May Playlist

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is doing well out there.

May was actually a pretty good month; my parents have started growing the garden in the back yard. They have selected a number of flowers and vegetables–we’ve actually been eating our way through the early blooms of lettuce since the middle of April! They started out fixing the landscape around the front end of Rumer’s gate and now that they have “finished” that area, they’ve turned their attention to the back. If you would like a garden tour or something like that soon, let me know!

A few days later, we were able to have my nephew over for a sleepover! It had been a long time since we’d done this, but it was actually really good! He slept in my room on the floor, well, technically he was on his rug I got him before he was ever born, and he seemed excited about being on it and we watched a couple of movies. We started off with Sonic the Hedgehog because that was his newest obsession (now he’s into Pokémon and we are having fun poking–no pun intended I swear!–fun at his mommy because she once had an even bigger thing for Ash and Pikachu!) and after that was over, I put on Zootopia and it didn’t take him long into hearing Shakira singing “Try Everything” that I found him asleep with his hand in the snack bowl!

The other weird thing that happened was that I decided to start watching Star Wars. I’m still not exactly sure what I was thinking but I will say, it’s been fun! I published a post about the prequels: The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith on the 20th, so if you’re curious about what I initially thought about the characters and story, you can check that out here. I have finished all 9 films and currently making my way through The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett and eventually Obi-Wan Kenobi. I am still going to do another post about the original trilogy sometime next month.

Unfortunately, I developed a small cold around two weeks ago. I hope I really learn my lesson this time around because I felt stupid these last few days. I was so excited to go all out for May and introduce the brand-new music series too, and everything just went to shit after completing Revenge of the Sith. I always kick myself later because it usually comes about when I’m not ready, blog wise, and since my monthly playlists are one of the easiest posts to put together, I wasn’t able to come back to it until last Tuesday. Thankfully, I have become a habit of creating my banners early in the month so I can set up my color scheme before officially writing this part of the post.

Lastly, this blog turned 11 years old a couple of weeks ago. I always forget the actual day I created it, because WordPress says I signed up on the 12th whereas I published my first post on the 13th. It’s no wonder I am confused for the two weeks leading up to it, right?

I didn’t intend to make this more than music, but I thought you guys needed a little life update. So, finally, here are my Top 25 songs for May. Click here to check out the full playlist on Spotify!

First Class by Jack Harlow
Broken Pieces Shine by Evanescence
Walking With Strangers by The Birthday Massacre
Casuality by Mothica
Mad At God by Sarah Saint James
My Gun by Tove Lo
My Garden by Kat Dahlia
24 by Jem
Symphony of the Night by Leaves’ Eyes

Fuck U Love U by Alison Wonderland
Wicked Ways by Halestorm
Family by Badflower
If Tomorrow Never Comes by Bad Wolves featuring Ice Nine Kills
Foxglove by Boston Manor
Despactio by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee
Miss Me More by Kelsea Ballerini
Work Song by Hozier
The Foundations of Decay by My Chemical Romance
Cleopatra by Train featuring Sofia Reyes
How You Like That by BLACKPINK
Where Did It Go? by Asking Alexandria
American Woman by Muddy Magnolias
I Can’t Get You Off My Mind by Miss Li
Allfather by Foresaga
Eye of the Storm by Pop Evil

Now it’s time to share what you were listening to in May!


First Impressions | Star Wars: Episodes I-III

Hello there.

I never thought I’d be here to discuss anything to do with Star Wars, but here we are!

As of May 10th, I have completed five movies, and I needed a way to express my feelings out loud because Nolan isn’t, technically, old enough to watch the films yet. I’d like to say he was the reason I decided to watch them, but I can’t. I’ve always been curious about the newer movies and since Disney+ has a few series about the past and present stories of this drama–plus the mania that surrounded the “Baby Yoda” a couple of years ago!–I realized I needed to see what all of the fuss is about once in for all.

