Top 13 Taylor Swift Songs!


Back in mid-June I posted a question on my Twitter to all of the Taylor Swift fans, on what they’re favorite ‘underrated’ song was by the lovely T. Swift. Unfortunately, I never got any feedback on it, but this came about after I had a great afternoon of listening to her music on both my iPod and YouTube. I felt there were a lot of great songs that weren’t as popular or in some cases made their way to radio. So, I thought about creating a blog post of all of my favorite songs from the albums that I really love the most.

Since Taylor Swift has the thing about the number 13, I figure it was only right to create this list of songs in that exact number. Also, what is coming up soon? Her new album “Lover” will be releasing next month. I am a little nervous, but that’s how I’ve been since probably “Speak Now” came out. So, we’ll just have to see what happens!

If I end up like doing this post, I might talk about my other favorites by Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera, and others in the future. What do you think, is that something you would be interested in?

Cold As You

I remember the first time I ever got Taylor Swift’s album. Of course, I listened to the singles that were increasingly becoming popular with half of my friends at school, but there were two songs out of the lineup that I actually loved just as much.

This one was light, but had a mysterious tone to it. That’s what mainly drew me into it at first, but then after I actually listened to it, I began to understand the lyrics and I really thought it went well with my outlook of high school, especially around the boys. They weren’t cruel, I just didn’t understand why they weren’t looking at me more than just a friend. Now as I’m older, I realize how much of an idiot I was, chasing after these poor boys, but thankfully I can still listen to the song and love singing it.

The Outside

As the previous song has a sadder sound to it, this one is the total opposite. It’s a fun song, which is probably why I liked it so much in early 2007. I still have trouble figuring out if it’s a breakup or just a cheery song. I’ve listened to it for an awful long time and I’m still trying to figure things out! I don’t know if that’s good or not.

You Belong With Me

If there was a song that reflected any part of my high school experience, it would be this one. For about three years, this was my go-to, especially football season since majority of the guys I liked played it. The song itself has sports involved because she’s talking about being the one sitting on the sidelines while he was interested in the cheerleader type of girl, like my sister. Once I graduated, it was shocking how many guys that I liked, and who were even a grade higher than me trying to get with my sister. She was a cheerleader too, so it was like the song was playing out in front of me for a good five years or so!


“Breathe” was a song that took me a while to enjoy. I really love Colbie Calliet’s music so I always thought it was strange that I wasn’t as into it. I do seek out the softer songs, it’s not very often of course, but I am a fan of them whenever I am in a somber mood.

This has the ballad quality, but it is definitely a lot softer in everything. At this time, Taylor was still making true country music, but with this song you really couldn’t tell that it was different from the rest, because of how gentle it was. I like to think of it as the calm before the storm, because it would two more albums before she felt ready to branch out of the genre and create more pop oriented songs.


I don’t know about you, but I love really motivational songs. They’re not as popular as the sassy, breakup songs that she has made over the years, but they are great to keep on hand. As “You Belong With Me” became my anthem for dealing with the guys, this was my jam for getting through everything in life. Since this album came out while I was a Junior, it really hit home for me because I was struggling a lot with school work and everything in between. It sucked for the first six months, but I know listening to this on repeat helped a lot. It kept me on the path I had created for not only myself but for others like me. So, I endured the hell I went through, thanks to this song!

The Story Of Us

I am known to take forever to like songs or a genre. It does happen eventually, well sometimes! The album that this was on, I have never enjoyed as much as the others. She was increasingly going into the world of pop so I was very hesitate to follow her in that direction. Honestly, I still feel the same way everytime she gears up to release a new album!

I don’t remember how I got into this song, I feel like it’s fair to say my sister might’ve had something to do with it, but it also could have been playing on the radio suddenly and took a late chance on it; any of those are good possibilities! It does give me the same vibes as “Love Story” so that is one thing I love about it! You have a fast pace, but sweet type of song that a lot of people enjoy, some at the time it came out or years down the road!

