Nolan’s Nursery Tour!



Well… he’s here!

We all thought he’d either arrive the day before but instead she went into labor at like 10am Tuesday and had him at almost one o’clock Wednesday morning! I’m hoping to actually write another blog post in a couple of days and that’ll have more of the stuff that happened during both labor and delivery, so you’l just have to be a little patient for me, because I’m both visiting and trying to find my sleep on that of it.

Today though, I am taking you through Nolan’s room! My mom and I went over to their apartment the first weekend of the month to help her organize it, because between the first baby shower, Brandon’s family also came down a few days later, the room itself looked like it exploded! Luckily, by the time we came over Blondie and Brandon had tried to clean up most of it, so not only could you see the floor but it had the makings of a really cute room.

This is how it looked before any of us went through it…


It had been a long time since we went over to their apartment, well, I can’t say that, because before heading to the villas to start her baby shower, my mom did go inside to see if there was anything they needed help with so she got to see Chipper and the cats. She swore up and down she didn’t hold Otis, but I didn’t believe her! So when we both came through the door, Chipper was SO excited! He was jumping up and down and whining, he’s never done before, and the cats were even happy to see us. I had both Samuel and Otis sniffing and checking me out.

We “helped” clean the rest of Nolan’s clothes, I attempted to fold onesies on the foot stool of the rocking chair, and that was a disaster of itself! I can fold rags and large towels, but me and baby clothes are apparently another story! The only thing I was able to do was after they were washed, I turned them out again because I guess they have to be inside out to get them clean, which as I thought about it, I didn’t think that was so smart because how are you going to know the stain is actually gone without flipping them around again? I thought that was a stupid idea, but that’s me for you.

34208077_985313604978634_3722926065044160512_nBoth Chipper and Gru were the ones who were basically attached to Blondie’s hip as we were messing around in his room. Chipper just wanted attention and kept going in and out of the room, and since my wheelchair isn’t big enough to block the door frame, he was able to go in and out freely. Gru, however, sat on the rocking chair with Blondie for the longest time! He’s the one that likes to lick and shove people over, and there was literally no room for the two of them on that chair, so she gave up and since he wanted to lay out and sleep, she put him in the pack n play. Don’t worry, Brandon’s Saints’s blanket was underneath him the whole time!

We didn’t move a lot of stuff, they had the dressers and crib where they won’t be in the way or anything. It was mostly putting up his clothes in the already crowded closet and putting up the pack n play as he really won’t need it this early, he’ll mostly be in the swing (he doesn’t like it!), which goes faster than we all were really comfortable with! And they also have the bassinet in their bedroom, that Toni enjoys sleeping underneath I guess. The only things that mom did scoot over was the rocking chair and trash can to the other side of the changing table!

The bed situation was pretty hilarious though. As you will see in a bit, Nolan won’t need anymore stuffed animals as the whole thing was covered with different ones when we got there! You had Blondie’s love of both rottweilers and sloths on full display along with Brandon’s childhood Pokemon characters too! The crib, stroller, bassinet, and car seat were the first things they were given back in December through February I think! Everything else has been from either Aunt Cindy or Brandon’s family.

So I think that’s it, that’s all we really did there. Who know little over a week later, he’d actually be here already. Thank god, everything’s clean and ready for him!



Blogmas | Holiday Dorm Tour!


So this might seem a bit strange since I’m not clearly in college and living in a dorm, and neither is my sister these days, but our nana is in a way. Well, we don’t know what to actually call it, a “dorm” or an “apartment” because even though it does come with her own little microwave and refrigerator, she doesn’t have a stove or anything, so the term “dorm” seems to fit better I think. I had mentioned in my last minute blogmas ideas that I might do a similar post of the holiday house tour I did last year. So there will be things you’ve definitely seen before, but she has some newer stuff too. Everything has basically been compact into a small area just for her.

My nana’s room is located at the far side of the long hallway (of course!) and the first thing you are greeted with when you get up to her door is this very sparkly green, with red baubles wreath. It is perfect for her personality let me tell you!

