Dear Insomnia

I have been struggling with my sleep since a day after Thanksgiving. I think after my cousin spent the night and somehow she wanted to go to sleep before midnight just surprised me so much that I ended up getting my sleep back. After she left, I went back to my old routine and here it is the 11th and my body feels like it’s failing me. I have tried getting up before noon and staying awake for that entire time, but I always end up back asleep. Everytime I tell my mom to not let me sleep til noon, she never wakes me up. I would like for her to wake me up when she gets up. Last night was another story. She had to go to work today and I think I slept for a half hour and when I actually went back to sleep, she came in and took me to the bathroom. After she left I went back to sleep and slept for five hours. I woke up at noon again. Around 1pm, I kept feeling lazier and very tired. I’m really surprised I’m even awake right now. It’s a little difficult to keep my balance, because I have no strength to sit up for a long period of time. Which is the reason why I haven’t done much this afternoon. Even the kittens haven’t gotten my full attention and everytime I want to text someone, I don’t have the energy to move my feet around. My body is definitely feeling the effects of not having any sleep. I would love to get out of this house tomorrow while my mom does my nana’s errands, but I think I’m still stuck in this house for another week. Maybe what I’m feeling is some sort of cabin fever? Never thought about that until now.

Sorry this isn’t much, but on a good note I have been thinking about the next section of my story. I think it will be about Chloe and Hank’s relationship and maybe I’ll skip ahead and get this party started. Who wants to know if Hank is the father of Nicole’s son, James? I know I do, because I want to see how Chloe and her family reacts to it. Tomorrow is Thursday, so everybody knows FSF is on the agenda first, but I do have that planned too.

No Sleep Equals No New Ideas

It’s been awhile since I’ve actually good sleep. Probably around Monday was the last day where I had a good night’s sleep after that it’s been messed up like always. However last night I got four hours of sleep all at once, which was surprising. Then I got up around 5:30am and didn’t go back to sleep until 8am. I should have stayed up. Especially since my mom got up an hour later. That’s my luck for you.

So since my sleep has been like this all of my good ideas haven’t been coming to me at all. I’ll have little ideas but they’ll fade off an minute later and then I’m back to square one again. I’ve been like this for three days where I’ll have these little ideas and might post them and then be empty afterwards. The other day, which was Tuesday, I blogged five times from midnight to 8pm. They were scattered, but I posted alot of them. I was proud of myself. Now I can’t blog about anything at the moment. It sucks! Hopefully I’ll get some good ideas soon than later!