We Are Never Getting Back Together

After I explained above that I am not the best at listening to a track and like it in that first try, I should probably confess that every once in a blue moon, I allow myself to dive into one and instantly fall in love with it. This is one of those songs as I just loved this song! Again, it was itching farther out of the country sound but it still had that sassiness that almost everyone loves about Taylor’s music. Another part of it that I really liked was how catchy it was, the lyrics were fun and you could be as animated while singing along as you wanted and not feel ashamed to show that side of yourself. It allowed you to let yourself go crazy, even though it’s a total breakup song!

Welcome To New York

The “1989” album was one that my sister bought while she was at college, she had a car with a CD outlet, so was still using the heck of it and I remember when she said something about it on her Twitter, my reply to that tweet was “Sweet! Please bring it with you when you get home so I can put it on my iPod!”

As with all of Taylor’s albums, I don’t like every single song on it, but the fact that this was first song out the gate, I was enjoyed it! What really made in a way was by the time I started liking it, it was being overplayed on the radio and on TV! I know a lot of fans like saying they loved a song before it became popular, I have found it to be extremely heartbreaking because if I hear a song too much and that can happen, especially if you’re not the one doing it to yourself. That’s how I’ve lost interest in a lot of music over the years unfortunately!

All You Had To Do Was Stay

Thankfully, this track was never made into a single. I could have this one all to myself, and I still relish in it every time I listen to it on my iPod. Yes, some of us still use those things!

I think I found this song at the perfect time because I was dealing with some personal things in my life with somebody wanting to leave and come back as if nothing happened. The first time it occurred, I was a wreck, and it happened again, this song was on repeat. I’m not going to lie when I say, I cried a lot when this song and those memories collided, but now I can actually listen to it in peace.

I Did Something Bad

Despite saying I have never liked every song off her albums, you definitely wouldn’t believe me after the next four songs! I really loved “Reputation” because of how dark and different it was compared to her previous albums!

As I don’t exactly remember all of my favorites after the first listen, this was one track that I definitely loved but I think it had some help as it was the third track on the lineup, after both “Ready For It” and “Endgame” so the pop-y, but hard hitting type of sound was still present, and I thought that was excellent to keep those vibes going on a little bit longer. I really enjoy singing to this, it brings out my sassy side a lot!

Don’t Blame Me

I feel like I would have loved these next three songs when I first listened to the album the week it came out on Spotify! Unfortunately, it wasn’t until they were featured on her Reputation concert that came out on Netflix last December. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve watched it!

I like this though, I really approve of the sultry vibe you get with Taylor’s vocals. They’re soft and it helps that the lyrics are easy to learn too, so it’s fun song to listen to by yourself and relish with the thought of someone who’ve been talking to, or in my case scroll through my Pinterest board of hot men. Hey, whatever works I say!

So It Goes

I was a little bummed at the fact that Taylor did not perform this song on stage, but I actually fell in love with it at the credits, so explain that one to me?

“So It Goes” has this sexy tone to it, and the lyrics really establish it as that kind of song but I don’t think its too much. I like the fact that she is shedding that goody-too-shoes image and unleashing this other part of her that is all woman. So, despite the fact that her audience is still young, she’s not keeping everything rated “G” anymore.


This is another one with a very seductive take, I am actually very addicted to this song! I mean, between the two songs, this is probably the most subjective track of my list but that’s what I’ve grown to like for some odd reason. The only thing I don’t like about it is how her voice sounds somewhat hoarse, as it is almost breathless throughout, and usually I would be fine with this, I just wish she’d let up on it a bit. Over than that, it deserves to be apart of this list!

Are you or were a fan of Taylor’s music? Do you have a favorite album? Can you number your favorite 13 songs?

