Life Lately | Oh, Singing The February Blues!


Yup, it’s me! I’m back to blogging after what feels like forever! February wasn’t a bad month, but it still sucked. I wasn’t my normally peppy, productive self and even though I had a lot of different types of blog posts in my head and in my daily planner, it’s been hard to concentrate to do anything worthwhile.

It seems like for the most part, February was full of sickness. I have over 200+ friends on Facebook and I’m pretty sure, the majority had some sort of illness! I wasn’t sick with the flu, like most people, but I felt really out of it though. I just wanted to sleep, which concerned my parents because they know how I hate taking naps in any part of the day. A part of me thinks it has to do with my depression creeping back to me. I’ve been feeling negative with myself again. I’ve also noticed that I just want to start bawling in both happy and sad times. It’s been really frustrating to figure out which could be wrong with me, because I don’t know what could be different compared to how life was like in October!

When February arrived, I was a little down with myself because I hadn’t used that last week of January to work on the first two weeks of the new month, so I think that was part of the issue in the beginning, but once I started working on my disability challenge posts I was fine! It wasn’t until I started working on my Valentine’s Day stories that I really noticed something different with myself. In January, I wanted to write happy, love stories. I don’t know why I decided to write about breakups instead. I was really mad at myself for not doing better since I had been so excited to begin production on them.

I don’t like putting a lot of pressure on myself. I’m already doing two other series on my blog, plus one more exclusively on my blog’s Facebook profile for this year. I did not need to add a fourth idea this late–and yes, it is considered “late” because I’ve done enough planning! When I came up with these ideas, I gave myself enough time in between so I wouldn’t feel like everything was crushing me to the point where I’d give up on everything! I just decided stop what I was doing for February and wait to publish anything until March begins, so I would have a new month, a new start to get things finished, scheduled and ready for you all to read something different and fun!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to do more self-care things, like reading and watching movies again. I’ve also joined a fun community of baby name euthastists like myself on Facebook, so I’ve been having fun collecting pairings, and adding onto my personal list and “baby names” Pinterest board too! Speaking of Pinterest boards, if you’d like to see what I’ve been watching on TV lately, you can check out my “seen in 2019” mini board now! I’ve been exploring the drama and time period films again, so if you are into historical, tear-jerker type of movies, you’d think you’ve hit the jackpot with my list!

How was your February? Have you or your family been going through the sickness too? Hope you’re all feeling better!

Blogmas | Mr. G (writing prompt)



Merry Christmas everyone!

Today’s post will be another story that I found online. It really surprised me how little Christmas/winter writing prompts there are anywhere! It took me so long to find ones that I liked to create something for you. The fact that I have one for you for this week kind of freaked me out, but once I read it, I knew it was going to be the one for me. The first thing that popped into my mind though was the Gingerbread man in the movie Shrek so I really hope you like this!

Originally, I was just going to use this prompt to create the story, but as I was dealing with the issues of trying to find a good one, my mom suggested that I talk about the Elf On The Shelf and its doings around the house at night. While I thought it was a good concept, I didn’t want to mess with my other one. After a couple of days, ideas started floating around in my head that combined both of them, so this was the ending result!

Grandmother pulled the last tray of gingerbread men from the oven. Suddenly…

Hilda enjoyed her time with her grandchildren, so she decided to make it easier on herself and finish making the beloved gingerbread men at nine o’clock in the evening. The house was somewhat quiet as the only noise throughout the house was her humming and the occasional dinging of the oven. It was very relaxing to her to bake before everyone came over, but it didn’t last…

As she was pulling out the last tray of men from the oven, she began to hear a light rustling and even some grunting noises coming from the other side of her island. She put down the tray of freshly baked gingerbread softly before quickly locating a cast-iron pan from her shelf and gripped it hard.

