EP Review: “Sick Boy” by The Chainsmokers


It’s crazy to think that last year The Chainsmokers finally released their debut album to the world! It was a long time coming for not only Alex and Drew, but for their entire fanbase, myself included of course. Now we move on to 2018, where the guys are still in fact touring all over the world, but now they’ve been slowly but surely putting out new music. This EP was released on the 20th of April and is properly titled “Sick Boy” and it has four tracks. So let’s get on with the review, shall we?

First we have “Somebody” which has two Drews in it. The other singer is Drew Love of the R&B duo THEY. He brought in some soulful elements, to an already chill beat. I really like it for the quietness, it’s the ideal song for those gloomy days. One thing that I’m learning to love is the fact that The Chainsmokers are sort of growing out of the EDM (electronic dance music) standard. They have a more mainstream sound, but it still has that dance-y feel to it. This track itself is very mellow, but it’s still dance worthy!  Next we have “Everybody Hates Me” and this one has a summer vibe. It might’ve been the fact they say “tequila” a few times, but I think it’s more upbeat; where you feel like you feel the need to jump up and down to it, even though it’s a little slowed down on tempo. It’s good!

We move to “You Own Me” and this is another unique track. The first thing that it made me think of was driving around in a small town. I know it’s completely random, but that’s just what popped up first and I ran with it! You definitely hear an overwhelming low horn sound in the background of this one. It’s very chill and different, but in a good way! And finally, we have “Sick Boy” and from the moment I heard this on the radio, I instantly fell in love with it. I don’t know what the term “Sick Boy” means, but I’m not asking so I’ll just assume it’s a good thing, possibly?

I like the fact that the guys have added two really, chill and slowed and two upbeat and dance-y tracks onto this EP! It’s a good introduction, if we are getting ready for another big release in the next coming months! I want the songs to be as unique like these were on this effort. I don’t want to assume the rumors are true, and I don’t want to be a pest and ask anybody, so we’ll just have to see.

Are you a fan of The Chainsmokers too? Would you like to hear another record soon? If you’ve listened to their “Sick Boy” EP, were you happy with the tracks they included or not? Let me know below!


Album Review: “Memories…Do Not Open” by The Chainsmokers

17098501_1420925944606458_233561629857129352_nLast month was a semi good month for music, the new releases were even better! I had a better time with finding good singles, but nothing made me more excited than when my favorite duo The Chainsmokers released their debut album “Memories…Do Not Open,” after so long they finally released a bunch of unreleased music and it was glorious! I knew when they had announced that they were going on a big ass tour I figured something really big was going to happen and looks like I was right!

The Chainsmokers is made up of two very strange dudes! If you listen to their radio show on Sirius XM BPM then you will understand what I mean! Alex and Drew are absolutely hilarious! If you’ve been living under a rock, they’ve been winning awards left and right, like a freaking GRAMMY for “Best Song Of The Year” with Halsey! In 2016, they put out five different singles! My favorites are still “Don’t Let Me Down” with Daya and “Inside Out” with Charlee!

Let’s get on with the review, shall we?

One thing about the guys is that every song is different, not every song has a bass-y drop but I think that’s a good thing. When I first heard “The One” I was a bit sad that it was so loose; it’s slower but it has a nice groove but other than that, it’s a bit boring to start off an album and I feel really bad saying that! Now I love “Break Up Every Night” it is a little bit uppity, almost sounds like a pop-rock song than EDM! That’s what I like about music lately, everything is colliding together and nobody is staying into one genre anymore! Go Rebels! The tempo does increase as it heads into the choruses but it mostly stays pretty mild throughout but it’s good! Third is “Bloodstream” and this is one of my favorites! It has a nice and easy introduction with only a piano and it mostly stays in the mellow sound. It doesn’t feature another artist, but I think the female’s voice you can hear in the background is Phoebe Ryan, who collaborated with their track “All We Know” last year!

Next is “Don’t Say” and it features and starts with Emily Warren, and I really like it. Despite having a very tame sound to it, it does have a more of a chilled out, bass-y vibe! So if you like those kind of tracks then you’ll love it! I also love that ending has Emily and the guys just acting all goofy after the music has faded. When I first heard it, I thought somebody had hacked into my laptop until I heard the guy’s voices and then I realized everything was fine! “Something Just Like This” was featured during the promos for March Madness games, which I loved and if Butler wasn’t playing as good I had that playing in my head the whole time! It features British band Coldplay, which shocked me! I’m used to hearing female singers in their songs, so this was something new but I felt a good choice. I know a lot of people don’t like it because it sounds too much like “Roses” but if you loved that beat, then you get a second opportunity to hear it in another way!

