Five Sentence Fiction: Fearless


What it’s all about: Five Sentence Fiction is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist. Each week I will post a one word inspiration, then anyone wishing to participate will write a five sentence story based on the prompt word. The word does not have to appear in your five sentences, just use it for direction.

This week: FEARLESS

The cold air hit her sweaty back as she fell onto her back on the bed, still trying to catch her breath she looked at the wonderful man who gave her so much happiness and awakening pleasure.

They laid on the wrinkled sheets and blankets looking for excuses not to continue, there was no alarm on her phone waiting to get her up for work and the dog was already outside unaware of his owner’s little escape.

The man had barely slept he couldn’t stop watching his lover sleep half covered by her clothes and the blanket, her skin glistened in the light sunlight that hovered over the curtains, she slept there innocently until he went to touch her skin.

She slowly gained conscious of her surroundings and felt his touch of his fingertips on her ankles going in circles, she didn’t move from her position until she started to give her sweet kisses on her legs and outer thighs, this man was able to make her feel beautiful and more alive while they were together.

Once she knew what his intentions where she grew some strength and flipped around to make his nice and slow kisses move forward towards her upper body, the sensation was unbearable to her tender skin that she was wanting him to stop, but he was too fearless of a man to not stop just before he get to their favorite spots.

#FWF – Homecoming

When I was in school, during my junior year I was taking US History and at the beginning of second semester, we were talking about World War II and the Vietnam war and I had this major war kick going on that I literally read two different books about each wars and I watched different movies, we watched Saving Private Ryan in class, but I watched the movie Stop-Loss on my own. That’s where I figured out how good of an actor both Channing Tatum and Joseph Leavitt-Gordon was because of their roles in the film. That same year I made up a little story of my own. I still remember the outline of it and the characters’ personalities. I even remember the title I was planning on calling it, I got my inspiration for it after Saving Abel’s song “18 Days” So I’m drawing some inspiration out of one of the characters, the female character whose I am forgetting at the moment, so I’m renaming her Claire in this part. Enjoy!

Image Credit: James Speed Hensinger | Vietnam 1970

It was the middle of summer, well for some it was the “end” of it. After the celebration of Fourth of July, there would be one more fair coming into town and that was it, another summer gone. For Claire, summer was no longer fun. I spent her time going to school throughout the year and wondering about her father and older brother being overseas, fighting for her family’s freedom, just like the rest of the soldiers out there fighting along with them. She and her little family stayed behind in their small town watching the people in town float on by and talking about the smallest things, not even caring about what she and other families were going through right now. Claire was old enough to know that her father and older brother Zak loved what they did, but missed being around too. Especially since there was a little Zak around the house, learning how to crawl and hearing about his brave grandpa and daddy from his mama, Brittany, Zak’s wife. Claire couldn’t help being sad that they were missing what they were seeing everyday.

Since the guys left eighteen months ago, Brittany and little Zak moved into the family house. Claire saw the joy of her new nephew being born, but the sorrow of Brittany having to raise him for her own for now. Claire’s mother Mary worked at Claire’s school as a lunch lady, she loved her job, but only because it kept her occupied during the day, but since it was the summertime she was without a job. So Claire took over providing food and shelter for mom and sister-in-law for the whole summer. Claire was fine with that, it kept her out of her head for a few hours. She struggled with finding peace that her family was safe and that her loved ones would make it out fine. She hoped that her dad and Zak would get to come home soon; she was to start her final year in high school in the fall. In a way, she hoped that maybe Zak get to come home one part and maybe her dad get to come home in the next half of the year. As much as she believed in God, once her dad’s friends started to pass away and families were to fade away, she questioned everything positive in her life.

Claire sat in the car, with the air conditioning turned all the way up in the backseat. She sat with little Zak sleeping in his car seat, dreaming of what babies would probably dream of, endless supply of milk and disgusting baby food. His little eyes flutter slightly and his body twitches and Aunt Claire can’t help but feel envious of this little creature’s pleasant dreams. Brittany stood outside the passenger door waiting for her mother-in-law to quit talking to the lady that was selling fruit; she already paid for her things and wanted to get out of the heat. Brittany groaned when Mary looked over to the car and then walked away towards the other side of the stall with the owner. “Zak is going to wake up soon, why does she have to take so long?” Brittany muttered to herself, at least Claire thought she was. Within ten minutes later, the owner’s husband walked over with a nice trey of two glasses with some pink drink in them full of nice cubes of ice. “Thought you ladies might appreciate a nice cold drink.” He said in a sweet tone, Claire rolled down her window and let the nice cool air out of the car to grab the glass from the nice gentleman. “Thank you sir.” Claire said just before taking a few good swigs of the raspberry lemonade. Not too sweet yet not too tart either!

