Book Characters I’d Like To Meet

I’ve read lots and lots since I was a freshman in high school. During my senior year, I read the first book of Stefan’s Diaries. I hate when I read a series of books, because I can never finish them. I have never finished them all and I may never. However, I would love to meet the old Stefan from the first three books I have read. For all you Vampire Diaries fans out there, remember during the first season when Damon, Elena, and Stefan get inside the tomb. Damon can’t find Katherine inside and throws the blood against the wall and the vampire Harper comes back to life? He crawls out of the tomb and finds a person doing a morning jog and he asks what year it was and when the dude tells him the year, he looks kind of shocked? Could you imagine Stefan like that? Stuck in a tomb for years and years and got out in another year. I’d be hoping for some vervain is nearby.

Another book I read at school, called True Confessions of a Heartless Girl by Martha Brooks. It was about a young girl rolls into a small town, in the middle of the night, and into a small restaurant that was about to close for the night. The owner notices she’s in a jam and lets her come to her house to stay for a while. I don’t want to give too much away, but I would love to meet her after the book ended. Just to see how life is for her now. I think there is at least one or two books that everybody could pick a character out of the books and meet them. These are just from the books I read at school.  A book I read on my own, Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning, I loved, loved that book! I really need to get the next one soon! I was just thinking about it the other day too! Anyways, I don’t know who I’d love to meet more Myrna or Brian. I have no idea. If I got to meet Brian, I’d probably be happy if Myrna was around that way I didn’t hurt him. (:

True Confessions of a Heartless Girl

When I was either a Junior or Senior in high school. I read a book that I pretty much can say I couldn’t get enough of. After I finished it I was somewhat sad that it was over but glad it was done. There are few books that actually have that affect on me. After I graduated I actually started thinking about it again, which is interesting because after I read a book once I never read it again.

I’ve wanted to get “The Chosen One” by Carol Lynch Williams and this book again to read. Everytime I would look for a book to read on Barnes and Nobles I’d always get mad at myself for not remembering the title or what the girl’s name was, but I could remember what the book’s spine looked like (like colors, I remembered black, pink, and white) I get creative when I read a book, unless it’s a memoir I imagine the settings, places and even characters of the story.

Now that I found this book I’m super pumped to getting into this book again. I’m so happy that I didn’t give up on it. I kept looking and looking. Thing was I didn’t really have much to look for it. I didn’t remember the girl’s name and the only two words from the title I knew were “confessions” and “girl.” My friend introduced me to this site that keeps tracks of books you want, already read, and reading now. I searched “confession of a” and went through it three times to actually freaking out in excitement when I found the description that sounded the same and I recongized the author’s name. I was so happy! I am so happy I should say!