OOTD: Bossy!

Hi ūüôā

I’m back with another outfit of the day! I knew once spring decided to come around that my mom, nana and I would be able to go back to these posts again! I generally love working on them and showing off my style with all of you too! ¬†I know I had mentioned in my previous OOTDs that I was going to start wearing more colorful outfits but you all should know about my love of black by now too! I don’t see the problem of wearing too much at one time!

This shirt is new, it was included into that fairly large shopping spree back in February, it is a regular graphic tee with “Not Bossy, Just Better” written on the front of it. When I saw it on the rack I couldn’t help myself, I had to get it. Something you may not know about me is that I have a strong personality, sometimes people confuse my attitude with being “bossy” but I feel like I am far from that. I just have strong beliefs and don’t like being told certain things, as a disabled woman seeking independence I don’t like when people assume and judge me. I think I can do the things you are able to do, but maybe even better and this is where people get carried away and automatically think I’m stuck up when I’m not. So this is probably my third shirt that I’ve worn that has a true statement about something I truly believe in some way!

This was also around $7 because it has a saying on the front of it. I’m sorry if you have trouble reading it through my hands, that’s the one negative about it, the font is fairly large and my hands take up most of the space on it.


I feel like I’ve worn these pants in a blog post before, but I’m not for sure so I had my mom and nana take them just in case I was wrong!

These are actually pants, not leggings! I don’t have very many of them in my drawers mostly because they’re a little hard to find and fit through my thigh and butt! I’ve always loved these though because the design of the skulls (not even sorry!) have like a black and white sugar skull theme on them. The material is nice and soft, they’re definitely made of cotton because they’re so thick, considering it’s “spring” it sure as hell didn’t feel like it! I was secretly freezing when that picture was taken up top and these were the only part of my body that was nice and toasty. I’ve learned to smile through the cold and hope to God that the sun can warm me up a little, it didn’t happen but hey, we still accomplished our mission!


Unfortunately, I purchases these a few years ago so I don’t remember where we got them nor how much they were, but I’m thinking we got them at Wal-Mart too! I rarely find any skull bottoms anywhere besides Hot Topic! It’s a “once in a blue moon” motion whenever I find something at Wal-Mart! Oh, and don’t even bother asking how many skull leggings this is because even I don’t know!

I also wanted to try out an old hairstyle I modeled as a kid, while in grade school I had really long hair and a month or so before I had my back surgeries we were forced to get it cut short because of the metal halo that would be placed around my head. This was over 14 years ago and this is the first time I’ve had my hair just as long as I did back then. After July, I am getting a hair cut–maybe not a pixie but it will be short again at the end of the summer! I’m semi happy but sad too!

So what do you think of this outfit? Yay or nay? Do you have a shirt that reflects your personality to a T? 



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OOTD: Sweater Weather!



So when I had written up my second birthday bash post I forgot to add my second “birthday outfit” and when I went back through to see if I could squeeze it in anywhere I realized that I should just make it a stand alone post!¬†Remember the other OOTD I did and I said it wouldn’t be my birthday without some skulls? I think I might’ve overdid it with this one!

There are a couple of shirts up in my closet that I do know I have but I keep forgetting about them! This one is one of those shirts and it’s a freaking sweater! I still had to wear a tank top underneath it but nevertheless a sweater! I really like it, unfortunately I can’t tell you where I got it because I don’t have a clue!

It’s a white, thick sweater with a few black skull and crossbones on the front of it, some of them have rhimestones on them and a couple of them don’t and they didn’t even come off in the wash, they just don’t have little circles where they would be placed on the design!¬†As far as pants go, I kept up with the whole sweater vibe! My leggings have that knitting or sweater quality to them, I’m pretty sure I’ve worn them before on a couple of OOTDs! There are very warm, they were warmer than the actual sweater and tank top!

I decided to leave my hair down for this OOTD which is something I don’t normally do because my hair has gotten so long that it’s just a pain in the ass! I know my folks want me to have it cut, but it’s only going to get colder and I’ve had my hair short in the winter months and it’s not fun so I think I’m just going to toughen it out until hopefully March and by that time it might get as long as it did before I had my back surgeries in 2002! Yes, that is the last time I had really long hair!


So what do you think about this outfit? Yay or nay? What is your favorite sweater to wear in the fall/winter?


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Birthday + OOTD


Hi guys!