Brittany declined her drink, but asked if the man had any straws so she could give Zak a sip or two. Claire thought that would for sure crank him up for the rest of the trip home if she actually got that straw. The man said that they rarely ever have straws, as they don’t have any grandchildren. Brittany nodded in annoyance. She was not yet used to the Texas heat. Quite frankly neither was Claire; she missed the other five places she used to live in. Since Claire was born, she had lived in five different states and surprising none of them ever had hot weather like this before. The coldest she had ever been around was when her father was transferred over in Sweden. The one year they moved there, they would have a gnarly winter full of ice and snow. As much as she hated the fact that her father’s job transferred their family to different places, she was pretty content with the whole process of traveling. She had a high case of wonderlust. Brittany had only moved once and she was not feeling Texas at all. Mary invited her out as she could have help if she needed some when she first had little Zak. Claire’s brother thought it would be a good idea as she lived in Vermont for two years and knew only the families on the base there. They were willing to do things for her, but she still felt alone without Zak being by her side. Seven months after giving birth, they moved out and the season changed to spring, but it felt like summer and Brittany felt like it was smothering her.

Finally after about thirty minutes or more, Mary came walking towards the car, passing the nice man with one full glass of lemonade and the other with only light pink melting ice cubes, he said something to her and she smiled back but kept towards us. Brittany quickly opened her door and climbed in, immediately waking up Zak from dreamland. He stretched out his little arms and legs and twisted around to face the window and closed his eyes again. Mary opened her door and sat down, turning on the engine which kicked off the nice cool air flow from the backseat for a second before working again. Claire rolled up her window, ready to watch the trees fly by as they drive down the long road again. She ignored her mom and Brittany arguing in the front seat and focused on the tops of the trees and wondering how it would feel like if she stood on top, could she see her father again. Two hours later, they pulled up to their driveway and the car stopped and Claire began to hear the noise from the ladies still passing words to each other. She opened her door and grabbed her small bag plus a few of the pieces of fruit and vegetables she purchased and went inside the nice cool house.

Mary and Claire put all of the fresh fruit and vegetables on the sink counter. Brittany came walking in last with the diaper bag in one arm and little Zak on her chest, still passed out. Lucky kid. Claire stood against the sink, washing each one while Mary looked around for her pots and pans, still quiet from the car ride. Claire decided to break the silence first, “Chuck makes mean raspberry lemonade, you know?” Mary put her pot on one of the stove tops and turned on the heat, Claire was still trying to figure out what she was going to make for supper. As there were tomato, cucumber, carrots, and some herbs. She could make anything really but when she went into the fridge and grabbed onions and celery and a knife from the drawer, she cut them up but talked to her daughter. “Is that what was in that cup? I love it when he makes that flavor.” Mary said while she was peeling the carrots. “Yeah, it was definitely what I needed.” Claire said with a half smile on her face. “I know I’m sorry I was taking such a long time but Helen said she heard some good news from the guys though.” Mary said in a chipper tone. Helen’s son Charlie was in the same barigade as her father and Zak.

“What did she say?” Claire said eagerly, “Well, according to Helen, Charlie and Zak might be coming home soon.” Another let down. Claire was happy that her brother was coming home but she wanted both of them home. “Since Britt was being an ass in the car, I never got the chance to tell her. So I have no idea if she even knows that they are or not.” Mary said as she put down her knife and piled all of the diced vegetables into her red pot, “How reliable is Helen’s word though?” Claire said as she finished cleaning and drying the fruit and vegetables and put them in the pantry. “Well, Helen is an old board but when she hears something especially about her son and his whereabouts, I think I should believe her.” Claire was concerned about getting too excited about Charlie and Zak’s homecoming just in case they were all wrong. “Did she say they might come back? Like the date?” Claire said now standing up against the kitchen sink. “I think she said the fourth, which is convent in a way, coming home on Fourth of July and be celebrated for fighting our freedom and being around family. I mean, we could go out to the park and fireworks…” Mary kept carrying on what kind of plans they could do together, but in Claire’s mind she was back to her sad self again.

