NOTM | Metallic + Neon


I feel the need to say that this post could be a really long! So, it’s probably best you get comfortable in your seat because you may be here for a while.

Two years ago, my nana was living in the nursing home that my mom works, but unfortunately she was not able to stay there because of money so she went up north to live with my Aunt Laurie and Uncle Mike. The drive there is about four hours, and it’s a lot for one person who isn’t use to being in a car for that long! If you have wondered why I haven’t been talking about my regular holiday crafts or shenanigans with her, this is the reason why. At the time, I thought I would write a post about the transition but I couldn’t get myself to do it, so I’ve been rather quiet about the subject in general.

And then… I got a message from my friend Brittany, whether or not if my mom would allow her to take me up there for a surprise reunion. I was excited by the possibility of seeing everybody again, but extremely nervous because of opening old wounds but when my mom came in saying that it was okay, I was so freaking happy! The really mean part about this was that Brittany, Laurie, Mike and I had to keep it a secret from the rest of my family for three days! What was funny though was I pulled what Brittany did to me the night before the Five Finger death Punch concert in 2016. On Friday, my nana sent me a funny video and even though I had no plans of talking to her before the surprise, I just kept chatting to her through Facebook and I ended it the way I always do with “love and miss bunches” knowing she had no idea what was going to happen the very next day!

Our family is known to pull great surprises! It started with my Uncle david and then it went to his son, my cousin Chris, who I think perfected it that everybody has it embedded in their heads! Somehow the torch was passed to Brittany and I, and it was great! My nana and Chris’s wife Amber cried! And yes, we got their reactions on video too!

After we surprised my nana though, we had about an hour and a half to kill before everybody showed up, so I had some crackers because I got motion sickness in the car, thanks to my damn nerves! And I don’t know what made me ask this question, but it just came out of my mouth. I asked nana if she had any nail polishes and while I was there, if she could paint my nails for me. I think it made her feel good to be able to do this again. She even remembered to put the napkin underneath my fingers so we didn’t ruin my shirt!

My Aunt Laurie had some really interesting colors in her collection, but I went for one Halloween-ish color and some metallic polishes too.

Let’s focus on my hands first; they are usually the most complicated to do because of the way they are placed. Since I am not able to unbend my elbows, I can’t just hold out my hands for her. Instead she has to come closer to me to be able to reach them. A lot of the times, we miss sections of the nail itself or they get upper part of the skin and she has to use her finger or Q-Tip to wipe it off. I always feel like she’s giving me the “nana touch” when this happens though, so I usually try to keep her from trying to fix it.

Once we finished with the fingers, we took a little break for both of our sake’s because while this was going on, I’m pretty sure we were holding our breaths the whole time! We needed a quick breather before moving on to the toes. At least the toes would easier for her because I could easily move my feet wherever she wanted to have better access to them.

For this, I thought it was only right to have this neon green color, as my crazy /Halloween flare. I knew I was going to use it, there was no way around it! What was neat about was that since it was a vibrant hue that we only needed one coat! Honestly, all three of them were like this, so that pretty was handy! Anyways, my nana had less mistakes when it came to the toes and even though it was weird to have polish back on my nails after so long, there was nothing more cuter than the reaction on my nephew’s face when it realized my toes were green two days later!

Everytime I go on a trip, whether it was long or short, I always wish for more time. This was no different. I truly miss because around my nana everyday, but I know how much she enjoys being there with my other family members, they take really good care of her and I feel like it would be selfish of me to linger on the separation. I have to be supportive of where she is now, and we respect that we both have other things going on but when we have a free moment, we can talk about things on Facebook. I don’t think it will take another two years for us (or any of my family members) to get together again, I refuse to accept that reality. However, we may have to wait until spring to make it happen though!

How do you like my nails for October? What is the longest you have went without having fingers or toes painted? Let me know below!

Vloggers That I Love #5


I think I am going to try to do one Vloggers That I Love post a month, because I have quite a bit still on my list. Every time I feel like I’m finally done putting new ones on it, I literally add two more, but mostly to include a third onto every post. Anyways, this week I is either going to make you very happy or depressed you’re not rich; we’ll see what happens at the end of the post?

RemiLife | luxury fashion, beauty + weight loss

I first discovered Remi’s vlogging channel last Christmas, I was looking for new Vlogmases to watch and I happened to find hers throughout the long list of channels. My first impression of Remi was that I loved her personality; she’s a fast talker, lovable woman. I knew I would be back day after day just to see what kind of craziness she’ll get into it!

Remi talks mostly about luxury fashion and beauty products, which is the reason why I said in the first paragraph that you might be a little sad while reading this post! Honestly, I love her hauls and gifted videos the most, because she gets so excited for everything! I’ve noticed that a lot of others that post similar videos, they’re not as thrilled on camera. I especially love it when her doggy Daisy gets in the middle of unboxing and wants to play at that exact moment. Poor girl!

