones. Since doing this, I’ve also realized that I have a LOT of constantly used names, such as “Catherine,” “Rose,” “Alexandra,” and “David.” I tend to overuse several of my family’s names as well. I mainly do that to see what all could fit with each name. It’s one of the most frustrating thing about older names, sometimes you just get stuck and began to experiment with all sort of combinations.

Unfortunately, I don’t really pay that much attention to meanings. It would just depend on the name itself because I have looked up some of them in the past so I have a few stored up in my brain. If you’re interested in a name and have issues what kind of middle name(s) could fit with your chosen favorite, you can always talk to me on my blog’s Facebook page. Send me a message to my inbox and we’ll figure it out together! You could also scroll through the many others in the boards too, and see if you like anything in there too!

What is your favorite of the 6 names posted above? If you’ve visited the Pinterest board already, do you like any in the mini sections? If you want, you could send me requests too!

Song Review: “Stereotypes” by Black Violin

I have one real weakness in music. Difference.

It’s one of the things I strive to find in every genre, artist or band. I like to be surprised with my music. I always go for things that are a little out of the box. I get bored with what I hear on the radio and even on my iPod that whenever I get into this mood, I have to go out of my way to find something out of the ordinary, but maybe in a way that’s a good thing. It’s almost like a secret club, you’ve invited to listen to something different and everybody doesn’t know about it and when they want to, you get to be the one to invite them in or keep them out.

I am a big fan of instrumental groups like Finnish group Apocalypatica to all female French group Elikpse and lastly American violinist Lindsey Stirling. Now I’ve found a duo called Black Violin and they’re from Florida. These two dudes creating music with only a violin and viola, but they’re songs are in all types of genres. I found this album on Spotify after not having it for four days! Technically I saw this as a win for me! Truth be told, if I see a violin or piano as a cover for anything, music, books etc there’s a pretty good chance I’ll cave and check it out. When I put it in my Starred playlist, I thought it was only one song. Nope, it put ALL 11 tracks on it. While I was busy removing the tracks on the playlist, I kept up one of the songs included and figured out my first theory was right. Kev Marcus and Will Baptiste are creating beautiful music with real instruments, but they’re doing it in different genres! I was sold and I had only heard one song!

I had originally wanted to do an album review, but I decided to shorten it down because there are far too many songs for me to talk about, I’m really sorry! Honestly though, their title track “Stereotypes” is amazing!! I think the story behind each part has like a double meaning to it. The song starts off pretty slow, almost creepy like and it breaks off with each one going on their own in different sections. These are classical instruments that you’re used to hearing in symphonies and during ballet showcases, but they have made this song sound more like hip hop. I’ve always felt that with hip hop music there’s a firm tone to it, almost like when an artist has said something truthful or what they care about, You can feel the emotions through the music too. Although it’s a very strong sound, it’s really simple too. You can basically only hear the violin, viola and synth beat. I mean, that’s it and sometimes that’s all that is needed to create something interesting.

And then while you’ve got this incredible music, there’s the word part; It’s not lyrics or a poem really the first section is of different voices, women, men, and children saying what the definition of the word “stereotype” means. I thought it was very interesting to not use that in the actual song, but while this section is being played on the music video you’ve got people in different clothes, whether it’s a doctor’s uniform, a young girl in a dress, or a guy looking like a “terrorist” since us Americans think everybody from the Middle East is out to kill us. We stereotyped them because of what happened in 2001, which I understand why people would but not EVERYBODY in this world wants to kill people. Some of us want world peace. I love the last bit of the song though! Since I don’t know who is who because I just found them, but one of them says what his perspective of what people tend to think about him and how he feels about stereotyped. It was all very educational in a way!

If anybody is curious I have listened to the whole album and it’s like REALLY good! You should definitely check it out!

Have you heard of Black Violin before? You may have, just so you know! What do you think of the concept of this song? What’s your thoughts about it?