Back from a young age, Claire and her father Jack have always had a great relationship. The best friendship a father and a daughter could have. They did everything together. Claire was always compared as Jack’s twin. Even though between Claire and Zak, they looked their father, but Claire took after her father’s personality the most. Zak got married and had a child young and then enlisted into the army. Claire was raised by country boy at heart, she loved her farm animals, to go mudding, and of course country music. She kept most of her father’s army stuff in her room, on top of her dresser that some part of him was close to her. After they got the news that Zak and Jack were being set off together, they were stunned. Claire’s whole world was just about to get a whole lot bigger and happier, got turned into hell again. She honestly wanted to move again, maybe closer to the rest of her family. They lived in North Carolina, she only saw them on Skype and text her cousins as much as she could, but it wasn’t enough for her. She missed them. She wanted a stable environment and being a daughter of an army sergeant just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

She suffered from depression after they left, but she didn’t go off the deep end until her uncle from her mom’s side died after being caught in a blast. She wanted to kill herself several times, but knew she would be dishonoring her family if she gave into temptation. Since her faith was already fading, she didn’t rely on a God or anybody to make her feel better about herself. That’s why she always had to be kept busy. She worked two jobs; one in the fall was at the nearby Starbucks. It paid great, but it also got pretty boring! In the summertime, she loved to read outside so she got a job at the library and always came home with a new book. If she read about somebody else’s troubles she wouldn’t feel too bad about herself and always saw the other side of life. At night, things were different. She was alone with her thoughts, the dark thought lingered deep inside her mind, telling her lies and showing unthinkable images of things she wished would just go away. She cried after each nightmare but remembered how her father cradled in his arms when she’d have a bad dream when she was little, her tears dried and she’d start to smile and go back to sleep.

Claire sat in the living room, didn’t watch any TV though. She had gone into her room after a second after her mom stopped talking about Charlie and Zak to grab her book. She sat on the massive brown couch facing away from her mom who was turned to the other side cooking away. Brittany walked into the living room with the newly dressed Zak, “do you think he looks adorable?” She said in peppy voice, Claire looked up in a glare and Mary turned her head for a peak but quickly looked back to keep stirring the pot of homemade spaghetti sauce for tomorrow‘s dinner. “Aww, look how cute you are Zakky!” Mary said in a cheery tone! She loved being a grandma, little Zak looked like his daddy but sadly had the same attitude as his momma which Mary hated. He was spoiled rotten and not by his grandma, Brittany did everything for this kid. He wasn’t even a year old yet and she was dressing him like she was going to put him in kid pageant. “I know! I saw it in that new store down in main town. I think it’s called Rachel’s Trunk and I thought it would be perfect for next week!” Brittany said as she stood him on his feet, the poor kid even had red and blue sneakers on. Little Zak looked annoyed. Claire went back to her book and ignored the nice chat.


Claire looked over at her clock as it went off, it was seven thirty. It was time to get ready to go to work. Claire sat up and went into her closet, picked out her outfit. It was a white t-shirt with pink, orange, and green streaks through it. She wore her short Capri’s and put her hair up in a ponytail before grabbing her phone off the charger and heading out the door. It was now quarter to eight, she had only five minutes to grab her normal morning coffee and scone (a habit she picked up while living in Sweden) and get to the library. Claire wasn’t good at getting up and getting everything done early enough where she didn’t have to worry about anything. After picking up her coffee and strawberry scone, she raced to the library trying to eat, drink at the same time. Surprisingly, this time she didn’t make that big of a mess in her car. She looked decent and when she walked over to the door, it dawned on her. It was Sunday! She forgets to turn off her alarm the night before and now that everything was actually going her way, she was off for the entire day.

