Photography 101 | How To Sit In Your Wheelchair



This year I want to show you more of myself. You know that I can do things with my feet, like mix and decorate cakes and write with my “magical” toes, but you don’t see a lot of what goes on behind the scenes. You haven’t been able to see how much work goes into this blogging lifestyle. I mean, it’s one thing to constantly talk about it but I’ve never shown you what all I really do in general.

I also wanted to write these posts for people like me that may not know how to hold a camera with their feet yet, but if you’re a blogger with some kind of a disability my advice for you is to try to do things on your own. Afterwards, do a blog post about it. Whether you’ve succeed in that goal or failed at it, at least you can tell yourself “okay, that doesn’t work. How can I fix this?” You will learn more about yourself creating that post and you might get more ideas of how to make it better!

So let’s start discussing placement. I think it’s important to talk about how you’re going to place your body to get a certain image. For an able bodied person, they can walk over and stay standing up to get a photo of something, but for us handling a camera with both their feet and sitting in a wheelchair, we’re very limited on where we want to go! However, if things are placed low to the ground, then we have an extra advantage because we don’t have to crouch down like others do.

As you’ll read in tomorrow’s post about how I hold my camera in each position. This one focuses on how I am sitting whenever I want to capture an image. I have three positions I do in my wheelchair. I also do two of these poses while sitting up in bed if I am at home, but I have done all three out in public.

The Simple Forward:


So this pose is the simple forward for a reason, because I’m just simple sitting in my chair. This is my second popular pose because it is probably the easiest out of the three and doesn’t necessarily require a lot of strength in your upper body.

There is two ways to use this pose, you can do it like how I’m showing you above, so if you are taking photos of children, animals, or anything that’s not too high up or low to the ground. I tend to do this one a lot; mostly because if you were to drop your camera it wouldn’t hurt it as much because there’s not that much of a distance between the floor and where you’re shooting!

You may not be able to see it as good in this picture but I am sitting with my feet, just an inch of two, up in the air.


Going Vertical:


I have to say, despite literally rotating your camera on it’s side, this is technically an easy pose! Well, compared to the last one, it is a lot easier! This one requires a lot of patience and in the first few times you go to hold your camera like this, you will lose your grip and drop the camera.

In a way, this is like the one I explained above, but the only difference is that you can get a good vertical shot, like say you’re doing an outfit of the day (OOTD) post, this could be a good angle because you will be able to get everything, your feet, hair, and wheelchair in general. However, as I say that I rather use the simple forward because you can get more of the background in the shot than using this way, but that’s just me!


The Downward Spiral:


Now this will be the one where holding your breath may be needed! And no, I’m not kidding!

For this position, you’re initially attempting to do the infamous flat lay photography. If you’re a blogger, you know what that means already, but if you don’t. You mainly only use this pose whenever you’re taking pictures of products, like whenever I post about nail polishes, I’m literally in this god forsaken position! However, if you’re as mischievous as I am, doing this to freak out your family and friends is an added bonus, just don’t get cocky or else you will be the one to end up on the floor too!

Anyways, you will need a lot of strength in your upper body, because whenever I use this position I tend to shake–almost shiver–in the middle of doing it. If you don’t do this a lot, (which you won’t after the first time you go for it, trust me), you will strain your neck. The muscles in my neck have never been good, especially after having my surgeries and I became depended on my headrest; what still gets me though is that I don’t use my electric wheelchair as much anymore so I don’t use a headrest and I still have issues with my neck!

A dangerous factor that you need to realize is that you could also slide right out of your wheelchair while trying to do this. So as you can see in this next photo, I have my feet raised pretty high to be able to get one notebook in the shot.

I am still learning how to place; I tend to arrange things vertical than horizontally, like a regular person would, but it also has to do with the placement of my feet too! I can’t get everything in one take while holding onto the button at the same time! To be able to even attempt a flat lay portrait, you need a lot of room so that the product(s) don’t look crowded. You also need to be able to read everything as well!


I will say that when you’re doing this pose, I’d check your seatbelt and watch how much room you have in your seat, because half the time when you are in this position you are leaning back in your chair but you have your butt on the edge. However, if you have great balance and can lift your feet up higher without tipping backwards then you won’t have to worry about being at the end of the seat.

What do you think of my positions? Could you imagine taking pictures with your feet? 


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Nail Polish Haul



As I mentioned in my last Christmas post, I have so many nail polishes that I got as presents that I ended up putting them in a separate post! I have a total of 17 polishes between the two brands I was given!