Another thing I love about her is that she is real about her weight loss journey. Apparently that’s why she created her channel in the first place, which I thought was interesting because I figured that would be something that I would be afraid to share online, knowing all of the horrible comments a person can get on just about everything! She likes to talk about food, what she eats on a regular basis and even on her cheat days too! I actually love whenever she takes trips to Whole Foods because she’ll show you what she likes the most and goes for both healthy and junk food! She’s just me and she’ll find something and go “ooh!” for things she hasn’t seen in a while! She makes food shopping so fun!

AlishaMarie | luxury fashion, beauty, podcastor

Remi has a best friend that is featured quite a bit in her vlogs, and that is Alisha! She talks about the same things but her style is way different!

Alisha lives with her sister Ashlee, who also owns a YouTube channel! She has a puppy named Chloe, and her personality is similar to Remi’s but less bubbly. I honestly don’t watch her as much but whenever I do, I actually like to binge watch a few in one day! I love watching her makeup tutorials, I’ve been craving these videos lately and not only do I wear makeup, I don’t even own anything either. I just love watching the different ways to put it on I guess!

I left this last part to the end because it goes with both girls, they are pocastors of their own channel called Pretty Basic where they talk about everything in their lives like past relationships, insecurities, hottest trends, it’s a mixed bag and whenever my Spotify does work, it is fun to listen to their sometimes wild stories.

Inthefrow | luxury fashion & beauty

When I first found Victoria, I only knew about her blog (and her beautiful lilac hair!) but I didn’t really like her until I saw that she had a YouTube channel and I started to really get interested into her tastes! For a while, she was my only luxury blogger/vlogger, and while I was scrolling to see who follows and my original list of three turned into like eight or nine in a very short time span!

I think the main reason why I love watching her videos is that she has a gentle voice, her British accent is a little thick but I have been learning a lot about some of their terms over the years, so I’m becoming a bit of a pro now! She is into a lot of luxury items, and gets invited to a lot of events and sometimes they lead her away from London to various countries, like Paris, New York City and Tokyo. One of my favorite things is that she tries to take us along with a vlog or two of her adventures! It does nothing for my wanderlust but I am getting through it pretty well I think.

Unfortunately, I haven’t really kept up with her stuff and it sucks because she was one of the first few vloggers I started watching when I discovered the mother load of other blogs and YouTube channels in 2014. Maybe after this post is up I will get back into watching hers again? Has she gotten married yet? I would love to read that blog post or watch the vlog if it’s published already.

So, we are done with this list, but I do have like two more luxury vloggers that I tend to watch every once in a while, but I am going to keep them back for my next theme so you will have to wait for that! do you have any guesses as to the others are?

do you enjoy watching YouTubers that talk about luxury things like fashion, cars, and/or trips? Who do you love that you think I would like too?

A Week Of Feeling Calm

10544398_4241218566806_6971953532657585447_nI’ve been practically missing from this week. Despite talking about the new Fifty Shades of Grey trailer, a Five Sentence Fiction entry, and the book review. I really haven’t done a lifestyle post for this past week. I think since it’s Sunday, it’s a perfect day for that. First though, I am going to explain this picture. This will probably be the only picture I’ll ever be allowed to post on here of my dad. I bet you’re asking yourself, “are you sure that’s your dad? I mean that could be anybody?” Yup, that’s my dad because you know how, because I can see that beard of his in the outline of the light of this picture. Last night we had a pretty big storm and in the first twenty minutes of it our lights begun to flicker on and off. At 8:48pm it decided to just stay off for the next three hours.I spent my time listening to my iPod through my headphones and my parents and our family cat Oliver taking turns of scaring the living shit out of me. Oy!

This past week has been a very weird one for me. Yesterday I was supposed to go to my first bachelorette party since I turned twenty-one. I have been excited for it since the end of May. The bride-to-be actually arranged it on the weekend on a day where my mom was off so I could be included in it. I thought that was so sweet of her to do, but I had thoughts about rain. Just rain. Ruining the experience for me. I have a history of blaming the whole universe of things that can’t be changed and this time I don’t know what happened. I found myself on a Tuesday afternoon looking at the time of when it would start and seeing how the weather would be for that night and it said, scattered thunderstorms. In my mind, I went “well they can change their minds before then.” Even after I said that to myself I got this feeling of calmness and that if everything doesn’t work out I’d be okay. Which never happens! I had that feeling the whole week, even when other things were coming from other directions I still had that feeling about them too. Except for when a friend of ours came to pick up little Silver Moonlight. I was sad but I now understand that even though I named her I never felt any connection towards her. She would be the first to leave the nest.

Ever since I adopted the saying, “no expectations, no disappointments” into my lifebook. I have been hopeful over things but I also know better that plans sound a lot better when you’re talking about them then going and actually doing them. However, when I decided to be good about it this time I kept myself off my Twitter and the blog. I didn’t want to ruin my comfortable state of mind. I also didn’t want to be a child in how I was acting because I wasn’t getting my way. I understand now that you can’t have everything, but you can choose to see the joy and laughter in things. Saturday morning was just this, my mom has known about how excited I was to be invited to this. She’s been the one quiet in this situation too. She hardly told me what the weather would be like until Friday afternoon and of course yesterday morning too. So she had a plan of her own. She came in suddenly and I was in the middle of watching The Nanny when she grabbed the remote to pause it. I thought I was in trouble by how fast everything at this point was going. She sat on my bed and told me how bad she felt that these storms were going to happen on the exact time the party started, how ironic right? She suggested that we go to Evansville and go out to eat. I was completely excited because after I agreed, she asked me where I wanted to go. I said Steak ‘n Shake. Mom was apparently not in the mood for that by any means but when they realized how cloudy it was outside and which wheelchair I’d preferred to take with us, something would be soaked by the time we got there. So we went to Washington instead.