She got back into her car, instead of just driving back home to where her mother and sister-in-law would be getting ready to head over to church. She started up her car and backed out to cruise around the city. She put her phone on silent so when her mom went to text her if she wanted to go to church, she wouldn’t get it. Claire was used to the quiet; she actually preferred it that way. She found a vacate lot nearby the church where she knew her mom would be at, and pulled in and parked it. She switched her radio on and found an actual easy channel where she could read to and not be interrupted by the ads or disc jockeys. She only had a little bit to go before she officially finished it. She was relaxed and comfortable, until she heard a tap on her window and was amazed to see the person on the other side. Thankfully, she screamed while she was still in the car. It was the week of the fourth of July, and there was Zak and Helen’s son and Claire’s Charlie still in their uniforms but happy to see a familiar face.

“What are you guys doing here?” Claire said as she was trying to wipe away her tears. “I thought you were coming home on the fourth?” She said to them, still wiping. The boys looked at each other, “who told you that?” Zak’s deep voice sounded just like their father’s, which made her kind of sad to now see that he wasn’t going to be with them for the holidays. “Helen told mom and she told me.” Claire said as she looked at Charlie, who was now rolling his eyes. “I swear that woman is phsyic or something.” Charlie said in a sarcastic voice. “I talked to her once this month and made sure not to say anything. How the hell did she figure it out?” Zak had a big grin on his face, knowing how much their mother didn’t like surprises that much, but surprising neither did Brittany! They were going to kill him. “You must’ve had a different tone or something and figured something was up.” Zak said looking back between Claire and Charlie. “What are you doing sitting in your car, reading what does not look like a Bible, in dressy clothes?” Charlie said with a mischievous grin on his face. Zak had his arms folded, “I thought I had to work this morning. I forgot it was Sunday.” Claire said in a soft voice, the boys chuckled at her.

“Well, do you want to join us in our little scheme?” Zak said leaning up against her door. “Depends, what are you planning to do?” Claire said now with her arms crossed. “We’re going to go up to the church and surprise the shit out of everybody in there.” Charlie said with a huge smile on his face. “Well, if you’re going to do that, you might want to stop cussing or Reverend Burns might throw holy water on you.” Claire said and Zak looked at his buddy Charlie, who was now looking down on the ground. “I’m not going to make any promises but I’ll try.” “Do you think you can give us a lift?” Zak said to his younger sister. “You do realize the church is like right there?” Claire said back to him. “Yeah, but we don’t want anybody seeing us and spoiling the surprise.” Zak said in his sarcastic voice. “Yeah no, standing out here for ten minutes plus another two minutes while you two bicker back and forth is any better.” Charlie said which stopped both Claire and Zak in their tracks. “You shut up Charlie, or I’ll let Claire kick your ass.” Zak said to him in response. “Oh, she won’t kick my ass, she’s had her chance before and she didn’t take it then.” Charlie said while he glared up at Claire, Zak looked confused but thought about not even asking what the hell that meant. “Will you just give us a ride?” Zak said, Claire turned to him and nodded, “but Charlie sits in the back.” Ouch!

When they pulled into the parking lot, it was an hour and a half into the service. The boys got out of the car first and Claire climbed out to fix herself, as she thought she still had crumbs on her pants. “How are we doing this?” Claire said, as she turned to face them. “Go in and walked down the aisle and holler that you found some strangers that need some blessings.” Zak said, looks like he had been thinking about this for a while. “Okay, I’ll do that. Wish me luck that Reverend Burns doesn’t throw me out first!” Claire said as she entered inside the church first, followed behind her were the guys who stood by the doors to go inside the service hall. She walked like she was walking down the runaway for the fashion show. “Excuse me Reverend Burns, but I’m going to stop you right there, because we have two strangers that need blessings.” Claire shouted with all might, everybody in the room turned around facing her. Mary looked like she was about to explode in horror as her only daughter just interrupted the pastor. All of a sudden cheers came from the back and both Brittany and Mary stood up, to see Zak and Charlie walking down the aisle in their army uniforms. Nothing like half of the town being in one church, screaming and cheering for two of their own soldiers. Mary, Helen, and Brittany walked out of the pew and hugged the guys tightly. Claire was full of glee of seeing her family happy that Zak was home and seeing Charlie with his parents as well. She stood next to the pastor and leaned over and told him that she was sorry for interrupting his sermon, but he looked over at her and said “not as sorry as this though.”