So, with this being sad, let’s get into my top five impressions from, The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, The Clone Wars, and Revenge of the Sith. I’ve recently watched Rogue One but will not talk about it in this post. I hope to do another on the next three films and finish with the latest movies as well.

5. My Love for Jar Jar Binks is Infinite

When I started my SW journey, I knew any character(s) that were quirky in some way, would capture me almost immediately, and when Jar Jar Binks was introduced in the middle of the first film, I knew I was a goner! I really wish he was around the third film instead of that one little scene that he is walking in Padme’s funeral. I enjoyed his bubbly personality and in an odd way, he, R2-D2 and C-P30 reminded me of Hagrid in the Harry Potter series, because despite his big appearance, he is such a lovable guy, who has a different way of speaking to others.

4. Tatooine Looked Like Bedrock from ‘The Flintstones’

As I was watching all of the scenes that feature the desert planet Tatooine, I was always thinking in my head of how much it looked like Bedrock from the live action versions of The Flintstones! I didn’t understand my thinking about it at first, but then I started to pair different things up like the usage of little handmade huts, giant weird creatures, and the angry alien versions of Fred Flintstone.

3. Master Yoda Can Really Move

This one really threw me for a loop. but you’ll (hopefully) understand in a minute.

Ever since the “Baby Yoda” craze erupted all over the world, I did know he was sort of portrayed as an older character, whenever I did see scenes of any of the movies, I would notice he was either propped up by a crutch or sitting in a levitating chair of some kind, so imagine my reaction in the third film and he is just running around like crazy, I was very shocked but I know when your adrenaline kicks in, you can do almost anything with your body and mind. So, as he was fighting Count Dooku, I was taken back by the spirit of Yoda’s abilities.

Master Yoda is like every elderly man out there, and that includes my papaw, because even though he wasn’t the strongest–physical wise–he had a restless mind, and he definitely did not like to be told ‘no’ about anything. We knew he shouldn’t bend over to pick up a tissue he dropped on the floor when I was around, but I think he did it because to give us mini heart attacks, so Yoda basically abandoning his cane altogether was somewhat familiar to me. As a newbie to the universe itself, now I am wondering if he is merely hiding this on the account of being an older creature to the Jedi council or what actually happened to earn that type of battle wound, so I’m hoping as I continue on with my list, I will finally get my answer to this burning question.

2. Anakin & Padmé

Okay, let’s start at the beginning, where we meet a young Anakin Skywalker in his cute chubby cheeks and inventive mind on Tatooine. I absolutely adore this little cute from the start of the whole thing. I vaguely remember seeing promos from “The Phantom Menace” and thought he was adorable, but it wasn’t enough to check them out along with my peers. I thought superheroes were cooler for me!

Anyways, when you are introduced Queen Amidala, you automatically think “she looks like a geisha!” because that’s exactly what she looked like and then before heading out to Tatooine, we meet her most trusted handmaiden Padmé and she obviously looks young, I’d say around 14-16 years but compared to this little boy that seems to be around 10, you would hope they would be able to keep up with each other as friend, but then “Attack of the Clones” comes on and Anakin definitely has a crush on her and acts on it, kind of bothered me at first. I wasn’t totally sure what I wanted to see happen between these characters, but I did not believe they should be a couple throughout the entire film.

1. The Origins of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia

I am still reeling by the events that happened in third film. Despite my feelings against the union, I did warm up to them and I didn’t realize how much I felt for Anakin and Padme as individuals until I got to the moment Anakin attacks the younglings at the Temple. I am surprised I didn’t believe in that change to Darth Vader after he killed Master Windu but once he walked into their room, my mind didn’t want to believe he’d kill them. This has happened before, and it was when it was revealed on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. about which side Agent Ward was really working for, and I had the same exact reaction where I didn’t want to believe it until I saw the person mentally and physically change into the enemy.