Life Lately | Taylor Swift Concert



This past week I finished the summer’s theme of Tune Tuesday where we travel the world discovering great and sometimes new music! Even though I’ve been finished with writing out the posts for at least a month, I still feel relieved to be done with them until next May! I’m already thinking of new artists, bands and countries to include in next year’s posts. Is that bad? I kind of figured that once I was done with those posts I wouldn’t know what to do with that day of the week. Tuesday is no longer the US new music release day anymore. I have my moments where I remember and then there are days when I don’t and I get really sad! I might be in the early process of creating a new theme for that day though! I don’t know how soon those will be up though.

This past Friday–well actually it happened Thursday night while I was in the middle of hosting the chat on Twitter. My Spotify decided to shut down completely. It does that every once in a while. It just needs to reinstall and all that. Well, when I went to do it on Friday it kept giving me a pop up… so at the moment I don’t have my trustee sidekick, if I do any music reviews I’ll be getting them from both the radio and YouTube only! My ways of listening to music is decreasing and quite frankly I’m a little worried! I’m choosing to see past this because I know I have three other ways to hear music so I just need to hope that they don’t let me down. Besides this, I’ve been watching movies like crazy! I can’t tell you what I’ve been watching although if you’re following me on Twitter you probably know about one or two of them. In a couple of weeks, my “Seen & Heard” post of the month will be up and you’ll soon figure them out!

This past week has been a very weird one! My sister and her boyfriend went to see Taylor Swift on Wednesday up in Indy. They stayed up there for two days but like a day or so before they left, Batman has been a bit sickly. He’s been sneezing and blowing his nose, I actually feel bad for him! And then Blondie started feeling about the same, she literally started sniffling the day before they left.

Oh I have to tell a funny story! Blondie was in the middle of painting her nails in the living room and I guess she dropped or it fell out of her hand but red nail polish spilled onto the carpet. Mom and Blondie tried EVERYTHING to get it out. Our dad is like a hound, he can sniff out and see things that nobody else can see. So she figured she’d be dead meat so she asked me if I could go in there and find the dot. At first i couldn’t, but as came into the room more the light pink dot became more noticeable. What got my mom and I was the fact that after this all happened. Not only did she rat her ass out but she also painted her nails the same color three times! She wouldn’t let me do them either. I was pretty bummed about that. I sat on my floor doing a couple fuzzy posters and separating the bunch I got recently so my nana could have some too! You’ll hear about that soon! They still went to the concert and I guess had fun! The Band Perry was the special guest. Totally not what she hoped for, she thought it would be Justin Bieber, even I knew that wasn’t going to happen!

I’m sorry i don’t have much to talk about right now. I’ve been fairly lazy, watching movies and thinking about things (again!) that I’ve been kind of neglecting my blog. I have like three posts that need to be finished, fixed, and pictures to be uploaded before they can be published but I literally have no motivation whatsoever! We’ll see what happens this week!


Tune Tuesday: Carrie Underwood


This week my focus is on Carrie Underwood!

I don’t normally talk about my love for country music on here. I talk about Luke Bryan and Brantley Gilbert, but that’s mainly for their good looks and hardly about their music. My sister and I can have common interests in fashion, guys, and music. However, when it comes to country music alone we are total opposites. She is more into male country singers whereas I love female country singers instead. The only female country singer she’s seemed to really like is Taylor Swift. She does like some of Ms. Underwood’s music but of course not as much as I do!

I didn’t watch Carrie on American Idol when she won her season, but I think my mom did because I remember her running into my room after it was announced. I do remember the first time I heard “Before He Cheats” it was on the bus. I rode the bus with a heavily influenced country boy and he basically got to control what we listened to, which is how I got into so much Taylor Swift in first place. Anyways, I loved the vibe Carrie’s song gave off, the sassy attitude of “you’re not going to get away with this” and my mom told me once that she couldn’t listen to that song without imaging me singing to it and apparently slashing tires and breaking headlights if a boy ever cheated on me. I do have a mini Louisville slugger baseball bat, so I don’t blame her for thinking about it.

