Album Review: “Breathing In Colours” by Forever Still

Today I will be talking about another album that just recently came out this month. I’ve already talked about this band back in 2016, but now we have a bran new release and I am so excited to do this review for you! I’m also really happy to finally be able to listen to all of the songs too, since I’ve been trying to save them specifically for this post. 

Forever Still is a female fronted band straight out of Denmark. The group consists of Maja the lead vocalist and her band mates: Mikkel, Rune, and Inuuteg. They make some really fun and exciting hard rock music. You cannot tell that they are an international band, and Maja is true rocker as she has an amazing voice for both singing and screaming! If you’ve never heard of them or want to make your own judgement about Maja’s singing ability then you should check out the rest of their music afterwards. 

This album has a total of 12 tracks and we start it with a song called “Rewind”. It has an eerie introduction that only lasts a few seconds and immediately hear this static-y sound before Maja starts singing. I enjoyed the familiarity in the entire song. I don’t listen to them a lot, much less rock music, as I used to so it was nice to instantly fall back in love with the band again. One thing that I noticed was the range in Maja’s voice. Whenever she went up to do those high notes in the choruses, you could hear the power. It wasn’t forced so it was perfectly done. I really liked this the most I think. Next, there’s “Fight” and you have this hard, head-banging kind of song. It still has these softer notes in it, which I ended up liking a lot more than I thought I would. I also want to say that I think Maja has learned the safer way to conduct her screams, because it did feel a little bit held in parts, it wasn’t as intense as I’m used to hearing it but that doesn’t mean it was bad though. 

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Our third track is “Breathe In Colours” and this is much more gritty compared to the first two songs. When it starts, you think it’s going to stay in one lane but it doesn’t, everything changes during the choruses. One giveaway for this, is when Maja suddenly goes quiet and whispers a few words before screaming into the microphone. I like the commanding presence it had, I wanted it to continue on and on just so I could absorb that vibe a little bit more. I think it’s my favorite, but we have to keep going to see what else we have on here. “Is It Gone?” was actually on one of my favorite rock stations, Sirius XM Octane a couple of weeks ago and as much as I was excited for them to be played on there, I forced myself away and I was really sad I did to myself. The song itself is really light, it’s not obnoxious like I thought but I really liked it for what it was, a really hard rock song that is perfect for radio too! 

We move on to, “Survive” and I really hoped for another loud, in your face type of song and that’s exactly what I got! It was strong and made me chill out, which was strange in a way because usually this type of music has the opposite effect. I have to point out though, I wasn’t just swaying side-to-side, whenever the pace increased, I was head-banging right along to her screams! It was a good and interesting mix! Number six was “Do Your Worst” and this is a monster! From the time it starts until the ends, it’s just intense! Maja does a lot of singing in this one, but I actually prefer it, you can feel and the emotions coming out of her in this, and that was what really made me fall in love with it. 

We are almost done, and I am already sad! Next there’s “Pieces” and it’s another light rock song. The screams are not at the forefront of the song, so instead you hear this angelic singing and mysterious choir in the background too. It was really great! We go back to the heavy hitters in the eighth track, “Rising Over You” and it actually gave me “Scars” vibes in various parts of the song. If you don’t know, “Scars” is one of my favorites on their previous album, so the fact that we have a similarity between these two songs kind of made me worried at first, but this is a completely different song, and I’m glad the whole thing a whole new identity. 

We move on to, “Say Your Goodbyes” the song that I forgot to write down on my list before I got started on this post. It happens sometimes, especially with me! Anyways, this has a darker direction but the sound itself is not muddled, meaning the softer and gritty sounds don’t overwhelm each other as they trade off. Our final song, is “Embrace The Tide” ends this journey on a very easy-going note. It’s not in your face, heavy, but it still has a soul with the orchestral elements added onto it. I really liked, even though it isn’t what I would normally like for the end of this album, still it’s really good too! 

I know I mentioned in the beginning that this had twelve songs on here, but I don’t normally like to talk about acoustic versions of the same song I just listened to. Normally I do say something about it, but honestly I don’t really care for acoustic songs, so I apologize for the false advertisement there. Other than that, this was a really good album. I really actually surprised in a way because I hadn’t seen that much about it online, so I was a bit scared going into this. Second albums are usually a hit or a miss too, so that was my other worry about listening to it, but we’re good! It was a great album with some nice changes too.

