Virtual Reality – What Would You Do?

I grew up on this show called Mad About You. I had several of my family members watch it and record it on video tapes for us. At one point I think we had two or three tapes of hours upon hours of it. Since the show started in the late 90’s, there were a lot of bad fashion trends present and some wacky (back then) story lines. One was about virtual reality, now I’m thinking I was like maybe eight or nine when my mom let me watch the show with her. I kind of remember asking her about virtual reality was back then, but I don’t know what kind of reply she gave me. It is one of my top ten favorite episodes and there is a scene where Paul (Paul Riser) is explaining what he did in his virtual experience, he spent the “day” with Christie Brinkley essentially, Jamie (Helen Hunt) didn’t like it very much and was even more upset that he had invested in it without even talking to her about it. Her reaction is hilarious actually! Because he’s trying his best to make it fine and dandy, it doesn’t go his way though! He does convince her to try it out in the end though!

A few weeks ago, the Insurgent movie came out in the UK and some of my favorite YouTubers got to go see it or something along with it, because they got to try the virtual reality goggles and shared their experiences of what it was like with them on. So afterwards I had a strong urge to watch that episode of Mad About You, so I watched it and after it was over I went online to my personal Facebook and asked all of my friends and family to tell me what they would do if they got to experience virtual reality and got to do anything they wanted like Paul and Jamie got to do. I decided to save myself from the trauma and made everybody give me their answers with a PG-13 rating. This actually worked better than I thought it would!

My Aunt Katt and friend Joanne picked similar experiences, Katt picked a place and a person. She wanted to go on vacation in Hawaii with Tom Sellack or Jason Statham. Jo just picked a place, she wanted stay permanently in Robin Master’s house. She also wanted him to be her housekeeper! My sister gave me two different ones, the first sounds like something she would do now! She said she’d live on that island in Japan that all those cats. Sounds like her, doesn’t it? Out of everybody though, my Uncle David gave me the answer that I was looking for since I made the freaking status! I just was wondering who’d give it to me first my mom or him, but he said that he’d give Christie Brinkley a massage. Which is what happened in Mad About You. I come from a long line of comedians I think! I never got anybody to reply back to me on Twitter, but that was okay.

I’ve been seriously thinking of what I would want to experience. Which is why it’s taken me weeks to get this post up, because I think everybody would think I’d go to Sturgis (which is one of the biggest bike rallies) and I can understand why a few would think that. Or maybe I’d go to the concert or festival of my dreams, last month I considered putting Ultra Music Festival in Miami on that list, but my choice stuck and is something that I know I wouldn’t be able to really experience it physically like ever. Years ago, while my sister was in early high school, she attempted to do two sport activities that I happened to love very dearly, they were track and field and dance. She only did a year of both of them. I’ve always wanted to run. It’s almost a hidden secret, not very many people know how much I really loved running the miles in P.E. and wished I could trade places with one of the students for the day to feel what it’s like to really run on my feet. I feel like Ariel from The Little Mermaid at the moment, but it’s true!

Everybody knows of my love of dance. I still get teary eyed everytime I think my experiences from all the dances I went to in school, sitting at the side of all the slow songs away from everybody so I could cry because nobody would slow dance with me. It basically wrecked me every time I’d sit there in my wheelchair watching these couples wrap their arms around one another, my senior prom was the worst I think. I picked the worst place on the whole dance floor to “sit” and wait until another upbeat song came on. I do enjoy playing Just Dance with my sister, but we don’t do it much anymore and when we do, it’s like my hips feel like they could snap off so easily because we don’t do it often enough. On a lighter note, I’d like to learn the cha cha or Paso Doble. I also have a big love for ballet too! So I’d like to experience being in a big ballet production. Of course, I’d love to be able to stand on my two feet for all these styles of dance too!

So now that you know what I’d do, what would you do? Who would you hung out with if you could? Where would you go?