She has a few things in her bathroom, but I felt it’s not enough to show you everything, even though she took multiple pictures in case I wanted to share more of the beach theme she is going for in there. She has a green “Merry” rags over by the wall, while she found an interesting place for her giant multicolored jingle bells. I don’t know who put them there, but it is a clever place. They are located right by her shower. It adds a nice festive look to her bathroom!


Now when you come out of there, the first thing you will see is her little “kitchen” area. Her entire mini fridge is covered with different Christmas festive magnets and her counter top has little figurines, like the infamous Christmas tree that she keeps on day and night. She has a random red ornament and IU doll that kind of goes with the theme too. She even has a lone Santa Claus that is just sitting in the corner by her radio and sink.


Next we have is her table. It’s smaller than the kitchen table she had at the house, but at any given time she has over a hundred different things on it. When we were there a couple of weeks ago, she had a nice round red and white blanket placed on the actual table, and on top of that is this large nativity scene. She went out with my aunt and uncle for Thanksgiving weekend and picked it out at the flea market. However, she took the pictures below before she got it I think.

In this picture, she has two large objects, one is glass purple Christmas tree and I don’t know what in the world this other thing, on the left side is. All I know is that it has little people on the different levels. She has a basket full of fake greens and cherries, plus random ornaments that she must like but can’t find a good place to put them. She has angels and crosses on here too. What is really cute though is the subtle sonogram picture of the little “nugget” on the right side on the table. It’s okay if you didn’t notice it the first time, because neither did I!


Keep going straight and you see her entertainment center. She doesn’t have much on it, but the two large angels sitting on top of it. If they were any bigger, I doubt that they would’ve fit up there. She must have found those when things were coming down from being upstairs in September, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen them before.

On the right, is her window display and I’m not joking! When I was there in October, it had all of the angels and crosses standing on the ledge of the windowsill. Now she has a lot of Christmas things, like her Noel sign she got last year, snowmen and Santa Clauses everywhere. If you were wondering what happened to those beautiful ornaments that reminded me of India, she has them hanging on by string or something like that along the blinds. She also has the bigger stuffed Christmas critters on the floor, like the fairly large and jolly Santa Claus and a pillow made out of one of papaw’s shirts.


Alex is standing on the opposite side of the Santa Claus, she either has a red blanket around her or a shirt. I don’t think she could find the normal dressing gown she normally puts her in for Christmas so she had to improvise. Nana recently got this beautiful picture of a white cat with a violin, which I happen to love! I don’t know where she got it, but she now has it hanging up by the second nightstand.

Now she doesn’t really use her bed, because she can’t get in and out of it on her own, plus it is really uncomfortable for her back and bottom. So she actually sleeps in her lounge chair that she has decorated with her family (with Adam Lambert) blanket that she got a few Christmases ago, but she does like to keep the bed looking pretty. So she got a new blanket, and it fits the red and white theme she has going on, but it has a nice photo of a Cardinal on it. Our family looks for Cardinals as a sign that papaw is around us, so there are a few of them throughout the room itself. She also put out all of the classic creatures by the pillow too!

And that’s it!

For an added bonus, I had her take more pictures around the nursing home so you guys could see what they’ve done to the place!

They have like seven or eight Christmas trees, I think that’s what my nana told me! They have a really nice one over by their outside area. When I was there, I used to spend some free time before going down for lunch over by the green sofa on her hall. Now there’s a fairly large tree there, with some very nice wrapped packages underneath it. Nana said, she helped wrap some of them in activities and decorate several of the trees too!  They have their own nativity scene in the larger dinning room, plus an interesting blown-up elf in a corner by the nurses station. We didn’t see that when we went to visit her a couple of weeks ago for some odd reason!


What do you think of the holiday dorm tour? What is your favorite decorations to use?


Album Review: “Lost In Forever” by Beyond The Black

16002969_689213027905295_3522525656928150128_nToday I have a new album review for you! I think I can say that is my first music review of 2017 since I technically I wrote my other in December, it just went up in January! Anyways, I will be discussing a German symphonic/power metal band called Beyond The Black.

The band is made of six members: Kai Tschierchky on drums, Jonas Roßner on keyboards, Tobias Lodes on guitar, Chris Hermsdörfer who is also on guitar, Stefan Herkenhoff plays the bass and Jennifer Haben is the main vocalist.

