April Playlist + ANNOUNCEMENT!



I’m starting with the special announcement.

So we’re about to start May, which is the basically start of summer for a lot of people. If you have been reading my blog for a couple of years now, you know what I do during the summers. I write up different music posts talking about artists and bands from all over the world! It’s been a growing favorite which makes me very happy because around August or September, I start to feel like it drags on and on. This theme will go from May to October, which isn’t too bad. Everything will literally take off next Tuesday!

Now that I have that out of the way, we can discuss this past month’s playlist and how crazy it got in just one week! I have been adding songs onto this playlist like crazy! There was definitely a theme for April and it was anything mellow. I have a lot of Celtic Woman, Josh Groban, Plumb. It is full of everything that made me happy this past month. I didn’t care what I put in it this time around. I did add “Little April Shower” from the Bambi soundtrack as I could not include it into the playlist.

Last week one of the greats passed away, Prince. I grew up on his music. My mom grew up in the 80’s so she passed down her kind of music to my sister and I. We got a whole range of different music, covering rap and pop. I remember watching Purple Rain as a young kid and my dad basically freaking out about the sexual content in it. Nowadays, I can watch it two or three times a month and no, I am not joking either! On the day, it was announced he had died, FOX News and BET played a both of his music videos and my mom and I basically had a jam session throughout the whole afternoon! It was beautiful! I was going to add a couple of songs onto this post but I guess YouTube doesn’t have any official ones!

The song of the month was really difficult, which was weird since I was adding so many songs into it throughout the first couple of weeks. I figured it would be easy if I couldn’t stop listening to one, but as the month kept going it was more difficult to narrow it down. At one point I thought I would have about four songs because I could not decide on the winner, but I was wrong! The song of the month is “Bring Back The Summer” by Rainman featuring OLY. It’s a good song and I love it so much!

There may not be a monthly playlist post for a while. Since I can’t use my Spotify for the time being, so you might want to be happy I’m doing these Tune Tuesday posts! I’ll try to figure out something to fill up for Thursday’s review day though! It just might only be song and music video reviews for the time being!

What was your song of the month?


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Special Places To Travel


I’ve been in this world long enough to know that one day that if the chance would ever happen, I would love to travel the world. One of my fellow blogger friends, Niki asked a question on her Facebook yesterday that I started thinking about all day, even though I basically gave her like three sentences when she probably only wanted one or two words of the places that you want to go that’s on your bucket list. She posted that she wants to go to Paris one day. Well, that got to thinking about not really where I want to go, but the places I don’t want to visit in which a lot of people would be surprised that I don’t want to see one day.

For my answer that I put on her picture was that I would love to visit: Scotland, India, Egypt, Poland, Germany, and Australia. They all have their own reasons too. Scotland and Egypt are mostly history obsessions that I have, India is purely a culture trip, I have a friend that lives in Poland and I would love to see her country and be able to visit her favorite places, my nana’s family is from Germany and so I have a small ounce of myself attached to that country and Australia is just a vacation trip I would want to take one day. I’m weird like that. If you were to look on my actual bucket list, it would show I have a few other hot spots I’d like to visit, but those are the top for me. I do have a few places that I just don’t want to experience at all.

Sadly, Paris, France is one of those places. Paris is the city of love or whatever. Unless I got married and his parents offered to pay to take us to Paris, that might be the only way I’d go, but willingly Paris isn’t a place for me. Funny thing is, I’ve felt like this for a long time. I’ve never felt attached to it in any way shape or form. I don’t doubt that I could change my mind about it later on in life, but right now. It’s a definite no. The other place is New York City, which is interesting because I would love to see a real fashion show one day, but that would be only way I would go there too. I’ve always been puzzled that I’ve never wanted to go there because it has a lot of history and classy places that I have seen on TV and seen in pictures, but I still don’t want to go there and see them for myself. The last one is South Africa, and I have no idea why, because I think it would be an exotic and interesting trip to go on, but there’s nothing that is pulling me in yet. It’s really strange! There are two places that I’ve been on the fence about, they are Colorado and Hawaii. My papaw was stationed there when he was in the army back in the day, he likes to talk about his favorite places and what he did there, but I think I’d only want to see if those places are still around and then go back on the place to go home. And Colorado, I don’t like cold weather and it also might the ski resorts pushing me away from ever visiting there too.

I’m very picky, ain’t I? I think it’s means more if we have real reasons to be going to different places than just going somewhere for vacation and when you come back to your home, you’re sad that your time has ended. When my family and I went to Florida, we went solely for Disney World, it was the coolest place for kids and teenagers. It brings that inner child back to you instantly. The things we got to do was amazing too. The little community we were in was just cozy. When we came back, of course we were sad that it had ended but between the pictures, our memories, and feelings that we felt never really went away. At least mine didn’t. I think that’s why I pick places that I know would be great to feel peaceful and exciting at the same time. Also, the nature around is another kicker, I want to enjoy what’s around me and take it all in. Something inside me is telling me Scotland, India, Egypt, Poland, Germany, and Australia would be those kinds of places that would give me everything I’d ever want in visiting an exotic place.