February Playlist

Happy Monday everyone!

The best way to describe February’s playlist is chaotic. I thought it would be similar to last month, but I was wrong. It has its own style. I discovered so much music this month that I’ve been both happy and stunned at the same time because the number of genres in it is so beautiful and I cannot wait to share it with you today.

At the beginning of the month, I was being pulled into my hard rock artists and I think I’ve had my foot holding the door to that genre the whole time. As I was traveling through pop and even epic country/rock music (which is SO ahh-mazing!) worlds I would literally make a circle back to enjoy some of my beloved tracks. I would love to share one artist or band every month, but I find it really challenging because I shuffle around so much.

And yes, I have been using the same banner I use on Instagram and Twitter as the playlist’s cover. I don’t know why I’m just doing it now, but it’s been fun coming up with different lettering to symbolize each month. Unfortunately, I can’t use the ones I made above, mainly because it is too large to fit, but since I also make the others, so thankfully I have the others!

I don’t have a general idea why I made January so gloomy, but it was just wanted for that banner. I knew for February, I wanted to go all out for Valentine’s Day, and I used the one color I hate with a passion: pink. I had to put some black in there because the hot pink was a little too strong to match with any other color on the app’s selections. I will (hopefully) continue to do this for the rest of the year and maybe it’ll attract some more people that cruise around on Spotify for more styled playlists.

Here is my Top 25 for the time being. Keep an eye and hear out on my blog’s Facebook and Instagram to see if I include any more songs. If you want to take the easy route, you can look into the entire playlist on Spotify as I’m always updating there as well!

Decode by Paramore
My Universe by Kurt Hugo Schneider featuring Alex Goot & First To Eleven
Feeling Good by Nina Simone
Man On A Mission by Oh The Larceny
Liar by Britney Spears
Your Call by Gaby Grace
Where Is Your Hero Now by Sami J. Laine x Epic Music World
Stabbing In The Dark by Ice Nine Kills

Sweere by Papa Roach featuring FEVER 333 & Sueco
Dirty Talk by Wynter Gordon
Stranger by Hilary Duff
Gold Trans Am by Kesha
Daddy AF by Slayyter
Pink Pony Club by Chappell Roan
Weak by JoJo
Surface Pressure by Jessica Darrow
Back From The Dead by Halestorm
Cutting It Close by Rain City Drive
ABCDEFU by Gayle
Hallelujah by Underoath

Rest In Peace by Dorothy
Boyfriend by Dove Cameron
Tomorrow by Avril Lavigne
Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Cary Brothers
Yours by Ella Henderson

Before I let you go, I wanted to talk about the Super Bowl halftime show.

I’m not a fan of football by any means, but I enjoy watching the commercials and the halftimes shows. I always think they can be a hit or miss, and I always have some worries about what the artist would do. I did not know who was going to host until probably late November. I feel like we knew pretty early on who was going to play for the last few years, but once I heard about Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Eminem was going to be on stage, I was so pumped!

As you may know, I tend to listen to a lot of old school hip hop, and even though I wasn’t expecting to see 50 Cent there, I brought me back to my middle school days because I was a huge G Unit fan and if you didn’t know, I basically wanted to become the female, disabled version of Dr. Dre after graduating high school. So, the lineup (not so much into Kendrick Lamar, though I do respect him as an amazing record producer!) was everything to my mom and me. It was incredible to see these great artists of the 80’s through the mid 2000’s performing some of their fan’s favorites!

What were you listening to in the month of February? What did you think about the Halftime show? Who would you like to host next year?


Is It Too Early?

10430483_10153611672514358_546331830631413650_nI saw this on Facebook and I had to use it on a blog post. Leave it to me to find the most random shit to be used as inspiration to start a post honestly! However, the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this was, is it too early to be saying this? I remember in 2010 we were out of school for like two separate weeks between the end of January and beginning of February. The only reasons why I still remember it was because I missed working on my LP drawings in art class and everybody in my entire graduating class was freaking out that we’d have to push back our graduation until the middle of June. We didn’t, thank god!

Our snow blizzards in the Midwest can still happen though, from the mid-Jan to the end of March is when our snow mostly happens and everybody keeps forgetting that! So even though, we never got the worst of Winter Storm Juno, it doesn’t mean we won’t get Winter Storms Kari, Linus, and Marcus! I was looking at the list of the storm’s names and I can’t help but wonder about the outcome of both Winter Storm Pandora and Thor! I doubt we’ll ever see those blizzards in our neck of the woods, but they’ll happen somewhere! Of course, this weekend it’s supposed to snow like hell Saturday night I think? I’m technically not looking forward to it, but I would like to be able to see some snow on the ground!

So we’ve had a little bit of snow and a lot of sickness in our house! My poor mom’s just now getting over hers and my dad and I are basically on the lookout to see which one of us it’ll possess next. I’m talking like it’s a damn demon, but in a way it kind of is! It makes everybody in my family a little bit more paranoid than usual. Thursday was kind of strange for me. I couldn’t find anything interesting on TV and music wasn’t making me happy either, so after mom came home from work we both took an hour nap. After that, I felt lots better! With all of the sickness going around, I’ve been doing good of not fighting the urge to chill out in bed. I’ve be staying offline, lounging in bed and watching TV like none other!