Claire looked over at him and in the back part of the church doors where the pastor lives was a very tall and decorated male and even more cheers came from the church. It’s one thing to find her brother home, but to see that there was a God and that he had answered her prayers. Jack stood up and walked down towards his daughter, who was now on the ground trying to find a balance between gravity. The tears she felt earlier when Zak and Charlie scared her, found her once again but this time she didn’t try and stop them. He leaned over and pulled her up to her feet, she clutched him tightly and a second later Mary came over to hug her husband. “What are you doing here?” Mary said with her puffy eyes and tears still streaming down her face. “Oh, I thought I’d join the boys on their homecoming and spend my freedom with my family.” Jack said to her. “Hey, pops!” Zak said as he was wiping away his tears while holding his son in his arms. Brittany came over to Jack and patted him on the back and he kissed her on the forehead. “Hey, son, this was a good idea to do you know that?” Jack said to him with a chuckle. “I told you.” Zak said as he wrapped his arms around his family and watched the crowd of people still standing and clapping for their services. This was what Claire wanted on this imperfect Sunday.

The Originals Inspired FSF: Innocence

On Wednesday, I devoted a whole post for my superhero and villains and recapped my thoughts on the season finale of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. so I thought if the word fit well enough with what all happened on The Originals finale than I’d mix it in with this week’s Five Sentence Fiction. The cool part about this is that I had actually done this with The Vampire Diaries at the beginning of the season, it kind of feels like I’ve come full circle considering both of these shows are ending on the same week. (No, I haven’t cried yet.) If you haven’t finished the last few episodes then I wouldn’t suggest reading this piece at all. If you have watched it, WHO CRIED?! I know I did. I’ve been very curious of how this episode would end to be quite honest with you, I’ve been scared of all of the character’s fates. Most importantly Hayley and the little baby. At the ending of last week’s, the baby was coming and the beginning of Tuesday’s episode when Klaus finally makes it to the church the witches are ready for the birth and when Klaus goes to attack mid-delivery the witches throw him up against the wall and trap him there. After the baby is born, Monique slits Hayley’s throat that way she wouldn’t take off with her. Klaus and Elijah have a few seconds to mourn the loss of Hayley, but do everything in their power to get that baby back. The ending is just a roller coaster of feelings. It was a beautiful but a heartbreaking episode! Exactly what a season finale should be honestly.


What it’s all about: Five Sentence Fiction is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist. Each week I will post a one word inspiration, then anyone wishing to participate will write a five sentence story based on the prompt word. The word does not have to appear in your five sentences, just use it for direction.

This week: INNOCENCE

The world is a cruel place, enemies spoil the simple joys of life with good is overshadowed by the bad.

A baby can bring hope and happiness  to every situation.

It’s time for sleepless nights, early morning feedings, and an endless amount of dirty diapers.

Instead this little family is being ripped at the seams for the sake of the newborn baby.

As tears roll down the mother and father’s faces, the fear of the unknown and heartache of missing this child grow up; she will grow up with the only known trusted family member left and she will give this world a run for their money one day.

The Stocks Of Wheatland

Is Candy Land as sweet as they say it is???

It started like a regular day, but sadly it wasn’t a normal day for Martin Scott. He has been promised by his family that he’d start eating better. He was not in the mood to argue with his family, so he just agreed to make them happy. He didn’t think he was overweight, but has been over the average weight of a male in his early twenties. When his mother saw him take more than one plate full of food at the family reunion, she began to get worried for her youngest son and his health. After talking it over with the rest of her children and husband, they all agreed to comfort him about it. That afternoon was hell for the both of them. She didn’t want to embarrass him, but she knew it had to be done. Martin got a call from his oldest sister Lisa to come over to their parent’s house, as they were going to have a family meeting. Martin wasn’t excepting much or that it would be about him. When he arrived, his brothers and sisters greeted him and gave him hugs. His mother and father sat in the living room, just waiting. They didn’t even say hi to him. When they all sat on the couches they let loose on him and told him about what they really thought about his body image. It started off like a normal and calm conversation, Martin had thought trying to lose weight in the past but nothing ever fell through. When his mother started bawling because she couldn’t take the pressure. Even though she was crying and everybody was perfect in their lives, he decided to take the deal to get out of there quick.

