REVIEW | The Vampire Diaries (Mid) Season 7

WARNING: Spoilers below! Read with caution!

I love doing reviews, especially on my favorite shows! I’ve been thinking about doing a mid-season review on TVD since it went off for Thanksgiving break. I know a lot of you guys haven’t been watching it and I feel like you should give it another shot. This season alone–in my opinion–has been one of the most interesting seasons since probably two and three! We’re on seven if anybody is lost! I feel I’ve seen a lot of people stop watching the show around season four, which is understandable. I thought I’d stop during season five, but I didn’t. Thank god!

This season, even without our beloved Elena, has been an emotionally roller coaster ride that just keeps getting better and better! If you watched last season but decided to stop watching it because there’s no more Delena scenes and the show would just decline without her? Well, if it does that, it’s your fault because the writing for each episode has been awesome!

I have had my fair of doubts for the season as a whole and the new characters, like these new heretics. For one thing, I like these heretics a lot than I liked Kai. As a fan from the very beginning and wondering about Mama Salvatore, I couldn’t picture her becoming a vampire! Well, I did, but not like this! Lillian Salvatore came back to Mystic Falls with a purpose to turn her baby Stefan’s humanity back on during the last bit of season six. What went from a beautiful moment between mother and son kind of shattered when she was more focused getting her family of crazies out of the 1904 prison world.

The heretics that come out with her are Beau, Mary Louise, Nora, Valerie and Malcolm. However, poor Malcolm after decades and six months spending his time in a cave in 1904, he dies at the hand of both Bonnie Bennett and Damon after Stefan and Caroline agree to surrender their beloved town to Lily and her heretics after Valerie, Nora, and Nora’s girlfriend Mary Louise start a fire and kill several citizens at the police ceremony for the new members. Matty blue eyes was saved from being killed by the girls and after letting go of their home and compelling the rest to move out as there was a “gas leak” to keep them safe. After Malcolm was killed, Caroline was taken hostage and tortured by all three girls and eventually let go but not without hearing more about Valerie and Stefan’s interesting past.

If you thought you were a die-hard Steroline fan, think again!! Stefan and Valerie had a very tasteful afternoon in the 1800s while Valerie was only just a witch that was rejected from her family. She became pregnant with Stefan’s child and the man that she came to check Stefan out at the fair as a request by Lily, found out about her pregnancy and that she had wrote to Stefan to meet him one night, he followed her and beat her until the child had died. That night as Lily gave her her blood to heal her wounds from Julian (a character you’ll grow to hate) she decided to take her life while taking a bath, what she didn’t know was that she’d turn herself into a vampire that night becoming the first heretic. Beau is a mute heretic, very powerful and Lily’s right hand man. Mary Louise and Nora are probably my favorite couple right now.

Aside from the heretics and Lily Salvatore, you also have the grieving Alaric, who’s not just mourning the loss of his wife Jo, but their twins. Bonnie and Damon spent the whole summer babysitting and doing a fairly bad job at it too! Alaric had been playing the drunkness very well, and has been on a secret mission to bring Jo back from the dead with a mysterious stone. Once they figure out they’ve been played, Bonnie thinks she’d got him talked into destroying it after finding out it’s been cursed with black magic. When Alaric finally gets Bonnie to do the spell on Jo, he is pleased but not happy for the outcome. However, Lily wants the stone for herself to resurrect her partner Julian. His soul is being kept inside the stone along with other vampires’ souls too. So Jo is not Jo, her real name is Florence. After two days in Jo’s body, it starts rejecting her. Decomposing as they all start to realize what has happened. Alaric is left with another dead end.

Caroline has been tagging along with Stefan, dealing with Nora and Mary Louise. And then finding out about Valerie’s child. She agrees not to tell Stefan, but as Valerie and Stefan have a moment to discuss things, she tells him which makes him want to kill Julian after Lily and the heretics resurrect him from inside the stone. Once Damon is told of it as well, he joins in. As the challenge of trying to kill a vampire who’s been locked up in a stone for years battling his own battles. Things seem easier said then done, but as for Caroline. Her life just got much more complicated.

Before we get into that next section, Candice Accola (now King) announced to the world that she was pregnant with her first child! She announced it I think maybe a month after production of the new season was underway, and I was very curious about how or if it would be incorporated into the story line. Well it is! If you watched the last episode of season six, you remember as Kai was busy killing Jo and the twins. The coven was chanting until every last one of them were dead? Well fast forward and poor Caroline had been feeling rather weird, even for a vampire in general! Valerie discovers the tape as Alaric had decided to watch it one evening, and she recognizes the chant. Everybody assumed it was a chant to stop Kai, but it wasn’t. It was a chant to save the babies. Their coven relies on these babies. So they transfer them from Jo’s body to the next best option. Caroline! The babies had cloaked themselves inside her belly to the normal eyes until Valerie took off their protection spell and she and Alaric found two little baby girls inside her belly!

