Playing Favorites

Last night, I had a fun time just hanging out on our back porch while our flock of cats. This was my second visit I did sitting on my butt. After the first time, I told myself not to be in such a rush getting out there because then I’ll be miserable trying to catch my breath and I’ll really be hurting in my back and hip areas. This time I grabbed my phone and proceeded to “jog” my way out of the house. I didn’t force myself to go faster and now that I knew how far the door opens I know where I need to be, but this time our cat Oliver wanted to come out with me. He’s been wanting to spend a lot of time with me lately. I don’t know why but he’s been sitting on my laptop while I eat and laying on my Transformers blanket. Usually anytime I go outside I’m in one of the wheelchairs but I’m always taller than them and can easier miss my limit and fall out so my mom suggested this and we’ve been doing it ever since. It’s nice be at the same level as the bigger cats like Bootsie, Midget, Grumpy and Wren. I think the babies though are a lot better with me being at their level, I’m less scary to them. This seemed to be true after I got to spent time with Grumpy’s twin, Stormy. She let me pet and take pictures of her. We are in the process of sailing the babies even though I’m pretty sure my dad wants to keep Kelso, as we had someone looking at them and he yelled out to my mom, to sale the females first! Kelso is our only male.






While I was sitting outside, the cats that were on the porch were basically ignoring the crap out of me and passed out. I feel bad for them because I wasn’t the only one getting bit by these damn mosquitos, so were they! Little Stormy was obviously not happy about them being around her ears. She had to change her position about three times just to get comfortable and get them to leave her alone. I spent my time taking pictures and comparing Grumpy to Stormy. They do look like twins. If it wasn’t for their size difference you’d think they were in the same litter. I had my hair in a ponytail and I had some of my bangs hanging down in my eyes and I had hoped the corner of my eyes was just from my hair but unfortunately it wasn’t. A mosquito had gotten me right by my eye and of course you can’t put itch cream on that part so I had to deal with it. Thankfully I can’t reach up there or it would have been a real problem. I thought once I was ready for bed, it would just drive me nuts but by the time I went to bed my mom said you could hardly see it. Oh, everybody knows that I love sunsets. I love taking pictures of it at least! Well, I figured out how to get the tall trees with my phone. Who says if you take pictures with your feet you can’t get the top? I’m pretty proud of myself and I even took a selfie but I will not share that on here. I look okay, but this post isn’t about my looks. Just the cats and great outdoors!




Roll With Me: #1

The nice weather is making the trees bloom, slowly!
The nice weather is making the trees bloom, slowly!

I hope one of my new fellow bloggers friends doesn’t mind that I’m kind of borrowing one of the things she does on her blog. Jenni Hearted does this “Walk With Me” posts on her blog and I remember seeing them and going, I would love to do something similar to that. So I’m giving her the credit, but  I’m not calling it “Walk With Me” since I use a wheelchair, I decided to go with calling these type of posts, “Roll With Me” instead.

This afternoon has been a good one! Despite spring being the season where your allergies go absolutely insane! Spring has its good features too! I’ve said before that I like autumn because of the changing of the leaves, but when you get to watch the slow process of leaves growing on the tall trees. It really makes you reconsider your favorite season. Sometimes spring gets a bad rap. I mean, the only reason we look forward to it is because we’re sick and tired of winter in general! Majority of us mainly look forward to summer more than spring. I hate summer and I’ve always hated it. The only good part about it that I like is July 4th. We have a fair here and we’ve had hometown singers play at the park. By the end of July and beginning of August, you start to get that small town feel and when the corn is ready to harvest, you really start to feel it. Up until recently, I never liked that feeling, but now my hometown is considered a city, I’m glad that feeling still lives on inside,

I spent probably an hour or thirty minutes outside. It didn’t seem that long. I think the more that I’m around the cats and around the trees, I feel like taking pictures of basically everything! That’s what I basically do everytime I go outside now. I really need to go through my phone and delete pictures, because I feel like my pictures that I take get smaller and smaller and I’m pretty sure my toes are not doing it. Of course, my phone is not like everybody’s smart phone. I guess I should be lucky I can even take pictures at all. I’ve found recently that (and it might be from all of the nature and places photography on Pinterest) I’ve been inspired by different things that I’ve seen. Two things that I saw while I was outside that I couldn’t get good pictures of were these trees. Our neighbors have, they’re either dogwood trees or cherry blossoms, but in the autumn they’re leaves go everywhere, but in the spring when they start to bloom, they get all white and so beautiful! A few days ago, they were completely bare and now they have little white leaves everywhere. The next tree is next door from us, as I was coming from the backyard into the front part, I got a very interesting look at the tree and I instantly thought, “it looks like my back.” It has a very noticeable curvature and I literally tried getting a good picture of it, but I didn’t want the houses in the actual picture so unless I can get a few minutes in the road one day and actually get a good picture of it, you’ll just have to imagine it for the time being. Sorry.