How was your Halloween? I didn’t do much that day, I went outside late in the afternoon to see the little trick-or-treaters, they were so adorable! I spent some time hanging out with the cats. Tubby and Felix almost jumped onto my lap. After a little bit, I stood out talking to neighbors and family friends.¬†Our weather keeps changing, at the start of the weekend it was rainy, but the sun was out. It was a bit breezy Saturday evening but not that bad. Of course later in the week the temperature would rise back up again. My body is so confused!¬†Am I the only one that is actually losing sleep over this daylight savings crap?? I was really tired Saturday night but I kind of figured I would get up kind of early that next morning, but not three minutes before one in the morning!! Sunday was my birthday and I was so tired!! I don’t know how I managed to stay awake the whole day, but I did.

The first person I saw early that morning was my mom, she and my sister had to work which sucked. However, I did get to see everybody. Around 11am, I got up and went on my Facebook to see that my wall was exploding with everybody’s messages saying “happy birthday” I think about ten minutes later I could hear my dad singing “happy birthday to me (to him)” and he came into my room to give me a hug and Brandon came in next to say “happy birthday” and my dad said “thank you” for me. I had a good birthday lunch, fish and cheesy, broccoli rice. Yum! My mom got home at 3pm and she came in–still in her scrubs–with my birthday card in her hand. For once I actually didn’t destroy it like I usually do to other card envelopes! Apparently my dad was the one who got me a brownie cake and card and my mom was the one who got me the Tower Speaker. It is what it sounds, it’s just one speaker tower that basically plugs into everything and mind you, I’ve been without a lot of bass in the past 11 months… So the bass queen is back!

I spent a couple of hours trying to get used to that and a little bit afterwards, Uncle Russell came in to give me his card which I thought fit me very well! If you can read it down at the bottom (the one on the left!) the inside says “I want to participate.” Around six, Tressa, Sammy and their whole crew came over with their gifts. I got to see Chey and Chevy the night before while they were dressed up in their costumes. They looked so good! They also had a LOT of candy in their bags! If I remember correctly, Chey and Chevy gift to me were my pajama bottoms. They’re a bunch of colors but the main color is pink. They’re fleece which is what i like the most! They are so comfortable! Oh and there’s a black skull on the upper left thigh! Tressa and Rex got me this painting type of thing, i don’t know what to call it. It’s basically a big tree with a skull carved in the middle of it. It also says “knowledge is life” it’s pretty cool honestly! Sammy’s gift though, I was instructed to keep it away from my mom because it’s a Wizard Of Oz picture in a frame. I love it! They came over as I was eating my birthday supper of mac and cheese! I finished my day with a small slice of my brownie cake!

On Monday, day two of celebrations, this time with my grandparents. We got Fish Hut for lunch. I got to have pizza, shhh nobody tell my Uncle David! My nana was so nice she made cinnamon rolls but used something that changed the coloring of the icing. It was yellow, orange and brown. I took two home with me! She also made these “Nana doodles” she put the same icing on top of vanilla wafer cookies. My mom, Blondie and Brandon went to the store for her and did her other errands while I sat out in the kitchen and talked my head off. I bet my papaw enjoys it whenever I leave, he probably gets better naps that way! Before I end this post, I want to share what I wore over there. I wore my flannel button-up shirt I got last Christmas from American Eagle and my leggings are gray and white; they’re faded a bit but that’s all part of their design! They certainly feel like jeans, they squeeze the crap out of my thighs! I don’t remember I bought them from either.

I have to say I really enjoyed my birthday celebration.


OOTD: Orange Skulls



One half of this post was meant to go up last Saturday, but I wasn’t anywhere near my laptop, so I’ve had to combine them. Hey! At least I remembered to ask members of my family to take my pictures for me!

Our weather got super cold by Friday morning! When I woke up that morning the temp in my room was between 66-67 degrees! I was covered up in my blanket like a freaking cocoon it was so cold! Since it’ll only get colder outside I’m back to wearing both socks and long sleeve shirts! The outfit on the left side was from Friday, I was covered in skulls and I loved it! You’ve seen the leggings before, but the hoodie is new! My parents went to Wal-Mart a few days before this picture was taken and they came home with this shirt. My mom loves the fact that it has a hood on it! I love it for two things: It has an Aztec design of a skull on the front and it’s so big that you can see it through my hands! Hot damn! I wore it all day long, everywhere I went was pretty chilly and the whole outfit kept me warm.