Have you heard Forever Still’s new release “Breathing In Colours” yet? If you have, what did think of it?  Do you have any favorites that you’d like to share with us?  

Dear Powder Puff

Dear Powder Puff,

I remember the first year I found out about you. I was in 7th grade and one of the aide’s daughters needed money to buy her shirt for the game. People from the Student Government put up signs around the High school to prompt it. It was only for the High school crowd. I thought it was cool that girls were being able to play football. I made a vow to myself during last year in middle school. When Powder Puff starts up, go to the game and watch it to see if you really want to do it. Well freshman year had come that fall, and I went to my first game and watched the whole game. Hardly talked to anyone (that’s actually likely) because I was so into it. I remember asking my mom later that night, if she’d let me do it next year. I don’t remember an answer coming from her.

My sophomore year was finally here. It was September and I had made my goal. Sadly though our Homecoming was on the same week as our big state test. The test was stupid, obviously the state finally caught up to the rest of us and agreed because everybody that graduates this Spring is the first class that didn’t have to worry about the damn ISTEP. Although that was part that sucked about that week, I went to almost all the practices and got my number. “14.”  The first practice was interesting. I pretty much sat around with one of the girls. She couldn’t play because she broke her leg or something. We practiced on top of the big hil behind the football feild because the band was practicing on the feild. I don’t do well with hills so thankfully the football players had no problem helping me up and down the hills. I watched the guys teach everybody else to do the moves and everything. That part was boring but they still made me feel part of the team. I came home from every practice with a smile on my face.

The night of our game, some of them played the year before. That was when both freshman and sophomore had to be together because there wasn’t enough girls to have seperate teams. Since I didn’t play that year this was all new for me, so my nerves were even more heightened. My mom ans sister came. I didn’t know if I’d be able to play since of my wheelchair. We never practiced it either. Mom brought her camera just in case, even though I thought I was just going to be on the sidelines the whole time. Well I was wrong. Two of the guys asked their coach if I could play, and he said yes. I didn’t realize what they were doing, but I wasn’t going to complain. It was cold and I took off both of my socks because I didn’t want my feet slipping off my controller. I guess we can say I was my team’s secret weapon. Me and one of the players hundled all of us together to explain what everybody would do. Everybody was surrounding me while I drove with the ball on my lap. I made my first touchdown! My mom got it on camera, and one of the girls yelled to tell me that my mom was crying. The announcer called my name and yelled out, “TOUCHDOWN!” That was a magical night since we also won the game too!

Junior year, I signed up again. Sad part I wasn’t much of a secret weapon this time. Yet, however, that year wasn’t so fun. I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to play. I got frustrated and pissed off, ended up crying during halftime because I was sad that I wasn’t playing when they said I was going to play. This time we were on the left side and my number was “24.” The sunshine was defintiely bright through the beginning of the games. We beat the sophomores, and we had to go up against the seniors. We kicked both teams asses and won again! Yes, during that game I did get to play. Actually I played twice. I was happy and yet I was mad at myself on how I acted because I wasn’t playing, but I was pissed. I got my way, didn’t I?

Senior year was here, it was a good year but yet it was sad too. Because I knew I wasn’t going to sign up for Powder Puff next year for another joyus year playing football. I lived for Powder Puff. It made me feel like I was apart of something. Everybody treated me like we didn’t hate each other. Which that was nice for a change for some of us. My number was “40” and I was more than ready to kick some ass this year. I didn’t want to cry to play, even though I was fine with doing it. After our last practice everything started to get a little bit clearer that I wasn’t going to be doing this next year. We were going our seperate ways. My last game. That night was sad but amazingly cool! I made four touchdowns, we won our third game, and I was the MVP. So I can say senior year was the best ever. The only time I cried was that night because I knew it was over.

So thank you Powder Puff. I had so much fun! Even though it’s been a year since I’ve graduated and I went to last year’s game was relieved I didn’t have to play because I didn’t have enough juice in my wheelchair to even catch up with my sister and cousin. I probably had about two bars that night, I had to be my speed on low that way I really didn’t waste it. I knew nobody wanted to push me everywhere and I definitely didn’t want that. This year, actually tomorrow is the Powder Puff game. My sister’s friend is in Homecoming so I know she’s doing Powder Puff. You have to if you’re in the Homecoming court. My parents are sick so I don’t see myself going to the game tomorrow or watching the parade either. I just wanted to relive the fun times of my high school days.