Life Lately | Cattoos & Snow


Oh boy! Not much has happened in the last few days, but I’ve got a couple of pictures that don’t really belong in anything but a “Life Lately” post, so that is what I am doing!

Last week, my mom and sister decided to get matching tattoos. This would be Blondie’s fifth and our mom’s second tattoo. Yes, you read that right. My mom only has one other tattoo that she got a year or two before I was born. It’s on the side of her ankle. My papaw was not a fan of tattoos back in the day so she used to wear a band-aid on it at the beginning before just letting it go, he still teases her that she’s got something on her leg. They got them done on Thursday by our favorite tatted lady, Tracy. She still wants me to come in and get one. Apparently she and my mom have discussed this how things really feel on my body since I don’t have any muscle/fat. My mom still thinks I want one my feet, no thank you! I’m so afraid of anything now that I don’t know if I’d be able to handle it. I like to admire them from a distance. Anyways, they each got an outline of a cat on different areas of their bodies. My sister actually created a word, she put on her Facebook that they were getting cattoos. My mom got hers on the back of her neck and Blondie got hers on the inside of her right arm. She has been wanting a sleeve, so I think that might be the start of it.

Nothing really happened Friday, my mom had to work. Come Saturday though, since it was Valentine’s Day I didn’t think I’d even get anything. I really didn’t say anything bad about during the week. I was pretty good at keeping that to myself but that morning, good grief! Everybody’s statuses to their boyfriends/girlfriends/spouses got on my nerves quick. I got up at 9am, everybody was still asleep until my dad heard my TV on and came in, found out that he got me an apple fritter. I thought that was going to be my gift and I was completely fine with that, until my mom got up, and my dad gave me this card. I liked it because the card is something that they would get me, I’m just happy the word “inspirational” wasn’t in it. One thing that I really like about it, was the girl on the front was wearing purple and had a string in her foot, but it was only part of the background. My sister and Batman were also supposed to come over too, but they decided to go back after visiting with our grandparents because the roads were getting slick. Since they left, mom had to give me her gift to me. It is a cute little teddy bear! It smells like her! When the hair by his eyes is facing down, it makes his eyes look more adorable. His name is Roux by the way!

I spent half of my nights in the garage with everybody, watching the guys play pool and watch the basketball games on the TV. While I had a good Valentine’s Day I thought I’d get something for myself, I had my mom get me an iTunes card. My laptop had to do its update and I thought that would be a good idea to do. Well, when I loaded it back up, things were different. All of my music was gone. iTunes kept my purchased songs and put them on this iCloud thingy? Since I didn’t have sissy with me, I had to settle with mom which wasn’t a good idea because she was just as clueless as I was. At first, my iPod wouldn’t charge when I plugged it. After like five hours trying to figure it out, plus going on iTunes support discussion board. I gave up on it. When I woke up Sunday morning, I knew I was going to have to figure out something because my dad wanted me to burn CDs for him and his friends, and charge up my iPod in the process. It will still charge up my iPod and burn CDs but none of my music is on library, I bought one song on V-day but it won’t sync to my iPod. I don’t remember clicking anything to do upgrade or whatever. If anybody knows what the hell has happened, please comment below!

Sunday night while we were out in the garage, basically everybody in there was tracking the snow blizzard that was heading straight towards us and it was a long sucker! It was supposed to start snowing at like 4-5pm Sunday as what my dad said, but it didn’t sprinkling snow until like 10:30pm. When I woke up Monday morning and my mom came into my room, she opened up my blind and both cars were covered with a nice thick blanket of snow. It had snowed ALL day long! I’ve never wanted to go outside more in my life. Everybody who has a daughter and watches Frozen have been posting statuses about building snowmen. My mom did put me in the push wheelchair and opened up the front door so I could see the porch. It was insane! My dad hadn’t gone out there like two hours before and swept it and there was already a blanket of snow covering every inch of the porch. The sun went down about 6:30pm so afterwards I couldn’t tell if it was still snowing or not. My mom said there had to been six inches outside! My dad hates it that everybody has named these winter storms. This is winter storm Octavia.

