For The First Time.

Well I’m officially out of guy friends, and it sucks. I can’t actually say anything since I do have two have very great guys on my Twitter page that have been awesome to me. I’m just so sick and tired of being sick and tired. Wondering when people will wake up to see me gone from their lives. Last night I got on Facebook with the intention of deleting people. I think I deleted about four or five people. It needed to be done. I gave up on wishing for them to just talk to me. I’m sick of hoping for a change when I should know better. What makes me even more nutty is that I told myself last night, “no more adding people” and I got a friend request this morning and I added them. I will never follow my own advice.

On to better news, or somewhat at least. I got to watch Transformers: Dark Of The Moon on my TV last night. It was on one of our movie channels. I don’t normally watch movies, especially new movies on my TV. I don’t have a working DVD player, so thankfully for my laptop because it’s got an amazing screen and it’s closer. I watched both Beastly and the third Transformers movie on my TV yesterday. It was a good Easter. It was kind of boring but pretty good. I even got to watch The Prince Of Egypt, which I haven’t seen in years. I had parts of that movie in my head the whole night. Even the last song was stuck in my head, it’s still circling in the back part of my brain.

Tonight is The Voice and Dancing With The Stars, and I’m again not watching The Voice. I can’t choose between them whatsoever. So I’m going to be watching Dancing With The Stars instead. This week is rock week and KISS will be on. Both nights. Somebody shoot me now. I would much rather it be Motley Crue, but I don’t see them doing that ever. I want to watch somebody I like doing rock week. However, I can never really see anybody I like doing that. I don’t even think I’m on a team. I love Gavin, Maria, and Katherine though. Donald a little, and Roshen is like last place sharing it with Gladys Knight. I don’t know what shall happen tonight but I hope it’s awesome.

I Don’t Need A Man On This Valentine’s Day

First off, Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone out there reading this! I started my day early! I got up around 7:30am and never went back to bed. So I’m starting to feel myself getting very sleepy. Muscles are starting the ache too. Weirdly enough it’s not my back giving me problems at the moment. It’s actually my right leg. I’ve had weird aches all over my body since Friday night. Despite the weird pains I have, I don’t know about you, but my Valentine’s Day has been a good one. It started off good and been kind of good since. I woke up this morning, we were suppose to get a lot of snow apparently and it didn’t snow much. This morning, however my sister looked out the door before she left for school and saw it was snowing outside. I may not had gotten my snow for Christmas day, but getting snow Valentine’s Day was my present from God. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. I love snow, it makes me feel like a kid again. I hate our winter this year, because we haven’t been getting much snow at all. I also found out this morning that Michael Bay is doing another Transformers movie, it’s going to be released in 2014. I can wait two years!

A couple of days ago, my friend was looking for a Valentine on Twitter. She’s such a sweetie and hilarious! We’re both slightly crazy, but in a good way. We’re both single. Why not be each other’s Valentine? I’m very glad to have met her on Twitter. Along with the rest of my newest Twitter friends. I think the more I find, the more I get my self-confidence back. Having these people in my life is such a joy for me, because on our good days, a bunch of us can be the most craziest people ever. Even though they’re crazier people on Twitter than us. I love when they’re having fun and enjoying themselves because it makes me happy. Now if only I could do this with everybody I went to school with. This weekend shall be interesting. I’m sure I’ll blog about that on Sunday.

Four more things that make this day good. My dad went and got movies yesterday. He got me Beastly and Transformers 3. I finished Beastly before Dr. Phil came on. Thank god. I love Beastly! It’s such a romantic and message movie. I love that combination. I watched Dr. Phil at four. I’m kind of obsessing over this show and I don’t really know why. Well, maybe because I’m missing Oprah. That might be it. In the time between after finishing Beastly and before Dr. Phil came on. I went on YouTube and watched Nickelback and My Darkest Days music videos. Oh dear god. I have to say something, sometimes I’m kind of glad that MTV doesn’t play music videos anymore. Because it took me a year to actually find out what the guys in MDD looked like. Isn’t that sad? They aren’t the only band that was like that. I had two others, I had gotten curious one day last month on YouTube and watched a few music videos and was hooked. I was done. Now I’m feeling obsessed about MDD now, but I was in love with them before I knew what they looked like because of their music. Which is important I think.

Transformers Dark Of The Moon: Movie Review

Today was a good day. Finally got to watch third film of Transformers. Everybody knows I’ve been wanting to see this movie since I heard that they were doing production on it and that was the end of last year. I didn’t get to watch this one in theaters like I did with the second. My nana was in the hospital when I was suppose to see it. Well today we both watched in her living room. She watched the second one the last time I was over, which was Tuesday I think.

This movie was so cool! I knew it was going to be good, but it didn’t know it was going to be this good. I heard it got mixed reviews when it first came out. I don’t see why anybody would think it sucked. It had more action than the other two movies combined, the actors were amazing, the stunts were so crazy, but in a good way. Shia Labouef took a lot more risks than the last one. I have never seen Patrick Dempsay get so mean before. I didn’t really think Rosie Huntington-Whitley was going to be able to do good in it, but she certainly changed my mind quick.  

Didn’t expect it to be a tear-jerker either. My mom and I cried when Optimus Prime got killed in the last one. We were very happy that Sam brought him back to life. Everytime they would the piano part in the beginning of “Iridescent” my eyes would get cloudy. I thought I was done crying during the song, obivously not. There were so many twists and turns. So many different characters, mostly on the Autobots side. I was so happpy they brought Wheelie back into the picture. He had a buddy that my nana kind of fell in love with, Brains. Mudflap and Skids were not in this one, at least I didn’t see them. My all-time favorite Bumblebee was back and he kind of had a makeover. More guns in this movie. The explodations were big too. Not like the one they used in the second one, but they were close.