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I feel the need to say that this post could be a really long! So, it’s probably best you get comfortable in your seat because you may be here for a while.

Two years ago, my nana was living in the nursing home that my mom works, but unfortunately she was not able to stay there because of money so she went up north to live with my Aunt Laurie and Uncle Mike. The drive there is about four hours, and it’s a lot for one person who isn’t use to being in a car for that long! If you have wondered why I haven’t been talking about my regular holiday crafts or shenanigans with her, this is the reason why. At the time, I thought I would write a post about the transition but I couldn’t get myself to do it, so I’ve been rather quiet about the subject in general.

And then… I got a message from my friend Brittany, whether or not if my mom would allow her to take me up there for a surprise reunion. I was excited by the possibility of seeing everybody again, but extremely nervous because of opening old wounds but when my mom came in saying that it was okay, I was so freaking happy! The really mean part about this was that Brittany, Laurie, Mike and I had to keep it a secret from the rest of my family for three days! What was funny though was I pulled what Brittany did to me the night before the Five Finger death Punch concert in 2016. On Friday, my nana sent me a funny video and even though I had no plans of talking to her before the surprise, I just kept chatting to her through Facebook and I ended it the way I always do with “love and miss bunches” knowing she had no idea what was going to happen the very next day!

Our family is known to pull great surprises! It started with my Uncle david and then it went to his son, my cousin Chris, who I think perfected it that everybody has it embedded in their heads! Somehow the torch was passed to Brittany and I, and it was great! My nana and Chris’s wife Amber cried! And yes, we got their reactions on video too!

After we surprised my nana though, we had about an hour and a half to kill before everybody showed up, so I had some crackers because I got motion sickness in the car, thanks to my damn nerves! And I don’t know what made me ask this question, but it just came out of my mouth. I asked nana if she had any nail polishes and while I was there, if she could paint my nails for me. I think it made her feel good to be able to do this again. She even remembered to put the napkin underneath my fingers so we didn’t ruin my shirt!

My Aunt Laurie had some really interesting colors in her collection, but I went for one Halloween-ish color and some metallic polishes too.

Let’s focus on my hands first; they are usually the most complicated to do because of the way they are placed. Since I am not able to unbend my elbows, I can’t just hold out my hands for her. Instead she has to come closer to me to be able to reach them. A lot of the times, we miss sections of the nail itself or they get upper part of the skin and she has to use her finger or Q-Tip to wipe it off. I always feel like she’s giving me the “nana touch” when this happens though, so I usually try to keep her from trying to fix it.

Once we finished with the fingers, we took a little break for both of our sake’s because while this was going on, I’m pretty sure we were holding our breaths the whole time! We needed a quick breather before moving on to the toes. At least the toes would easier for her because I could easily move my feet wherever she wanted to have better access to them.

For this, I thought it was only right to have this neon green color, as my crazy /Halloween flare. I knew I was going to use it, there was no way around it! What was neat about was that since it was a vibrant hue that we only needed one coat! Honestly, all three of them were like this, so that pretty was handy! Anyways, my nana had less mistakes when it came to the toes and even though it was weird to have polish back on my nails after so long, there was nothing more cuter than the reaction on my nephew’s face when it realized my toes were green two days later!

Everytime I go on a trip, whether it was long or short, I always wish for more time. This was no different. I truly miss because around my nana everyday, but I know how much she enjoys being there with my other family members, they take really good care of her and I feel like it would be selfish of me to linger on the separation. I have to be supportive of where she is now, and we respect that we both have other things going on but when we have a free moment, we can talk about things on Facebook. I don’t think it will take another two years for us (or any of my family members) to get together again, I refuse to accept that reality. However, we may have to wait until spring to make it happen though!

How do you like my nails for October? What is the longest you have went without having fingers or toes painted? Let me know below!

Life Lately | New Kittens!



I haven’t done a “Life Lately” post in a while. I love doing these types of posts once or twice a month, it releases everything that keeps building in my head. My nana and I were discussing something similar the other day, because she has a lot of stress and now dealing with her blood pressure, she doesn’t necessarily have anything to help calm herself down. I’ve tried my best to help but nothing has worked. So my mom has her writing about everything in a notebook. She seems to like it and works out well for her. I told her that everytime I try to write inside a notebook, even if it’s just to write lyrics of a song or one of my stories, it’s like something happens between the flow of my brain to my feet. It gets blocked and it’s really weird. At times it’ll even happen while I’m on the laptop. You might think it’s some small form of writer’s block and it probably is, who knows. Anyways, these types of posts are my way of releasing MY stress. I just don’t give a damn who reads it apparently!