I’ve finally finished NBC’s new show The Slap. My mom taped that for me last Thursday and I didn’t even have to tell her! I like anything that has Zachary Quinto in it. I don’t care if he’s gay, the scruff looks amazing on him! I also finished August: Osage County. It has Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Juliette Lewis, Benedict Cumberbatch in it. I had to stop at the part where Benedict’s character comes on, because I was like is that who I think it is? Two hours after going on my laptop to find out and getting distracted, I found out that it was him! It was a good movie, kind of sad though. I definitely don’t like how it ended. Now I’m just trying to finish Edge Of Tomorrow and out of all the actors in the world, why did they have to cast Tom Cruise in this movie? The movie reminds me of a video game. If you’ve watched it, you might agree with me about this. Everybody else, watch it, you’ll understand! So yeah, that’s been last few days that I thought I’d tell you. Enjoy the pictures too!

my mom's cattoo.
my mom’s cattoo
Blondie's cattoo.
Blondie’s cattoo.
Little Roux.
Little Roux.


My dad got my mom a rose, card and Blondie got her a heart shaped Reese's cup.
My dad got my mom a rose, card and Blondie got her a heart shaped Reese’s cup. My sister got my dad beef jerky.
Anybody know where the hell the road went?
Anybody know where the hell the road went?

Is It Too Early?

10430483_10153611672514358_546331830631413650_nI saw this on Facebook and I had to use it on a blog post. Leave it to me to find the most random shit to be used as inspiration to start a post honestly! However, the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this was, is it too early to be saying this? I remember in 2010 we were out of school for like two separate weeks between the end of January and beginning of February. The only reasons why I still remember it was because I missed working on my LP drawings in art class and everybody in my entire graduating class was freaking out that we’d have to push back our graduation until the middle of June. We didn’t, thank god!

Our snow blizzards in the Midwest can still happen though, from the mid-Jan to the end of March is when our snow mostly happens and everybody keeps forgetting that! So even though, we never got the worst of Winter Storm Juno, it doesn’t mean we won’t get Winter Storms Kari, Linus, and Marcus! I was looking at the list of the storm’s names and I can’t help but wonder about the outcome of both Winter Storm Pandora and Thor! I doubt we’ll ever see those blizzards in our neck of the woods, but they’ll happen somewhere! Of course, this weekend it’s supposed to snow like hell Saturday night I think? I’m technically not looking forward to it, but I would like to be able to see some snow on the ground!

So we’ve had a little bit of snow and a lot of sickness in our house! My poor mom’s just now getting over hers and my dad and I are basically on the lookout to see which one of us it’ll possess next. I’m talking like it’s a damn demon, but in a way it kind of is! It makes everybody in my family a little bit more paranoid than usual. Thursday was kind of strange for me. I couldn’t find anything interesting on TV and music wasn’t making me happy either, so after mom came home from work we both took an hour nap. After that, I felt lots better! With all of the sickness going around, I’ve been doing good of not fighting the urge to chill out in bed. I’ve be staying offline, lounging in bed and watching TV like none other!

Something that you might not know about me is that there are a LOT of classic cult movies that I have never seen before! I’ve tried to watch both Sixteen Candles and Breakfast At Tiffany’s but I can’t watch them all the way through. Earlier this week, my mom had decided to record the movie Steel Magnolias on the Sundance channel. Since I’ve been in this BIG movie mood for the past month and a half I can basically watch anything! I have seen parts of this movie but like I said before, never all of it at one time. I think it was Tuesday I watched it. I literally devoted myself to it for two hours – it even had commercials and I still couldn’t turn it off!

The story was funny and sad. I got a good cry out of it along with something else that made me think about life and its sorts. One thing I did enjoy was Ouiser. Good god! I laughed my butt off whenever her character was around. When it first started though, I didn’t think I was going to get through it with their country accents. I’m sorry, but it’s my least favorite accent of all time, on both male and females! Besides watching movies aka anything I can find at the moment. I’ve been doing pretty good on keeping up with watching daily vlogs. It’s a new obsession of mine if you haven’t heard by now! I’ve recently found the cutest family of vloggers that I’ll share with you next month!

