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Everything’s been a little off lately. I worked on a big blog post that I literally put all of my energy into but when I published it at the start of the month, I didn’t have any new posts for the rest of the week and the next. Usually when this sort of thing happens, I’m pretty upset and scrambling to find something to write about, but thankfully I haven’t felt the need to do that this week. I did work a few posts for Tune Tuesday, but those are sometimes easy to do. I tried to write up a review of Purity Ring’s album, but I feel like I suck at describing what electronica music sounds like, especially if it all sounds the same towards the end. I thought about reviewing both Red and Kelly Clarkson’s new albums as well, but I opted out of that too. Not because of the music but because I’d rather not force myself to do it. You might only be getting song reviews for a while if this continues!

Besides all this, I’ve had quite a good break from blogging. I’ve finally finished The Fault In Our Stars and started on the movie now. I’m already moving faster in the movie than I did while reading the freaking book. I’ve also cried too many times! I’m still debating if I’m going to do just a book review or compare things between the book and movie. I still don’t know what I’m going to do yet. I’ve been having some back pain here and there, but I think it’s from the weather we’ve been getting (still) and I’m pretty sure the snow we got like a week or two ago, never melted away. We keep adding onto it every other day I swear! The last time I wrote about winter storms, I talked about how I wanted to see what winter storm Thor would be like (as a joke!) told my dad about it too! He came into the hallway yesterday afternoon and said, we’re on winter storm Thor! My mom proceeded to open up my blinds to show me and I’m definitely over all this snow and being stuck inside the house!


My TV is still about the same. Over the weekend, Blondie came home and my mom rented us some movies. I got to choose two out of the three and I’m glad I went out into the living room to watch them. Mom got November Man, Tammy, and Transformers: Age Of Extinction. Guess which ones were mine? We watched Tammy first and it was a bust! We got to the middle and I had to voice my opinion that it sucked. It’s REALLY starting to bug me that these “funny” movies that are being released aren’t as funny as the trailers make them out to be. Plus, why do they have to be stupid/dirty funny? What happened to good ole comedy movies?

When my mom put in the Transformers movie, I could hardly hold my excitement! I am such a damn geek when it comes to these movies. For one thing, I was really cold when I went out there. Blondie and ChiChi were huddled underneath my mom’s blanket, so I had mom get my Transformers blanket before Tammy started, by the time we put Transformers in I had to take it off because the action scenes were making me hot (that sounds so bad!) my sister had already seen it, so she took a nap in the middle of it. I’m pretty sure my mom knew nothing that by the end of it. My dad was over at our neighbors and came back to get more drinks, when he asked me if it was good I quickly said yes without taking my eyes off the screen. It was a long ass movie but so freaking good! I didn’t really like the fact that there were like three different plots in the story line, because that just made me so confused! Oh, by the way the cars were awesome! I’m pretty sure my favorite was Lockdown, he transforms into a grey 2013 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700–4 Coupe. It looked so badass! So did Bumblebee too! You can’t hate on Bumblebee! Anyways, it was really weird to not hear Linkin Park at the end or see Ironhide, but Imagine Dragons’ song “Battle Cry” was amazing. I’m ready for the next one, and yes, there’s going to be a next one!

What else has happened lately? Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D came back on Tuesday! Even though I already miss Peggy Carter, I’m really glad to have the gang back on my TV screen again! Throughout the break I’ve been really curious about why we weren’t seeing sneak peeks about what happened to Raina, but now I do! I watched it after an hour it was over, I recorded it through my DVR and when I saw what she looked like, the first thing that popped into my head was, “well, so much for getting any sleep tonight.” Which was untrue. I got plenty of sleep that night.  I can’t think of anything else that’s happened that needs to be on here. I’ve been mostly trying to keep busy whether that means spend all of my time on Twitter or YouTube that’s basically it!

I hope my blogging mojo comes back soon. Hope you all are doing wonderful! Bye! ♥

The Aftermath Of The Super Bowl

It is the day after the Super Bowl. Which to me, the game just seemed like one of my old high school football games. That was the worst Super Bowl ever. I didn’t watch the first half, but I did start watching after seeing everybody talk about Bruno Mars on my timeline from Twitter. If you were to look through both my Facebook and Twitter yesterday, you would have seen a clear draw between teams from both social networks. Majority of everybody on my Facebook was Team Broncos, while everybody on my Twitter was Team Seahawks. It was weird. We didn’t have anybody over at the house, actually my dad went over to our neighbors to watch the game or play corn hole. I don’t know what he did honestly. Anyways, I switched my TV over when Bruno Mars came on and I was in the middle of liking but yet wanting Madonna and/or Beyonce to come out. And seeing Red Hot Chili Peppers on stage with him was a little disturbing. In a sense, it was a kind of slap in the face for everybody who thought there needs to be more rock n roll at the Super Bowl, but yet RHCP was a complete disaster that I think I changed over to wanting only Bruno instead.

While I missed the first half of the game, I had missed all of the “cool” commercials that came on at that time as well. Including the one commercial that I have been pumped about for a couple of weeks now. The trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and if I hadn’t been online I would have hated myself for the rest of the night. While I was live tweeting silly things with the ladies of Ketchup With Us and their Twitter party, Mel’s husband saw my tweet that I had missed it and he sent it right to me. I am so excited for that movie! A little bit before that my sister texted me if I had seen the Transformers commercial. I texted her back “are you sure it wasn’t Captain America you saw?” I hadn’t seen anything about there being a Transformers commercial being played during the Super Bowl, so I asked Mel’s nice husband Chris, if my sister really hadn’t been seeing things. Nope, she wasn’t seeing things. He sent me that clip as well. I was thrilled! Every doubt of thinking I wouldn’t be as excited about the new cast and autobots/dinobots just went out of my brain. The clip is SO good that I really want more. Sadly I still haven’t seen the David Beckham and Dannon “Full House” reunion commercials though. I will have to go look for those later on tonight.