“Is anybody there?” She said in her tiny quivering voice. “Don’t come any closer, I’m armed” the pan shook in her hands as shear terror rippled through her whole body. She took a step forward to see if she could catch a glimpse of the stranger down below. As she took the step, the floor creaked under her feet and she froze. By this time, a tip of a tiny red and while cap slowly appeared on the opposite side, climbing its way up unknowingly what he was walking into at this moment.

“Ugh, the things I will do for a little snack.” The little creature poked his long but little arms from below and his shiny head suddenly movable kept looking back at the drop he’d make if he wasn’t careful with his footing. Once he got his upper limbs over, he just crawled across the top to make things easier on himself. After safely making the journey, he sighed and stood up to wipe off the dust of his plain Christmas-y suit. Now he was clean but saw something in the corner of his eye and it made him turn around halfway to face a very terrified Hilda.


As Hilda screamed, she accidentally dropped the pan on her foot. She was conflicted to deal with the pain of her toes or the mysterious intruder. After several seconds, it dawned on her that this little man looked oddly like her elf on the shelf that she does with her grandchildren. So, she approached it slowly and said,  “Rascal, is that you?”

“Rascal? My name is not that ratchet disgrace. The name’s Mr G and you can tell your little hooligans that the next time you see them too.” He said as folded his long arms together.

Hilda was shocked that he actually talked back to her, in such a rude tone, at that. “That’s what the box named you, Rascal.” Hilda calmly said back as she slowly bent down to pick up the pan on the kitchen floor. “I must be sleep baking again. How are you alive right now?” She gently put the pan on the island closes to her body as possible, you know just in case she needed it.

“Well we’re supposed to keep our identities a secret but then I smelled the cookies from the ridiculous position you had me in on the mantle, and since I was going to be there until dawn, I figured I deserved a treat.” G said as he made his way over to the freshly spiced cookies that were finally cool to the touch. He grabbed the smallest one of the bunch and shoved the whole thing into his mouth, licking his fingers to make that the rest of the crumbs were off of his outfit.

At this time, Hilda was in a daze. She couldn’t believe that this seemingly plastic toy could be eating a real cookie in front of her. “There’s more of you? Will all of my dolls come alive like you too?” As soon as she said that, she began to fear them move around and talk in a rude manner like Mr. G, which would help explain the loud banging and creaking sounds coming from the living room and kitchen late at night.

“Eh, I don’t think so.” As he finished the cookie and pushing the last bit of crumbs off the edge as they landed on the floor. “Unless they are Santa’s helpers, but they look too delicate to be one of us.” G looked at him with love on his face. “I wish they were, they are so good-looking and I haven’t had a decent date in decades!”

She turned her head to face the most expensive dolls she has and back to the creepy little dude on the island. It was just too crazy that this “Rascal” would be alive in the middle of her kitchen, and oozing over her $1,000 dolls on handmade shelves. He shook his head before looking back at the tray again, debating another cookie, before heading back to his hideous spot until Hilda began to speak once again, “You know I can put you in a more flattering place, if you want.”

G looked at her with delight, and walked towards her and as he stood at the ledge, he put his hands up at her like a baby would wanting to be carried around, she hestianted a bit before taking the chance and cradled him inside her arms and put him on the coffee table where she’d eventually place the milk and cookies in a day or two, but for now it’ll be Rascal–I mean, Mr. G’s new placement for the night.

Before she left his view for good, he spoke one more time to her. “Hey, if you could, please do not tell those little idiots about me being alive at night? Although it would be fun to scare them for once in my life.” She looked at him and smiled, signaling that she’d keep quiet for him. Afterwards, he suddenly looked away and became so sincere in his plastered smile on his face. The end.

So what did you think of this little story? I thought it was adorable! Would you like to see more of these types of stories during other holidays? 


Will I Do NaNoWriMo Again This Year?