Next month??? I keep forgetting it’s almost February! On Super Bowl Sunday it’ll be the first of the second month of 2015! Yikes! I usually like to do blog posts on the first days of the new months, but I might be too pre-occupied that day and night so I’m hoping this’ll do instead. I’ll be over at our neighbor’s for a Super Bowl party, mom said they’re having a fish fry! We both got too excited when she said the word, “fish” it’s actually been a long time since we’ve both had fish! I’m just happy I might actually get to see the halftime show. DISH decided to take off CBS (which is the usual channel that the game is on!) I love Katy Perry! That’s easily the best part for my mom and I is the halftime shows! I don’t know much about football and I know I’ll be asked quite a bit on which team I’m rooting for. So which team should I root for? Seahawks or the cheaters? It doesn’t matter if I don’t know anything about football or not, I still think the Colts should be playing anyways! I’m hoping to be recording the Kitten Bowl too. I’ve seen so many ads about it that I kind of have to! I already told Blondie I would do it for her. Nice cover story for me!

I’m thinking about breaking in my camera. I’m going to start “playing” with it sometime. It’s just resting in my little box with my stereo remotes, iPod, and phone. Those Veleeta boxes are the best things for a mini hoarder like me! I hope everybody is enjoying their weekend! See you again on Tuesday!

Road To Thanksgiving


I think this is my first week of Thanksgiving were I am actually paying attention to what is going on around me. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older and I’d like to take over the reign of getting things ready for Thanksgiving in our family, but it’s just drastic change from last year and the years before. My only concern is that we have fun and I have my celery and dip. That’s basically all I want honestly! As I get older, I was wonder about if somebody would allow me to make something, but by the time I find something it’s too late to get everything ready to make it. Since I can’t use the stove/oven by myself because of the use of my feet, my courage of cooking or baking anything for my family or friends in the neighborhood just freak me out. I’ve never done it before. Even in our Cooking Ed class or whatever it was called by then, I never got to do anything that the students got to do because I couldn’t reach the countertops. I got left in charge of putting the rags that they used in the washer. Oh boy! In my last year of that class, since I got sick I missed their whole week of cooking/baking and I got left with memorizing different types of cookies and what are in them. I failed that damn test. I knew I was going to fail it, I just did it because I wanted it over. I’m pretty sure I could pass it now though!

My family is celebrating our Thanksgiving on Friday. So I’m making my “road to Thanksgiving” a bit early but it’s okay. We thought everybody in our family had heard of my mom’s schedule enough over the weekend that we’d all knew what days she was off work and when we were going to celebrate it. Well, my poor dad has been a little bit backwards. We’ve had to tell him at least twice now. This is the first time I think we’ve ever had to celebrate a holiday on another day than the actual day. I thought I’d be the one doing this or at least my papaw, but nope it’s my dad instead. My week really started on Saturday when my mom began getting things from the store. I still remember most of the stuff we needed that we had on our trustee list my mom had stuffed in her purse. On Monday and Tuesday, my mom and I had our finale of Dancing With The Stars to watch, you know? She didn’t have to work on Tuesday or Wednesday, so she could stay up and watch it with me. An hour before it all started, she went to McDonald’s to get herself a milkshake. I already had a dessert product from there like two days before, my dad got us a hot fudge sundae to share. I didn’t end up with nothing though, they’re still selling smoothies here, so she got me a strawberry and banana smoothie. I finished it within an hour while Wren laid on my bed next to me.

10383084_4713071762841_7525113251877170692_nWell, when I was finished with my smoothie. My mom asked me if I wanted to watch DWTS with her in the living room. I told her yes. So she took me in there and Wren in there, along with my Transformers blanket because I was freezing my toes off! I stayed in there on the smaller couch for three hours. Wren only lasted a good ten minutes on the couch before she got down and went back to my room on my bed. After the first break, mom went in there to bring her back out in the living room. She led her for a bit and then put her back on me and there she stayed for the next hours. I loved how this season ended even though I wasn’t too sure if I’d be so pumped for it like last season. I was worried that even though we didn’t have Amy Purdy on there anymore, I’d lose my interest in the show. I didn’t though, I was very much Team Sadie, Tommy, and Alfonso. My mom on the other hand switched on me. She’s usually on Team Derek, but she went on Team Val this season. You should have seen her on Tuesday when Sadie and Mark got those tens from the judges’ scores  for their fusion dances. She was NOT happy, but I was! I loved it! She was also not happy about Janel and Val getting booted first too. After that, she didn’t care about who won which ruined my outlook of the night. I would have been fine with anyone, but she’s just mad that her favorites didn’t win, but she always tells me if you don’t vote you can get mad at who wins. Karma’s a bitch! And I say that in the nicest way possible!

