REVIEW | The Order


I have been searching for new shows… again! I have a couple of shows that are literally being ignored on my DVR because I would rather search for something on Netflix instead. Sometimes when I go off on these “little” adventures I either come back with duds or really great discoveries, it just depends on my mood at the time honestly.

Recently, I went off into the “New Releases” scroll and found this new show called “The Order” but sadly it was there for like a week and a half before I decided to check it out. On the good note, I am getting somewhat smarter now as I’ve been watching the trailers before I actually start a series in general. As much as the summary wasn’t as appealing, the trailers were responsible for changing my mind about it and taking a chance on it.


The Order is a Netflix Original, that follows a young man by the name of “Jack” on his way to a very special college called Belgrave University. One of the main reasons why Jack wants to go to Belgrave is because of this secret society, called The Hermetic Order of The Blue Rose. It’s a society of people learning various levels of witchcraft, and at the heart of the order is a man named Edward Coventry, who Jack’s grandfather or “pops” thinks is the main reason for his daughter and Jack’s mother’s death. Anyways, Jack is on his way of getting into the order when all hell breaks loose, and he ends joining another secret society called The Knights of Saint Christopher. So, in other words he turns into a werewolf and Jack is basically having to choose which side he is loyal to the most.

What I Really Thought About It

I thought the big reason why I decided to watch it was because I was really hoping it would give me that creepy vibe I needed to be able to remind myself on what I need to expect whenever The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina came back to me. I don’t think it did it justice but I enjoyed the effort though.

The rating that was given for the entire thing is TV-MA, meaning it is meant for mature audiences, so I half expected it to be really bloody and gory, but it really wasn’t like that considering the amount of killing that was involved among the characters. It also wasn’t very sexual either, other than the fourth or fifth episode but even then I’d still say those scenes were really PG=13. So, my logic was that it must’ve been given the rating because of the large amount of swearing within the hour-long episodes. Another thing is that, it was really funny, and normally I don’t like dark humor, but the dialogue was portrayed in the realist of ways so that I was laughing most of the time, so both elements really worked out well enough to make me a fan.

I am excited that there will be a season two! After the way they ended the last episode, I know everybody was really confused, and as much as I was laughing reading the comments on Twitter about their reactions of the last episode, I was too eating my own giggles because I was dumbfounded so we all need to know what happens to Jack, Alyssa and the rest of the characters.

Have you watched The Order yet? If you have, what were some of your thoughts? Do you have any theories about why the ending of season one happened like that?

Harry Potter Weekend

This weekend has been all Harry Potter on ABC Family. I love when they do this. It’s actually the only way I’ll watch most of the movies, especially since tonight they’re going to preimere Half-Blood Prince. I have not seen that movie yet and I can’t wait to watch it, if I don’t forget about it. I don’t have any shows to watch tonight that I know of that’s on tonight. So I’m going to try and keep my TV on ABC Family that way I know I won’t miss it.

In the last two days, I’ve missed the first movie both times. I think the first one is my favorite. I don’t know though because I like Globet of Fire too. For some odd reason I like that one too. I don’t get how I am so into these movies. I first got into them when I was in middle school. I was in 8th Grade and my English teacher told us that we were going to read the first book and then after we finished it we’d watch the movie and then compare. That would be our test on it. I had a chance to watch the first movie before, but anything supernatural when I was younger freaked me out. I went to my friend’s birthday party. We went roller skating at this place in another town. It was fun, but when we got back to her dad’s we ate and watched the first Harry Potter movie, well everybody else did I fell asleep because I didn’t want to watch it so I forced myself to go to sleep.

When I first realized we were going to watch it I was freaked out because I still hadn’t gotten over my fear of stuff like that yet, even I think after we read the book and watched it I got into Charmed and I haven’t been the same since. I loved the book, but I never got myself to read the rest of the books. I have a problem with that. I can never finish a series once I’ve started it. I’ve seen almost all the movies, but I haven’t seen them unedited since they are going on cable. They have to be some kind of edited. Well I’m going to watch these movies since I’ve pretty well lost my train of thought.