Not As Productive

Well today wasn’t like yesterday but it wasn’t like Monday either. It was another day of other things to do. I went on a changing spree on here for my blog. I tried so many backgrounds that I almost gave up. I changed it and then back to it’s original theme, background, and banner. I don’t like the small print of this theme at all, so I went on a search and failed. After I looking at themes all afternoon I went back to my original and tried finding backgrounds that could work with theme and font. I wanted girly skulls but I couldn’t find anything that really worked with the color of font. I just went back to the other one because it worked and it had small skulls. That was my “keep me busy and awake” thing for the day.

I even woke up at noon and I still had a somewhat productive day. Since my first part of the last batch of my cards is¬†done I feel like I’m back to my lazy self again. When I was doing my cards though I was ¬†procrastinating everytime I took a break. I would do a couple cards and I wouldn’t lay down like I should have. Instead I used the laptop and updated my Facebook and Twitter what I was doing. I haven’t even read my book for a few days. I actually miss reading Slash’s book. I also want to get it done so I can get Nikki Sixx’s book. Hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to have room on my floor again and able to read again.