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So I am finally starting on the Las Vegas blog posts! HOORAY! Now I should probably say this flat-out that I did not go, my sister and her fiancée went there with a group of his friends as a birthday celebration (of course!) and I get the joy of talking about almost everything of their trip!

Last year, they went to Hawaii for a week and my sister had so many pictures and information about it, that those posts required a few days in between them. This time, despite being there for the same amount of time, the quantity of photos are a little less. Blondie and Brandon and his friend Allen left for their very long drive to Las Vegas the day after my papaw’s birthday! And since we went looking through different stuff of my papaw’s, my sister found this gold key chain of a train and she ended up taking it along as if papaw was really with them!

One of the differences from their time in Hawaii is that instead of flying there, they decided to drive… Guess whose idea this was? My sister! According to my mom’s friend she said that if you take the Red-Eye from Indianapolis to Las Vegas, it costs about $39! After getting through Kansas, everybody realized how BAD of an idea it was to drive! However, they did get some pretty interesting photos of the different places in the five states they went through. From seeing snow on top of mountains in Colorado to nothing but dry heat and desert in Utah and Nevada!

It took them about two or three and a half days to get to their destination! They stopped through Denver, Colorado for a night and went back on the road again but stopped while in Green River, Utah and took some amazing pictures. In some of them below, you almost get the feel they just pulled over and got out to stretch their legs a bit! Whatever the reason, the views were pretty cool! After all that driving they finally made it to their hotel. Blondie said on a photo that Brandon treats her like a princess that they were staying in a castle, and by the pictures she wasn’t kidding! They stayed at the Excalibur!

I think that’s all I’m going to talk about for today! Next week, I’ll go into more details of what they did even though they were broke before they’re first day there! Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

Have you went to Las Vegas? What is better flying there or driving and seeing all these different environments? 

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Feels Good At First

d24aa33fc62f7e292341b88f8088605eFor us in the Midwest, we are familiar with the seasons spring, summer, and fall as these three tend to collide together in one BIG season that lasts longer than winter. Seriously! We usually never get a long enough spring of sweet, innocent weather until it switches to blitzering hot that you don’t want to go outside for a long period of time and even though it says “fall” on your calendar, you never take it seriously because it could still be hot as hell or winter could be coming early instead. My birthday is in November and it’s has felt like summer, fall and winter before. It’s a very interesting concept but after spending your life in one place, as much as your heart and soul wants to travel, this is where you belong. This is comfort zone.

I’ve found out that birds do sing in the winter. I remember in school, students and teachers used to say that the birds fly south for the winter. Unless I was hearing crows all winter long, I don’t think that’s all true. I’ve heard birds chirpping outside my window. My favorite time to see birds is in the late autumn, because they’re trying to find food and they go in packs like wolves flying around together in the blue sky, moving with the wind like a flag would. There are so many of them that they take up so much space on the bare trees and cornfields. I think falling in love with the season of fall the most has made me love of trees without their leaves. I love it when they change colors, but a bare tree looks so beautiful when the sun touches it. When a storm comes through, the leaves are not there to protect the small branches and the strong wind and lightning can make an old and wise tree crumble into the ground. I would rather see a tree that a storm destroyed than some man-made machine cut it down. When we were getting the new highway and the first time we took it, I felt so depressed as the trees that were there and the history and years they grew there, just made me sad.

I wasn’t trying to make this depressing, I actually wanted to talk about the good of spring and all of her sister seasons. Spring makes a sad person come out of the dark side and smile again. I know, because I’ve seen it before. The sun comes out and the cool breeze coats the body in love again that the harsh cold burns. Spring brings out the sweet music too. I love to listen to mellow, soft rock and pop music in the winter to get me ready for spring. Train is a good band to get you ready for spring. They’re not heavy, the way I’m used to, but their soft lyrics of love, sorrow, and happiness hugs you tightly. In the last thirty minutes I’ve been listening to Plumb’s album “Need You Now” to keep me in the borderline of happy and sad. I’m not necessarily sad, I’m trying feeling down. The sun is out though, so I’ve been trying to think on the positives of the day. Because I know the rain and storms could come back sooner than you think. I hope you enjoy your day, whether it’s sunny and storming. There are so many reasons to be happy, even if it’s only for a little white. I’ve decided to include a playlist of Plumb’s album, because the only you’ll understand the way I’m feeling is if you felt it too. So just give it a chance. My favorite songs on the album are, “Invisible,” “Drifting,” “I Want You Here,” “Need You Now (How Many Times),” “Chocolate & Ice Cream,” and “Don’t Deserve You.”

