Top 5 Favorite Reads On My Bookshelf


We have a single, skinny bookshelf in my nephew’s playroom. I’ve always wanted to do a tour of it but I haven’t found a way to do it as a blog post and make it so that it’s fun and unique. The majority of the books are mine, while my poor nephew has like three! It’s a little sad but I don’t have any more room in my own bedroom to have proper shelves for them. I have a smaller one next to my bed but I don’t have any more room for anything really. Anyways, for today, I wanted to talk about my favorite books featured on the shelf and at first, as I was coming up with this post, it seemed like an easy conquest, when in reality it was the opposite but still I got it all done for you!

I’ve added a link to the reviews I’ve done in the past on the pictures listed below, so, if you want to check them out, all you have to do is click the photo. Be aware though, they could contain spoilers so please keep that in mind beforehand! It was extremely hard to list all of these books because I really love them all the same, or so I thought…I still hope you enjoy all of the books and maybe you will find your next favorite too..

5. “Origins” Stefan’s Diaries Vol. 1 by L.J. Smith, Julie Plec & Kevin Williamson

I do remember buying this book because from the moment I saw Julie promoting it on Twitter, and I was curious to see a written form of Stefan Salvatore’s origins, If you want a more detail look into the life of both Stefan and Damon on the day Katherine arrives to their home in Mystic Falls, VA, and turn them into murderous vampires, this was make you smile in a very odd way!

If you are like me and desperately miss the entire show (and The Originals too!) then reading the entire collection could be something you should consider someday. I have only read to the second book, but there are five more books afterwards “Bloodlust” and I think Julie wrote a series about Klaus too, correct me if I’m wrong in the comments, but they all seem great stories for the fall?

4. Children Of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

I did buy it mainly on how it looked without a dusk jacket. I saw it on all of my favorite BookTube channels, There are not very many books that can match or even look close enough to their majestic jackets, but when I started reading it, and I was thoroughly into the story of these characters. I saw everything as I was reading and I still have Zélie’s dark skin and white hair in my brain. The most interesting part is, I cannot tell you how much this book pops into my head nowadays! This entire summer had me thinking about Zélie and Princess Amari, and what could happen for everybody involved in the next phase, so that means I should make a point to get the second book in the series soon or else it’ll just keep coming up to me at all hours..

3. The Stone Girl by Alyssa B. Sheinmel

This is still one of my favorite reads after nine years of reading it.

This book tells you of a story of a young woman who can do anything she wants in the world but she doesn’t see her natural beauty. She has anorexia and is bulimic, and it is a very sad story underneath this interesting person. I’m still kind of bothered on why I wanted to read it in the first place, but I think it is purely to remind me that not everybody is happy with their bodies, and everyone has different struggles with seeing beauty within themselves.

2. Me Before You by JoJo Moyes

I know this one still freaks a lot of people out, but it actually started out innocently enough as I wanted to know what all the fuss was about with the film. I knew there was an able-bodied actor for the role of Will Traynor and thankfully a year or two before, I made a vow to read the book first and if at one time the main character was “normal” and became disabled after having cancer or was involved in an accident, it was easier to tell myself, this can happen (and I know a lot of people who have experienced it firsthand!) and once I finished I could find the right words to tell everyone in both the book and disabled communities my views on it.

What I didn’t expect was being absolutely taken by the story of Louisa or Lou as she likes to be called instead. How she was in this book was so amazing and very educational too. For someone who had no experience taking care of a person with a very serve physical disability, she had a lot of spunk in her. This was one of my favorite qualities in her, she could hit back on Will’s depressing wit. Despite the fact that she wanted to help his family change his mind about committing medical suicide, and you realize that Will holds all of the cards for her. The story isn’t necessarily about him, it is on her, at least that was the way I saw it at the end.

1. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

All of the books listed in this post are truly amazing, but nothing compares to Victoria Aveyard’s “Red Queen” for me. I absolutely adore the story of Mare Barrow, the poor red who had the same abilities as the elite silvers.

