Yesterday I went to my grandparents house. My parents had to do some things and couldn’t take me so they dropped me off at my nana’s for the day. I went to bed late the night before and had to get up pretty early. Early as in 8 o’clock. I haven’t been woken up that early by someone in a few months so that was different. We got to my nana’s and we mostly had all of our conversations done from Friday and Saturday. Dad packed my laptop for me. When I got there, we talked for a bit then we went into her “office” as what she calls it. I taught her to make a Tumblr. If you’re wondering what her title is, look up at this title. That should help some.

After we did that. We had lunch and we slowly but surely made our way into the living room. One good thing about bringing my laptop was Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen was in my laptop. I told a year ago I wanted her to watch it. Just to see if she’d like it. Besides she watched 2012 and A Day After Tomorrow. She could watch this too. Before we watched it I had to tell her about it and about the All Spark and the difference between the Deceptions and the Autobots. The only way I could tell the difference between them are the eyes. Deceptions are red eyes and Autobots have blue eyes. I also told her Deceptions hate humans, and Autobots likes them. She got that in first twenty minutes of it.

She watched the whole movie. I was very proud. I haven’t watched it on a real DVD player because either mine is broken or isn’t plugged in, but my money is it’s both. I watch all my DVD’s on my laptop. My nana loved Optimus Prime, she now knows why my uncle is obsessed with Optimus because he’s a semi. She also loved the twins and Jetfire. She thought the twins were hilarious! I think she enjoyed watching it. I know Casey was happy for having us in the living room with her. She laid around the living room and kept to herself. You know when you’re doing something right when both your mom and nana sing to “New Divide” at the end of the movie. That part made me happy.