It is almost that time for National Novel Writing Month or  “NaNoWriMo” as some people like to call it. For some writers, they live for this time of the year but for the rest, it’s something that they absolutely dread. I can understand both sides, if you enjoy it, I feel like you are good at being pressured and able to write everyday on your story, but I also know why others fear it too. If you have a very active social or work life at the moment, writing is literally the last thing on your mind.

As for me, I’ve had it in my brain since April, after I wrote my post about not being able to participate in CampNaNoWriMo that I should probably do it, but honestly I don’t see the point in it. I don’t want to force anything that doesn’t want to appear to me in dreams right now, you know what I’m saying?

There is hope though as I am using Pinterest to help me generate the characters and overall setting of my story. I’ve been looking into different people’s photos and have developed a clear picture of my female characters: Angela and Star. I am still having issues with my main character Heath, most because I have a general person in mind but he looks relativity younger than I want him to for my story so I’m trying to keep an open mind to other messy blondes. And Brace is my “complicated” character and he’s always been that way, so finding him has been quite a challenge for me! The others will come eventually at least that what I’m hoping will happen!

Another thing that I’m busy looking into is how to do outlines. I feel like finding the right way to figure out how I want things to go, is the key to my success on completing my first draft. I have a board on my profile for my favorite blog posts, and since November has been coming up, other writers have been writing posts of tips and how-to’s for aspiring NaNo rookies. I have three blog posts that talk creating an outline for their stories and I will have them listed below!

Now if you are thinking about joining NaNo, I have some posts I did last year, if you’d like to look into them. I wrote three updates and I had shared some of the websites I was using to attempt keep my pace together, maybe they will help you out too! I’d like to make a point to say, that I didn’t make it to the end of the month and I explain why that happened in the final post, but I was still fairly impressed with myself on what I did get done.

Am I Still Working On My Novel | 2 Week Mark | Am I Finished Or Not

Before I go, I just want to say good luck to everyone that is doing NaNoWriMo this year! You may not hit your word count everyday, nor will you like everything you’ve been working on, but I can definitely say that’s all part of the process! After it’s all over, you can revisit it, and you’ll see that you produced something awesome. 🙂

Have you ever thought about joining the NaNoWriMo party? What is keeping you back from writing your story?


Writing Prompt: The Dying Phoenix

Writing Prompts |
Click picture to go to the website!

I swear I surprise myself every day! I haven’t been so inspired to write any stories since my last one in March, but I was literally scrolling through Pinterest and I found this and I had something within me and I just decided to roll with it. I’m treating this like a free write, so don’t shocked if you see any mistakes on here, okay?

The prompt banner says, “Write the story of a magical creature missing their species’ key feature (a siren without a voice, a unicorn without a horn, a dragon without fire, etc). At first I was inspired by the “a siren without a voice” but then I thought about looking into other mythical creatures and remembered Phoenixes and thought this would be kind of cool to explore a dying phoenix. So I hope you all enjoy this little story!

I am dying.

We are all dying in our nests, awaiting to be reborn, and discover new worlds among men. It’s a lifetime achievement to be present in every birth, genius invention, and war. You are there as a sign that the circle continues and never ends, you give the humans hope for their future, but what happens when you are the one, who is constantly dying and on the urge of never awakening? There’s no direct answer to that, but yet I am living it.

My name is Sonnet. Yup, that is my name. It was given to me by my master, Edmund Groose (Gross). He was given a phoenix for his 44th birthday, after being ill for some time. He thought of me as a good sign, as phoenixes are generally always dying and coming back to life, but I was never a good luck bird to him or anyone else for that matter.

He told me while I was perched inside the bar in my bronze cage, that he gave me that name for his love of poetry, as he was infatuated with my brightly colored feathers, of purple and green. I looked like a peacock more than a phoenix honestly. I was to be his companion for 14 years, which is the exact lines of a written sonnet. After his untimely death, I was sent away to another master, and another, and another after him.

In all I had a total of 14 masters in my lifetime.