Wednesday, I went over to my nana’s for the second time. I’m not complaining but I think after the third hour being there the day before, we kind of ran out of things to talk about which ended up being a very good thing because something happened that neither one of us was expecting at all. Our family is notorious for surprising different family members. My uncle Dave is the king of this and his son Chris has been in second for years! One year we were having our Thanksgiving lunch, we all just got done eating and we were having our infamous food fight at the end and I remember “running” from everybody’s whip cream fingers as fast as I could. We all ended up in the kitchen because that year we had so many people that we had to put the kitchen table into the living room. We got into the kitchen, we were shouting and pointing at each other. All of a sudden, we heard this knock which freaked us out because we were all there. Nobody we knew was going to be there was there. So then when my cousin Chris came through that door our entire family kind of exploded with joy, then he got on the food fight by dropping a cupcake on the floor.

1476090_674439456003244_7982745793397983540_nJust like that year, my nana and I were in the kitchen, we just got done eating and were trying to figure out what we were going to discuss next. She was facing towards the door and windows, I was facing the opposite direction so when she started to freak out on me, I didn’t know what was going on. She totally scared me until she said “you’re never going to believe who’s here.” I thought it was my sister at first until she went to the door and I turned out and looked out the window. They said they heard somebody scream, I’m pretty that was me. I even scared my papaw that once everybody was inside I went to get him and I think he was surprised too! It was such a fun time to be around Chris, Amber, and the kids again after almost four years. The kids had grown a lot! I showed Lynnie majority of the house, even my nana’s dollhouse. She’s got such a tiny voice. She had her hair up in the Elsa braid. I actually talked to her about Frozen and what teams we were on. She like Elsa the most, I told her I was on Team Olaf. We established that her daddy could be Kristoff especially since we explained he talks to a moose named Sven, then Chris said that he talks to his cars which doesn’t surprise me one bit.

My mom and dad got to see them after they came back from getting a head start at Christmas shopping. Neither one didn’t stay very long, but were glad they came down finally! Of course we can’t have a family visit without taking pictures. I felt bad for my sister, she was stuck at work while they were down here. She definitely wanted to be home then and that night as our older kittens from Bootsie’s first litter, Tubby decided to turn up after a year. Dad had always he got hit by a car because apparently there was a cat like him at the side of the street. He just didn’t tell us because he didn’t want to upset us. Blondie texted my mom after she continued to send pictures to her that he was home to never him go back outside, but after having my mom and ChiChi follow him around throughout the house, he meowed and mom put him back outside. Dad thinks somebody else has been taking care of him as good and calm he was being to us and other cats too.

 Now that it’s actually Thanksgiving, it’s a bit weird. I taped Macy’s Day Parade and I tried to watch a bit of it after I woke up, but I’m starting to understand why I don’t usually watch it. I loved it as a kid because of the giant balloons, but now they’ve got performers that you know they’re all lip-syncing to their music. Especially those broadway sections, but I like those I always have. I know, I know! I’m being weird again. Anyways, the parts I did watch it I only saw at least 3 balloon characters. Really? So I’m thinking now that setting it up to tape was a bad idea. I did this last year too, you’d think I’d remember it! However, one thing that my family and I always say we’re going to do is watch the Thanksgivi10426523_4715594625911_262121616550919199_nng episode of Mad About You, called “Giblets For Murray” its were their dog Murray eats their turkey after they just told their family that it was their year hosting Thanksgiving and they were going to do things their way, well then they walk into the kitchen and find the dog going to town on the turkey. They spend the last part of the episode trying to sneak in another turkey into the kitchen without anybody noticing. It’s honestly a great episode, probably the best! I know every word of it because I’ve watched it so many times.