 Wet n Wild:

I guess Blondie wanted me to get into the package without any issues because they were absolutely no plastic on the items when I unwrapped it. They probably did that to be able to lay the DVD on top! The whole set is a bucket with toe dividers and a nail filer! I actually won’t use the dividers because I can spread out my toes on my own, one of the perks of using my toes to grip everything! I also gave the filer to my nana since she tends to use those more than anyone in our family!

The polishes that came inside the bucket are all “solid” colors. She managed to find a set of polishes without any glitter, which seemed lucky because everytime I see these things they always put a couple of glittery ones! Another thing that puzzled me was that they never put a clear polish to help the others set on your nails because I know everybody says that the colors doesn’t chip off so easily once you apply the top coat.


My nana is really into pink and nude shades so these four were right up her alley! I think my favorite of this batch is the first one on the left, it’s called “Wet Cement” and the first thing my nana called it when she pulled it out of the bag was “concrete” which means the same thing, right? It’s a nice gray that isn’t too dark or light, it’s a nice medium. I’m actually planning on using that one with the one right next to it and that is called “Undercover”, it’s a dull pink; not obnoxious or anything, very subtle. The next is what I consider a true “nude” shade, its name is “Private Viewing” and this might be used more by my nana because she tends to be gravitated towards them by some reason! Lastly, we have the lone baby pink called “Sugar Coat” which just sounds cute! My mom thinks this would be good to wear at my sister’s wedding this summer!


These might be used the least between the two of us. Out of all of the polishes though, these three have clever names! I actually love figuring out what companies call each one, because some can fit them like a glove or not.

The purple-ish shade is called “Through the Grapevine” and even though this picture is a bit blurry, it does show the color as a lighter purple, I think it has hints of pink. I wouldn’t consider it as a grape color, because I think they’re darker most of the time but this was actually my dad’s favorite! Next is of course a ruby red, the title on the back is “I Red A Good Book”. I always categorize a deep, almost bloody red as a seductive color! I don’t know why, but I just do! And finally the last in the package is “I Need A Refresh Mint” and this is another one that I feel doesn’t fit its name right, mostly because when I think of mint as a color, it’s always a light green.

According to my nana, these polishes are very smelly! She said that if it wasn’t so cold on the day she painted her nails, she would have needed all of her windows down. So I might have to resort to having one of my parents paint my toes!

Secret Lace:

These were the set of polishes that my Aunt Laurie and Uncle Mike got me for Christmas. They came in a cute, baby pink pouch that zips up in the top and honestly we could stuff the others in it because once I took out the plastic that had them standing in the middle so you could look all around at the different shades, there’s a lot more room to store more of them inside!

Unfortunately, these polishes did not provide names on the back or the label, so I’m forced to describe them to the best of my ability, so forgive me! It also has more than the 7 colors I was given in Blondie’s present.


These are the bold colors, they all tend to look good for fall/winter but they are all genuinely gorgeous! Okay, we’re going to start from left to right again.

This one is a black, I think. It has some glittery notes throughout but it’s not bad. I think we’re going to have to try it out to see what it exactly is for sure! The next is a true royal purple, this might be another favorite of my dad’s if I ever get a chance to wear this year! We both love our purples, but I tend to draw the line at the lavender shades! It looks like a navy blue in this picture but it is definitely a purple! Anyways, next is a yellow shade. My nana already has a nice, bright yellow but this looks has a light mustard-y hue to it.

And next is a “white” shade that has a tint of blue/gray/green inside it. It’s not totally white, there’s something in it giving a different tone altogether we’re just not sure what it is yet! I think everybody’s in agreement that this next polish is the most interesting one, it has a copper and burnt orange effect to it! It could be a good fall shade to wear! The next is a very deep red, I think it would better to consider this one a bloodier shade of red than the previous!


These were the four glittery polishes! Last year, I found a nice gold, glittery polish from Sally Hansen and it has the shiny notes throughout the actual color, it’s not actually glitter speckles sprinkled in the formula like these are, and honestly these are the hardest to remove despite the fact they make your nails look pretty!

I realize now I should have added this first color along the other solid colors but I had a whole system that kind of got messed up whenever I took these pictures, so anyways it’s here with these guys instead! It does have some glittery essence to it, but not like the other three beside it. It is a nice, ocean-y blue that my nana might use throughout the summer! And then we have pink glitter, if you hold it to the light the pink looks like a purple, so it can be confusing on what it actually is! The other two are very easy to figure out. You have a nice gold glitter that might add some pop to the other yellow polish, same goes with the blue glitter as well!