Here are the awesome trailers:

and the awesome clip that I wasn’t expecting:

Never Too Old

I definitely didn’t have the “Monday blues” today. After two weeks, I finally got to go to work on Mondays. I slept like a rock last night. Literally, I went to bed around 9pm and didn’t wake up until 7:30am. It was freaking weird, very different from yesterday I didn’t get any sleep hardly. When I got up this morning, I had a lot of energy and I just felt good. Around 9am, I saw Scooby-Doo and the Witch’s Ghost was on Cartoon Network and you know my inner child was screaming at me from the inside to watch it, so I caved in and watched it. I like how it doesn’t matter how old I get, the damn movie still creeps me out bits and pieces. Especially the first witch, the one where the towns people created, and when she pops up into the sky scares the crap out of me. The second witch wasn’t so bad. I remember when I was younger I would curl up in my blanket and hide whenever it was on. I loved it but secretly it scared the living shit of me. It doesn’t matter how old I get, I will still curl up into a ball and wrap my blanket around me. Don’t judge me, we all have things that still freaks us out even after we’re kids.

My mom got up around 10am and got my hair washed, fed me, and got me dressed for work. I had some dark chocolate before I went to work and it was amazing. One of the good things that I got to do. Then my favorite driver came to pick me up and once I got there, I talked to some of the staff and residents there. We got to color for Crafty Corner today. Easter and St. Patrick’s Day pages and I got to help one of the residents again. We had a full house and so I had to lend a hand, or a foot I should say. Then after we were done with it, I had her help me with mine. I was doing it for another resident. He said he liked it. Actually, after that I noticed my body felt yucky and I started to get even more tired. It kind of sucked, but at least I wasn’t hungry like I was last Thursday. That was my problem last week. My mom came to get me and we went home and once we were in town, we remembered what my dad told us the other night about one of the cars at a car dealer ship had an actual Transformer Bumblebee edition car. Well my mom was talking to me in the car and she was turning towards me and actually noticed the words, “Transformers” written at the top of the windshield in black. Since she was talking I didn’t even see it so we literally went around the block just so I could see it and of course, once I did see the words, I flipped out! “It does say ‘Transformers'” my mom and I felt like idiots but it was awesome!

The Collage Bedroom

I have four walls in my small bedroom. Posters cover most of my walls, but yet you still see the white paint on my walls. It’s halfway covered, but I would love my room to be covered, and I mean just covered of pictures. Just like this picture. Everytime I see a picture likes this I get happy and somewhat jealous too.

I’m not exactly sure what I want. I have my NKOTBSB, Linkin Park, Transformers, and The Vampire Diaries posters all around and I’d keep those up where they are, but I want other pictures that go with them surrounding them. Like, where my Linkin Park poster is I want all rock pictures around it. With NKOTBSB I want all pop pictures around it. The back of my door is my TVD poster so I want TV show pictures around there. My other walls it doesn’t really matter. Movies pictures I guess is last.

Sunday Rose

Sorry for not posting this yesterday but this wouldn’t load for me so now it will. Yesterday was Sunday, it started off at 8 o’clock two hours before the time my mom said we were going to get up, but I slept a total of 11 hours that night and I couldn’t force myself to sleep anymore. My mom and sister got up a little white afterwards and we didn’t get ready until 10. On the agenda that day was Walmart and maybe nana’s.

Well we went to nana’s first. Emily drove us there, wheelchair on the lift and all. She’s getting pretty good despite what she thinks really. We got there, my nana and I had nothing to really talk about besides how things went yesterday and if my outfit was cute or not. I wore my brown and blue, plaid shirt with my black pants that have buttons at the sleeves. I love those pants! Anyway, we told her about yesterday.

We had lunch there. Well everybody but me had lunch. Mom fed me beforehand and when she went to Subway she got me a Double Chocolate cookie. Actually Emily, Papaw, and I all got cookies. Nana didn’t want one and mom forgot about herself. By this time my mom and Emily took my regular wheelchair back to the house because we already established that we weren’t going to Walmart until next weekend. Here was the reason why. Mom and Emily were going to get their nails done at the Walmart. Well mom went through her checkbook and figured out that she didn’t have enough money for it. So Emily was going to work this week to pay for her nails. After mom’s only smoke break (which has got to be a record) she ended up changing her mind.

We took my nana’s push wheelchair. It sat in the back seat with me. Emily drove once again, but it was her first trip out of town driving. She did good too. We got to Walmart and I knew I wanted to look at three different places. Books. Posters. iTunes card. I already have 3 books in my room right now. Two are Library and one is mine. I haven’t even started on the one Library book I did want to read. They need to go back because I’m not in a reading frame of mind. We went over by the posters and saw this beautiful Footloose poster, and I almost took it. Then we kept looking. Emily found a Hangover II, Lil Wayne, and Drake posters. She ended up getting the Drake poster. I found two different Transformers posters. One of just Bumblebee and other was Autobots. I got that one instead. We grabbed my iTunes card at the check out line.