The Ultimate Dog

I am an all lover of animals, except for Spiders and Snakes. I hate them with a great passion. Those just scare the living shit out of me. Sorry, but I am more of a dog lover than a cat lover. Cats don’t mind as well as a dog would. Cats like to sleep more than as a dog would be more active. I am just a dog lover.

We have our first small dog. Before ChiChi we had Sydney and Chance. Chance died in 2008 because she had a brain tumor. We got ChiChi around the time before Chance died, so she learned a few things from the both of them. Chance was kind of old so she slept around and even though she was a Pit Bull, she was so loveable around people. ChiChi is that way after she gets use to you.

Our other dog Sydney was a Beagle and she died a few months ago. Sydney taught her to garud the house. Whenever somebody gave up to the door and knocked they barked so loud they could break the living room windows. Not really, but they were close sometimes. ChiChi is our only dog in the house. She is a short haired Chiwuawua. She has her drama queen days and she’s got my dad wrapped around her little paw. After Chance died, dad pretty much fell in love with ChiChi. As much as I love ChiChi, I still think Yorkies are the most cutest puppies ever!

One of these days I will own a Pit Bull, Husky (my favorite dog breed), Australian Shepard, Pug, and Yorkie. Those are my favorite breeds out of them all. I love the Husky and Australian Shepard for their coats and eyes. I love all eyes. Dogs eyes are so bright. Especially the blue eyed dogs. Chance had a Brindle coat and I have always loved Pit Bulls with coats like that. I like Huskies with both Gray and Red coats. The ones with the red coats are blue eyed than the rest from what I’ve seen. All this talking about dogs is making me want to watch Lady and the Tramp. Not even kidding right now.


Book Review: Cut

I’m not into the real personal books. Especially if I know people who have ever done or talked about it. So I was a little worried about this book, and it was also my second choice. I didn’t even want to read it. My mom picked it out for me so I started reading for her. I knew she ordered it for me from our library so I looked it up to see what all it’s about. The Wikipedia summary was the reason why I was so worried about it.

Let’s just say the quote “don’t judge a book by its cover” works for everything. I had prepared myself that it was going to be very in your face and I thought it was suck. I was wrong. It started off kind of weird, the girl Callie who is the narrator thinking about her first time. The first time she cut and couldn’t stop herself. She is nicknamed “S.T” by her roommate Sydney, because she gives everyone the silent treatment. She pays attention to her surroundings and the other girls at Sea Pines.

It’s the first book that’s ever made me almost cry. I almost started crying at the end Chapter 2. The chapters are really long. There are only three chapters in the whole book. Which is another thing I wasn’t use to. I definitely recommend this book. Don’t be quick to judge it like I did. It’s a tear-jerker and can be personal if you know somebody who or use to cut themselves. It’s a sweet and yet vulnerable book.