Emily Warren is featured on this next one, “My Type” and I don’t know why but I always think it’s somebody different since her voice is so soft and low in “Don’t Say” this one her voice is allowed to bloom and you actually feel her personality in the song. I could have needed this one when I was in high school, but I think I can still use it! The next is “It Won’t Kill Ya” with Louane, another artist that I am not familiar with but she has a very pretty voice! I really like this song, I think it would be a good trailer track to use. The sound has an ominous vibe to it and Louane makes it every better! I also fucking love the drops too! And if you read my blog, you know I don’t normally use the F word unless it is needed–it is definitely needed!

The single that let the world know that The Chainsmokers weren’t going to fit into the normal EDM box. “Paris” is so good even though it is played so much in the last two months that it’s becoming a bit annoying so I’ve had to decrease my daily intake  just so I don’t grow to hate it. I like the chill sound and if you’re having a suck-y time and you want something to relax to, this is it! The female singer in the background is once again Emily Warren!  Next is “Honest” which stays out in spoken word before breaking into song, but in the musical sense so don’t freak out! What I really like about it is that the guys are writing about their lives and experiences and you hear it throughout the entire album, but I think the bouncy music overpowers and everybody just likes it for that, which is fine but I love the honesty in the lyrics for this track!

The last three songs start with “Wake Up Alone” featuring singer Jhene Aiko and it is a light song, great drop, nothing really special about it but the entire song is another that if you’re in need of something softer but has a good rhythm this is for you! “Young” is sort of like “Break Up Every Time” where it has a more pop-rock type of sound! I think it is an interesting beat, because the different elements you can hear within it mesh well, nothing is overwhelming and it’s great! The last one kind of threw me for a loop because it features country duo Florida Georgia Line, since these guys have a few tour dates with the Backstreet Boys this summer, nothing should surprise me anymore! Anywho, the track is called “Last Day Alive” and it has a strong electronica sound to it, which will definitely freak out their die hard fans (mostly talking about FGL fans!) but I find it very unique because you can hear the EDM sounds but it does have its country notes too. I don’t necessarily know if I care for the auto-tone but like I said it’s unique so I can deal with it!

I think the guys were smart to release a couple of their softer songs throughout 2016, especially with the success of “Closer” and “Paris” of how slow their tempos were, fans seem to see and like the change in The Chainsmokers sound. They weren’t about big bass drops in all of their songs and it keeps them different from the pack! Of course people will think they’re getting too mainstream because of the radio plays on the pop stations but screw them! I think what they’re doing is awesome!

What do you think about The Chainsmokers’ first album? Yay or nay? What are your favorite song(s) by them?


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Tune Tuesday | United States of America 2016


Today is it! No more Tune Tuesday worldwide posts until next May! Like I mentioned last week, I am pretty sad that it’s ending. I still don’t know what I’m going to do for Tuesdays after this finishes. I can tell you that the next two weeks will be empty, no new Tune Tuesdays of any kind for the rest of the year! It still shocks me that it has been over five months since it all started!

For my own country, I have three acts that everybody should know and if you don’t, then you must leave underneath a rock somewhere!

The first is a duo, they are The Chainsmokers. I’m still confused why they are glad “The Chainsmokers” but that’s another story! This past summer they released a total of four songs! “Roses,” “Inside Out,” “Don’t Let Me Down,” and “Closer” and three out of four became #1 best song on the music charts! That’s insane! Super proud of Alex and Drew on the work they’ve done lately! They have a new track called “All We Know” that features Phoebe Ryan, who is also very underrated and you should definitely check her out too!

I thought I needed to talk about an all-girl group and the only group that came to my mind was Fifth Harmony. All of the girls are amazing! Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Lauren Jauregui, Camila Cabello, and Dinah Jane. They all have a certain edge that you bring to the group. And since we’re on the subject of female singers, my last artist is one that you tend to hear at the end of your favorite TV shows like The Vampire Diaries, Shadowhunters, and Pretty Little Liars. Ruelle is a very dark, but interesting vocalist. She mostly makes music for movies and TV shows and who knew there was such a difference? I think it’s cool!