The last couple of weeks have been pretty good. The weather has been back and forth between rain, storms and sun. We literally get like two or three days of rain with thunder and lightning and then one or two days of sun with hardly any clouds in the sky. The temperature can improve as you can still walk out with a jacket, but you can start wearing capris and shorts if you are really brave! My mom has been working a lot lately and she literally got home one afternoon, and came in and we visit and chat about our day. She hates it when I tell her I slept in! Sorry mama! She always tells me that her day or night is long. However, she came into my room the other day and shaved my legs!! I was a happy camper, but what she said at the end might’ve had a lasting effect. She said as she went to put everything away, “now watch it’ll be too cold to wear shorts or capris.” It has actually. Too cold and wet outside. I posted on Facebook a few minutes after she finished putting lotion on my legs that the air conditioner came on and it was pure evil. I blamed it on my dad, it was his fault though. The other day he took a nap and put on the heater, when he woke up about two hours later he put on the a/c. My sinuses have never been the same since!

I told you guys a few days ago that our female cat Midget had her first set of kittens. Well, I can say that Miss Bootsie has had her kittens as well. One batch was born of the 9th and the other was born of the 15th of this month. It’s very sweet of the both of them to share the big crate that my mom got with Bootsie’s first litter. Bootsie hasn’t actually had her kittens in there before, so the fact that Midget had her babies in it is kind of sweet. When you go by the back door, you can hear them meowing with their itty bitty calls. Bootsie’s babies are a lot bigger in size than Midget’s but all six (2 are Midgets and 4 are Bootsies) are doing good so far! My mom had to go to work while Bootsie was starting to have hers and she couldn’t see them until that night after she got off work, which was really late. When she went to check on them, she couldn’t see anything but Midget in the back against the wall and Bootsie laying on her side in the front. My mom said when she said “really?” out loud Bootsie moved a little bit so she could see them. And people say animals can’t understand us?

I guess I can tell you about what happened on Tuesday afternoon. My mom had her early mornings but got off in the afternoon schedule that I like better than the evening shift that she likes. She came home from it and came into my room to tell me that Batman was coming down to surprise my sister. So that meant I had to keep my mouth shut, she came home for that day after my mom texted her on her lunch break stating that they needed somebody to watch me while she and our dad went to pay a bill. So she came home, I didn’t even know she was home until she posted a picture with Bootsie on Facebook. I also didn’t know how long it was going to take the guy to come down, but I certainly didn’t want to miss her reaction so I got on the floor and went into the living room–which messed up my back in some way–I spent my time out getting lovings from ChiChi and playing with her, we rediscovered that she still likes to play fetch. My mom got the DWTS edition of People magazine the other day, I decided to read it while waiting for Batman to arrive.

I nearly busted myself when Blondie and I heard a car pull into our driveway, she was already talking about the fact she hasn’t seen him in three weeks and that she wished he’d just surprise her. So when this car came into our driveway, I had to control myself fast and thank god I had that magazine right in front of me. I couldn’t stop smiling! It wasn’t him though. He had been texting my mom the whole time and after my mom got done cleaning our her car, Blondie was fiddling around on her Facebook and he had tagged her in a status that said something with the lines of “…and the best actor/actress goes to..” with where he was located at and I am not kidding you when I say as soon as she saw that she basically threw her phone and ran out that door like a rocket! She didn’t trip on anything and I was impressed because I figured it would happen. My mom and I couldn’t stop laughing at her. ChiChi barked her head off until she realized who it was and then she was all sorts of happy! He wasn’t here but maybe 20 minutes before they took off to the mall and movies. She went up to visit his family up north later on in the week. She seemed to enjoy it! And no we didn’t record or anything!

The other day I got a new “free” book and it was the shortest one I’ve ever gotten I think! I’ve got to stop these novellas, they might be good on the inside but they are just way too small for me! If it wasn’t free I wouldn’t have gotten it. I love the author and everything, but it’s not worth it honestly. Afterwards I tried to find a box set of books that were free and that proved to be a bust, well sort of! It’s in English, but not American English and it’s poorly written! So many mistakes! It was very annoying! I also recorded X-Men: Days Of Future Past on HBO. I finally finished it on Thursday afternoon. Such a good movie but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I almost started crying in different parts. Those movies have such a strong hold on me. Well, I think I’m all out of words and hidden thoughts. Hope everybody has a great weekend! ♥

Two mommies (one is a grandma!) nursing all six babies!


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typical men