My parents and I went out of eat at Ponderosa and went to Wal-Mart afterwards. It was the first time in a while were it was the three of us out to eat, so it was weird but one of the things I was going to get by the end of the meal was something sweet. I finally got to have ice cream! Vanilla soft serve ice  cream with peanuts and crushed up M&M’s. My dad had a twist of chocolate and vanilla with a slice of carrot cake. When we finally said we were stuffed, we weren’t kidding! I was definitely stuffed. I never usually leave a restaurant feeling like that. When we decided we were going to go to Wal-Mart I immediately thought, we did this backwards. We always do that wrong. You should shop first and then eat. Unless you’re at the mall then you shop for a bit, eat and then go back to shopping. Anyways, it was weird feeling again. My parents are usually good about leaving me to do whatever I want when we go to Wal-Mart, because I usually know where I’m going. This time I didn’t. After I took my first stop in the makeup department. I realized of how little I know about my skin and what shades would go better with me. I should never go in there without my mom and/or my sister. I felt weird but not ugly which I thought was interesting. I never wear makeup. Like NEVER! So actually considering a foundation and a bright red lipstick for the month of September scared me a little.

I went into ever aisle I think because the place was packed and when you’re in a powered chair you need to move quickly. Funny thing is, when I was looking at the posters I was apparently taking up the aisle with my chair for the PEPSI dude to get through. I didn’t realize this until he gave up waiting and went through the clothing aisles by this time I was on the last two. I felt bad because then again he did find another way to get through. I went through the two “artistic” aisles. One is full of early school supplies and the other is just for crafts. On the other side of the craft aisle, I saw these beautiful vases that I literally wanted to take home but yet had no idea where they’d go. They were a deep red that to me, was a feeling of warmth to them. I had to show mom when they finally found me. Anybody want to guess where I was? My sanctuary. The entertainment department. The only things I found there that spiked my interests was the new Linkin Park album and I found the two seasons of Sons Of Anarchy that I need to get soon, trust me even my dad was like, “Ooh! This is what we mean!” The only thing stopping us from buying it was the fact that both seasons were close to $30. Yikes! So that’s it of my very calm, but great week. I love good surprises! Onto this week though!


Earlier this week, it rained and my mom caught our babies all bundled up together taking a nap next to the door. If you look closely on the top right corner, you see Kelso watching over the backyard.
Earlier this week, it rained and my mom caught our babies all bundled up together taking a nap next to the door. If you look closely on the top right corner, you see Kelso watching over the backyard.



We had the three other babies in my room. Who knew a stick from an old bookshelf and toliet papers rolls would be perfect kitten toys?
We had the three other babies in my room. Who knew a stick from an old bookshelf and toliet papers rolls would be perfect kitten toys?

Family Stories On Trips

Today at my nana’s, since we couldn’t go over and have lunch there yesterday since Em and mom were in Kentucky. Some of us had pizza like we did last weekend, but Em wanted a sub. She’s trying to eat healthy. She thinks she’s fat, but we don’t see it. In other words, she’s believing a very common lie that gets inside a teenage girl’s mind all the time. Anyways, at the end of our lunch and when mom was getting ready to go to the store to do nana’s errands. They were talking about funny stories of their time in Louisville. Mom was listing her top three favorite and funny stories when she was younger of going to places. Most involved papaw doing something. Like, losing his glasses in the ocean and having to drive home without them. That had to be an interesting ride home.

I was thinking during them telling their stories that I don’t have very many stories because I don’t really remember going far away and having something funny come up in the middle of the trip. Mom reminded me when we got pulled over in St, Louis, MO. We were like five minutes away from Shriner’s and this cop pulled us over. I remember dying of laughing because I just couldn’t believe it. As I started to really think about it. The only trip I could remember that could be funny to everybody else. We were in Fort Wayne and we all went in March. It must’ve been Spring Break too because we had everybody, well almost everybody. I was sick and it had snowed on the night before we were to drive back home. We ended up staying there for an extra day or two I think.

I’m trying to remember other trips that I haven’t talked about it yet. I talked about the running into the mirror at the Aquarium in Ohio, a few posts ago. I can’t think of anything funny when we went to Florida in 2003. I’m sure there was something funny my dad did… Aha! Got something! When we first moved in our house in Florida at the Make-A-Wish little lot they had. It was like a mini community really. Anyways, we went to the Walmart there in Florida and mom had bought these microwave pizzas in case we didn’t want to go to the little shop were they served snacks and stuff. Well when we got back and mom and dad were unloaded stuff from the store, we quickly found out that we didn’t have a microwave. Mom stored them in the freezer. The day we left to go back home they were still there.