Saturday, my Aunt Laurie and my nana got to dress me. My outfit for that day was on the right side. I wore my favorite cat face leggings! The pants in general are white but some of the cats have black, gray, turquoise, pink, lavender, and/or neon orange as the secondary colors! My shirt is from Rue21 and it’s technically a hand-me-down from my own sister! I have to say I love getting her old clothes though. For one she has a great sense of style and for the first week I get to smell like her! I really like this blouse. I love the short sleeves and the button in the front. It actually fits me pretty well, as far the right shoulder, ALL of my shoulders do that! That’s what happens with Arthrogryposis people. Our shoulders are so small that sometimes necklines of shirts just slide down easier than they with normal sized shoulders. Everybody should be happy that it only happens to one of them instead of both! It’s happened so much that I honestly don’t care about it anymore!

Which outfit do you like the most?

Skull Inspired Wishlist

I’ve got two months left until my birthday! A few of you are probably looking at that sentence and going, “Meghan, September isn’t over yet!!” When your date of birth lands on the first of the month once a new month begins it’s perfectly acceptable to take that month out completely! Now that I have that part of the way, I can say that this really isn’t a birthday wishlist. I’ve been inspired by other bloggers and their different themed wishlists. One day I’ll have a cat themed wishlist on here, just you watch and see!

Back in late July, I made a homeware wishlist of different things to help my nana and I to bake things in her kitchen. I went looking for things that would be good for people who can’t grip as good as they used to, my grandparents are getting older and gripping certain stuff like pens and kitchen utensils are getting more and more difficult to do. So that’s why I wanted to do that post but by the time I had finished the post, it seemed too chaotic and I didn’t see a way to fix it so I just ended up getting rid of it. I might recreate a similar post one day, but right now we’re talking about skulls! One of my favorite things that apparently I don’t have enough of in my closet! I have like three shirts with skulls on them, that are not band related and I have two pants with different types of skulls on them. Like I said before, I don’t have enough! My mom would probably disagree but I know I wouldn’t hear a peak from my dad because he’s just as bad as me!

Skull Cut-Out Shoulder Top – Hot Topic //Skull Pink Floral Kimono – Hot Topic //Black Bow Headband – Hot Topic //Skull & Rose Watercolor Wallet – Hot Topic// Evil Skull Bank – Spencer’s

When I was going to find different things to include on this wishlist, I told myself “no band tees” because as much as I want new ones, I have enough! I think I had to tell myself about ten times while scrolling through both Hot Topic and Spencer’s. I had a lot of problems with what I wanted to include in this post. If you’ve read my previous wishlist posts before, you know I try to keep everything under $20 and this one I didn’t care what the price range was, I just went with what I liked for once! if you love skulls just as much as I do, you can click on each link underneath the picture and purchase the item(s) you like the most.

I went on four different websites, but ultimately got lucky with Hot Topic and Spencer’s. Let’s start with the shirts I’ve selected. I found the one on the left first. I actually love shirts like this, that have cut outs or fall off the shoulders completely, with Arthrogryposis, our shoulders are a little awkwardly shaped. They’re much smaller and so necklines that are wide are like our worst enemies. I’ve always had trouble keeping my shirts up on my shoulders. By the time I was in middle school, I had given up on fixing them and just letting them off. I love the cut outs on this shirt. If you click on the link, the back of the shirt has small cut outs. It’s pretty awesome! Another thing that drew me into the shirt was that fact it’s not just skulls, it’s got roses on it! I’ve never been a big fan of roses but I feel it’s most used flower to include with skulls. So I deal with it. The next one isn’t a shirt or jacket per se, it’s a kimono and I love how these are becoming a popular fashion trend! They’re light and soft, which would be perfect for my hands as they can be sensitive to different textures. I just loved this one! It’s so pretty, even though it’s pink! I like how I managed to pick two different items that have some girly touches to them!

Now onto the accessories! This was another thing I had to tell myself to stay away from but I mean it as stay from the jewelry! I have more than enough bracelets to last me a few years! I’ll say I have all these bracelets and I don’t even wear that much as I’d like to. I think I’m more afraid to wear my spikey ones because I’ve been told by different family members that they could be used as weapons! Anyways, I had to get creative with selecting other stuff. My hair is in that awkward placement where it’s not short, but not long enough yet to be put up in a ponytail so we’ve resorted to using headbands, but I only have a plain black one. I found this one and I kind of fell in love with it. It has skulls. It has a bow and it’s black! What else do you need? One of the things that women and girls have are purses in different sizes and quirky designs. I’ve had a few in my lifetime, but I’ve never had a wallet and I feel like that wallet was pretty cool! Not dark, but unique or I could just get that shiny gold skull on the left side of it. It’s a bank, can’t say it’s a “piggy” bank because it’s not a pig but look at it!! I love it! It’s so me right?!?!

So what do we think about everything I’ve included into this post? What would you buy first?