It’s interesting, I remember before picking this up at Walmart back in 2016, and thinking it was about a vampire queen. It wasn’t until I read the blurb on the back that I realized I was a bit wrong there and I think I almost put it back on the ledge but something about it intrigued me and I finished with it a week after I bought it! I was thoroughly impressed and a bit surprised by everything mentioned in the book. One of my favorite scenes was when Mare tries to escape out of the castle and as she heads for the window, she has guards coming at her and she makes a run for it and manages to lean back and skid underneath the men and for some odd reason this scene is so vivid in my mind and pretty much sealed the deal on my doubts and expectations.

After five years, I can officially say I am almost done (depending on when this post goes live) with the second book in the series, Glass Sword and the review will publish Friday morning, and I am hoping to start on the third book by the end of the month if everything works out the way I am hoping it would. I would love to complete this series before the end of the year as well, but I’ll be proud of myself on that accomplishment whether that part happens or not though.

Now I have one more thing to say before I let you go!

I do love the “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” series by Jenny Han, but I do not keep those books on this shelf. They are located in my bedroom; I am hoping to store all of my beloved books, whether they are part of a series or standalones it doesn’t matter, so I can be reminded everyday of my accomplishments. Of course, this also means my dad will have to build me actual shelves on my wall someday because I have quite a few that I’m done with and want store them all together and I’m really running out of space on the floor so we need to go up for this project.. Also, do you have any advice on how I can get rid of the price stickers? They are seriously annoying and would love to have them removed from the beautiful covers. I am open to hear everyone’s suggestions at this point!

What are your top five or ten favorite books on your shelves? What makes them different than the others?

Book Characters I’d Like To Meet

I’ve read lots and lots since I was a freshman in high school. During my senior year, I read the first book of Stefan’s Diaries. I hate when I read a series of books, because I can never finish them. I have never finished them all and I may never. However, I would love to meet the old Stefan from the first three books I have read. For all you Vampire Diaries fans out there, remember during the first season when Damon, Elena, and Stefan get inside the tomb. Damon can’t find Katherine inside and throws the blood against the wall and the vampire Harper comes back to life? He crawls out of the tomb and finds a person doing a morning jog and he asks what year it was and when the dude tells him the year, he looks kind of shocked? Could you imagine Stefan like that? Stuck in a tomb for years and years and got out in another year. I’d be hoping for some vervain is nearby.

Another book I read at school, called True Confessions of a Heartless Girl by Martha Brooks. It was about a young girl rolls into a small town, in the middle of the night, and into a small restaurant that was about to close for the night. The owner notices she’s in a jam and lets her come to her house to stay for a while. I don’t want to give too much away, but I would love to meet her after the book ended. Just to see how life is for her now. I think there is at least one or two books that everybody could pick a character out of the books and meet them. These are just from the books I read at school.  A book I read on my own, Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning, I loved, loved that book! I really need to get the next one soon! I was just thinking about it the other day too! Anyways, I don’t know who I’d love to meet more Myrna or Brian. I have no idea. If I got to meet Brian, I’d probably be happy if Myrna was around that way I didn’t hurt him. (:

Changing The Subject of Books

So several days ago, I got a new book. Haven’t read anything since Steven Adler’s book, and I read that for probably three weeks. It was pretty lengthy but good too. I didn’t want to really read another biography. Since I had read about three biographies and two I guess you can say, “a day in the life of” category. After almost the same stories of tragedy, drugs and alcohol. I couldn’t read another one. I had plans to read both Motley Crue’s confession book, The Dirt. I had also wanted to read Tommy Lee’s boo, Tommy Land. After I read Steven’s I needed a good break before going back and continuing on that road. I also have to buy the books too, especially The Dirt since you can’t buy it on Kindle edition. I like reading old school so that’s ok. I just got to go to a bookstore and pray to God they have it.

The book I’m reading now is different. Different from what others would expect. Also, different from what my mom reads. She likes to read mystery books. I think the woman has read every book in every series. One time we went to the library in town and the lady at the desk as she was checking our books, said that mom was actually running out of books to read. I could never get myself to read about mysteries, but I loved reading about history and truth. So I’m really into fiction books. I’m also into teen books, I tried reading Stefan Diaries series by L.J. Smith. but that didn’t last long. I’m not good at finishing a series. Especially when there’s six book out and I’ve read only three and a half. I’ve said before I’m not very much into supernatural books, even though I love The Vampire Diaries and Harry Potter. Apparently I can read one or two books of the series and the rest I’m screwed with. Which sucks, but when there are movies or TV shows of these books, then I’ll be comparing the two together and then it all gets even more complicated.

