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I hope you’re not getting tired of these movie posts because I’ve got a few others that I’d like to discuss sometime in the future! As you might’ve seen in my last movie post, I added Sweet Home Alabama as one of my favorite chick flicks, which is what it is, but after searching around for my favorite romantic comedies I started to think that maybe I should have left it out and put it on this list instead. And then I had another thought, that maybe if I hadn’t added it, would I even think of doing this post?

I don’t honestly like the lovey-dovey films. It’s just not in my DNA to believe in love at first sight, at least not with people. Blogs, music, and books are totally different for me. You can tell a lot about those things with whatever cover is on the front. People can be very difficult to read I think. So honestly I have a love/hate relationship with the romantic comedies because there’s a lot of love-y scenes that usually make me want to barf, but yeah there are some that tug at my heart and I end liking it a lot more than I had planned on and that is why I decided to give you this list.

The Parent Trap (1998 – Natasha Richardson, Dennis Quaid, Lindsay Lohan)

I actually watched this recently. I hadn’t watched it in a really long time and so the fact that I was wanting to watch it one afternoon was a mystery to me. Surprisingly, I still remember quite a bit of this film.

I think some of my favorite scenes are really when Annie and Hallie start playing tricks on each other at camp. I mean, the last one in Annie’s cabin is flat out hilarious and something I thought was weird was the fact whenever they show the scene inside the cafeteria and you see those pictures of the previous camp goers and then they have this last prank of these girls sneaking around putting shaving cream and honey on some of these girls, I thought how does one sleep through all of that?! Because I’m picturing loud creaks everytime the girls walked along the floors.

I did like the chemistry between Elizabeth and Nick, they seemed genuine and I loved the scene whenever Liz decides to take Hallie back to California and exchange her with Annie again, because she literally becomes this crazy woman! She’s nervous about seeing her ex-husband and the girls make up this big scheme to get their parents back together. The final prank to get Meredith out of the picture is funny as hell! See, I’d never be that clever to be able to do that to a person, but then again I’m naturally a fun, loving and warm type of person! I’ve got family members laughing at that sentence right now I know I do!

Look Who’s Talking (1989 – Kirstie Alley, John Travolta, Bruce Willis)

I really love this movie! I’m still kicking myself for removing it on my DVR about two years ago because leave it to my mother to delete it on her side. And she wonders why every once in a while I go and delete some of her stuff. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve deleted Fifty Shades Of Grey! I think this is truly one of my best movies and I’ve watched a LOT of movies over the years! I can watch it in the morning, late afternoons when my energy is getting low and late at night when I can’t sleep.

I don’t really like Bruce Willis, but I absolutely love him voicing Mikey. I think he is freaking hilarious! I’ve always wanted to know what babies and toddlers are really thinking about the people that are around them 24/7 and he brought every thought and emotion in each scene, because babies don’t know any better and he manged to figure out what to say in each section so perfect! I wonder if he ever ab-libed any of those scenes?

The Back-Up Plan (2010 – Jennifer Lopez, Alex O’Loughlin)

Every once in a while, I’ll see a trailer for a film and fall completely in love with it. This was one of those movies!

I am a sucker of anything with Jennifer Lopez in it, so it was only natural to get into this film I think. I thought the story was very adorable and made me wonder about my future.  I’d love to have a family of my own, I’ve wanted that for majority of my life so watching this woman have like a deadline that if she didn’t find her true love by a certain age that she was going to do her back-up plan and basically go to a sperm bank and create that family that she wants. It’s such a sweet and funny movie!

Legally Blonde (2001 – Reese Witherspoon, Matt Davis, Luke Wilson)

Years ago, I want to say a month or two before we left so I could have my surgeries, my aunt on my dad’s side gave me Legally Blonde and it was seriously the most played movie besides The Little Rascals! My roommate Shelby and I were freaking obsessed with it! The nights before our surgeries we would eat chips and salsa and watch Legally Blonde. When we were lying in bed recovering, we would have portable televisions and VCR on a table and we’d watch it as part to comfort us in those times!

My mom and I can STILL quote the entire film! We both have our favorite scenes and characters! We solely have a chihuahua because of Bruiser and when Matt Davis appeared on The Vampire Diaries in 2011, I was in denial because I knew I recognized him but I couldn’t place him in anything I had watched recently, but once I showed my mom, she was like that’s “Warner!” and so if it wasn’t for her I would have forgotten about that! She actually had a hard time watching Charlie Sheen’s Anger  Management during it’s first season because Selma Blair was in it and she had a difficult time not seeing her as the “rigid bitch” in LB!

What are some of your favorite romantic comedies? Is there a genre of film (besides horror!) you’d like me to talk about in a future post? Let me know! 


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Movie Night Without Going To The Movies

It’s been one of those nights where every movie I like has to play all at the same time. I think I’ve had about four hours where I’ve done nothing but go back and forth to different channels. I’m not complaining really, but why do they all have to play at the same time. I’ve actually run out of movies for my dad to get me at the movie store. I have a few movies I got for Christmas, but I’ve watched them and not in a Vampire mood, there’s always a first I guess, right?

It started around five this afternoon. I started watching Blue Collar Comedy Tour and I had gotten into the first hour of it. It was on break and I was going back and forth to my music channels and I got my buttons mixed up and I clicked the numbers, 185. Which is our Hallmark channel. They were playing The Parent Trap. It was the scene where Hallie and her side planned that trick on Annie and her cabin girls. Yeah, after watching that part I couldn’t help myself so everytime one would go on break I’d switch over. I did this for about an hour.

My mom texted me saying something Metal Mania is next weekend and that Purple Rain was on. I already have the soundtrack on my iPod so I told her no, saying I was still watching The Parent Trap. I completely forgot about Blue Collar Comedy Tour. Then my movie was on break and I heard “The Beautiful Ones” I think in the living room, and I couldn’t help it. I switched over and I went back and forth between those movies. I started thinking I still can’t believe this worked when I was younger but nothing else in the 80s rock music did. Going back to when I was watching The Parent Trap that comes along with this. Everybody was at the Plaza and Meredith was talking to her parents and when she notices Hallie and her father and the whole family come up she says out loud, and I get it now of course. She says, “oh! There he is! And the whole Motley Crew.” Oh my god! Really?

So after that, I was on Twitter and I saw a trend. It was “watching The Lion King.” I thought to myself, well why is everybody trending this at one time. So I went looking when Purple Rain went to commercial. I found The Lion King on Disney. I about died. I was mad but yet happy at the same time. I didn’t have think twice, even though I was seriously considering it. I’ve been watching it ever since. I’m not moving the channel on a classic. I mean come on! If you think about changing the channel while watching this great movie, you obviously never watched these movies before. Well I’m gonna watch this movie and maybe when I get my headphones on later on tonight I’ll listen to the Purple Rain soundtrack.