Something that you might not know about me is that there are a LOT of classic cult movies that I have never seen before! I’ve tried to watch both Sixteen Candles and Breakfast At Tiffany’s but I can’t watch them all the way through. Earlier this week, my mom had decided to record the movie Steel Magnolias on the Sundance channel. Since I’ve been in this BIG movie mood for the past month and a half I can basically watch anything! I have seen parts of this movie but like I said before, never all of it at one time. I think it was Tuesday I watched it. I literally devoted myself to it for two hours – it even had commercials and I still couldn’t turn it off!

The story was funny and sad. I got a good cry out of it along with something else that made me think about life and its sorts. One thing I did enjoy was Ouiser. Good god! I laughed my butt off whenever her character was around. When it first started though, I didn’t think I was going to get through it with their country accents. I’m sorry, but it’s my least favorite accent of all time, on both male and females! Besides watching movies aka anything I can find at the moment. I’ve been doing pretty good on keeping up with watching daily vlogs. It’s a new obsession of mine if you haven’t heard by now! I’ve recently found the cutest family of vloggers that I’ll share with you next month!

Next month??? I keep forgetting it’s almost February! On Super Bowl Sunday it’ll be the first of the second month of 2015! Yikes! I usually like to do blog posts on the first days of the new months, but I might be too pre-occupied that day and night so I’m hoping this’ll do instead. I’ll be over at our neighbor’s for a Super Bowl party, mom said they’re having a fish fry! We both got too excited when she said the word, “fish” it’s actually been a long time since we’ve both had fish! I’m just happy I might actually get to see the halftime show. DISH decided to take off CBS (which is the usual channel that the game is on!) I love Katy Perry! That’s easily the best part for my mom and I is the halftime shows! I don’t know much about football and I know I’ll be asked quite a bit on which team I’m rooting for. So which team should I root for? Seahawks or the cheaters? It doesn’t matter if I don’t know anything about football or not, I still think the Colts should be playing anyways! I’m hoping to be recording the Kitten Bowl too. I’ve seen so many ads about it that I kind of have to! I already told Blondie I would do it for her. Nice cover story for me!

I’m thinking about breaking in my camera. I’m going to start “playing” with it sometime. It’s just resting in my little box with my stereo remotes, iPod, and phone. Those Veleeta boxes are the best things for a mini hoarder like me! I hope everybody is enjoying their weekend! See you again on Tuesday!

Ketchup With Us: Football For Women!

So tomorrow is the Super Bowl. A lot of people are pumped up about it and then there are people such as myself that are only looking forward to the commercials. In 2012, I did actually watch the entire football game, but there was a specific reason why I watched it. Motley Crue was in a commercial for car company Kia and literally half of my Twitter followers were going insane about it and so I basically watched it for that. It is really funny actually, because this year I have a DVR and I love my fast forward (skip) button a lot when my shows switch over to the commercials and now I’m actually wanting to skip the game and just watch the damn commercials. It’s so weird, but yet to the ones who don’t know a thing about football and have to watch the game because of your family, spouse, or partners do the same thing? Also, one of the commercials will be a new trailer for the new Captain America movie. Yes, that’s pretty much why I’m watching the damn football game.

I don’t know what we’re doing this year. My mom is sickly and I don’t even know if my dad is even going to watch it. He doesn’t like either teams, but it is Peyton Manning. I mean, the dude used to play in the Colts. Who knows I may not be the only one who’ll watch it in this house. I would much rather get movies instead. That would keep me occupied for the entire day I’m sure and it wouldn’t be as boring than watching a freaking football game that I have no idea of what they’re doing. They’re just going back and forth, throwing a ball and tackling. It’s kind of like NASCAR same thing, but at least that’s easy to keep track of when you’re sober and hammered. If I don’t actually watch it, I’m pretty sure if I spend the majority of my time on Twitter, my friends will keep me updated on what’s going on. They always do, with every sport events, it does not matter. I never have to watch anything to do with sports because of the people I follow. It is like I am already there.

ketchup with us

If you are or not watching the game. You should come join the fun with the ladies of Ketchup With Us and tweeting on Twitter about the plays and/or snack foods that you are serving your husbands/boyfriends buddies. There’s a pretty big chance I’ll be joining in with the Twitter party too!

Mel (@AccordingToMags) & Michele (@OldDogNewTits)

Tweet with hashtag #FootballForWomen

The Commercials Of Super Bowl Sunday

It’s the day every Super Bowl fanatics everywhere hate. It’s Monday, but it’s not exactly early anymore. Thank god! I was smart and slept in a little this morning. I don’t know about everybody else but that was an interesting game. If you don’t know by now, which if you don’t know yet I would be surprised. New York Giants won last night. Yes, I actually watched the game, but I had a whole another reason why I had to watch. I heard the commercials get better good when the Super Bowl is on. I only wanted to watch one commercial. Just one. I had to wait to watch it until the beginning of the fourth quater. It’s surprising what I would do for certain people. Especially musicial bands. Besides that one commercial I ended up liking a few others too. I think I ended up liking five of them. I was very happy after the one I wanted was over because I changed the channel, but I ended up going back.

I went back to make sure I didn’t miss The Voice. My favorite show is back! Well this is one out of like six shows that I miss that are still on break. Dancing With The Stars comes back next month. So I’m very happy about that, but anyways, watching The Voice last night was almost draining because I was so tired and after it was over I didn’t go to bed until probably around 1am. It was a good first episode of the second season. Adam and Blake looked freaking amazing, but not as amazing as somebody did during the infamous commercials. It’s very surprising how Football is such a big male’s sport and with these kind of games about half of all of them have girls in the commercials, but finally the women got a good commercial. I know I loved it. So I promised a few people I’d post my favorite commercials and the one I wanted to watch out of the all. Enjoy!