Getting Past Volume 10

I’ve had my share of stereo systems and making them crash in some way. It’s usually been something about the disc skip button. That’s how I ruined three out of four of them. The fourth one was my sister’s, thanfully for her I didn’t break it. After my third strike everybody should have taken them all away, but my sister was sweet and let me have it. She never used it because of all her animals she had in her room. They couldn’t handle loud noises, and I’m thinking that’s probably¬†why I couldn’t keep a fish alive too. Blame it on the bass.

Everytime my dad’s plugged them all in the wall, he is like me he wants to test it out. However he is his own way of testing it. He puts Country music because the first thing that pops up whenever it starts up its on radio. So anytime the power goes off and comes back again, I have to switch it back and turn it down just in case. Nothing against Country music or anything, but if you really want to test it put anything hip hop, rock, and electrica music on and that would be the best thing to test it on. Bass works really with those three. You can definitely hear it from a couple rooms and feel the room shake. It’s all fun!

Dad plugged in the one I use now a few years ago. He tested it by using the radio and surprising put it on 91.1 which is a local station here that plays today’s biggest hits in everything, well almost everything and it was awesome! He even cranked it up to 23. Which it has never been at since. Getting past 10 on volume is a little tricky. Dad doesn’t like my techno stuff and he definitely doesn’t want anything to ruin his surround sound on TV when it watches his ball games. So it’s usually stuck on 9 or 10. Where the bass isn’t at it’s best but you can still hear it, but it doesn’t shake my room. Mom likes my music, well some and I think she’d rather have it on 10. Whenever nobody is in the house, I’m a little afraid that the neighbors will call the police of my “loud music” so I keep it at 10. Today is the first day I’ve ever put it on 11. It’s very loud, the bass is amazing, and my room is doing an awful lot of shaking. So as you can see, I don’t care and I just want to enjoy my good mood. So now I’m going to turn it off.

What I Really Grew Up On.

I have a playlist on my Spotify called, “What I Grew Up On” but it’s mostly full of rap songs which is what I listened to when I was little, but it’s somewhat of a lie too. Rap wasn’t the one thing I loved when I was little. If you think about it, I think my mom was really missing the 80’s rap because I listened to Salt-n-Pepa and En Vogue a lot. I know that wasn’t all she had me listen to, it’s just what I can remember.

I remember when I first got my radio ever. My parents were getting furinature and appliances and somehow in the mist of that my nana bought me a radio and my first CD ever. Wanna guess what it was? I was addicted to The Backsteet Boys growing up, and had a big crush for Brian Littrell. He was just too cute! I think I was seven years old when I got my first radio. I still have it, and it surpringly still works too.

Since then I’ve had a few larger stereos systems. My music has grown up too. I think after my first CD I got the second Backstreet Boys album. Then Britney Spears, not her first album. By the time I was in the fourth grade I actually counted how many CD’s I had. I had 45. I think I’ve doubled that now. Or tripled it. I actually have all the Backstreet Boys albums but two. Linkin Park has pretty much beaten them to the curb. I have 7 Linkin Park albums and 5 Backstreet Boys albums.