Now you might think this is unusual, but I never once died and was reborn with any of them. I was a young bird at the start and lived out the lives of the people around me, but was never the spectacle of the other phoenixes of the world. While I aged throughout the decades, my colors started to fade but never exploded into a ball of fire at the end of the day like some many others, I stayed and suffered through the fiery pain inside.

I was never unhappy with my situation though. I was going through what some many others were, I was slowly dying and I actually relished in that feeling. I was always afraid that once I made my first rebirth, if I’d still have my memories of my previous owner? Would I still want to look outside the window into the morning sunrise and be given freshly caught fish from the sea? I often wondered if I’d still feel the same as I always had after I came back and lived again.

The world had not changed too drastically from the time I was given to Edmund Groose in the 1800’s, as I wasn’t exposed to too much, as it was illegal to have such an exotic bird of my kind but I was basically a family heirloom to the Groose family. I never left the house or roughly my cage in the corner of the spare bedroom. It was a dark and gloomy room to let such a magnificent bird sleep, but when I was let out for some excercise, the room itself was big enough to fly around the columns on the walls and even sit on the windowsill to absorb as much sunlight as I could to hopefully bring back my beautiful hue on my body and even my spirit, but over time I realized that it wasn’t working and that I was officially dying for good.

The pain is beginning to be too much for me. I can hardly stand up on the bar at the top of my cage. The cage I was originally in, is breaking apart at the seams right along with me. I no longer have the strength to stand up, as the heat of the fire within me is burning the muscles and bones in my body. My feathers are slowly decaying, one by one falling and drifting down to the floor. Once there, the green shade had turned into a black and fragile texture to the touch.

I hope I die and never come back, for I’d like to be the one phoenix that never rises from the ashes. The enigma to other birds of my species to be afraid of what could happen to them, but the question remains, would they accept death or divert altogether?


Writing Prompt: 3/4

Click To Claim Your Free eBook Of The Most Popular Prompts | Prompt | Dialogue | Writing | Inspiration | Read | Starter | Conversation | TFR’s Writing Prompts | Number 320 | Novel | Story | Writers CornerIt’s been a really long time since I’ve been inspired to write a little story on the top of my head, but I saw this on Pinterest and was instantly hit with a full on dialogue of these two characters. I may not describe them as good as I normally would, so I’m sorry!


“What’s wrong with you now?” She said, as she slammed the locker in front of her and turned around to see her best friend stood silently in front of the wall with his head tilted downward, and his eyes were blinking slowly.

“I don’t want to go home.” Chris finally told her. “Cory is going to be home from college for spring break. For some reason the jackass came home instead of going to Florida with his friends and you know how my folks are, they’re going to ignore me for the rest of the week and dote on him the entire time. Can I just stay over at your house? I can hide in your closet, I wouldn’t make a peep I promise!” He said with a panicked look on his face.

Dana rolled her eyes. “What is your deal with you two anyways? You guys used to be best buds back in the day, right?” She said as she began walking away from him.

“Oh, supposedly I took out an old girl friend and I guess I wasn’t allowed to do that.” Chris sighed and rolled his eyes at the thought of explaining the circumstances to him over the phone. “I thought that only happened with you females. Don’t you get all territorial with old flames?” Chris ran up to catch up with Dana but considering the look on her face, he quickly regretted that decision!

“If the relationship ended on mutual terms then yes, we can still be attached and hope you and that other person can get back together one day.” Dana continued to walk down the hallway. “Besides, isn’t that what you guys say so you can just get into our pants later on?” Touche. Dana’s sassy side was showing in full force today!

As they approached the front doors of the school, the rest of their classmates crowded the stairs, who were finally free to reach for their phones and put on sunglasses to shield their eyes from the bright sun glazing in the sky above them. The lines of buses sat running loudly on the road opposite of them and as the students began to fill up each one, they’d finally move out on their long journey home.