I’m really excited that I finally get to write and even listen to the new album! I’ve been hearing the title track for the past year or so, because for a while the album itself wasn’t on Spotify when it been released the first time back in early 2016, but now the entire album is out worldwide and hopefully it’ll stay up there!

So let’s start talking about it. If you guys and gals know me well enough, you know how much I love long, mysterious, but yet powerful intros and I’ll be honest, there’s nothing better than the first song you hear off a brand new has a slow, creepy beginning; especially if it’s in the metal genre! “Lost In Forever” is beautiful! It’s very melodic and epic. It seriously makes me very happy while playing it and I’m just now figuring the words to it so I love singing along to Jennifer’s voice! I just can’t do the harsh screaming yet – I can do low growls but that’s about it. The second track is “Beautiful Lies” and when I first heard it, I didn’t think I’d like it as much but as it kept going, I slowly changed my mind. I think it was because of the slowness of it. I love the fact that it has a power metal feel to it that Masterplan’s Rick Altzi voice brings as he sings with Jennifer. It’s definitely one of my favorites so far!

Third we have “Written In Blood” and again, we have another ominous introduction. A slow beginning that just grows into a faster tempo. It’s not as much of a banger as I’d hope but that doesn’t mean I think it sucks. It’s still pretty good, but I’m just not really feeling it right now. Next is “Against The World” and you get a nice acoustic start that is actually gorgeous! I think you would consider this a ballad, because it doesn’t build necessarily build into a heavy song. It’s a nice and slow. These types of songs are certainly growing one me! I also love the crap out of the guitar solo too! I’m not much of a solo lover (I like drum solos more!) but I still like it a lot! And then we have “Beyond The Mirror” which has one of the best instruments taking command, the fiddle, I didn’t have to hear the rest of the song, that pretty much sold me, but in all fairness, it is a really good song beyond those parts you can clearly hear it.

What do we have next? There’s “Halo Of The Dark” and this has another slow beginning, but then it grows to an epic, symphonic metal track. What surprises me is that this is the third favorite of the album! I just based it off of the introduction though, that’s what did me in! Next we have “Dies Irae” and this is a full symphonic metal song. I want to say it almost rivals the first track, but I think this may be a little better! I’ve learned in the last six years that it’s really hard to pick favorites in the symphonic rock/metal world! Eighth track is another favorite of mine, but like with the second song it is called “Forget My Name” as much as it has a good symphonic edge, it has more of a power metal feel to it, but it’s still really good though! I really like the duel voices between the clean and harsh vocals in the choruses, it didn’t need it but it’s a good addition!

The next track is called “Burning In Flames” I’m actually glad that this one sounds more like a rock-y. If you’re new to the genre symphonic metal, this could be a good song to use to get a feel of it as it’s not obnoxious by any means. It’s fairly tame, despite having the harsh growls and singing in it, but again, I love it! I mostly the choruses and I cannot even begin to tell you why that is, I just do! It sounds interesting. I always love it when bands have a song like “forevermore” or in this case “Nevermore” because it sounds almost fantasy-like, which was my main attraction to this genre as a whole, because it has the power to get you out of your head and into a new world. It’s not a favorite yet, but it’ll get there soon!

I’ve decided to only review the standard edition of the album. So if you start to wonder why Spotify has 17 songs and I’ve stopped at track 13, this is why! To start out the last three songs of the album, we have “Shine and Shade” that definitely has a power metal side to it, but has a choir included in the beginning. Unfortunately, I don’t really like it and it sort has me stumped because it has everything I go for, but I still can’t connect with it. The next song is “Heaven In Hell” that has a male choir starting it out. This is just a badass track! It’s heavy and full of pure metal; what more could you want? And lastly we have “Love’s A Burden” and this is another beautiful song. It is a ballad and I love how an album can start on a big note and then have a somber end. This is my last favorite of the album.

So overall, the album was fantastic! It is so nice to talk and hear new symphonic metal music again. Especially bands that have a mature sound too! I see a lot of bands that consider themselves “symphonic” but yet they clearly sound more electronic or alternative instead. I would give this a nice nine out of ten, which seems really fair considering the couple of songs I didn’t necessarily care for, but if you know me at all, I never “hate” anything. I’ll usually cave after a while!