What colors do you like out of the 17 polishes I have listed above? Are you Team Bold or Team Glitter?



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NOTM: Go For It!



So I had one other post about my weekend at my nana’s that I told everybody that I would write soon, but since it’s been a couple of weeks I’ve realized that I’ve forgotten a few things and I think it’s just best to skip that post. We also didn’t take very many pictures, it was more of a “be in the moment” kind of weekend and that’s what we actually did, so I didn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked to in those four days!

I do have a way of repaying you guys though, in one of the days we went out I bought some new nail polishes. It’s not a weekend away, if I don’t find some new polishes honestly! I keep telling you guys that I’m obsessed and I don’t think anybody believes me ever. I didn’t even last a month with the last pair I had on for July!

These were on the top of the row and I couldn’t reach them so my poor cousin “Mayo” as he would like for me to call him on here, had to grab them for me. It was a hard decision because in between these two colors were like three others that were equally beautiful. I already have plans for next time to just go ahead and grab those other polishes, but maybe not at one time as they were about $5 each!


176 “Mauve It” by Sally Hansen:

I actually got a pink!!

This reminds me of a strawberry yogurt and I know that’s really random, but that’s what came to me first! I picked this and I figured out of the other three plus the one below probably wouldn’t show up as much as it looked inside the bottle. I’ll explain that in a minute! I really liked it though. Despite it being a dark pink, it’s a very cute, feminine shade.


136 “Go For Gold” by Sally Hensen:

I found this one just in time for the Olympics/Paralympics!

Sometimes when you find and purchase nail polishes like this gold one, there’s like a 90% chance that it’s going to take at least five to six coats of polish just for the glitter to show up as good as it does in the bottle. So when I found this I literally went back and forth on whether I wanted it. I ended up getting it but I was secretly praying on our way back to the house that it was the same type of polish I’ve used before many years ago, while it looks sheer it also went on with one one or two coats on each toe!

This was a very lucky investment on my part! It looks absolutely gorgeous! I also bought these two together because they seemed to be like a very girly look. Gold is like black, it’ll basically go with anything! So I’m going to like experimenting with it with my nana’s other polishes!


So what do you think of my new look? Yay or nay?


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We Need Tiny Rings!

12728959_1062216837175979_1183783930622757393_nHey guys!

So we’re finally in March! This month symbolizes “spring” for everybody that is sick of the nasty ice and snow that they’ve been getting recently! I’ve realized here lately that I’ve been sort of accepting it, which is new for me!

A couple of weeks ago, I was scrolling through my WordPress reader and seeing all of the new blog posts that were recently published. I came across one from the ladies of The Flower That Blooms. They talked about a jewelry line called Coconut Lane. They got some cute accessories from them and I am still thinking about that snake ring, even though I despise snakes in general! Anyways, as I was reading the whole post, something clicked.


After reading Rachel and Lauren’s post, seeing the  words “adjustable ring” made me wonder for a second. Is it possible for my long lost dream of rings for people like myself can actually wear? Honestly, it’s a long shot but I don’t think it’s impossible either!

As you guys know I have a small jewelry collection. I shared my infamous, (almost weapon-like) spikey bracelet and my “Meghan” necklace that my mom found by chance at Wal-Mart. I have no rings in my collection, not because I don’t like them. It’s mostly because they won’t fit on my fingers. I asked my mom if she had any other rings besides her wedding ring, she also has a small jewelry collection but only has a few rings herself that she let me take pictures of. A couple of weeks later, I got a chance to look through my nana’s jewelry box (which totally put our collections to shame!) and she let me take pictures of a few of hers too.


Ever since I was little, I was into jewelry. I think they add to an outfit and if you like to wear a lot of black then you can wear some necklaces and earrings for a good add splash of color. I’ve always been into rings, but knowing they wouldn’t fit on my fingers always pushes me away from buying them. I used a few of my mom’s rings as props in these pictures and I apologize for the example photo; I was wearing my pjs! All I wanted to show you guys how much of a difference it is from a normal size ring looks like on my tiny fingers.

I’ve always wondered about my future. I mainly think about marriage though. I’m still on the fence of marriage as a whole. I think almost everybody gets engaged, then married and within the next year they’re heading to divorce! I think if you have a good thing going with your partner, why mess everything up and get married? My heart still wants to find true love, wear that white wedding dress, have a father-daughter dance and wear my wedding ring on my actual finger! I go back and forth on the subject matter, but being able to wear a ring on my finger would make me very happy!

