Five Sentence Fiction: Highway

What it’s all about: Five Sentence Fiction is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist. Each week I will post a one word inspiration, then anyone wishing to participate will write a five sentence story based on the prompt word. The word does not have to appear in your five sentences, just use it for direction.

This week: HIGHWAY

The drive was slow, long, and boring.

It wasn’t what the little boy was used to, his mama decided it needed to be extra quiet from the backseat for her concentrate on the road.

Two little boys sat quietly in their seats; one of them was sleeping peacefully as the other watched the snow fall outside of his fogged up window.

The young mother had been driving for hours because their power and heat had been turned off from not paying her bills on time.

They’ve been doing so good at keeping quiet for her, that she hopes her mother has something sweet to make for them when they get to her house.

Not Everybody In This World Is Out To Hurt You

I’ve had problems with people. Including ones who I thought were my friends. I’ve had lots of family drama in the past year and I could do without all of this, except for one thing. This one thing has done more good than anything else. Since I’ve started my Twitter I was willing to put myself out there and tell my story to other people, but I also wanted to make some friends too. Throughout this year I have made lots of friends all over the place. I remember my first overseas friend I met and my first U.S. friend from Twitter. I enjoy talking to them every day, but I mostly enjoy it the most on the weekends since most of them are busy during the weekdays some with work and the rest with school. So I definitely enjoy the two days off and when the holiday breaks start-up. They makes my life better.

I was just on my Tumblr searching pictures, like always. I had gotten a message in my Inbox. I thought it was somebody asking me a weird question, but instead it was somebody very dear to me saying something very sweet and showing how much they really care and making me very lucky to even have this person in my life. This was the sweet message I received in my Tumblr Inbox. “Hey, ok, i just wanted to thank you for being such a big inspiration to me in just about everything. you made me want to be the nicest i could ever possibly be because of how darn lovely you are to everybody. i talk about you so much to friends & fam because of how much you do and how you’re there for people. this was so random but whenever we meet it will be a special day, love you loads. :)” I didn’t know how to answer her back, and how I did it was just awful. So I thought about it and thought I’d do it in my own way.

I have been told I’ve inspired people before, but I’ve never believed them because I didn’t see how a person like me could be inspiring, but apparently I was wrong. My family and friends around school always told me I was an inspiration and I thought they were lying to me. Reading this message made me very happy, I’m literally trying to hold back tears. I finally believed it. Somebody made me believe that I had inspired them. I try to do good and talk to everybody as much as I can. I feel good everytime I talk to these people, sometimes they’re teenagers and I’ve been through the rough time of those years to know they are not fun whatsoever! Doing this blog and discussing different things of my past with my readers and talking to my Twitter friends inspires me more than anything. It makes me so happy that I can discuss these things with them and show them life will get better. Not everybody in this wold is out to hurt you. Live your life day by day. Don’t let anybody get you down. 

So thank you to my friend Taby and my other friends. You showed me that I don’t need friends in the same town, that I can count on all of you and inspire me to keep going on and never letting anybody get me down again. You also showed me that I really do inspire people after all these years of not believing it, it feels good to finally believe it for once. Love you like you can’t imagine and I thank God for bringing you to my life every single day.

The Fun Couple On DWTS Goes Home.

So it’s week five and unfortunately somebody had to go home last night and one of my favorite couples had to leave. I love everybody on the show, but Carson Kressley and Anna Trebunskaya were the ones to get voted off last night. I really wanted Hope and Maks to go home. Last week I liked their performance this week however, sucked.

Carson and Anna were named, the entertaining couple. They didn’t really take the whole show as a competition, or so serious like everybody do. Every dance they were given was fun, and exciting! Most of their dances lacked tenchnique, words of Len. Carrie Ann and Bruno loved them because they were so much fun to watch.

I will miss them, but I know he’ll be sitting in the chairs watching everybody dance. Nobody will be able to replace him, because he was the only original, fun loving, crazy dancer on the show. Everybody will try but they will fail. I’m so glad he was on this season. Anna had two great guys in the last two seasons. She gets parted up with the sweetest men ever! They tried their best, and gave everything they got but in the end somebody has to go home.