OOTD: Skulls + Trees


This past weekend was a good one. I finally reminded somebody to take a picture of my outfit of the day. It was one of two shirts that I haven’t been able to wear that I¬†got for Christmas. I’ve known about the activities of the weekend for almost two weeks I think. My sister has been volunteering at a women’s domestic abuse shelter and she and her friend/roommate Skyela chose that one since Blondie thought it was close by and she was very interested in it considering what she went through two years ago. Anyways, she signed our mom up to do a two or three-hour Zumbaton! My mom has never done Zumba before, so she thought she wouldn’t get through the full hours but apparently she did! I’m very proud of her, even though she said she had a difficult time getting their actual moves done, she has been learning a few things from watching heavy amounts of DWTS. She said she might’ve sucked at moving her feet, but her lines of her hands were perfect! Oh boy!! Too bad we don’t have video of it! While they were there, I had the option of staying at home or go to my nana’s. I decided on going to my nana’s, and then I realized that it would be a good day to wear my new skull shirts. So I wore them to my nana’s and John and Julie’s that night.

While my mom and sister improvised on workout clothes and deciding on what kind of shoes to bring, I wore my black and black outfit on a very pretty spring day! I got a black tank top with shiny skulls all around, my nana had to fix the sleeves as they would stay on my shoulders. The top shirt is a button-up silky, came with a nice belt because it doesn’t button up all the way and it’s extremely long on me! My dad left a little bit after all this, and I don’t blame him by the end of it all these two were driving me nuts! “Does this work?” “Do you think my feet will stay in these shoes?” My only concern was about my hair. The bad part is that I don’t think cutting it will actually help my situation. Anyways, while dad was out my mom caved in and let me see Midget’s babies. Yeah, we have a new litter of kittens. Actually give it a couple more days and we will have TWO litters! Bootsie is about to pop as well! This is Midget’s first litter and we think she’s not understanding why the want to come at her belly. We had four originally, but um, things happened and two have died. My mom has officially gotten her orange kitty, we just hope it lives! I’ve already got a name for it if it’s a boy: Otis! I think we will call it “Olivia” if it’s a girl since it’s close to “Oliver.” The other baby is black and white. They are very tiny, I’ve actually never seen a newborn kitten before. They were born on April 9th.

Once the two goofballs had decided on their outfits and everything, my mom took me out on the porch so I could visit with the other cats. Although, everybody else scattered as soon as my mom pushed me out of the door. Bootsie was the only one left and she’s been very “loving” lately. She usually doesn’t like me petting her but she’s been letting me do it for the past few weeks. Blondie and I sat out on the porch and visit with her and our other neighbor. At the end, just before my sister put me in the car to leave, I took some pictures of the trees around our front yard. When you first go out, there are two smaller trees at a house on the other side of the road, we think they’re dogwood because they change colors in each stage of the seasons before going bare in the wintertime. They start out as green/white before changing into an emerald-green and then lastly a white/pink during the fall. Our neighbor Ronnie has a big tree in his yard and a small tree or bush, I don’t remember but it looks very pretty too! Majority of the trees around town have bloomed and it makes me so happy! However, not so happy that the bees and wasps have made a comeback already! Ugh!

I went over to my nana’s and we literally spent the whole two or three hours there talking about different things. We were cut off quite a few times after my papaw came back down stairs. While my nana and I were having talks about life and all that, my papaw kept telling me war stories and his time when he was stationed in Hawaii. I’ve heard several stories of his time there, it wasn’t as bad considering the rest of the other soldiers there, he was in the pharmacy part and that’s all I basically know. I’ll ask him sometime about that because I didn’t even know you could do that or could do it back then. I also got to hear the story of the time my grandparents won a car from a lottery ticket late at night. A brand new ’63 Pontiac that was only a few hundred dollars back then. After they won it, apparently they only used a few times before giving it to my papaw’s Aunt Mary? And they give them the money of what it was actually worth back to them! I finally caved in and read a little bit of an Archaeology¬†magazine that he sometimes gets. I’m getting a little obsessed with it honestly, there’s a part in it called “World Roundup” and its little stories of excavations all around the world. I like to read those out loud and I don’t know why because I really hate it! I cannot say big words and sounding them out doesn’t work anymore either. It is fun to try though because we have a hard time trying not to laugh at the same time!