Blogs That I Love #7


Sorry for the last two weeks of new posts. Everytime I went to do one or had time to do it I ended up forgetting about it altogether. This time I’m listing bloggers that I’ve been thinking about and I’ve got to say, that never happens! I never think about what could be another person’s blog post. I’m also listing bloggers that have decided to follow me or send me their links lately. I’m thinking of creating next Friday’s the same way so if you don’t follow my Twitter already, you might be selected in next week’s blog post! Even though I’m doing it this way, I still want it to be fully about other bloggers and sharing the love for each one! I love promoting bloggers and I don’t do it to earn anything back. I just want to be nice and make somebody smile. People seem to like these posts and I want to continue to make them happy! If you’re not already following these blogs you should right away!

  1. Jasmin Charlotte – This pretty little lady added me on both Twitter and followed me on my blog I think a week or so ago. I love her blog. It’s so simple and cute! She talks about beauty, her travels, and different health posts! She’s a sweetheart and she takes some pretty pictures. She’s got a thing for science too, so that’s a very interesting and unique twist to her. She’s the first that I’ve seen that actually talks about science in her posts, especially if it’s about beauty too!
  2. Buffalo Girl – There are just sometimes where I regret being so open about everything about myself, but then again I wouldn’t be the way I am today and none of my readers would know about my disability and such. This lady chose to do blogging anonymous. I give her major props about that honestly! She’s also pretty new to the blogging world too so I thought I’d help with promoting her blog! She blogs her life and Buffalo, New York! I’ve never wanted to go to NY in my life but she kind of makes me want to go!
  3. Lily Kate – Last week when I got to do a blogger chat, a certain blogger sent her link to me and from the time the page finally loaded, I honestly didn’t want to leave. It was like really professional looking but simple and girly! I was impressed! The fact that she’s a very wide variety blogger, which makes me kind of selective to what I read, but that’s okay! Something that I really like about her is that she’s a teenage blogger but since acts and looks like an adult makes her kind of relatable to me.
  4. Ballet Dance Fitness – I’ve heard of ballet, well any kind of dancing is good for working out. My sister loves to do Zumba as her workouts, for me I’m a good ole Just Dance dancer. I do all of the hand movements with my feet and I still feel like I could pass out by the end of the song! Natasha is a former ballet dancer, but she’s been teaching classes and now wants to share fitness and lifestyle posts with both dancers and non-dancers, which makes me very happy for my inner dancer self!
  5. Little Miss Katy – Everyone likes those blogs that from the time everything loads and that first post is there waiting for you top read it, you have a new favorite blog! On Wednesday, I was apart of the lifestyle blogger (lblogger) chat and at the end this blogger was nice enough to send me her link and I’m so glad she did! Her blog is girly, but simple and cute! It doesn’t take a lot to impress me and I like to keep things simple. Katy seems to be really sweet and I can’t wait to keep up with her blog posts!

Still Obsessed With Names


Everybody knows I’m obsessed with names. I’ve changed my future kids’ names about 20 times in the last five years. Which is scary if you really think about it for a second. I know I’ve discussed this about a hundred times, but lately I’ve been trying to separate the types of names into two different lists. From possible future names for my kids and for my possible stories for my characters. I don’t like too futuristic names for both parts, but I like names that have some real meaning to them. Each name that I have on these two spots are from names I’ve found on movies, TV shows, and from my Pinterest. I give a lot of credit to Pinterest for the overload of my favorite names. So forgive me there!