Martin didn’t even last four hours after leaving his parents’ house. He went to the nearest drive through and order his last fattening meal. The next day, his sisters took him to the store and showed him foods he could eat and the things he can’t anymore. He absolutely hated going with them, especially by himself with his nieces and nephews again. At least he’s mother stayed at home. They took everything back to his house and they even brought him his own healthy cookbook. Martin thought it was very sweet of them to help him out but something told him he wouldn’t last long on this diet stuff. They showed him to make a “skinny” meal with wheat pasta, lots of healthy vegetables, and a light sauce to go on top. He would rather like his normal pasta, lots of sauce and no vegetables a lot more right now, but he knew with his sisters were in his home that wasn’t going to be an option. When everything was done, his other sister showed him how to count calories and made him drink naturally flavored water. He did like the water, but it was the food that didn’t set well with him. As soon as he took the first bite. He had the urge to spit it back out onto his napkin but of course his sisters were right there, watching him for a positive reaction. So he played one up for them! As they high-five each other and grinned ear to ear, he wanted to throw up his food!

 After he has basically shoved his nasty tasting foot into his mouth and taking a drink after every bite. He thought it was all over, until his younger sister Sara pulled out this raw strawberry pie. Raw meaning nothing was cooked inside. As much as he loves frozen foods, especially sugary foods, this was not the perfect first healthy dessert. He had to give her some credit though, the first two bites weren’t that bad until he let it sat out and talked to his sisters about the possibility of working out in the gym, more recipes inside the cookbook, and counting calories. The taste of the pie got worse and worse. It was no longer frozen anymore and tasted very bland. He stood by his promise and ate all of his small piece. He was glad that they cut him a small slice. When they were finished, he offered to wash the dishes as he knew where they went in the cabinet. They sat at the table, continuing to talk about what all he could eat for the next six days. He so dreaded the fact that they were talking about it. The worst was to come though, as they got up to grab their bags and leave him to be alone. Sara had remembered that she had a half pie in her bag and showed him that he could have it for the rest of the week, but only a small slice. He put on a brave face when she showed him the half eaten pie. When he was finally done washing the dishes, he did feel refreshed but also starving! Lisa and Sara left to go back to their families but said to call anytime he needed to in the week for advice. He smiled at their gesture and walked them to the door. When they left the house, he closed the door and wanted to put everything they got today in the trash.

Around 11pm, he got a text from his brother Jordan that he should go running with him in the morning. When he texted back asking what time he usually goes, Jordan texted back with “5-6:30am so he could get his kids on the bus for school.” Martin wanted to scream in horror! Five or six in the morning to go running was not his kind of excercise! He texted back “no thanks.” He put his phone on silent for the rest of the night. He started to get tired and was starting to hear his stomach growl for more food, but he promised his family to try lose weight. So he ignored his stomach and turned off the TV and lights around the house and went to sleep in his bed. When he crashed into his comfortable bed, he began to dream suddenly. His body was trying to wake him by telling he was hungry again. He ignored the noises and pulled the blanket over his body and escaped his hunger or so he thought. His dreamscape brought him to a cute little village, but why was he dreaming about a village that a kid could have fun? He was confused but didn’t fight it as he could no longer hear his stomach growling. He awoke to a bunch of grains looking at him weirdly. “What is he?” One stock said to another. “I think he’s a human.” An aged stock said to the rest.”A HUMAN?! Do you think his come to pick us like the others do?!” A very twitchy stock said to the aged stock. “Oh how about you all shut up.” Martin said to the very large stocks without opening his eyes. “Oh!” They all gasped as his words. “How about you make us.” The twitchy one didn’t like to be mean, but if he wanted a fight he was going to get one. Martin shot straight up and faced the stocks and now that his eyes were open, he could see them muttering words to each other. “AHHH! What the hell? You can talk!” Martin shouted at them. “Well, thank you for finally standing up but killing our friends.” Martin looked down at the stomped stocks below him. Oops!

