One more week will be Arothrogryposis Awareness Day! If you’ve never heard of the disease before, it is a joint disease that affects my upper and lower body. This is the reason for my curved arms and skinny legs and why I’m always complaining about my hips hurting all the time! Last year, it was the first time I ever celebrated the day by wearing blue and making some noise on all of my social media accounts. I don’t like tweeting celebrities a lot, but I did sent out quite a bit of tweets last year to try to get the word out about why they should wear anything blue. I even got my favorite Push Girl and inspiration Tiphany Adams and one of my favorite singers/bloggers Anette Olzon to wear blue on the day! Yes, I cried, but I think I cried so much because between spreading the word with my family I made up a blog post of all everybody wearing blue and it was so awesome! It made me feel good to know so many people cared and showed their support!

I’d like to get the word out as much as I can without it being too overwhelming. That’s why I waited this long before to start saying something, because too far along, people tend to forget and ask you all the time when the day is so the week before will hopefully prove to be better for everybody! I’d love to get more pictures to upload onto a blog post again, but since I was being self cautious about having my friends and families faces on my blog, I didn’t want strangers going and stealing their pictures you know? So I think this year I’m going to just crop everybody heads off their pictures so I can keep the post up all year long than just three days. I’m actually really excited about telling more people about Arthrogryposis and seeing people dress up in blue to support!

How can you join? Wear any shade of blue you got! I’ll even count jeans and painted fingernails! Hell, I don’t care if you dye your hair blue for the week! If you do that I swear I’ll love you forever and I’ll put the picture at the top of the post!! I’m not going to beg for you to join, you don’t have to. If you don’t want to or in some cases don’t own any blue in your closet, trust me I don’t even have a lot of blue in my own closet! I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing my Elsa pajamas because that’s basically the only amount of blue I have left! I’ll be making little signs on both Facebook and Twitter so you just share those instead, I’ll understand I promise!


Bebo & MySpace Memories

This post has been a work on progress. Another blogger friend of mine Paisley-May Says wrote a post about 26 Things Only MySpace Kids Will Remember back in February. I had her permission to do something similar but I kept forgetting about it and every time I did remember to do something with it, I could never get the words to unfold.

During my early teenage years, I never heard of Facebook or Twitter. Back in the day, all teenagers that had internet access was on two websites: Bebo and MySpace. As adults, it can be a little bit embarrassing to say that you had an account on MySpace, because let’s face it, it doesn’t matter how much it tries to reinvent itself it’ll never be as good as it once was! I feel my time on the site was short-lived because at that time, MySpace was getting a bad rap of strangers and pedophiles talking and abducting people. So my parents were not okay with me being on the site, I think I had my profile after my mom caved and said if I hid it well from my dad I could have one. I made mine in 2007 I think, I used it up until 2011 when I lost my password to it. I’ve just tried to see if my profile was still on there but I would hope after a few years of no usage the company would remove all of the pages, you know?

What’s funny though is that you’d think MySpace was my first social media account but it actually wasn’t. Bebo was my very first one I ever had! I had this one even longer than MySpace. I made my profile in 2004 or 2003, we didn’t get an actual home computer and internet until around that time because my mom needed to have it for her schooling, it also helped if I needed to use it for my homework as well. I honest to God didn’t even make my first email until maybe 2004, it was made while one of my friends was staying over at the house. At that time, EVERYBODY I went to school with had a Bebo account. I kind of remember the whole outlook of how the profiles looked like, I think Bebo was much bigger than MySpace as the lettering was smaller but the entire page could be bigger on how much you could add to it, like they had a word count but it wasn’t in the 140-200 characters range. You had your friends section, comments, groups, picture albums, and you could add music videos to your profile.In a way, Bebo was our Facebook at that time.

There were a lot of firsts with using Bebo, I was the first one in my family to get one these things and didn’t have to worry about my parents or any other family members snooping on me like I have with MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. Of course, I never kept anything hidden from my mom whenever I used the site. She knew about my first ever friend that wasn’t from school. I don’t have a clue what her name was but she was 15 and lived in Atlanta. She was very friendly to me and thought my disability was cool! As the years went on, more and more of my friends from school were leaving Bebo to move on with MySpace. I actually stayed behind and found other friends through the groups I was apart of on there. There were mostly music based groups on mine, which sounds like me! Although I was making friends with different from all over the US, I also found my first hate group too. There’s nothing like a bunch of people behind a computer screen making fun of people with disabilities. And through this, I found out that people who don’t understand people or kids like me have a thing of calling us “vegetables” because apparently we’re all lifeless and can’t do much. This wasn’t the most ideal lesson I had to learn at the time, but I’m glad I did!