What is even more puzzling about this season is that you have TWO story lines. You’ve got the present day concept which is what I’ve just explained above, but you’ve also the story of three years later where things are drastically different. A lot of it has caused some heartbreak and confusion among fans, but hoping we know more about the two years more in the next few months. Of course I’ve left out quite a few key pieces of the season, especially about Lily’s existence. I’m hoping I haven’t ruined your day by telling you about what’s going on, but no offense! You should be caught by now!

If you’ve been watching what are your favorite characters and episodes so far? How are you feeling about the switch from Thursday to Friday’s too?



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I Am

I am a girl.
I am a woman.
I am a female.
I am a lady.

I don’t believe in labels, but sometimes I label myself. I think I feel better labelling myself than other people. Somehow I can accept my labels faster than everybody else’s labels. For example, I am disabled. I still have not accepted myself in that division unfortunately. Everybody labels me as a shy, sort of out-going, writer, artist, daredevil, bold, dreamer, talkative, short, kind of girl. Some of those don’t bother me much. Like, daredevil, bold, and dreamer I actually like and I accept. Family members have some crazy labels they have for me: Linkin Park addict, TVD obsessed, and the most hilarious one of them all Twitter whore. I’m actually fine with those. Especially since I just came up with those from the top of my head.

Around the time I was just getting into both Linkin Park and The Vampire Diaries, my family and certain friends knew how addicted I was getting with both. Everybody knows who I like the most out of everybody, but apparently my mom doesn’t since she came in here earlier asking which TVD guy I liked the most. When I said Ian Somerhalder, she looked at me and said, “well I was reading People’s Sexiest Man Alive and some Paul guy” I raised my head up and said, “I like Paul Wesley too.” I like them all, but Ian, Joseph, Steven, and Michael are my favorite guys. So I’m like Team Damon-Klaus-Jeremy-Tyler. That’s a tongue twister for you. In Linkin Park, well when I was first getting into them everytime I saw a picture of them all I’d turn into a little girl, but seeing both Mike and Rob just made go just a little crazy. Thankfully, I’ve actually cut down on my LP pictures so I’m not totally obsessed like everybody else.

I am a disabled girl.
I am bold.
I am a daredevil..
I am Team Bournoda. (Rob and Mike)
I am Team Damon-Klaus-Jeremy-Tyler. (Ian, Joseph, Steven, and Michael)

This is me. ❤

Meeting A Celebrity.

I have never met anybody that I really liked and knew about from movies, TV shows, and music. However, I have met major league Baseball players back when I had my surgeries done in 2002. I have the proof in the pictures, baseball, and shirt that they all signed. There were four of them, but I only remember one because he was kind of special. Woody Williams was one of the guys there and when my mom told him that I could write with my feet he gave me a deal. If he gave me his autograph I had to give him mine. So he got up from his seat and I wrote out my name. He was kind of shocked, they all were. That was the only time I’ve met anybody famous.

This weekend the cast members of The Vampire Diaries for a convention in Nashville, TN. Almost of the guys were there, but three. David Anders, Daniel Gillies, Joseph Morgan, Michael Trevino, and Paul Wesley were all there. I have never went to an convention before and I don’t know if I’d ever go to one because traveling with me is almost impossible. Anyways, I’ve been seeing updates of everybody retweeting the Q&A’s of all these guys. Everybody said David Anders was hilarious yesterday. I just seen a bunch of retweets from Paul’s Q&A today. I’d love to meet all of them or most of them, but I’d be too afraid to ask anything.

I’ve gone back and forth about being a member of Linkin Park’s Underground, which is just fan based community of their fans and if you’re a member you have a chance to do meets and greets. I think that’s cool and all, but it costs too. I’ve tried my hardest to get my mom to pay, but it’s not working. It’s working more on my nana because she’s actually likes Linkin Park kind of like I do. Not as big, but getting there. I’d really, really like to meet them too! They’re like at the top of my list on the guy side to meet.

The Fangirling Problem.

I found this on Tumblr. Everytime I go on Twitter or Tumblr and meet other fans like me. When I first joined Twitter I was just making friends with other The Vampire Diaries, and they were (the ones I found) weren’t as bad as I later found. If they were addicted they didn’t show their crazy side that way. That was my first Twitter account though, after I made my second one I started adding both The Vampire Diaries fans and Linkin Park addicts as well.

Oh my god! I’m beginning to think they changed me into the little crazy fan that I am today. Whether its a good or bad thing I don’t, but I think this picture just sums up every fan who has a “fangirl” problem. I don’t like the word “groupie” and I don’t really like the word “fangirl” either.

I hate being crazy about somebody famous. It drives me nuts but I don’t know how to stop myself. Everytime I go to talk to my mom about TVD or Linkin Park I turn into this big goon. I smile from ear to ear and I stutter throughout the chat. It’s crazy but I’m starting to hate it. What’s worse is that I just got done reblogging a bunch of “fangirl problems” on Tumblr. I’m even following the site. I’m a nut! I’d like to stop but the only way I’d be able to stop is if I get rid of my Twitter and Tumblr. There’s no way in hell I can delete my Twitter. I love all my friends there and I don’t want to lose them since I don’t have anybody else.