Blogmas | The Christmas Day Tag!



I think every Blogmas I’ve done, I always have some kind of Christmas tag in the lineup. I’ve never planned on any of them, by the time the season rolls around, they just appear at the right time, so I just end up doing them anyways!

I found this one while on Twitter. A fellow blogger Nina posted her link through the many retweet accounts and it came up on my newsfeed. When I first read it, I quickly realized that I hadn’t done it before and that it was all about what goes on Christmas day. I thought it would be fun to kind of guess what’ll happen that day a few weeks in advance, and maybe I’ll find out everything I said in my answers was right. Sometimes I like placing bets on myself, keeps things entertaining on those boring gloomy days!

It is a tag, but I am opening it up to anyone who wants to do it. If you end up answering the questions below, I would like to read your posts! So, please link it back to me at the end, okay? Have fun!

What time do you wake up?

It varies with every year honestly, but it is always very early! I’m not saying we get up at like three or four in the morning–when I was little, my sister and I tried to make this happen on more than one occasion; it actually happened once, we were proud of ourselves!–but we tend to get up around sevenish. When my grandparents lived in town, this was our usual schedule: wake up at 7am, play for 10 minutes and then rush to get ready to go to nana and papaw’s by 8am. This might be the way, Blondie and Brandon do it this year, but I could be wrong.

Where will you be spending the day?

So, since we no longer go to my grandparent’s house, it’ll just be my immediate family gathering at our new house! I am actually really excited to celebrate it here, we were jipped last year but we want to make up for it.

What will you be wearing?

I have a really cute pajama set, they are white with little Cardinals sitting on tiny branches and red leaves. It is made of velvet, so they are comfy and warm – perfect for Christmas I think!

What games will you be playing?

We don’t really play any games, at least not with my parents. Nolan will probably play with his cars for the “short” time before we unwrap presents. I don’t think my parents, mainly my dad, to have my little nephew wait even five minutes to dig into the gifts under the tree! He’s always been awful about that, but he has turned into a big softie when it comes to him.

What will you be eating and drinking?

So, during Thanksgiving, my mom is the one that tends to do the bulk of the cooking but dad is in charge of the turkey and gravy. However, when it comes to Christmas, this is where he tends to shine the most. He loves making big Christmas breakfasts.

We usually have any way you take your eggs, bacon, fried potatoes, sausage and cinnamon rolls. Sometimes he makes me breakfast burritos or quesadilla, but if he doesn’t, my go-to is the potatoes with ketchup, plus two or three cinnamon rolls for good measure!

As far as beverages go, we never have anything fancy. Nolan will probably drink apple juice and the rest of us will have milk, which seems like the perfect breakfast to me.

What will you be watching?

Okay, since dad gets up pretty early to cook everything, he usually takes over the remote and turns it to TBS for the 24 hour broadcast of “A Christmas Story”. Here’s the funny thing about that, I haven’t watched it all the way through since I was in middle school!

Now, after all of the festivities die down a bit, I have a full afternoon of NBA basketball games. I like to think it’s a Christmas gift to myself because it’s usually all of the teams I normally watch during the season playing on that day. Last year, I only missed one game, because I was so exhausted and because the Lakers were having an awful bout of games, I figured I wasn’t going to miss much and I think I was right too. I might end up recording them all and watch at my own time, but who knows!


What do you hope to find under the tree on Christmas Day?

You’re allowed to laugh at this answer, but I haven’t really asked for much this year. My mom said she has gotten me something that will be signed “From Santa Claus” on Christmas day, but the only thing I really hope to see is a giant pillow.

I sleep with three pillows at the moment! I have my childhood pillow down at the bottom because I can’t get rid of it for the life of me, plus two extra ones I’ve had to include because of my neck. So, I am hoping for one, hard, giant pillow to solve all of my problems.

Who will you be spending day with?

