Just Accept It.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m handicapped and I’ve just learned to accept certain things quickly, but something has been inside me that I’ve loved to get out and hopefully make some sense. So I’m just going to go for it. I must be the only one in my fandom of Linkin Park that isn’t bashing Chester’s wife Talinda 24/7. I would love to go back in time to see if they did this when he was married to Samantha. I doubt it though, for some odd reason they seem to like her more than Talinda which is stupid in my book. They should like them both the same.

Should she not be a person because she’s married to him? She can’t go out without having somebody look at her and think, “is she Chester’s wife?” Lots of people hate her because how she’s married to Chester and yet there are some who adore her because she is gorgeous (which she is!) and she cares about other things that nobody wants to accept. Everybody wonders why does she get to speak at these things. Why shouldn’t she? Even though she’s married to him, she’s still a person. She can get a job and she can work, have a family, and be who she was before she married him.

I don’t understand why every fan wants to hate on the wives. What did they ever do to you beside marry your favorite musician? It’s crazy! It’s funny how a few people can get so mad about how they don’t want to answer they’re questions about their husbands band. I follow two wives of musicians. Talinda Bennington and Josie Stevens. At one time I did follow about four others. When I deleted the other account I didn’t follow the others on this one. I think I will always respect them. You should find some way to respect them because if you were in their shoes, that’s how you’d probably act too. We as fans can be fucking annoying. I know I am sometimes when I want to be, but I know when to keep my mouth shut.

If I saw one of my favorite singers or musicians I would get excited at first, but I wouldn’t say anything or go up to them. Everytime I watch something on TV and there’s a part on a interview or something somebody wanting their autograph or picture when they’re with their families just makes so mad. I think I’ve literally yelled at the TV once because of it. As much as you think you should take the oppurnity when you see it, I think you should just give them space. I think going to a concert and that’s it is just enough for me.

My High Heel Problem

So I’m really excited for tomorrow. One thing I’m not so excited about is my little problem with shoes. Mostly high heels. Even though it’s all shoes to be honest. It freaks me out that I’m handicapped and however I have a big thing for shoes. I get jealous when I see other women walking around in shoes and having a closet just for their heels.

The last time I went into Journey’s I had a hayday between dad making fun that I was into Converse and how he they were shoes from the 80’s. I bet that store cahier was pleased to hear my dad’s wonderful story. Luckily he wasn’t the reason why I was upset afterwards even though I was debating to either laugh at his story or find mom to shut him up. I don’t think it would have worked at all though.

I’m really hoping that doesn’t happen this time, but something always has to go wrong. Can’t get lucky all the time you know. I can’t wait to go though. I’m bringing my good wheelchair with us, that way I don’t get left and have somebody run me into things. I do that enough by myself. I hope that doesn’t happen either. That would be embrassing but at least maybe if I yell at them for having everything together with no space maybe they would get some sense to place things around for handicapped people to get around too.