Something else I was looking at the entire time I was outside was the moss growing on the ground by the roots of the trees. I’ve got to say, I hate driving my wheelchair over the roots. They always make it a bumpy ride! Plus, my wheels tend to get caught int between them too! Before I went outside I saw this commercial on my TV that was talking about grass, how the roots will grow deeper underground, and you won’t have to mow as much. They also say something about you could have healthy looking grass, instead of it having little brown spots and takes out the weeds. I’m sorry, I like the natural grass the most, even if its unhealthy. If we had that then it would take away the little wild flowers that grow in different parts of the yard. Those little yellow flowers are a childhood thing for me. Dandelions are the same thing too! You can’t take those away just because they’re considered weeds! The last thing I was enjoying looking at was the little clovers everywhere in our front yard. I was having fun looking for four-leaf clover and I’m betting my dad was thinking I was weird and hoping I didn’t fall out of my wheelchair trying to find one.

Grumpy enjoying the nice weather.

When I first went outside, my mom came out with me to see if the dirt in our backyard was really as soft as what dad was talking about, and it wasn’t. I made tire tracks but I always do that! Mom brought out ChiChi and she got chases by Grumpy through the yard and poor ChiChi can’t go about her business without one of the cats wanting to check her out. Now she knows how we, the humans, feel on a daily basis. The cats seem to enjoying the nice weather just as much as I was. You can’t see it in this picture–because if I got any closer he would have run off–Grumpy has his first “battle wound” from being outside with the big cats. My mom thinks he got it from either Bootsie or Wren. They both have bad tempers and we can see it happening. Anyways, when it was just Wren and Stef, they would follow me from the front yard to the backyard. Well, this time it was Bootsie doing it. She kept following me everywhere until that is when a couple of my dad’s friends came over and one of them brought over his new puppy. I think, if I heard right, his name is Diesel. We used to have medium size dogs in my family, and now we have ChiChi. This dog is exactly like our old dog Chance, she was a pit bull and from the moment he came out of the truck I literally wanted to start crying. It’s been so long since I’ve actually been around a pit bull. The other part about him was that he looked like my grandparent’s dog Casey, white with medium size brown spots on him. It was like both dogs were reincarnated into this little guy and I was having a hard time containing myself and my emotions. I miss both dogs.

848041124Don’t ask why both Grumpy and Midget are looking to the left. I was just lucky and literally holding my breath at the same time because I knew one false move and they’d move. All four cats seemed to be very lonely being outside. I mean, even after my mom brought them a half a cup of dry food for them to eat they were still at my wheels, rubbing up against me. I’m not saying it doesn’t bother me. After my dad’s friends left, I went back in the backyard and the only one who was around me was Midget. She was still traumatized from the puppy. The other three were nowhere to be seen until I went back to the front yard and there they were laying out on the porch like a bunch of bums. Weird though for you, I don’t know why and I was literally just discussing this with my mom, that everytime I go outside, even for five minutes, I get so tired! My mom said she does the same thing when she and dad ride the bike. The sun has weird powers or something. I’ve always had weird sleep patterns, but I tend to get my best sleep in the daytime. The sunlight has always made me sneeze and sleepy. I’m that weird. After failing to get the last pictures of the pretty trees, I finally decided it was time to come back inside and get the song out of my head. It’s not a good idea to leave to go outside in a middle of a song that you’re learning to sing out loud, because then you have about half the chorus and melody playing in your head and it just drives you crazy! So that was my afternoon. How was yours?

This Saturday Morning

Hello, today is Saturday and hopefully if I have enough energy you will get two posts for the day.

Last night I got to watch my show again. I also finally got to record things again, so I taped National Treasure and I love that movie! I blame my teachers for picking it for us to watch in US History. Don’t worry, it was our last week in that class! I’m taping Pain & Gain tonight and Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters tomorrow afternoon. I don’t think I’ll get through it but it has Jeremy Renner in it. It surprises you how much, if you space out while you’re in the car and somebody else is driving, you space out. We were driving today and I saw a lot more things than I usually see on our way there. It was so weird to see these different things and wondered, “why haven’t I seen that before?” like in a town Wheatland, there’s a house that was on the news for created a roller coaster on his property. Everytime my parents and I would drive down that road, we’d see if we could find it. I was expecting it to be a big thing. We finally found it on our way home and it looks so damn tiny! It looks like a kiddy roller coaster. On our way there and back home, I finally said to myself that I really want to visit a farmer’s market, a big one. I’ve always thought they were interesting and smart to do shopping for food. We past little stands on our way there, in the fall they sale pumpkins and peaches. After the last few days of spring rain, the river has flooded and it looks pretty wicked let me say! The trees are still bare but I’ve got to say I’ve seen some beautiful white dogwood trees this morning that I literally wanted to take home and plant in the front yard. My parents would probably hate me if I did that to their pretty yard.