I am reading this new book called, The Darkest Seduction by Gena Showalter. I had actually went to Wal-Mart with my mom and sister and I was bored and wanted to read something. Not knowing how long it would take them to get their nails done so I grabbed a book and ademptted to read it. Funny part is, it wasn’t this book. I saw this cover and was intrigued but not so much. I didn’t really want to read the one I grabbed. I just wanted to read something to keep me occupied for the time being. I think I got to page two before my mom and sister came into the book section and got me out of there. I never forgot the book cover or title. I found it on Amazon a few days later and was at crosswords between three other books. I also got interested with Tempting The Beast by Lora Leigh, Fifty Shades Of Grey by E.J. James (this was before the hype), and Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione. I wouldn’t be at a crosswords if all these books were free.

I actually don’t have a clue of which book I want to read after I get done with TDS but I’m thinking it’s going to be Fifty Shades of Grey, my friend said it was good and that’s all I’ve heard about is how good it is. So I really think it could be my second book. However I’m not even 50% of the way through the book I got now so I still have plenty of time to search around again and figure out what I really want to read and if or not I want to go into a new subject. Even though, I think it’s very unlikely, but I’m always up for something new. Maybe another biography or maybe by then I’ve went to a bookstore and found The Dirt. Maybe I’ll go back to reading the third installment into the Stefan’s Diaries and finally finish it. Who knows.

I’m Not Gonna Last A Week.

Since I finished my book this book, I thought to myself I’m gonna have a week of not having anything to read at all. At first, I was really glad, but I think it was because that book made my head spin around a few times and I was ready to finish it. I’m on day 2 of not reading anything and feeling the withdrawals. It freaking sucks! I want to buy another book on my Kindle and get into the routine again. It’s like school to me, and for some odd reason I would get up in the morning craving a book. I’m weird.

So I went looking online and found the one book I want next. I want Nikki Sixx book, The Heroin Diaries, and when I went to go how much it was I was surprised. It was cheaper than Duff McKagan’s book, but expensive compared to Slash’s book. Looks like I’ll be waiting a week for that book. I have an account on Shelfari, thanks to my friend Mandy again. I have a long list of books I’d like to read but they keep getting pushed back into my “waiting room” list. I have to got to find another book though that’s going to get rid of these withdrawals fast. I even went “old school” I read my The Vampire Diaries: Stafen’s Diaries, Vol. 3: The Craving. I have it on my floor. Surprisingly it’s not ruined in anyway and the bookmark is still in its place, but I can’t get myself back into it. Even though I’d really like to read the other (3) books in the series. I have never finished a series before so that’s why I would like to finish this book.


Finding My Next Book

So it’s been an hour or so after finishing my first book on the Kindle. I’m already searching for my second book. I’m trying to remember the list I had of all the books I’d like to read, but I’m not yet ready to read them yet. I want to find one at random and go from there. I should take advantage on getting the first chapter for free and going from there. I’m also wanted to find one that was really cheap. That means in my terms, under $10. My mom would me go from owing her $10 from the first book I bought. So I’m learning for very cheap books this time around.

I am actually a picky reader, just found that out recently. I love biographies and memoirs. If I knew a person’s name and watched them or read stuff about them I’d might read their memoirs if they wrote one. I love personal stories. Stories that can seem relatable in certain ways than one. I’m not much of a romantic, chick who watches corny love movies and apparently it’s the same with books too. This is what gets me, I can watch The Vampire Diaries and certain others that have vampires in them, but I’m starting to really hate them. I don’t know if it’s because most of them are all romantic based books or what. I just don’t like to really read them. I even read Stefan’s Diaries (haven’t finished the third book) and it even bugs the crap out of me.

I’m going back to my hunt on my next book. This is going to be interesting. Because I have no idea what I’m going to choice, even though I have a pretty good idea. Wish me luck!