I hope everybody in the US is having a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am thankful for everything I have, my family and friends, this blog and ever-growing amount of music I can consume in a week. This is my road to Thanksgiving, if I can get myself to do anything tomorrow evening I’ll be posting my day with my crazy family that I am so stoked to seeing. I waited up for my sister last night as she came home from work in the snow. Yeah, I’m pretty sure we won’t be getting any snow for Christmas. That’s just my guess since it’s here on Thanksgiving. Dad said we didn’t get much though. I hope you’ve enjoy this post.

Life Lately | Pixie and Snow


Oh boy! I don’t even know where to start. This weekend has been an eventful one, but also parts of it have been really boring too. My sister and her boyfriend “Batman” came down for two days, even though Friday night they went to Terre Haute to visit some friends up there, but they came back that morning to come over to nana’s. That’s basically my weekend in a nutshell.

I kind of had a better week. Which is weird, but I think it was good. I’ve messed up my sleep sometime early in the week. Spending your late night watching hilariously videos of the One Direction boys is probably not the best choice but i can’t help it. When I go on these damn music binges I usually can’t help myself and I end up doing silly things, such as this to myself. Anyways, I had a fun surprise for everybody come Wednesday afternoon. My mom had made an appointment for me to get my haircut–somebody doesn’t like the length of it anymore and wanted me to get rid of my bangs. Well, lucky for that person I was basically done with my hair too. I vowed to never cut my hair really short ever again and yet I kept looking up different pixie haircuts. I had two that I definitely liked the most, but my mom did not like either one because they were so short. Who was the person who brought up that I needed a haircut and proceed to make an appointment for me? This woman.

This time around, I refused to get any bangs and spikes. I can be edgy without them. At least that’s what I keep telling myself! So when it came to be Wednesday, only two people actually knew I was getting my haircut. Nobody else knew about it. I love surprising the crap out of people. I actually like it, I don’t love it, but I like it. Since we’ve had our little push wheelchair, we’ve hardly taken the big one and about on the lift for a while. Thankfully, my mom came to her senses and realized we NEEDED to take the big one. She’s been having lots of problems of getting me in and out of the car while picking me up and out of the Death Trap. It’s too low for her so she has to bend lower than normally to grab me. In my big chair, she still has trouble but it’s not so low.

After I got my hair done, we went to my nana’s where I got to spend a good three hours there with my grandparents. My mom never told her what we were doing, so before going inside she put my hood up on my jacket to shield my new do. We walked/rolled inside and they were surprised to see my big chair but after that shock melted down, we said “there’s one more surprise” and pulled down my hood and got them there. My nana likes it or so she says. I spent my day at their house, my papaw was upstairs for most of the time and since I got to run around on my own with ease, I could go from one room to another without needing help or feeling I could tumble onto the floor like the last time. It was strange really! My papaw was attempting to come down the stairs, I’ve always known he goes and sits on the floor upstairs so he can get to things easier, but I’ve got to say watching him come down the stairs scooting on his butt, moving his little box slowly, one step at a time. I couldn’t help myself from laughing because he was being so dainty about it, my nana looks at me “I see a blog post going on” well I’m five days late but it’s okay! He told us that after counting how many steps he had to go, that his butt was on step seven, his feet and box were on step five. Oh, thank god for his sense of humor! He did good though, especially getting up on his feet and into his wheelchair. We established that it wouldn’t be a good idea if we had a race in the house, considering the drastic change in chairs, one has a motor and the other doesn’t. I’d totally win!

As might’ve seen on my blog, I haven’t been in a blogging mood at all. Everytime I went to do something, it would go over my head, You should be happy you even got a Tune Tuesday post last week. This week, I thinking it’ll just be this post and three album reviews. I might be snowed in this week, as we just got our first snow of the season. I hope everybody enjoys their week. 1919659_642035775906009_5308606154091375403_n 10676180_4684053557404_2736780766706318763_n 10392333_4687740849584_6870034723224675729_n

Stuffed Inside A Bookshelf In The Corner

From L to R: It’s Party Time Snoopy by Charles M. Schulz, Hoosier Hysteria by Bob Williams, For The Love of Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz, Best Jokes Of All Occasions, and Shotgun Law by Max Brand