I am a proud owner of her first two albums but I’ve never been able to like a whole album. I did a review of her album “Blown Away” which is still one of my reviews that people search for on here. I love Carrie’s range so much! She’s so much more than just a country singer, my dad said once that after she released her song “Blown Away” that it sounded like she was trying to sing like Whitney Houston, but I think she’s a little better than Ms. Houston! I know hardly anybody liked her as Maria von Trapp in the TV broadcast of “The Sound Of Music” but I loved it! It was totally different from Julie Andrews, but I think that’s the whole point of a role and a remake. You want to stay in that character, she did that, but she made it her own as well! Now that she’s a mom, I don’t think we’ll be hearing much from her and that’s okay with me! Let her enjoy motherhood for a while before heading back to the studio and world touring!

My favorite songs are: “Some Hearts,” “Starts With Goodbye,” “Wasted,” “Lessons Learned,” “Flat On The Floor,” “Get Out Of This Town,” “I Know You Won’t,” “Twisted,” “Undo It,” “Cowboy Casanova,” “Good Girl,” and “Two Black Cadillacs.”

Album Review: Taylor Swift’s “Red”

After almost a week of hearing the new Target commercial promoting Taylor Swift’s new album release, Red is finally in stores! The first single off of her new album, “We Are Never Getting Back Together,” is another #1 hit and of course, it’s a break-up song. Every teenage and young adult girl out there has thought this way once or twice about ending their relationship. She released clips of different tracks on Good Morning America. The four songs that were previewed on GMA were “Begin Again,” “Red,” “I Knew You Were Trouble,” and “State of Grace” was the final song. Out of all of these songs so far, I think the title track is my favorite. It’s so catchy and fun. Even though, it’s about love, it’s one you can dance to and you don’t care that you look like crazy person.

Taylor Swift can do both country and pop songs and make them work so well. Which is the reason why I like her so much. Her lyrics speak to a lot of people. Both my sister and I love her songs very much. So let’s start this off. The first song that starts off the album is “State of Grace” and I actually heard it for the first time last night. I love how it sounds, the drums start it off and she doesn’t actually sing much at the beginning, the background music is very upbeat and keeps you waiting for what’s about to happen. Her voice sounds amazing on this track. I am loving the chorus a lot and her high notes. So gentle and lovable.

The third song is “Treacherous” and it starts off with acoustic sounds from the guitars and drums. Her voice is soft and you can really hear her sing and understand the beauty in her lyrics. By the end of the second verse and into the next chorus, the tempo gets higher and more electric. Then by the bridge, it goes back to soft and calm. The last chorus is upbeat again at the beginning, then it slows calms down again at the end. It’s a very beautiful song. The next song is an upbeat and very dancy song called, “I Knew You Were Trouble.” It starts off kind of acoustic too but by the chorus, it changes into this pop song. In a way, you don’t expect it, but it’s a good balance. I love the little breakdown during the choruses, it’s very different and amazing. I am still surprised I haven’t learned the words to it yet. I will, don’t worry. Fifth song off her album is actually a song I’m listening to it for the first time. It’s called “All Too Well.” So far, you can hear the country influences. It’s a slow and meaningful song, even though it doesn’t change its tempo after the second chorus. I’m really liking the second verse a lot. It’s cute and kind of funny. It’s about remembering a relationship all too well. I think there will be a lot of girls relating to this song a lot. I know I am.

On the sixth song, called “22” it is a crazy, funny, but true song. From the time it starts, you want to dance, laugh, and go crazy. It sounds like a song you would sing around your friends, but by the time the chorus starts, you think, “ok, maybe not.” It is a song about enjoying life and just wanting to go crazy. I think that’s that the best way to explain it. It’s very girly and too bad I can’t record myself while doing this review because I am dancing like crazy. I love it! The next song is called, “I Almost Do,” and it’s break-up song and what happens after it’s over, and wanting to go back to them, but you can’t. It’s very sweet, but sad at the same time. Everybody has felt like this once or twice in their life. I’ve never been in a relationship, but I’ve had a lot of crushes when I was in school, so I can take this song and think about it in that direction instead. It’s another wonderful song to listen to. After that slow song, is a fast tempo song called, “Stay Stay Stay” and at first it kind of sounds like a Christmas song. It just has that sound, but the drums take that element away. It’s a cute song and has fun lyrics. It’s definitely about love and enjoying somebody’s company. Not dancing to this song is not an option.

