Sugar Rush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are just two of the cause of my hyperness today. It probably doesn’t help that I had about three cookies, one without both of these on it. I also a small serving of Cookie Dough Ice Cream beforehand. I’m STILL on my sugar rush. Even though I can feel myself running low on energy. Today wasn’t bad. Thank God I prayed last night to make it better than expected. Since I had pain all day yesterday I was kind of hoping for no pain today. Thankfully, while I was at nana’s I didn’t have very much pain. I can handle with some pain, but if I had the same pain as I had yesterday I probably could have killed somebody today. Even without the sugar, I probably could have. I’m glad we did this. It was out of our norm. I actually had things to talk about. I ususally don’t have anything to talk about with nana, we talk on Facebook so that usually ruins Saturday’s for me. We were crazy today, but in a good way. Emily came with us and had a Skype date. Mom told me before we went off that they weren’t going to be long this time with shopping. We got home around 5pm, she lied.

This weekend, my Uncle Rick and Aunt Linda come down on Saturday. They usually come down the weekend after Christmas, but this year we got lucky. It doesn’t feel like Christmas to me. For one, there’s no snow on the ground at all. All it’s been doing is raining. The second is because my family got a smaller this year. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the fact that things will probably never get better and I’m just going to have to get over it. Anyways, that’s my reasons for the crazy season. I’d upload a picture of the cookies, but the one picture I sent (on my nana’s phone) to Facebook is all blurry so I didn’t save onto my computer. The other picture that actually turned out right, I forgot to sent to Facebook. Sounds like me right? Today’s been a crazy day and I am very tired. I also got waken up by ChiChi this morning, so I’m very tired. I stayed up late tweeting. I had fun. That’s all.