After having a very eventful week at home. I finally got to go to my nana’s as my mom took my sister back up to her dorm before all this snow and crap was to come back to us tomorrow. We really don’t know how much we’re supposed to get nor do we know when it’ll show up either. My nana told me that one person said we could get 12 inches of snow while the other said we’d get probably two or three inches. One poor bastard just literally estimated about six inches since he couldn’t tell exactly how much was headed to us. My sister only got to scare the crap out of our parents, even though she scared my dad more than my mom. I knew it all, she needed help with it. I’m glad mom took her back a day early because her friends will probably be stuck in town until like Tuesday. Anyways, while mom took Blondie back up there, I got to go to my grandparents for the afternoon. I had basically slept the whole morning and had my lunch there, then worked it off and yes, I took some pictures of our findings. This time, they’re real books in a bookshelf. I had to go by the end of the stairs and grab a bunch of magazines that were up against the wall. There are times were having the use of my toes are handy-dandy, but my anxiety wasn’t loving the vibe of going right up the stairs without a light on. I got through it, but barely.

Most of the work was done by my nana as we didn’t think I could get a box over in that little bitty corner and get those books out in one piece. Luckily, she did it, because there were a lot of books that the spines of the book covers were breaking and had tears, I don’t like handling those kinds of books because I always feel like I could make them look a lot worse than they already were. We found some very interesting, but since this is my third post about doing a mini spring cleaning and finding these things, everything is basically interesting to me. The timeline for most of these books went from the 30’s to the 60’s. It was pretty neat! My grandparents have decided that I get to have all of the Charlie Brown books. I already have un-used coloring book (that I’m tempted to fill as we speak!) and a full box of mini books. The books were a mixture of both my nana’s and papaw’s books. Lots of Max Brand and basketball books. Plus, the “classics” two Shakespeare books, I think if I remember right a Tarzan book, and Treasure Island. There were a couple of Science books as well, which were clearly my papaw’s books. He is very interested in science. He had a couple of Albert Einstein books, and my nana found two books, one was barely holding on to its cover while the other one was kind of hilarious. I’m still trying to decide if it was a book given to him as a kid or an adult.

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Steveson, Things A Boy Can Do With Electricity by Alfred Morgan, and Experiments In Science by Nelson F. Beeler & Franklyn M. Branley
Treasure Island by Robert Louis Steveson, Things A Boy Can Do With Electricity by Alfred Morgan, and Experiments In Science by Nelson F. Beeler & Franklyn M. Branley

I think my favorite findings were the big navy blue book. It was in great condition, a little dusty. My nana was kind of confused to what it was at first, the front of had the date “1926” on it along with the word, “Mixtura” which my papaw said the word is Latin and it means “mixture.” I don’t really know what is exactly in the book, but there were a few things in that belonged to my nana, but it was originally was my great-grandpa “PawPaw Lewis” book. I’m betting it’s another science book. The second finding was this little white, possibly handmade, to keep track of gas in the car and when their cars got fixed. My nana knew it was her handwriting inside, but didn’t have a clue at first. The dates inside were from the late 80’s. The last but actually turned out to be one of our first findings was this little book that was called, “Best Jokes For All Occasions” and what I thought was cool about it was that it was a small hardback book that said on the top that it cost only 35 cents, and it was published in 1974. When my papaw got up from his nap, he ended up reading some of the jokes inside and told a couple of them at the end of the visit and gave us a warning that he was hot from reading the book. He is so adorable when he wants to be! We also found old magazines, they went as far as 2005. My nana even kept a car magazine that had model of the “new” Buick inside. My grandparents are kind of obsessed with Buick and Cadillac cars, mostly because they had owned both cars sometime in their lives. 

Spring Says Peek-A-Boo!

springYou remember last week I had complained about only getting out of the house on Friday, because of all the snow we kept getting the weeks before? Well, apparently I need to talk with Mother Nature about going from one extreme to the other with allowing me to get out more often. Since we got more snow Friday afternoon, like two to four more inches. Well, we had our first feel of spring today. Usually, it’s the nice weather we feel first, but as the nice weather started to make its entrance it was overshadowed by the thunder, lightning, and rain that decided to make a pit stop before it made it’s welcome back. All of our snow we got at the end of last week is melting and now we have more water, so which means that it could flood in different areas, which isn’t something that is out of the ordinary here. We’ve had a few floods here and here this winter.