One of my favorite memories of using Bebo was during the summer of 2006 I think. I had just graduated from middle school and now going into high school. A video popped up on everybody’s music video section. I thought it was kind of strange to see a video of what looked like a bunch of my friends being goofy! It was a video of the “journey” to get from the eighth grade section to the cafeteria. At that time, the eighth graders were the last ones to eat lunch. The four of us in wheelchairs would always leave about 5 minutes early to get to our table and eat, so we never got to be apart of the “journey” down with the rest of our classmates. So this video was refreshing in a way because I’ve always wondered what went on in the hallway. The video was apparently not planned which was good because all of the boys seemed too hyper! At one point, two of the boys were wrestling by a section of lockers and one boy picked another up and put him on his shoulders and said, “here, take a picture.” The one who was taping it said “I’m recording it.” Everybody’s like “oh!” I think the video was probably 25 minutes long. If it hadn’t been for the teachers watching them walking down, it probably would have been shorter!

Bebo was good as far as layouts and having a very wide range of pre-made ones. MySpace was great to find awesome music. That’s how I got in brokeNCYDE back in the day, technically my cousin Kristi and sister still used their MySpace profiles before the end of 2011 so that’s how they found them. Oh, my other cousin met his future wife through MySpace too! During the first times we got to meet her she was the one who helped guide me through putting my first layout on my profile! I could not figure it out and thankfully, she knew how to do it! I was the only 13 year old with a Playboy bunny layout. Oh, there were worse things! As I have never figured out MySpace password and stuff, I have always remembered my Bebo password. In 2012, I decided that it was time to delete that piece of my past. I feel like even though we had all of the stories of kids getting kidnapped by creepy people, we would still put our life stories on our profiles. I’m really hoping MySpace has deleted my old profile I’m going to lie! So does this post make you remember your childhood social media sites too? Which do you think was better? Bebo or MySpace?

The Social Media Reunion.

UntitledI’ve been inspired to write this as I am still stunned by it. When I was in high school, I was heavily inspired by the upperclassmen as any freshman would be. I think it’s better to be influenced by your older peers than to be afraid of them and I think anybody can agree with that. I knew a LOT of kids in the class of 2009 and the only reason why I wanted to be like anybody in my own class is because of this specific group of girls in this class. I thought they were the coolest group of girls and as I’d find out later in my life one of the sweetest groups that I needed up being around too. I remember my freshman or maybe it was my sophomore year. They sat up against the far side of the wall and in the middle of the cafeteria and they wore, I wouldn’t say the trends of that year because I didn’t even know what was trending that year. I never knew because that wasn’t me to know all that. Anyways, I was influenced but also pretty scared to “step” on anybody’s shoes too. I didn’t want to make an ass of myself but during their last year in school, I actually sat with them a lot during lunch and felt part of them even though I was a class below them. They always made me feel welcome whenever I was around them. I was always mad that the popular clique in my class was sports related group of girls and I never played sports so I didn’t feel welcome by them, plus the fact I NEVER felt welcome with the whole table. By the end of our last year that whole group of girls crumbled and from there, I no longer wanted to be apart of them because they had nothing I wanted anymore.

Now that it’s been a few years, I actually talk to a couple of the girls in that small group, remember how I said that in my class after our last year the table kind of crumbled? Well, so did theirs as the years rolled on too. It was kind of shocking to me because I thought nothing could break these girls apart but something really ended their friendships with one another and I was actually sad because in a weird way I was still feeling inspired by them even though we hadn’t seen each other in two years or so. As years went on, they each went on a different path, some had kids, got married, got engaged, and things were going up and down for each of the girls. I still think these women are as strong and fearless as the day I met each of them in school. Three of them I’ve known since we were all in Elementary. Now I found out that sometime this month they are supposed to have their five year reunion. I was pretty amazed that it was time for their reunion and then two seconds later it dawned on me that, it meant next year it will be MY five year reunion. I told my mom this as we were driving my sister to her new school for the start of her first semester of her sophomore year. Now that’s a way to make your parent feel old! Funny thing is, she told me she got a paper in the mall before we went to Plummer advertising that her 25th high school reunion was coming up too. I thought it was interesting but really weird too.

I have always wondered if I’d ever go to any of my future reunions in my life. I find it hard to go into a building were all of my past classmates and their partners/spouses would be with them too. Would we “hang out” in our old cliques again? Would it feel like high school were we are ignoring old friends that annoyed us and the temptation of “stealing” somebody else’s ex? Reunions seem like a thing of the past to me as sites like Facebook keep you up-to-date on things. Those old classmates have added you as a friend on there and even though you approve of their request you still do what you did in school, ignored them. I feel like the younger generations that have always used Facebook to keep up with their friends after the decline of MySpace don’t want to experience a reunion of sorts because what’s left to know when you can easily find out on their Facebook profiles? I’m still pretty indecisive about if I’ll ever go to any of my early reunions. I do know that later on as the 20th or 25th year reunion comes around I would want to go to it because those are BIG years. Yes, a five year reunion is still a big time but we’re too into social media still to know the importance of experiencing a reunion. I’ll leave this here with two question. Have you went to your high school reunion while having a bunch of your old classmates on your social media account? Do you think these younger generations should still make the trip to go to their earlier reunions?