Modern Christian Music.

I’m in a unique state of mind today. I’ve been listening to lots of different Christian bands/artists. I’ve been watching Live videos of Skillet. I love Skillet. My sister Emily got pretty much everyone in my family into them. We practically have every song from the “Comatose” and “Awake And Alive” albums. My favorites are “Rebirthing” from the “Comatose” album. I am addicted to “Hero” and title track “Awake And Alive.” My sister and I love the remixes too! Before I was looking up Skillet songs, I was watching and listening to Toby Mac. I don’t really like Christian rap and I don’t have any idea why.  Emily got me into “Tonight” like always, and she was right again. John Cooper is hot! But my favorite will always be Jen Ledger! I found some songs from the “Tonight” album. I liked “Captured” and “Changed Forever.” Another band my sister got me into is Fireflight. I’m listening to right now, the song is “Desperate” and I love it deary! I love “Unbreakable,” “Stand Up,” “You Decide,” and “Those Who Wait.” 

There’s a Christian band that my sister didn’t have to get into and that is Flyleaf. I love Flyleaf! I got into Flyleaf in 2008 after they released their song “All Around Me” and I was hooked ever since. Lacey is such a good singer! I actually like a good number of their songs! I’m that addicted. I was tempted to buy a whole album of their’s when it came out but I had only known 2 songs and I didn’t want to rish buying something that I wouldn’t like later. Apparently, I like it now! My cousin Kristi got me into Pillar. That was interesting I heard a good song from Pillar after we listened to Hollywood Undead. Nice combination! I’m trying to think of more Christian bands that I listen to, but I have no idea who else I listen to. I listen to Krystal Meyers, and Philmont too.