Chris and Dana walked slowly over to her car, a little baby blue beetle that she’s always wanted. Unfortunately, it wasn’t up to its former glory after the many, many accidents she put it through in the last two years! Thankfully she was never hurt but still, the little bug had some gnarly dents and none of the wheels went together, but hey, she was just glad it started in the morning!

As they climbed in and buckled themselves into their seats, Chris’s anxiety was at an all time high. Dana turned on the car and quickly flipped on the radio, they took a break from her streaming app, as her phone desperately needed to be charged up. For Chris’s sake, they needed some old school radio jams! The first song that came on was early 2000’s Usher, good ole R&B can make anyone be in a happy mood again!

Within a half an hour later, the two had sore throats and had a few scares as not only did Dana almost hit a tree but she also killed two squirrels on their way to their old neighborhood. Honestly Dana did not deserve a driver’s license and Chris was surprised she still had one in the first place! The little beetle bug came into the gravel road towards Chris’s family house and when they instantly hit the first pieces of rock, Chris could feel his stomach doing cartwheels.

“If you’re gonna throw up, there’s plastic bags on the floor.” Dana said as she slowly trucked onto the road. It wasn’t to help Chris, she was more afraid that if she sped up that one of her wheels were to fall off!

As Chris grabbed the bags off the floor where his feet were, he began to look a little worried when he saw a perfectly good knife on the stained carpet. The sudden feeling of blowing chunks all over her car disappeared. “Why do you have a knife in here or do I want to know?” He said with a confused look on his face. She gave a sly smile and turned her eyes back to the road.

“Can I hit him with your knife?” Chris said with a soft grin on his face.

“I believe the technical term is ‘stab'” As Dana shot back the strange comeback to her best friend.

“Well, I don’t want to stab the poor bastard. I mean, I don’t hate him that much.” He said as he put the knife back underneath his seat.

“You’re brothers, by the time you guys are in your thirties, you’ll both be married and you will be fine.” Dana said as they slowly began to see the row of large houses come into view. “Just be happy you have a sibling. Even if he is a dick.”

Forgive me if there’s grammar issues, I just wanted to do a little fun, free write tonight. Hope you like it!



Song Review: “Halvdan The Black” by Leaves’ Eyes

I’ve been pretty excited about new music from Leaves’ Eyes. It still puzzles me that it’s been two years since “Symphonies Of The Night” came out! That’s freaking insane!

When it comes to finding great music, you’re always looking for that next best thing! That lingering question emerges, will it be better or worse than the album before? I’ve had a difficult getting into bands that use story concepts for their albums. It’s very interesting to see an actual story take place within an album, but knowing that every single song is part of the same outline as the one before it, you feel like there’s no room for other topics. Some bands like Leaves’ Eyes don’t necessarily use true feelings, sometimes they write about Vikings folklore and things of that nature. It’s cool on how Liv and Alexander write their songs that way, because also being in a type of band that makes symphonic metal (meaning using both classical and heavy metal elements together, such as choirs, orchestra, and three guitars) it helps make the song pop! It gives it life in a way.

When I first heard this song I had just heard an EP from another symphonic metal band but that wasn’t as dramatic sounding as this did. The sirens and chanting at the beginning give it that dark feeling and it’s honestly a great way to start off and then a choir and guitars start up and that adds another layer of greatness! Usually I love Liv’s light vocals on these types of songs but since it gave me such a dark, black feeling during the introduction I think Alexander’s part is the brilliant thing to have in this song. Unfortunately I hate the guitar solo like always! I think they could have exchanged that with something to make it better, but other than that it’s an amazing song! I just hope the album’s just as good or even better! I’ve been let down three times in the past few months, I’d like to love at least one symphonic heavy metal album this year!

What do you love/hate about Leaves’ Eyes new single? What do you think their new album will sound like? 