The next song is called, “The Last Time” and it is featuring Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol. It starts off with a piano and Gary singing first. It is a very slow and you can hear the different instruments throughout the song. The drums, strings, and piano. Then all of a sudden, you can hear an electric guitar and that solo is beautifully blended in the song. It is a gorgeous duet. I’m not sure who I love more on this song Gary or Taylor. His high voice and low voice. It is amazingly good. Okay, this song is just starting the second verse, it’s called “Holy Ground” and I am not liking it at the moment. I’m really trying to like it too, but it’s just not happening. Nothing about it, is jumping at me. There is always one song that you can’t like and this one is mine. It’s about meeting somebody, almost like love at first sight. Probably the reason, why I don’t like it, because I don’t believe in love at first sight. Anyways, moving is another acoustic, slow song. It’s called, “Sad Beautiful Tragic” and with a title like that, you kind of hope it’s a slow song. Her voice is soft and deep. I’m not liking it as much as “The Last Time” but it’s very pretty.

At first, the next song starts with a short introduction, that you almost think it’s going to be another slow song. Instead, it is a “in between” song, meaning it’s not slow nor is it fast either. I’m not liking this song either. However, I would love to know who it’s about though. That’s the only thing this song is doing to me, is making me wonder who she wrote it for. She will probably never tell us either. Finally, a song that I actually like. This song is called, “Everything Has Changed,” and it features Ed Sheeran. Leave it to the two songs that are duets I end up falling in love with, but you can’t believe me though. It’s very cute and sounds acoustic at first, but then grows into this mid-tempo song. I love the drums and Ed’s voice in this song. Now I know why everybody was excited to hear this song. It’s pretty good! The second to last song is called “Starlight,” and it sounds like Rihanna’s song “Diamonds,” but this is about stars and it’s country-pop instead. I don’t think we’ll actually see her doing a country song in the near future, but again, not feeling this song either. Even though it has everything I look for in a song, but this is just the first listening to it, so I might change my mind later on.

How It Reminds Me Of You

Since I have a whole list of things I want to do before I died, I thought I’d do this challenge first so I can continue to figure out what I really want to do the most. So what is a song that reminds me of someone. Well the first song that comes to mind, is the song during my freshman year that was my theme song for the entire year. My mom wouldn’t let me down for that year at all. Sadly I can never sing this song around her either. It reminds her of what this song represents for me.

When I was a freshman in high school, I had this crush on this guy and around that time Taylor Swift’s first album was just released I think and since I had no control of the radio on the bus I had to listen to country music for five whole years without my iPod. So loving a few country songs on the down low was possibility. That’s how I started listening to Taylor Swift, plus watching her music videos before I got picked up by the bus for school. This song was so me during this time because I was this shy girl who had a crush on a guy. The song was made for my situation.

For three whole years, the song represented my life at that time. Especially after several months of not being able to talk to him face-to-face it really started to make sense. When I was a sophomore, he was a junior and he got a girlfriend and I use to cry because I wasn’t good enough. I use to sing this song all the time. Then my mom would hear me cry, be sad that this guy had a new girlfriend, and I was singing this song and I would sing it from the  heart. By the end of the song, she’d be crying. It was weird, but after he graduated and talked to his girlfriend a lot more. I wasn’t so jealous anymore. I didn’t hate him anymore. The song still hurts for my mom because she knows how bad I was crushing on him and so, when I do listen to this song I don’t sing it. It doesn’t make me cry anymore, but it does make me think of that time at the beginning of high school of how shy I was and how much I hated myself because he got to me so bad. You live and you learn.