Sadly, it wasn’t until Obi-Wan was fighting Darth Vader, and he couldn’t allow himself to kill him, even though he saw the evidence of execution of the younglings and Master Windu, although there wasn’t footage of that scene, but it was absolutely heartbreaking hearing him groan and wail in pain as he’s being burned alive and seeing Padmé lose all hope for her little Anakin and the life they both desperately wanted for their little family, At the end, and Padmé gives birth and it is revealed to be two babies, who turn out to be Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, the former Queen dies, but while this is going on Anakin is essentially reborn as Darth Vader, and it really pulls at your heart and you can’t quite understand how it all went to hell so fast for them.

I couldn’t believe how much I adored these early characters so much. You get a chance to see the beginning of the whole world that makes STAR WARS so special. However, since I chose to watch the films in order, and seeing the special effects between the original three movies against what CGI can do to films, might’ve been my downfall because I am currently at a crossroads because I cannot stand to watch anything past the mid 1990’s movie magic, so I’m not exactly going through the group as I was when I started this list. I’ll get there, but I wouldn’t exactly hope for another update until possibly the start of July!

If you are a fan of the STAR WARS franchise, do you have a favorite film and/or characters? I’d love to hear what everybody enjoys about the pandemonium below in the comments, but please do not tell me any spoilers, it’s bad enough I know Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker have heck of a meeting so, please be considerate of this newbie, okay?


Roll With Me: One

10443843_10152846309109989_500281358_nIt has been a long freaking day. I mean that in a good way though, even if I had some flashbacks to last Christmas because I was around quite a lot of people.  My parents, Blondie and I went to one of our friend’s birthday party for their little girl. She turned one this week so they celebrated it today at in the park we have in town. I have actually been looking forward to this party for about a month or two, because it’s actually a first for me! I’ve only been to baby showers, usually life takes me on separate paths that lead me to never seeing kids grow up. Now thanks to technology and Facebook, I can see them celebrate their birthdays with friends and family. It was a bit weird to actually go to one and be around a lot of people who I was not familiar with, but on the good side I didn’t feel like a burden throughout the whole afternoon!

The party originally started at four in the afternoon, but my mom wanted to get there an hour earlier to help them out a bit. My dad was there to visit and grill out. We had hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs, and baked beans on the grill. Before everything was to happen though, my mom fed me lunch because she had gotten up kind of late in the day. Once I was done with my food and two mini smoothies, I was waiting for my mom to come in and grab my plate and move my table over to the side. Well, first she had to bring in this cute little gray kitten. Last night, right after my mom and sister got home from work, they found Bootsie/Wren’s kittens. We don’t know which ones were from either cat. They found two at first, a calico kitty that only had these markings on its face and tail. Other than that, it was all white. The other one was like Grumpy and my ole buddy Ivan, my mom said “I’m seeing a trend here!” We don’t know what the sex of either one at the moment.

When my mom came in with the little gray one, she brought her into my room. This one we know is a girl. I was so hooked to her, she’s our little explorer because she wanted to do was move around all over my bed. I’ve named her Silver, because calling her “Gray” would remind me of Christian Grey too much. We found out that she’s our special kitty, her two front paws have an extra claw. So she has six little toes or whatever. Plus, she’s got this cute little outline of an “M” right above her nose. So after noticing that I decided to add “Moonlight” onto her name. She is named after one of my favorite songs by Within Temptation, “Silver Moonlight.” Next mom found the last one (so far!) and this one is fluffy. Like, really fluffy! We know this one is also a girl too, mom is in love with this cat. She likes to sleep in darkness. She liked to go underneath my blanket and then at the last of the visit she found her way inside of my pillow case. I had remind myself four times not to lie down. My mom wanted to name her something with “Princess” she wanted to go all Star Wars on me and call her “Princess Leila.” I said no. We agreed on “Belle” but once Blondie got home for work, she ended up changing it to “Kells” after her new favorite rapper, Machine Gun Kelly. We both had music on our brains, hopefully this time these names stick!