OOTD: Skulls + Trees


This past weekend was a good one. I finally reminded somebody to take a picture of my outfit of the day. It was one of two shirts that I haven’t been able to wear that I got for Christmas. I’ve known about the activities of the weekend for almost two weeks I think. My sister has been volunteering at a women’s domestic abuse shelter and she and her friend/roommate Skyela chose that one since Blondie thought it was close by and she was very interested in it considering what she went through two years ago. Anyways, she signed our mom up to do a two or three-hour Zumbaton! My mom has never done Zumba before, so she thought she wouldn’t get through the full hours but apparently she did! I’m very proud of her, even though she said she had a difficult time getting their actual moves done, she has been learning a few things from watching heavy amounts of DWTS. She said she might’ve sucked at moving her feet, but her lines of her hands were perfect! Oh boy!! Too bad we don’t have video of it! While they were there, I had the option of staying at home or go to my nana’s. I decided on going to my nana’s, and then I realized that it would be a good day to wear my new skull shirts. So I wore them to my nana’s and John and Julie’s that night.

While my mom and sister improvised on workout clothes and deciding on what kind of shoes to bring, I wore my black and black outfit on a very pretty spring day! I got a black tank top with shiny skulls all around, my nana had to fix the sleeves as they would stay on my shoulders. The top shirt is a button-up silky, came with a nice belt because it doesn’t button up all the way and it’s extremely long on me! My dad left a little bit after all this, and I don’t blame him by the end of it all these two were driving me nuts! “Does this work?” “Do you think my feet will stay in these shoes?” My only concern was about my hair. The bad part is that I don’t think cutting it will actually help my situation. Anyways, while dad was out my mom caved in and let me see Midget’s babies. Yeah, we have a new litter of kittens. Actually give it a couple more days and we will have TWO litters! Bootsie is about to pop as well! This is Midget’s first litter and we think she’s not understanding why the want to come at her belly. We had four originally, but um, things happened and two have died. My mom has officially gotten her orange kitty, we just hope it lives! I’ve already got a name for it if it’s a boy: Otis! I think we will call it “Olivia” if it’s a girl since it’s close to “Oliver.” The other baby is black and white. They are very tiny, I’ve actually never seen a newborn kitten before. They were born on April 9th.

Once the two goofballs had decided on their outfits and everything, my mom took me out on the porch so I could visit with the other cats. Although, everybody else scattered as soon as my mom pushed me out of the door. Bootsie was the only one left and she’s been very “loving” lately. She usually doesn’t like me petting her but she’s been letting me do it for the past few weeks. Blondie and I sat out on the porch and visit with her and our other neighbor. At the end, just before my sister put me in the car to leave, I took some pictures of the trees around our front yard. When you first go out, there are two smaller trees at a house on the other side of the road, we think they’re dogwood because they change colors in each stage of the seasons before going bare in the wintertime. They start out as green/white before changing into an emerald-green and then lastly a white/pink during the fall. Our neighbor Ronnie has a big tree in his yard and a small tree or bush, I don’t remember but it looks very pretty too! Majority of the trees around town have bloomed and it makes me so happy! However, not so happy that the bees and wasps have made a comeback already! Ugh!

I went over to my nana’s and we literally spent the whole two or three hours there talking about different things. We were cut off quite a few times after my papaw came back down stairs. While my nana and I were having talks about life and all that, my papaw kept telling me war stories and his time when he was stationed in Hawaii. I’ve heard several stories of his time there, it wasn’t as bad considering the rest of the other soldiers there, he was in the pharmacy part and that’s all I basically know. I’ll ask him sometime about that because I didn’t even know you could do that or could do it back then. I also got to hear the story of the time my grandparents won a car from a lottery ticket late at night. A brand new ’63 Pontiac that was only a few hundred dollars back then. After they won it, apparently they only used a few times before giving it to my papaw’s Aunt Mary? And they give them the money of what it was actually worth back to them! I finally caved in and read a little bit of an Archaeology magazine that he sometimes gets. I’m getting a little obsessed with it honestly, there’s a part in it called “World Roundup” and its little stories of excavations all around the world. I like to read those out loud and I don’t know why because I really hate it! I cannot say big words and sounding them out doesn’t work anymore either. It is fun to try though because we have a hard time trying not to laugh at the same time!