“Wha-How did I get here?” Martin said to the stocks that were now mad at him and mourning the deaths of the stocks he landed on. “That’s all you have to say for yourself!” The twitchy stock said, with his light green leaves on what looked to be his hips. Martin was confused about what was going on around him. “I-I-I-I’m sorry I guess.” He said to them. “Oh please, you’re never sorry.” A female stock with what looked like baby grains at the sides of her. “What are you looking at son?” An angry stock who must’ve been her husband said to him with a deep voice. Martin was starting to think Sara had put alcohol inside that vegan pie! “I am sorry, I really am!” Martin said, “especially about your family members. I didn’t mean to kill them. I just don’t know where I am. One minute I was asleep in bed and now I’m here. Where am I?” Martin said the stocks that surrounded him, who now looked at him with sympathy. “You are in Wheatland son.” The aged stock stood besides his people and the twitchy one put down his arms from his waist. “My name is  Beer” Martin that it was a strange name but he’s heard worse. “Well, Beer? This is a weird question, do you know how to get back to my bed?” Martin said while fiddling with his thumbs while two little stocks look him over. “These are my grandsons Rye and Bun. Boys, be nice.” Beer said nicely to the young stocks of wheat. “Wow!” Martin whispered to himself. A little voice appeared in the distance of field of wheat. “I know how to get you out of here.” She was dainty and covered in blue. “My name’s Blueberry at your service.” She said as she hopped around the stocks and Martin. “Just follow me.”

“Were not finished with him yet.” The twitchy stock said while tugging onto Martin’s arm. “He hasn’t been brought to justice for his crimes.” He said while the crowd shouted in agreement. “Well, if you stays here it’ll just mean more will show up and kill more of you.” The little blueberry said to the twitchy stock. Everybody started muttered again. “Very well, you can take him. Lenny let go.” Lenny? Martin thought to himself. “Out of all the names of bread you can come up with, you name him Lenny?” Martin shouted at the stocks and started laughing. “Man, didn’t you get the short end of the stick.” The little blueberry started hopping away before the riots erupted. “You better leave now son before we arrest you.” Martin grinned and said “Oh, what are you going to arrest me with?” Martin would get his answer, when two very strong twigs tangled her wrists and legs and stumbled onto the ground. Martin started to roll around to try to break free. “STOP!” Blueberry had hopped back to rescue him “Untie him, now!” She said in a loud and firm voice, “he thinks he can make fun of us.” Lenny had put his leave like arms back to his hips and stood firmly by his decision. When Blueberry looked back at Martin he now had a twig over his mouth. “Beer, let him go. I’ll take him to Candyland where he will be brought to justice for his crimes.” More muttering from the other stocks. “All right, you can take him, just get him out of my sight.” Beer said and nodded the twigs to be untied from Martin’s body. “Come on” Blueberry said as she hopped away from the stocks and Martin followed behind her, walking slowly because he was too busy watching out the other twigs around his feet.

Intruders Of The Mind

UntitledSince I was born, I could hear everything around me more clearly than my parents. I could hear their feet getting up out of bed when I would cry in the middle of the night. When they would go into the kitchen, grab a bottle out of the fridge, fill it up and warm it up in the microwave and then walk up the stairs again to come comfort me and as I got older I learned how many steps they took to be next to me. The amount of steps to take was 26. I don’t have OCD, but hearing more than a normal person has created other illnesses within me to keep me from being a normal person. It started when I was about five years old, I would have a nightmare about an ugly monster living inside my closet. It would come out when I was in a deep sleep, but I would hear it breathing next to my ear. It steps heavy on the floor and bumps into my dressers and drawers, making the books and stuffed animals fall off. Funny thing was, when I would wake up that monster would be the size of a seed but it made that much of racket and created the illusion of a bigger monster was to come later. When he waved at me from down on the floor, my tears would start to fall and I’d cry for my parents when they’d come in to be near me they would say “nothing’s there” but yet he would be there with his hand crossed looking at me slyly, I’d still be crying and my parents kept saying “there was nothing to be afraid of what’s not there.” They were real and I had created them in my mind.

When I was a teenager, the monsters got smaller and smaller until they turned into words. Every word, every sentence became a bigger monster. When I would go to school, the voices would start to shout at me, telling me to kill and love each of them to pieces. Every person I came into eye contact with was being judged with another voice inside my mind. “She is ugly!” one would say, in a high falsetto voice. “I think she’s pretty!” another would say, this time in a child’s voice. The ones that would whisper deep within, was from a demonic voice saying the words “kill her.” I had to fight back the tears in my seat, from the age five to 17 I would pee my pants in fear of the chaos inside. They would not leave me alone. Instead of being the good child when I came home from school, I would go into my room and throw my bag full of homework that will be completely and I went into my escape and that’s where the voices were at their peak and I was free to cry in silence. I would crawl underneath my bed and look up to the wooden box that the bed springs were resting on. So many memories lied within the words already written in place. Each bed I ever had, had words and sentences that never made sense to anyone but myself. It would be covered with the truth and lies of what each voice would say about myself, my parents, and what the outside would thought of me.