The name Rogue is just a name that I kind of fell in love with when I first got into the X-Men movies. In the comics and movies, her original name is “Marie” and she is played by Anna Paquin. The second name Leah is a family name, I have a great-aunt “Elsaleah” and my mom’s middle name is “Leah.” I’ve always wanted to find a way to use it in some form, and I would like to use it with another name on this list. Brynn is a name I found when I was a freshman, but the girl who inspired it, her name was “Bryna” and I like both ways and they both go with the middle name I have for both which is “Danielle.” Freya is a name that I got from the TV show Witches Of East End, the character is played by Jenna Dewan-Tatum. I find it to be very Earthy, the name means “a noble woman” and I like to use it with the name “Christine.” The next name is from another TV show and ironically enough another witch, Davina is from The Originals and she is played by Danielle Campbell. The name means “little deer” which I think is cute and it’s different and should be easy to spell and pronounce. Clementine is my second longest name and I say “second” because the other was first. I found this name a few years ago and I’ve always liked it for some reason. These next two  names were always favorites of mine. Ava is adorable and I think I like it because it reminds of the actress Ava Gardener. Mae is another one of my family names. My nana and sister have it as a middle name. My little cousin has it as well, but she has it spelled with a “y” instead. I would love to use it as a middle name for maybe for “Davina” or as a first name for this next name.

Alexandra was my first long name I liked. I would love to use it as a middle name with “Mae” because I could have my parents’ first names initials. The next name is Nina and yes, I did choose it because of the actress Nina Dobrev. My sister also had a friend with this name and I always admired her from afar and I loved her name so much that she’s the reason why I love it so much! Brielle is just one of those beautiful and unique names that only fits with the name “Mary” trust me I’ve tried every name I could think of and I think it’s cute and girly together! This name is apparently not as popular with people anymore. I love the name Navaeh a lot! It’s “heaven” spelled backwards and I just love it and I’m sorry, it’s better than “Nova.” I love this next name and I would love to use it as a second middle name with “Leah” and it means “daydream” so it fits well with me very well. It is Reverie. I have always liked the name Hayden, mostly because of the actress Hayden Panettiere. I used to want to put it together with the name “Avril” but thankfully somebody talked me out of it. This next name is actually “new” to my list and it’s Genevieve and I think it feels like another Earthy name. I got this from another witch off of The Originals, played by Elyse Levesque. The last name on the girls list is Kate. It’s short and simple and yes, Princess Kate is the reason why I love it so much!


This next list of names was much more difficult for me, because I like simple but strong names for boys. I want my future son(s) to feel confident within their name (as the girls too) but have some sort of unique and class to them too! The first name is a name I found when I was looking up medieval names, this was the first name that popped up. Audric has three different origins, French, English, and German. I think it’s a cute “A” name and it’s strong as well, plus it works with “Morgan” as a middle name too. The next name is Otto and there’s a Dutch band called Delain that I love and their bassist has the same name. The meaning is “wealthy” and it says it’s Swedish, American, and German. Everybody knows about Mason. At least this one it’s in with every boy name list I have so that’s a good thing! The name Charles is from another name from the X-Men comics and movies. Patrick Stewart plays Professor X. I have thought about combining both “Erik” and “Charles” for a first and middle name, but I don’t really like that spelling of “Erik.” I might use the name “Ian” instead since Ian McKellan plays “Magneto” in the movies anyway.

Noah and Wyatt are just a short, sweet, and simple names that I’ve always liked. Dante is the only “D” name that I like and trust me it’s only one that works with “Morgan” too. Elijah, well he is another character off of The Originals, he is an original vampire played by Daniel Gillies. This next name Lachlan, I found a few months ago, and I think it’s pretty cute and different. Aiden is a cute “A” name that I’ve always liked but everybody uses it. Tyler is another very common name that I’ve always liked and even though if I was to really name my future son then everybody, mostly my sister, would give me a funny look and ask the “why” question. It’s not a family name, but the name is very known in my family. The last one is Johan. I think it’s another unique and it’s a Swedish, German, Finnish, Hebrew, and American name. I like it and I would use it in the way like my Papaw’s mother used his name. She used her maiden name as his middle name,  so I would use my mom’s maiden’s name as his middle name. Just to kind of keep a tradition in a sense and surprising both names work well together.