My morning started off pretty good. I woke up and my mom took me to the bathroom like she usually does. Yesterday, from the last time I talked to my mom, she was going to drop me off at my nana’s house so she could go pick my sister up to bring her home. While I was talking to her this morning, I had told her that if she didn’t feel like taking me over, she could just leave me at home because I was tired enough I could have just went back to sleep. She knows me better than that and knows I hardly ever go back to sleep after she takes me to the bathroom. So she ended up just taking me with her. She let me bring my headphones and iPod with me as she listens to her Spotify on her phone now as she drives. I don’t see how that’s really safe, but I didn’t want to argue with her so I just kept my mouth shut. For the whole ride there, it was silent. We both had our headphones on, but by the time we got to Sullivan and Carlile her connection kept going in and out, so I had to laugh at her and she kept showing on her inner road rage as her music kept stopping in the middle of the songs. When we arrived, I took off my headphones and gave them a rest but it wasn’t effective as mom wasn’t happy with her phone and had the radio put up on high. When we picked her up and was driving home, Blondie noticed she forgot her headphones so I let her borrow mine and I got to control the car radio for half of the drive home because mom still had trouble with hers.

We just got home from picking up Blondie for the weekend as its one of my favorite times of the year. Prom season. For a girl of any age that loves to get their hair done, have special make-up, nails, and jewelry on, and have the right dress and shoes to match everything. If you were to ask me during my junior year, you would think I hated it. That first year of getting ready for prom basically was way too overwhelming and it was a mess. Senior year was a LOT better, as it was much more calmer than the first try. I remember while I would watch grand march and go to both of my proms, I always loved the ones who got to go all four years of high school and if they were from another school, they took their friend or partner with them to theirs. I always thought that was cool, but once I was out of school that kind of changed. I didn’t think it was so cool when I went back for grand march the year after I graduated. I missed powder puff football more than prom. However, I try to go to grand march every year to see the beautiful dresses and try not to drool over the boys who have to wear their army uniform. It’s happened before, trust me! So like I said, if I don’t pass out when I get home tonight I will blog about the dresses and hopefully share the dress my sister’s wearing tonight as well!

The Colder Weather

I’ve had a rough time in the last four days. I’ve been feeling like crap, almost like I’m getting sickish. My body just feels drained and I don’t want to do anything. Which is why I have yet to post my last post for therapy and last Friday’s post for FWF. I think I was lucky I did PI&W yesterday. All I’ve done is lay in bed and listened to music and watch TV. I even had family down over the weekend and I felt miserable. Saturday afternoon was almost impossible to get through and I swear every part of my body just ached. My dad told me he’s been feeling like that for almost a month and he thinks it’s because of the weather getting colder outside. They’re saying that norther counties could get some snow later on in the week. It’s honestly too early for snow down here for us. A lot of the trees haven’t even lost their leaves yet. Majority of them are still green. Anyways, I’ve had a freaking headache for the past three days and my sleep is definitely out of whack especially after Saturday night. I thought since I felt like crap all day long that it wouldn’t be that hard to get some sleep. Heh, I was so wrong! I didn’t get my mind to turn off until 3:30am. Thankfully, my mom decided that we weren’t going to go to my nana’s that morning as planned because she was going to take Blondie back two hours after that, so I got to sleep in somewhat, which didn’t help because I ended up taking two naps in one day and somehow managed to get some sleep last night. I woke up around 4 in the morning though and that part sucked because I didn’t go back to sleep until 7:30am. I don’t know what will happen tonight.

Blow Me Away

Today is really windy. Fall here usually means windy days and colder nights. Which makes going to a Football game unbearable. The bleaches make your butt go numb and you can no longer feel anything in your body. However for me, since I can’t sit up on the bleaches my wheelchair is the next best thing. Guess what? It’s not much better either.

I don’t like the whole a shirt and a hoodie on top of that. Practically two pairs of pants and two pairs of socks on. I don’t have any shoes on. Mostly because we can’t find them and I really doubt they’d fit on my feet either. Sometimes I wear socks on my hands because the sleeves from the hoodie don’t really do the trick anymore. Especially on the really cold nights.

Despite all the coldness that the night brings. When its windy outside you either end up having a good or bad day depending on how you had your hair before you went outside. When it’s windy outside you can see which trees have changed completely in color, but most of the trees are just half green. Which are pretty, its like one side of the branches got burned somehow and the other got saved. It’s really pretty. That’s one of the things I love about fall.