Hearing Songs At Wal-Mart

On my song challenge for today, it said pick a song that reminds of somewhere. That is actually very difficult for me to do because apparently I don’t pay that much attention when someplace and a song starts playing and remembering later on. Now thinking about it for two hours, I figured out two times in my head. One was my junior prom and the other at Wal-Mart. I love both stories but the second one is more me than the first because it was more of a random happening than the second–well I take that back. Both stories are pretty random, but you can definitely see me doing the second a lot more than the first one. Here I’ll explain.

One day, my mom, sister and I went to Wal-Mart. Mom and Em got their nails done and I was around the store trying to keep busy and out of everybody’s way. Which is kind of impossible really. Anyways, I was looking through different music and movies in the rows. Usually when I get over in that department. They will play sport advertisements and play a new released movie on these flat screen TV’s. Well occasionally they will play different music videos. Normally it’s either pop or country videos and that’s it. I heard this song on the TV’s behind me and it was of a song I liked. It was Train’s “Hey, Soul Sister” and once it started up, I could not help stop myself. I started singing right along with it and started to dance a little in my chair. It was a first for me. Then after the song was over, I was just about to go back to the book section when “Love You Like A Love Song” by Selena Gomez started playing. My mom and Em had to come get me out of there before the third song started playing.

Once I went with my dad to Wal-Mart, he was waiting in line talking to this lady and I recognized a song that was playing faintly in the back of the store. They were playing “What I’ve Done” by Linkin Park. After it was done, I noticed I was attracting attention behind because where I was parked, there was a bench and I was texting from there. Two people were standing behind me watching me text. It doesn’t bother me that much, but for my dad it does. While he and this lady was talking about different things. I recognized another song, except this song was much harder to figure out than the last one. It literally took me at least two minutes to the melody right. I even had to move up to hear it because my dad’s voice was carrying around that area. From the place where I was, you could see the TV’s in the back, so I used that to help determined what song was playing. Then I got the melody of the chorus and figured out it was Lacey Sturm of Flyleaf song from Underworld: Awakening “Heavy Prey” because it was January and it just released on DVD. I knew the words to the song and melody was there but by the time I finally knew what it was the song was over.

Album Review: Train’s “California 37”

Today is Tuesday, so got a new album out. Train’s new album, California 37 is finally out! If you get the Sirius XM channels in your car, like with us we get them on our TV’s and if any of you guys listened to The Pulse, Train went on their and played track by track and I listened in and loved every song. I decided to do a review today instead of when they do the preview. I didn’t know if you guys would believe me of not. They are back to their roots and sound just as good as 2009, when they released, Save Me, San Francisco.

Since I heard it the other week, I instant discovered my favorites. Everybody knows, “Drive By” and that’s still my favorite and it hasn’t gotten old yet. My other favorites, this one that’s playing in my headphones right now. “50 Ways To Say Goodbye” it sounds like a good song to be played on Dancing With The Stars, I think especially if something did the Paso. My other favorites are, “Feels Good At First,” Mermaid,” “You Can Finally Meet My Mom,” and the title track “California 37.” The last two songs are very unique. “You Can Finally Meet My Mom” is about Pat’s wife finally being able to his mom, since she died before they could meet. The title track has kind of hip hop feel to it. Something I have never heard from Train before. It’s something new for them.

They have some slower songs, “We Were Made For This” and “When The Fog Rolls In” are probably the only two slow tracks on the album. Both are very pretty and you can hear everything that’s in the songs. They have a song called, “Sing Together” and they originally didn’t want another song with a Ukulele in it after the success of “Hey, Soul Sister” but they decided to have two songs with it. A song called, “Bruises” has a female singer on it, named Ashley Monroe. Very interesting song! Everybody should get the new album.