My mom and sister came back to the house around five in the afternoon. They were exhausted, my sister has done Zumba in the past but not for two hours straight. My mom on the other hand, walks because of her work, but that’s basically all she does. She’s only played ¬†Just Dance on Wii a handful of times too. I’ve seen Zumba and it is more of a workout than JD! When we got home, we went to our neighbors after a quick bathroom break. I had fun! My mom and sister left an hour or two, but I stayed the whole three hours there. I watched the guys play pool and hear they’re conversations. A bunch of our neighbors came over, one of which has a baby/toddler. She’s not walking much yet but she can play footsie with me! As it was getting darker and darker, Theresa, Sammy, Alex, Chey, and Chevy came over to the garage for a bit. Whenever they come over and my mom is around, I don’t know I feel like I hold back my feelings and words. Since I was there without her, I got to sit next to Sammy (but I always do!) and I felt happy. I don’t feel like I have to keep things away from anybody, because I know dad doesn’t care what Sammy and I talk about, but my mom being a woman she does! We even managed to get a picture with the two of us and her daughter Chevy, of course she wasn’t looking ahead like we were but it’s still a cute picture! Miss Chey (who is Sammy’s little sister) is getting her spinal fusion surgery done today, she got it done this morning. It’s the same surgery I had but she’s lucky that she’s not going through the halo and three-part surgeries that I did.

My mom wanted me to come home as she was really feeling tired and doesn’t like anybody else taking me to bed except for her, I felt so loved after hearing that! Sammy walked me home because my original plan went to his friend’s house. Before anybody gets excited, this boy is like fourteen years old! Chill out! He’s like a little brother to me! Anyways Sammy AND Chevy hanging on the back of my wheelchair. You can tell she’s done this too many times because Sammy actually knows how to get my headrest off now. When we got there, Chevy immediately ran over to Blondie in my dad’s chair. She isn’t really around her often but still she ran over to her while ChiChi barked and ran at her. Poor thing! The only thing I didn’t like about the whole deal was my mom and Blondie got their goodbye hugs but I didn’t. So somebody owes me a hug! When they left, I went into my room and got ready for bed. We realized that I had been sitting up since about 1pm, I only remember going online in the morning! The last tweet I had posted was 12 hours from the one I made that night. I love those kinds of days of being away from my laptop and online world, no offense to you all!

On Sunday, I woke up at 9am and I could not go back to sleep for the life of me. I even went to bed late too! I was supposed to go back to my nana’s while mom and Blondie did her errands, they left without me but I was okay with it because they only had to go to one place. They did get us some new finger nail polishes for the next time I come over! I’m excited about that because I need my nails done! When they got back, my mom put me in my wheelchair and took me outside. I wanted to spend a little bit of time out there by myself with the cats, but my mom took ChiChi over to the garage to see dad and everybody else, she freaked out whenever she saw Lexi but hardly barked at anyone. Chevy had ahold of her leash when mom took her back to the house, she kept telling her “come on ChiChi” in her little voice. When they got to the house, my mom showed her the cats and new kitties. They came back and Chey, Rex, and Theresa left. We had a big meat feast, pork chops and steaks in like four different¬†marinades. I finished eating and was in the mood to take pictures (and get away from the bugs!) but my mom wanted to go home so I went home with her.

I found out that I had taped the new X-Men movie on HBO! I was so happy! I forgot about when that came on. I also have Who Do You Think You Are on my DVR to watch too! There are a couple more things for me to watch before I think I should start it. So yeah, that’s my whole weekend, well majority of it at least! Now it’s time to start up another week, but I do have Dancing With The Stars tonight so that makes me a little happy! Hope everybody had a great weekend and has a good week ahead of them!


Not As Productive

Well today wasn’t like yesterday but it wasn’t like Monday either. It was another day of other things to do. I went on a changing spree on here for my blog. I tried so many backgrounds that I almost gave up. I changed it and then back to it’s original theme, background, and banner. I don’t like the small print of this theme at all, so I went on a search and failed. After I looking at themes all afternoon I went back to my original and tried finding backgrounds that could work with theme and font. I wanted girly skulls but I couldn’t find anything that really worked with the color of font. I just went back to the other one because it worked and it had small skulls. That was my “keep me busy and awake” thing for the day.

I even woke up at noon and I still had a somewhat productive day. Since my first part of the last batch of my cards is¬†done I feel like I’m back to my lazy self again. When I was doing my cards though I was ¬†procrastinating everytime I took a break. I would do a couple cards and I wouldn’t lay down like I should have. Instead I used the laptop and updated my Facebook and Twitter what I was doing. I haven’t even read my book for a few days. I actually miss reading Slash’s book. I also want to get it done so I can get Nikki Sixx’s book. Hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to have room on my floor again and able to read again.