I love those thick, Gothic looking rings but I wouldn’t be able to wear them without the fear of losing one whenever my mom or dad go to take off my jacket. I would like for girls and women that have Arthrogryposis and other conditions that tend to affect muscles to have all kinds of rings in their jewelry boxes.



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DIY: The “Boo!” Sign



Well now we’re getting down to the wire of getting Halloween decorations out for the house, fun costumes for the whole family to wear and candy for the trick-or-treaters, At the end of this week it’ll be Halloween like legit and I’ll probably be tucked up into my room watching Halloweentown eating candy we don’t give away to our neighbor kids.

I haven’t done a DIY post in so long that I thought it wouldn’t happen again until Christmas. This season has been a little different for everybody I think. From late September to the beginning of November, my nana and I usually decorate pumpkins. I’ve been looking forward to glittering up a pumpkin for a while! I’ve explained in my other posts that my mom has bought a couple of pumpkins to use as decorations for our front porch. Now we have six of them and I’m not allowed to glitter them! So I’ve had to find something else to DIY for Halloween! At the beginning of October, I was involved in a blogger chat hosted by Jenn and the theme was Halloween/autumn DIYs and after that chat was over I went on Pinterest and I found so many crafts I wanted to do that I was a bit overwhelmed! After looking through for inspiration the next day I went to Wal-Mart with my folks and I purchased three wooden letters: B-O-O.

Since my Aunt Laurie and Uncle Mike came down the other weekend, my nana and I thought maybe we could get them to agree to do some pumpkins with us or help us with the letters instead. We didn’t get any pumpkins but we did have some fun doing the sign though!

If you want to do what we did, here is what you will need:

  • Newspapers
  • Paper plates
  • Wooden letters
  • Glue
  • Spongy brushes
  • Glitter (black and orange)
  • Foam Board (optional)

Now I have to say there were a couple of things different from how my nana and I usually do our DIY projects while we’re both in our wheelchairs. Well, the day we did this she was trying to learn how to work her new laptop, so I got to be on the floor for the first time doing a craft and I felt so comfortable! It’s hard work to support not only upper half of my body in the push wheelchair, but my neck as well! I didn’t have much pain this time around because I didn’t have to worry about the seat moving on me everytime I moved my legs. It’s hard being disabled and using your lower limbs as hands and keeping your posture at the same time. I made it though!

Okay, let’s get done to business! My Aunt Laurie laid out the newspapers out on the floor and helped me with the glue, unfortunately I couldn’t squeeze the container and put it on the sponge brush. I’m pretty sure I would have fallen over if I had done that! I don’t remember whose idea it was to get these sponges but they were a genius! The handle was perfect for me to grip and I used it like a normal paint brush and brushed glue across each letter. Once I got a section covered I put the brush off to the side and Laurie or Mike would give me the bottle of glitter. We had the mini bottles of glitter that came in different colors and at first I left the lid on it but I was having some trouble with covering the area with glue on it before it dried up. Each letter was placed on a paper plate that way if any excess glitter came out we could (try) put it back into the container. After we were finished covering the whole letter we tipped it on its side and let the excess run off. Laurie tried to recover most of the areas that were now naked. After each letter was done we put them on the side of the newspaper to dry.

We couldn’t find any wood boards so Mike purchased a fairly large foam board. I was told that he was going to use a section of it to create a stand for it. At first we didn’t know if it was going to work because the “O’s” didn’t want to stay in their spots especially the first “O” it kept wanting to slide off. Poor Mike had to put his finger on it for almost half an hour. I’m not sure what kind of glue he used because I don’t think it was the same we used with the glitter. The other two letters weren’t too bad so that was good! However, when we put all three on the stand we thought it needed something. I forgot to get an exclamation point, but honestly I don’t remember seeing one with the others! At first we were going to take a small area of the foam board and use a pin to connect it together and glue it into the stand itself, but Mike made a whole exclamation point to glue onto the board . So I glittered it orange to keep up with the Halloween theme! After I finished throwing the glitter on it, I decided that I wanted to try to put the glitter back into the container. I fold the sides to make sure the excess glitter went in the middle of the plate and hoped for the best. Majority of it did make it inside the bottle the rest went out to the sides. I even put the lid back on and locked it.

Not bad for my first try I must say! This was so much fun to do, I think my aunt and uncle enjoyed it too. At least I hope they did! So this is what we did.

What have you created for autumn or Halloween?