It was so weird to be laying on my bed with Wren and all of a sudden I hear thunder crack and within ten minutes of that, I saw lightning from my window blinds. It was so strange after having snowstorm after snowstorm. I think we had our last thunderstorm in November. It seems so long ago for me! That’s one of the things I’m not ready for is all of the rain again. I hate thunderstorms and tornado weather more than this snow. It’s also kind of funny sometimes, because I’ve already seen people get excited about the higher temperatures outside going from 20 degrees to 40-50 degrees. A few of the weathermen have said we could be in the 50’s by the end of the week, but all of this rain and thunder will be staying. My mom told me last night that it was only supposed to rain today and storm on Thursday. So maybe I’ll get lucky and actually get out on Thursday if mother nature lets us at least enjoy one day of this warm weather. I’m predicting by the middle of March though all of the snow that we hate so much will be back again. It has happened before so I don’t see it ending anytime soon. Sorry, but it’s just my opinion and we shouldn’t be so quick to turn off that thought either.

I woke up early today after having a rough night. I had troubles with breathing through my nose again. That’s one thing I’m happy for, when my dad switches to the air conditioner again. I don’t know why but I find the A/C very comforting when it’s time for bed. I wanted to go take a nap earlier but I’ve been doing so good with staying awake that I don’t need one. Even though I’ve got to say, watching Wren get comfortable, drool, and fall asleep on my blankets made me jealous in a way. I’ve been very bored again. I haven’t been doing much sadly. Last night, well actually Saturday night as I was looking for more movies on TV and when I found X2 I kept looking ahead and found Thor and I hadn’t seen of how the movie starts out so I decided to tape the whole thing. I’ve really got to stop taping movies that aren’t on the movie channels because all those commercials are annoying as crap. I think they’re more annoying when I have fast forward them after I’ve recorded them. To think that possibly some of these movies would be like two hours long without all of the commercials cutting in between parts. It just ruins certain sequences of the film and by the end of them there’s no hope in getting back into the movie if you’ve seen that before. I really need to charge my iPod but I don’t even know if I’ll want to use it tonight or not. That’s another thing I’ve been having a problem with today, I’ve been very indecisive with practically everything! I don’t know what’s wrong with me, maybe it’s the weather. Who knows anymore honestly.

Lonely Sunday

Today is the day that the majority of the midwest was supposed to get this big snow blizzard. We’ve heard nothing but the conditions of the both the snow and temperatures. My sister was supposed to go back yesterday but she talked my parents into letting stay home instead and she was to start her classes tomorrow and from seeing the tweets that she kept retweeted all day long, they never cancel classes, but a few hours ago, they did cancel classes. So she doesn’t feel that bad now. When I woke up this morning. Outside my windows seemed crappy and I didn’t look out them either. Somehow the snow was all up north of us and we ended up with the all this rain. Everybody has talked about it on Facebook and it has gotten quite annoying. The nice little videos of pets playing in the snow is cute, but everything else just sucks. I hate seeing it constantly. Sorry. Anyways, one of the reasons why everybody’s complaining that we didn’t get any snow or just a few flakes, is what my mom said earlier today and she was right, with all this rain we got as the temperature gets lower and lower, all that rain will turn into ice. I just saw on Facebook that is no school for anybody down here either. I’m over the snow, it’s not Christmas anymore so it needs to go. NOW!

I’ve spent my whole day online. Between trying to finish 2 Gunz and listening to music on Spotify. I’ve been really bored. Both of the monsters have been with Blondie all day. Even our cat Oliver hasn’t been in here. All three of them were in here on and off, so I’m feeling kind of lonely even if though none of them really come in here to cuddle with me anyways. Last night ChiChi decided to get me some lovings and yeah, that’s it. Okay, I’m going to get off of here and listen and sing along to Halestorm. And maybe even finish 2 Gunz too! Good night and if you are around the snow and ice,  be careful on the roads!