Changing The Subject of Books

So several days ago, I got a new book. Haven’t read anything since Steven Adler’s book, and I read that for probably three weeks. It was pretty lengthy but good too. I didn’t want to really read another biography. Since I had read about three biographies and two I guess you can say, “a day in the life of” category. After almost the same stories of tragedy, drugs and alcohol. I couldn’t read another one. I had plans to read both Motley Crue’s confession book, The Dirt. I had also wanted to read Tommy Lee’s boo, Tommy Land. After I read Steven’s I needed a good break before going back and continuing on that road. I also have to buy the books too, especially The Dirt since you can’t buy it on Kindle edition. I like reading old school so that’s ok. I just got to go to a bookstore and pray to God they have it.

The book I’m reading now is different. Different from what others would expect. Also, different from what my mom reads. She likes to read mystery books. I think the woman has read every book in every series. One time we went to the library in town and the lady at the desk as she was checking our books, said that mom was actually running out of books to read. I could never get myself to read about mysteries, but I loved reading about history and truth. So I’m really into fiction books. I’m also into teen books, I tried reading Stefan Diaries series by L.J. Smith. but that didn’t last long. I’m not good at finishing a series. Especially when there’s six book out and I’ve read only three and a half. I’ve said before I’m not very much into supernatural books, even though I love The Vampire Diaries and Harry Potter. Apparently I can read one or two books of the series and the rest I’m screwed with. Which sucks, but when there are movies or TV shows of these books, then I’ll be comparing the two together and then it all gets even more complicated.

I am reading this new book called, The Darkest Seduction by Gena Showalter. I had actually went to Wal-Mart with my mom and sister and I was bored and wanted to read something. Not knowing how long it would take them to get their nails done so I grabbed a book and ademptted to read it. Funny part is, it wasn’t this book. I saw this cover and was intrigued but not so much. I didn’t really want to read the one I grabbed. I just wanted to read something to keep me occupied for the time being. I think I got to page two before my mom and sister came into the book section and got me out of there. I never forgot the book cover or title. I found it on Amazon a few days later and was at crosswords between three other books. I also got interested with Tempting The Beast by Lora Leigh, Fifty Shades Of Grey by E.J. James (this was before the hype), and Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione. I wouldn’t be at a crosswords if all these books were free.

I actually don’t have a clue of which book I want to read after I get done with TDS but I’m thinking it’s going to be Fifty Shades of Grey, my friend said it was good and that’s all I’ve heard about is how good it is. So I really think it could be my second book. However I’m not even 50% of the way through the book I got now so I still have plenty of time to search around again and figure out what I really want to read and if or not I want to go into a new subject. Even though, I think it’s very unlikely, but I’m always up for something new. Maybe another biography or maybe by then I’ve went to a bookstore and found The Dirt. Maybe I’ll go back to reading the third installment into the Stefan’s Diaries and finally finish it. Who knows.

Book Review: My Appetite for Destruction

After what feels like a lifetime, I finally finished this book. This is the end of my zig-zag line of musician biographies. I think this one drained the crap out of me. Reading Slash and Duff McKagan’s books gave me somewhat of a warning to who Steven Adler was, and even my mom told me a bit in the beginning of Slash’s book. I didn’t think it was going to be that bad, but I was so totally wrong. All of the books I read before were bad with experiences of what they faced in their pasts, but I think this one topped them all. I’m still pretty shocked by what all this book had in it, but it was all I was looking for into reading these types of books.

Steven Adler has had one tough life, and I am surprised with everything I’ve read about he is still here. I’m glad he was so open to tell his story from start to finish, or in this case now. Talking about his past with his family, Gn’R, drugs, and women. Good god! In every book I read about anybody in the music industry, I have to take breaks. I usually take five-minute breaks to relax my leg since it likes to go to sleep on me, but apparently I needed one long break in between these chapters. Certain places were funny, and then there were places were you could cry. I had to stop myself a few times. I think I was in the middle of the book, and he hadn’t talked about drugs a lot and I had developed a thought, “when did you start the drugs during Guns N Roses?” Three pages later, I got my answer.

