No Sleep Equals No New Ideas

It’s been awhile since I’ve actually good sleep. Probably around Monday was the last day where I had a good night’s sleep after that it’s been messed up like always. However last night I got four hours of sleep all at once, which was surprising. Then I got up around 5:30am and didn’t go back to sleep until 8am. I should have stayed up. Especially since my mom got up an hour later. That’s my luck for you.

So since my sleep has been like this all of my good ideas haven’t been coming to me at all. I’ll have little ideas but they’ll fade off an minute later and then I’m back to square one again. I’ve been like this for three days where I’ll have these little ideas and might post them and then be empty afterwards. The other day, which was Tuesday, I blogged five times from midnight to 8pm. They were scattered, but I posted alot of them. I was proud of myself. Now I can’t blog about anything at the moment. It sucks! Hopefully I’ll get some good ideas soon than later!

Dancing With The Stars, Results Show Week #2.

Today is Tuesday so it’s the Results Show of Dancing With The Stars. Doesn’t think I’m going do two posts for Tuesday’s first hour. I think since they just look back over last night’s performances, not going do it. Hour one was about looking back everybody’s performances and the judges scores. What they saying when nobody noticed, exclusive footage of their practices and backstage confessionals. Sadly looking back at Len and Bruno getting booed at throughout last night’s show,

Hour two started out with the pro guys dancing, looking yummy as ever. Carrie-Ann got out of her seat and got all the guys around her. It was choreographed by Val. Afterwards what happened after and during their performances. it showed the audience REALLY hating the judges last night.

David & Kym: Bottom 3
Carson & Anna: Safe

Len announces who does their encore performance and they picked Ricki and Derek’s Jive to be it. The cast showed off the Dance Studio. The Script performs their song, “For The First Time.” Chelsie Hightower and Dmitry Chaplin.

The Highest Couple:
Kristin & Mark: Safe
J.R. & Karina: Safe
Ricki & Derek: Safe

Contestants look back at last week’s elimination night. Showed more exclusive footage of their practices and all of them are wanting to stay in the game. Macy’s stars of dance performed to old Hollywood Musicals. It was choreographed by Guthrie.

Rob & Cheryl: Safe
Nancy & Tristan: Safe
Chaz & Lacey: Bottom 3

Demi Lovato performs her song, “Skyscraper.” The dancers that are dancing to her song are using ladders and stairs for props.

Chynna & Tony: Safe
Elisabetta & Val: Bottom 3
Hope & Maks: Safe

The last few minutes of the last hour. The one couple that is safe first is Chaz and Lacey. David and Kym and Elisabetta and Val are in the bottom two. The couple that goes home is Elisabetta and Val.

This Week

This week has a number of things going on. Tonight is a sad night though. Last episode of The Closer tonight. My mom has to go to work tonight too so that just makes ten times worse because of things. I have nobody to watch it with and two I have to wait. Thing is, she knows how to work the DVR thingy so she’ll probably watch when she gets home from work tomorrow without me. Trust me, she’s done it before. Dad and Em won’t watch it with me because they don’t like the show. Well dad will watch it with mom but that’s only on his good days I think.

That’s Monday night’s show. I don’t have anything on Tuesday, which is a good thing because in a matter few days it’s going to be my only good night of not watching anything on a schedule. Wednesday, nothing on TV but it is September 14th. If you are a big Linkin Park fan like moi that day is really special. It’s the one year birthday of Linkin Park’s album, “A Thousand Suns.” If I remember right I think we’re all trying to make it trend on Twitter, but I don’t know that’s going to go. It would be nice and everything, but the trends just seem to hate us for some odd reason.

Thursday, it’s the BIG day! The long four month wait is over on that day. I am so excited! The Vampire Diaries season 3 starts up on Thursday. I might watch the new show The Secret Circle afterwards but if the episode gets all crazy with their twists and turns then I may not be able to watch it because I’ll be still in that mood and possibily pissed off at some of the characters and director for making it end so early. I’ve done that before. I’ve screamed because people think its funny to scare the shit out of me when it comes on. I’ve cried but only twice. And last but not least I’ve yelled at the characters because of their stupid actions.