Have you listened to Beyond The Black’s album “Lost In Forever” yet? What are your favorite tracks? 

New Bookshelf!



So… I had another bookshelf tour post that I already wrote up and arranged my pictures in the way I wanted them and then my parents took me to Wal-Mart about a week later! In my perspective, not much has changed from the first format except for a few things but it’s not anything too drastic like placing my bookshelf on the other side of my room!

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen me ranting about a section of my bedroom and I personally want to apologize for the fact that I talk about this area a lot. As a disabled person, if you use quite a bit of stuff on a daily or weekly basis, you want those certain things kind of close to you. This is has become a problem of mine lately. A lot of stuff I had in this area of my room are for my blog, so I have my props that are very large. I also have my everyday items like books, CDs, and notebooks that collect a lot of space if they are stacked on top of each other! I was always reorganizing and cleaning that part of my room to the point where I was literally exhausting myself!


I want to say about two months ago, I started to talk to my nana about the fact that my mom and I were considering on buying a bookshelf just so the whole thing would be a little easier to control. She kind of threw out that she had a small shelf that I could have instead. It was right behind my papaw’s chair in the living room. It was full of different books. So while my Aunt Laurie and Uncle Mike were down in mid-August, we decided to clean it out. The books inside the shelf were pretty interesting, I’ll discuss those in a post sometime!

To start this bookshelf tour, I should probably tell you that I have all of my blogging equipment on the right side of the shelf. I have a clipboard that my nana gave me that I only use for coloring! And then you have my foam board, regular cardboard and backdrop that my dad was nice enough to build for me!


All right, starting from the bottom to top and left to right sides we have my stack of DVDs, this was a change from the previous post I had, they were in the second story, but the reason why I put them here was because I don’t normally watch them on a weekly or even monthly basis so I knew they would be a nuance so I removed them and put them next to my large white cigar box that my dad bought for me! I have a slight problem with boxes apparently! That’s another post that’s coming soon! On top of that is my paperback version of Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, I’ve already finished it and felt this was a good place for it now!


The second story is the one with the most changes. When I went to Wal-Mart, I went and bought two more books! Oh lordy bee!

On the left though, we have my cousin’s hardback edition of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling, that unfortunately I cannot finish at this time. It is my favorite film of the series and the one I’ve seen the most. I kept comparing the two and realized I wasn’t interested in reading it anymore. Now above it is the hardback edition Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard, which is book two of the Red Queen series. In the middle are my newest books: Me Before You by JoJo Moyes and The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins. Right behind them are half of my CDs that still have cases attached to them. On the corner of the right side is another cigar box, this is full of my papaw’s rocks aka “The Treasure Box” and on top of it are more CDs that wouldn’t stack up for me! Lastly, I have a cute, chicken recipe box that I use to store my iPod when it’s charging!


Third shelf is less chaotic! Well, I think it is at least… At the bottom I have a small notepad with two of my pens that write smoothly! Behind it is yet another cigar box, this one is my most recent box. This has cards and envelopes in it since it’s fairly small! Next to it is a Velveeta box that has my remotes, a neon bandana, etc. On the right side is a stack of notebooks, medium size notepad, folder, magazines, and my World Atlas book. I also decided to store both of my iPod, camera, and tripod at this level too!


At the very top, I wanted to make this section very relaxed and cute, since everybody would be able to see it more than the whole bookshelf put together! I have a beautiful bouquet of autumnal flowers and my headphones are directly behind them. I have a small Easter bunny, her name is “Nilla” because she used to smell like vanilla when I first got her! You see my purse up there but I tend to keep it on the floor, I was just tidying up the bottom area and forgot to put it back on the floor when my mom took the picture! I also have a cute, skull bucket that my nana got for me! You can see sweets are in there, but underneath them are my colored pencils and sharper are stored inside of it.

I think that covers everything! I realized after I got everything stuffed inside the shelf that some people have five or six gigantic book shelves to store their books! I quickly backed out of ever wanting more than just those two in my life!

What do you think about my bookshelf and everything I stuffed inside of it? 


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