When we arrived at the party, people were just starting to get there and majority of the people who have been there for an hour was decorating the place up. Compared to both mine and Blondie graduation parties, this party was more decorated! I knew there were going to be little kids there, but I didn’t think I’d actually get overwhelmed by them. Everybody around me was having beers and here I was, miserable with a headache wanting to try my first beer! I didn’t though, my mom had gotten me a Code Red Mountain Dew before we left and that was my way of getting through. It wasn’t THAT bad! The kids were doing what kids do. They’re suppose to go a little wild while they’re around each other, but when it was lunch time or dinner time, whatever you want to call it. Everything started spinning in my head in a very fast pace! It literally made me think about not wanting to kids when I got married. When I got around little Maci (the birthday girl) those thoughts went away. She didn’t like the fact there were a bunch of bugs at her face but she did like everybody around her. In the middle of the party, just before my sis left to go back to work. She got to hold Maci and she kept wanting to try to pick Blondie’s tattoo off on her collarbone. Maci is just starting to stand up on her own and she was up against my controller and right foot. She had her left hand fully attached to my right foot for support. She looked like she was so happy standing up, trying to figure out the buttons of my controller. Don’t worry I had full control of the stick and made sure she didn’t go to grab it.

When it was time for presents and cake, everybody was starting to overheat and Maci was very tired. She was very alert during the whole time it was time to unwrap the presents. She got a lot of normal things for a one year old, clothes, stuffed animals, and a bunch of Minnie Mouse things! One thing that was kind of funny was that a present was actually repeated. I was actually stunned because I don’t think I’ve ever since that happen before. It was cute but funny too! When it was time for cake though, Maci wasn’t the normal one year old. She was very much wore the heck out by the time we got to the cake and she never got down into the actual cake part. She just had pure pink icing all over her face, hands, and most of her high chair! While she was getting washed off, I got to do something that was pretty adorable because I hadn’t done it before. One of the girls that my mom and Kristen work with brought all three of her boys with her and which gave both Katie and Aiden somebody to play with, but her youngest was very shy to me at first. Which is normal, and he wasn’t the only one either! Well, he had gotten past his shyness and asked me if I could take off the wrapper of the cupcake he had. Everybody else was busy so I attempted to do this while he just watched me go around the top of the wrapper, pulling it down and trying to keep my toes away from the actual icing part. Once I had gotten it loosen up enough he got it all the way undone and began to eat the icing!

 The older kids finally got to join in on the fun when somebody realized the only thing we haven’t done yet was the pinata. This time I decided to stay out of this one and let the younger kids have the fun. They did it the right away though, blindfold, spinning around a couple of times and then letting loose! Well, Miss Katie was first since she was the only girl and she didn’t even make her first hit before the damn bat exploded in two! Which in a way was handy because the hands were WAY too short to handle a three or four feet bat made of paper. I think all of the kids got to go except for one but we didn’t really hear him complain though because there was a lot of candy on the ground! Once it was broken, people started to throw away their stuff, say their goodbyes, and leave. We stayed a little bit later to help clean up. While my mom was busy helping, I was trying to keep Maci occupied. She has a few teeth in her mouth and she kept wanting to pull my toes into her mouth. My good work was coming back to literally bite me! I only got three hugs and two kisses by three different kids. I love getting kisses and hugs from little kids, it makes my heart melt! Now that I’ve been home for a few hours, I’ve been listening to music, editing pictures and trying to summarize my whole day in one post. I’m pretty sure today rocked! And tomorrow I get to have cake all over again, since we’re celebrating my papaw’s birthday that was this week too! Until then, I hope you enjoyed your day and/or evening and here are what our new kittens look like. Goodnight!

This is Princess Belle, I refuse to call this pretty little thing "Kells" sorry sis!
This is Princess Belle, I refuse to call this pretty little thing “Kells” sorry sis!

Our little calico that my mom won't let me name "Snow White." So far, this is un-named
Our little calico that my mom won’t let me name “Snow White.” So far, this is un-named

See! He does look like Ivan and Grumpy doesn't he? Still un-named too!
See! He does look like Ivan and Grumpy doesn’t he? Still un-named too!

Our little explorer, Silver Moonlight!
Our little explorer, Silver Moonlight!