What do you think of the acts I’ve selected to end Tune Tuesday for the time being? Who do you want to see next year?

Song Review: “Inside Out” by The Chainsmokers ft. Charlee

Last Friday, I finally went back to checking out newly released albums and singles (yes, I stopped looking for about a week!) and I found a lot of new stuff that I really liked but I’ve been noticing a thing recently were if I see anything relating to The Chainsmokers I’m going to stop whatever the hell I’m doing or in case this case listening to and check it out. This is what happened on Friday and sent Alex and Drew a sweet little tweet that morning of how much I liked the song already!

 I have to say this before hand I’m still loving both “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down” a lot. Been trying to slyly guide my mom into liking at least one of these songs but she’s not budging!

Anyways, their new song “Inside Out” is actually pretty good. It’s very chill, I’m slowly liking these types of EDM tracks now. Everytime I hear one of their songs, especially recent releases, they make me think of summer in California. Maybe I should have my nana listen to them instead? I do love the feeling of a gentle wave of music coming around me while I listen to it. The track features Austrian vocalist Charlee of whom I’ve never heard of but she sounds good despite sounding like Rozes slightly.

To me, I always love easy-going types of songs released in the spring. Everybody wants something to chill out to, not necessarily to dance… yet! That’s what everybody does in summer whenever they go to festivals and parties! You lucky bastards! I think this a perfect spring-time song! Hopefully its popularity will grow as time will go on!

What do you think of “Inside Out” by The Chainsmokers?

EP Review: “America” by XYLØ


I found XYLØ while following a playlist on Spotify. I couldn’t tell you which one because I don’t remember and I literally unfollowed a bunch of different playlists back in January so it may have been on one of those too, I don’t know! Anyways, I found this brother and sister duo on accident and I’ve never looked back!

Chase and Paige Duddy are the creators of XYLØ and they are definitely alternative, but I’d sort of consider some of their music in the electronica category too! They remind me of what Sleigh Bells would be if they chilled out a bit. I love Sleigh Bells by the way! No judgement towards them at all! Everytime I listen to their track “Afterlife” I start swaying with hardly any self-control. After seeing they had released a new EP two weeks ago, I couldn’t help myself. I knew I had to review it and hopefully you guys will get interested in them too!

So to start us off, the first track is called “Bang Bang” and like I said above, they remind me of the group Sleigh Bells. This is the main reason of how they make me think of them. This is very chilled but interesting in a way. Normally, I kind of hate songs that have hardly anything in them, I feel like if you’re going to put in a chorus, you might as well finish the rest of the song too! The beat is pretty good though, that’s probably the only part that doesn’t bug me too much. It’s not bad though! The second song is the reason why I got interested in the band. I had a nice three weeks of playing this one and The Chainsmokers “Roses” back to back! No regrets! It makes me feel good. People use drugs to get high and relax, I just need beats like this! Sorry not sorry! Next up is the title track of the EP called “America” which is so beautiful. It kind of gives me old Prince vibes with the synthdrums in the background. I like the dark theme and feeling this one gives off. It’s so good!

The fourth track is “BLK CLD” and I’m not going to lie, I thought it was “BLK CD” aka “blank CD” at first. It pays to listen to the song before writing it out! This one gives me summertime at the beach vibes which is strange because I’ve never been to a beach in the summer! It just feels like a good summer themed track! It’s a pretty song but it’s not a favorite right now. I’ll give it time and a little bit of love. It might change things! Next is a song called “Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea” and I really like the drums throughout the entire thing. There are certain times when you can use any type of sounds to highlight a track. You can hear fanfare drums, keys, and what sounds to me like police sirens that are very disorinated. Somehow everything works together and makes it very cool! Last one is called “L.A. Love Song” and at first, I didn’t like this one and I’m still wondering why because now I like it! It’s another gentle beat, but I feel like that high piched note gives it a little bit of an edge! I wouldn’t say it sounds dark, but it’s slightly eerie.

XYLØ are a new group/band, whatever you want to call them! I’m already starting to like them and you guys know that I don’t normally like getting into brand new acts because I tend to get very impatient and always wanting more. If you like Banks, GEMS, or FKA Twigs, you might like these guys too! Give their stuff a listen!


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