I am spending the day with my parents, Blondie, Brandon, Nolan and our dog ChiChi (and yes, she has a stocking and is getting her own gifts!). I feel like it could be chaotic because of the excitement in general, but since Nolan is walking now, we can’t just place him in his high chair and have him unwrap his presents there. I have a feeling, he’ll be attempting to help everyone with their gifts!

When will you be opening your presents?

It’ll depend on whether or not we eat breakfast first, but like I said, I don’t think it’ll take my nephew long to convince papaw that we need to do this first, but you never know – although when it comes to these two, I’m hardly ever wrong!


First Field Trip



You guys remember my Hawaii posts, right? Well, for those that don’t. I wrote like 8 separate posts for three weeks of my sister and her boyfriend’s trip to Hawaii back in July. I love writing posts about the things that my sister does. It’s actually really fun for me! Today, I have something a little different for you. My neighbor/bestie Sammy has a three year old daughter named Chevy. She is in preschool now and she got to go on her very first field trip a couple of weeks ago. A few days before, Sammy kind of mentioned as they were leaving my room that maybe I can write about it on my blog! I was thrilled because I have mentioned them before and it would give me something to look forward to write about on my blog since they all read it anyways!

I knew that I was allowed to write about it for two weeks and I was reeling with excitement! I didn’t want to tell everybody just in case plans fizzled you know? Everybody in our families knew that I was going to do this, so the week before my dad had gotten confused of what day they were leaving, so I had to text her to make sure that I hadn’t heard differently. I was right of course! They went to the pumpkin patch. Which to me is a quintessential preschool/kindergarten type of field trip! Chevy was so excited to go on the bus with her classmates! While all of the parents were driving behind the bus, the driver made the wrong turn and had to do a U-y in a grovel road along with the other ten cars! Sammy said that the place has been there for 70 years! Sammy’s mom went with them and remembered taking Sammy there when she was in school. I remember going to a pumpkin patch, whether or it was the same one is still unknown. I had to rolled around in a wagon the whole time. I only say that because we have proof of it! They were only there for about three hours, for all that they did it didn’t seem that short of a trip!

It’s now fall here where we live and so the weather is usually breezy/sunny or cold/wet. It had been rainy off and on the whole day I know because I heard it outside my windows. The kids were dressed up in their jackets, hoods on to cover up their little ears, and had their sneakers or rain boots on! Chevy’s very much like her mom. She likes to roam outside in her bare feet and loves mud! This was right up her alley except for the colder temperatures! They got to run around and each bring home a pumpkin. At first Chevy grabbed one for herself but liked the one her momma picked up instead! I could imagine seeing these little kids trying to pick up a big pumpkin like the size of their heads! You gotta feel bad for the parents when they do that, because you know they’re the ones going for the small/medium size ones! They got to go through a corn maze. I always loved corn mazes! Sammy said once Chevy got towards the end of it she just decided “screw this” and jumped over the hay stack instead!!

They got to play this ducky thing. It’s like a slide with water. You have the rubber ducky at the top of the slope and the more water you release through at the top, it slides the duck to the other side. Sammy got a cute video of Chevy doing the lever like a champ!! They also had this “dome” as what Sammy described it as, the way I figured it might be is those things when people go down and a steep slide and the person that went before is sitting or standing on the opposite side of it and when that other person falls down that first guy goes flying through the air because of the pressure of the new person landing on it. Has anybody seen those videos before? Anyways, Chevy and her classmates went bouncing on that. They also did rat races. When I saw the picture at first I didn’t know what the hell they were doing but now it makes sense! I was just surprised Sammy didn’t just go on her hands and knees like Chevy because if you go too fast in those things the speed alone will make you go down anyways! And lastly Sammy and Chevy got to get their picture taken when they placed their faces through the windows of the school bus. So sweet!

Now that I’m thinking about that is a lot on the parents, teachers, and kids for three hours. Sammy said that when it was time to leave, the three of them went home together but first they went to Dairy Queen (lucky!) for lunch. I think this was probably the cutest thing I’ve written about for a while. Wait until Halloween, if Sammy dresses up Chevy and her sister Chey, you know what’ll be on here!