I tried to get help as a young age, but there was no helping the demons that appeared on top of the shrinks head, they were tickling their ears and nose. They traveled down their bodies were loose hairs and giggle their way down and stomp on his shoulders, thighs, knees, toes, and fingers with such force you would think thee pain was caused from falling down a large case of stairs. It was hard to heal what was easily the best form entertainment to an only child. When they would ask, “what do you see, child?” I would freeze up as I had made a promise to one of the monsters that I would never describe them to anybody, but when I was 15 I couldn’t take the pressure of keeping in a dumb secret like this. “They look like little elves, but not like Santa’s elves. They cause chaos to everything I look at and the pain you’re feeling right now was made from them right now.” I gave up trusting them as they were tearing me apart piece by piece. When the shrink looked at himself and saw the places that were burning of pain, nothing was there. “Don’t say what my parents said to me as a kid. They do exist. They’re there, I can only see them.” I would say out loud in front of the shrink, who would start writing in his pad of paper again. When it was time to leave, he excused me out of his office into the waiting area so he could discuss my actions with my parents. When they came out, they had a small piece of paper in my mother’s hand of a prescription  of a medicine that would “help” cure the monsters that roamed freely around me. That first day was pure heaven; I was normal for once. I was no longer looking for them anymore or counting how many steps a person took in the house. Seventeen days later, the monsters had found a way into my ear canal and said clearly, “we’re back.”

Some of them where from the elves, as some where formed from the people I had meant around town. I had remembered what each person who talked to me sounded like and mimicked their voice to make them say what a monster would say. I was in a panic, I was being good and taking my medicine but we would run out for three days at a time to get a new refill, it was like a jail sentence all over again. They were just voices, some in accents and others in softer tones. It was exhausting to have them back filling the void of being normal. They said they had mourned that I had destroyed their bodies, but since I had a great memory I had brought them back to life with their voices. It was scary to think that thirty days ago, I could only hear one voice, my voice. Now here they were again, making me write underneath my bed. Writing instructions of what I should do and who I should be. They would be angry that when I was on my medicine I had slashed “x’s” on each rule and then once they were done yelling at me, I was back to sanding each part down with new wood and I’d be right back to were I had started. I wasn’t alone in my mind but I had so longed to be again. When the pharmacy refilled my contains, I felt like unbalance of happiness and conflict between the demons and myself. I wanted to be a good person again, but they controlled my body the most. At my worst, my parents would have to hold me down to force feed me the pills in order for me to take them. I was consumed with them that I fought hard to regain strength in not taking them at all, even spitting them out while my father held my head and hushing me to relax, if two pills escaped from my tongue to reach them and go down the back of my throat, down to my stomach, I could feel the demons running away.

I would be crying for my friends who nobody had ever meant or seen. I had tried to make myself gag in hopes of the pills spilling out in the process. My parents would be there, holding me tightly as I sat there waiting for the medicine to reach the source and then the sounds and feel of heaven erupted inside and the enemy was gone. As days went on, my mother and I were closer and my father and I bonded over our common traits, hair, eyes, and our love of golf. When the sun was high up in the sky and the birds sang away in the trees, I cried tears of joy of what I was surrounded by, a believable heaven that only a person who has once lived in a hell could only see. Rain and storms never terrified me because of the demons I have faced that were much more scarier than something could easily break trees, power lines and rip roofs off a house. I had a chance to analyze what I was able to experience without a monster waking me like a dream. Each day was the same, just different dates and conversations. At the end of every month was also the same, everytime I had tried to break a pill in half at the last two weeks of the month, I’d be out again and they’d start to creep back in. It was heartbreaking to feel the darkness swept in like wind, my family was in fear of letting me out of the house when I was out or ever leaving me alone in my bedroom for the fear of my demons taking over and I’d have nothing left to drown the agony, they knew I had stashed a knife somewhere in my room but didn’t know where. I didn’t ever know where until the time of ten voices came waltzing inside the core of my brain. It was a constant struggle; a beautiful chaos inside my ruined mind.