Favorite Halloween Movies

I wanted to do a Halloween treat. Two of my favorite movies that I love to watch in October. Well along with the Halloweentown movies that Disney Channel plays but ABC Family shows Beetlejuice. I know there’s a lot of Halloween movies out there like all the horror movies, those are not my cup of tea at all.

My mom loves Beetlejuice. I grow up on it. It’s the only movie of a guy whose dead and a couple who haunts their own house that I’m actually scared of. It’s a funny movie so I think it balances it out a little. I love this scene at the end, where Beetlejuice steals the guy’s number and he sprinkles stuff on his head and shrinks. That is what I say, Karma.

My second favorite, well anything Casper related is good. The original and the one “Casper Meets Wendy” who is played by Hilary Duff. I think I was my favorite. Even though nothing replaces the original movie. Both are good. I hated the lady in the first one. She irrated the crap out of me. Although Casper’s uncles did too. By the the second movie they weren’t bad.

I remember watching both movies and thinking, “gosh I wish all the ghosts were friendly.” As I got older I realized they are friendly, they’re just driving you crazy. I hope I never meet a ghost. I also hope what my mother keeps telling me they’re not real is true. My sister and papaw on the other hand kind of think his house is haunted. I never go in the living room by myself unless I am occupied with my phone. I am paranoid.