My mom and sister came back to the house around five in the afternoon. They were exhausted, my sister has done Zumba in the past but not for two hours straight. My mom on the other hand, walks because of her work, but that’s basically all she does. She’s only played  Just Dance on Wii a handful of times too. I’ve seen Zumba and it is more of a workout than JD! When we got home, we went to our neighbors after a quick bathroom break. I had fun! My mom and sister left an hour or two, but I stayed the whole three hours there. I watched the guys play pool and hear they’re conversations. A bunch of our neighbors came over, one of which has a baby/toddler. She’s not walking much yet but she can play footsie with me! As it was getting darker and darker, Theresa, Sammy, Alex, Chey, and Chevy came over to the garage for a bit. Whenever they come over and my mom is around, I don’t know I feel like I hold back my feelings and words. Since I was there without her, I got to sit next to Sammy (but I always do!) and I felt happy. I don’t feel like I have to keep things away from anybody, because I know dad doesn’t care what Sammy and I talk about, but my mom being a woman she does! We even managed to get a picture with the two of us and her daughter Chevy, of course she wasn’t looking ahead like we were but it’s still a cute picture! Miss Chey (who is Sammy’s little sister) is getting her spinal fusion surgery done today, she got it done this morning. It’s the same surgery I had but she’s lucky that she’s not going through the halo and three-part surgeries that I did.

My mom wanted me to come home as she was really feeling tired and doesn’t like anybody else taking me to bed except for her, I felt so loved after hearing that! Sammy walked me home because my original plan went to his friend’s house. Before anybody gets excited, this boy is like fourteen years old! Chill out! He’s like a little brother to me! Anyways Sammy AND Chevy hanging on the back of my wheelchair. You can tell she’s done this too many times because Sammy actually knows how to get my headrest off now. When we got there, Chevy immediately ran over to Blondie in my dad’s chair. She isn’t really around her often but still she ran over to her while ChiChi barked and ran at her. Poor thing! The only thing I didn’t like about the whole deal was my mom and Blondie got their goodbye hugs but I didn’t. So somebody owes me a hug! When they left, I went into my room and got ready for bed. We realized that I had been sitting up since about 1pm, I only remember going online in the morning! The last tweet I had posted was 12 hours from the one I made that night. I love those kinds of days of being away from my laptop and online world, no offense to you all!

On Sunday, I woke up at 9am and I could not go back to sleep for the life of me. I even went to bed late too! I was supposed to go back to my nana’s while mom and Blondie did her errands, they left without me but I was okay with it because they only had to go to one place. They did get us some new finger nail polishes for the next time I come over! I’m excited about that because I need my nails done! When they got back, my mom put me in my wheelchair and took me outside. I wanted to spend a little bit of time out there by myself with the cats, but my mom took ChiChi over to the garage to see dad and everybody else, she freaked out whenever she saw Lexi but hardly barked at anyone. Chevy had ahold of her leash when mom took her back to the house, she kept telling her “come on ChiChi” in her little voice. When they got to the house, my mom showed her the cats and new kitties. They came back and Chey, Rex, and Theresa left. We had a big meat feast, pork chops and steaks in like four different marinades. I finished eating and was in the mood to take pictures (and get away from the bugs!) but my mom wanted to go home so I went home with her.

I found out that I had taped the new X-Men movie on HBO! I was so happy! I forgot about when that came on. I also have Who Do You Think You Are on my DVR to watch too! There are a couple more things for me to watch before I think I should start it. So yeah, that’s my whole weekend, well majority of it at least! Now it’s time to start up another week, but I do have Dancing With The Stars tonight so that makes me a little happy! Hope everybody had a great weekend and has a good week ahead of them!