Style Inspiration

I am into fashion, I am after all a female. It kind of goes with us. I had read one of my friend’s blog posts for the other day about classic style inspirations. Women like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy. That post got me thinking about my own style inspiration. Who helps shape my wardrobe. I am a very stand out but simple girl. I am a rocker and I love to show it off. Between the band shirts and my spikey hair it’s hard to say I’m not edgy. I’m not into the real expensive stores like Hollister and Aero, even though I do have some clothes from those stores. My favorite stores are Body Central, Hot Topic, Vanity, and West Seal. They each compliment me well because Vanity is a sweet, innocent, and simple store. Hot Topic is an edgy, dark, and fun storeTwo different styles that I am in love with!

Nicole Richie is one of my favorite people, from the first time I heard about The Simple Life with her and Paris Hilton, I automatically went on Team Nicole. I just thought she was a beautiful women. Even though I think I had watched a total for two episodes of the show, she was extremely beautiful. Despite not watching more of the show, the more I found out things about her and after she gave birth to her daughter Harlow and created her fashion line Winter Kate I was immediately in love all over again. From her past hairstyles, I’ve never wanted to be more like a celebrity. She’s this simple girl who can make everything look good. She’s got a beautiful face and style sense.

Josie Stevens is one of my favorite out there fashion designers. She loves her pink, but loves to be very creative as well. Her fashion line Josie Loves J. Valentine is probably one of the most unusual fashion lines I’ve seen in a while. She is like Barbie is a real person. I love her dresses and pants. Hopefully someday I will be able to afford something and wear it out of the house. There a few dresses I like and swimsuits that are just to die for! I hope she continues to do more designs because I think this world needs more crazy and expression. Everybody’s just too plain. We need more fun in this world. We shouldn’t take it that serious.

Meghan: Urban Dictionary

I was wondering what my name meant. I already knew the origin and meaning of it from the time I was born. It means “Pearl” which ironically is my great-grandmother on my Papaw’s side. Her name was Pearle, apparently the unique names run in the family. My nana’s real name was Ruth. When she got adopted her parents named her Dona. She said she’s always had problems with people either spelling it wrong or proannouncing it wrong. It’s the same as “Donna” just if you’re wondering. My mom’s middle name is Leah. It’s different and use to be hard to find anywhere. My cousin and I were both born with unique spellings. Her name is Kristi, I always had trouble spelling it right. So far, the great-grandkids all have right spellings.

I got a little sidetracked. Oh well. My name apparently means a lot of things. That’s only looking on Urban Dictionary and I got a good laugh on what people think my name really means. Which is good, and yet bad depending on how each “Meghan” are in their lives. Here are a few funny sumits I found on the site.

“Meghan is the name for a skanky slutty ho born to backwoods retard parents who cannot spell correctly.”

“The most amazingly beautiful person to ever set foot on the planet. Commonly a girl with a heart bigger than the Earth itself, yet likes to deny it, some one who is musically talented in more ways than one, they can sing, dance, perform and compose. A Meghan is hard to understand, usually they are considered to be a purple beast when it comes to having a great time in life. Meghan’s are easy to fall head over heels in love with and so hard to forget, you want to be with a Meghan no matter what once you meet one. Knowing a Meghan personally I can deeply express the love and devotion I feel for mine, I wanna stand by her side forever and nothing will stop me. A Meghan, in simpler words, is perfection in the eyes of every person imaginable.”

“A crazy beautiful girl who is down to earth and will always be there for her best friends. The girl that every guy wants to be with and every girl wants to be.”

I had to post the first one. It was just too funny not to, and I kept the “r” word because I didn’t think you’d get it without it. That’s the only time you’ll see the word, it’s in a quote. The other two some of my family members could probably agree with, but I didn’t think they were me to a T. So I went with this last one and I love it.

“Usually quiet, but very gorgeous and loves to make new friends. Not the slutty kind. Hates backstabbers. Very intelligent and loves to learn new things. Meghan is the most awesome person you could meet on earth. She’s one of a kind.”