I can’t tell you how much it hurts to read somebody talking about the highs and the lows of this stuff does to you. I’ve told people in my family, when I was in school, all I was told if you smoked crack, heroin, or meth you would start to see things. Our health teacher said, little spiders would crawl on you. That was enough for me. I hate spiders and I definitely didn’t want to be seeing it while being high. I was smart by then, that’s all it took to scare me. Nowadays, kids don’t care. I think this should be one of the books kids need to read beforehand. It would scare the living hell out of them, but in a good way. I’m glad Steven has gotten cleaned up and enjoying life. I hope it stays that way for him. He needs things to stay good. I always have a problem with feeling sorry for people who do stuff that know they’re just going to get hurt from it, but with reading this book I couldn’t help myself. He might’ve pissed me off a few times, but he certainly got to me. It’s always the drummers!

Step Four: The Pictures

So today is Friday, I’ve actually been looking forward to today for two reasons: basketball game tonight and finding my pictures for my drawings. After finishing Duff’s book last night, I decided to take a break from reading, but in my case I’ll take a two day break and want another book to keep me occupied while sitting on my bed in the mornings while everybody is still asleep. I can read on my bed, but not draw. My hips hurt and fall asleep enough that I don’t need anything else up there. Just searched for head shots of the original members of Guns N Roses, which was a bust. I’m trying not to find anything too detailed that causes stress on my behalf. I was also trying to find only black and white pictures. Which was going good until the only picture of Axl I liked was too small. So I will the same picture just in color. Once I print it out, it’ll be in black and white anyways so we’re good. I’m actually getting excited to do this, and I never thought I’d say that again. Hopefully, I will be printing off this pictures and getting started on them. Here’s the pictures I’ve selected:

Merry Christmas Eve!

Well Christmas came a day early for me. Family came down from Indy today. It’s always a blast when family comes down. Especially around the holidays, because since everybody is busy with their lives at home, just being around family you haven’t seen in a while makes everything less hectic. You’re worried about everything in your life, but when it comes to family everything just takes a step back for a day or two and you can relax and enjoy yourself with your crazy family members. My family is a bunch of nuts and I mean that in the nicest way possible. They all know  that they’re nuts, but that’s what makes them fun. To know we’re not all there together is kind of blessing. Shows me, I’m not alone in this family. So today was a good one, even though a bunch of us didn’t get much sleep last night. I’m surprised I even went back to sleep at all last night. I’m so tired right now though.

I’m on Amazon right now, doing my usual. Looking at all these lovely books. I’m in heaven! I’m very tempted to buy more than one book, but I have to be smart about this. I still can’t believe I finished The Heroin Diaries. I got it Tuesday and finished it yesterday. I’ve been thinking of my next book, and surprisingly the one after that, and so on. I’ve turned into a book nerd. It’s fun, and it keeps me occupied throughout the day. That way I’m not always on here (Internet, in general) all the time. I’ve thought about breaking this cycle of rockstar books, but I don’t think I can do that yet. I’m at my normal place, looking for a biography. I wanted to Duff McKagan’s book a few months ago, and the price went down on it (yes!) and I think I’m doing a zig-zag between Guns N Roses and Motley Crue. I’ve thought of reading Duff’s book, than Tommy Lee’s afterwards going back to Guns N Roses Steven Adler’s book. I haven’t made up my mind yet.

Besides finding these books, I’ve found lead singer of the all-girl rock band The Runaways, Cherie Curry. I just got one problem. I’ve already watched the movie, and loved it by the way! I still can’t believe Dakota Fanning played her in the movie. She was good, but kind of awkward because I remember when she was itty bitty and seeing her act like that is just weird. Anyways, though I’m going back and forth between that one. Maybe I’ll change my mind later though. So I’m searching around hoping to find something to make me happy. There’s just so many choices that I can’t make up my mind. I might go in the “Teen” section and hope for the best. Because today is starting to seem like a hard day to make up my mind, but you try to think when you’re half asleep. It’s not fun I can tell you that. So wish me luck!