Summer 2021 Playlist


Welcome to my summer playlist for 2021.

Since I kind of messed up my blogging schedule for this month, I decided that it was more important for this post to go out than the regular monthly playlist. I hope you’re all fine with this arrangement, and don’t worry I’ll include the Spotify link onto next month’s post, okay?

It’s funny, last summer while we were just getting out of our lockdown, the music being released throughout the summer was good, and I remember appreciating the effort to be huge among artists and bands. I mean, it was odd that the majority of the continent was still running through their stay-at-home regiments but were still able to bring out these bangers for everyone to enjoy. And now coming out of this year’s summer, I don’t feel as thrilled and I don’t know why. I think it might have something to do with the full moon and retrograde though so just ignore this whole paragraph!

One thing that I think both made me really happy and surprised the living hell out of me this summer, was how much rock music I was loving this summer! I still had the popular pop tunes , but I was all about rock music and that rarely happens! My TV was mostly glued to Sirius XM’s Octane station, they play a lot of current and 2000’s rock and heavy metal music so I was able to create my own soundtrack than other people. I think it helped that with everybody being allowed to go back on tour again, bands were releasing more and more songs and I literally just absorbed as much as I could in the past seven months because you know I’ve been working on this playlist since the end of April!

Here is my Top 25 songs of the summer! If you want to check out the whole playlist, click here.

Drunk (and I Don’t Want To Go Home) by Elle King featuring Miranda Lambert
Girls by Zella Day
Peaches by Justin Bieber featuring Usher, Ludacris and Snoop Dogg
If You Love Her by Forest Blakk
Forget Me Too by Machine Gun Kelly featuring Halsey
Summer In June by Ava
Muscleville by Kai Wachi
Wait A Minute My Girl by Volbeat
The Devil by BANKS
Only Love Can Save Me Now by The Pretty Reckless
Kiss My (Uh Oh) by Anne-Marie featuring Little Mix
She’s Fire by Diane Warren featuring G-Eazy and Santana
Lil Bit by Nelly featuring Florida Georgia Line
Choke by The Warning

Justified by Kacey Musgraves
Wherever I May Roam by J Balvin and Metallica
Hip To Be Scared by Ice Nine Kills featuring Jacoby Shaddix
MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) by Lil Nas X
Dark Side by Blind Channel
Deal With It by Ashnikko featuring Kelis
When Demons Come To Life by Halocene featuring Lauren Babic
Arcade by Duncan Laurence
Up by Cardi B
Cover Me In Sunshine by P!nk and Willow Sage Hart

If you have created your summer anthem playlist, I would love to know what kind of music was fueling you in the last few months. Have you discovered new artists and bands? What are you keeping for later releases? Please put it all in the comments for me. Thank you.

April Playlist


This month was a little weird. I was forced into a detox after our internet carrier wouldn’t turn on our Wi-Fi until the 13th, which when we realized it wasn’t working at all was the 3rd, meant I had to go without it for about ten days. I was pissed, but I had to let it go because it was out of my and parents control.

I was going to surprise you with a couple of random music reviews this month, but since this happened I had to throw that idea out of the window. I also want to point out that I was without my Spotify for about nine days, so I was mainly listening to music on our music channels and iPod, but the majority of the songs included in this post are made up of everything that I heard on TV.

Here are my Top 20 songs for this month!

A New Day Has Come by Celine Dion
Adore You by Harry Styles
Girls Night Out by Debbie Gibson
Exhale by Plumb
Alive by Daughtry
Unforgettable by Godsmack
In The Dark by Bring Me The Horizon
The Box by Roddy Ricch
No Judgement by Niall Horan
Dancing On My Own by Calum Scott
Slide by H.E.R. featuring YG
God Only Knows by For Kings & Country featuring Echosmith
Peter Pan by Kelsea Ballarini
Boom by Krigare
Darkness by XVI
SOS by Elizaveta
I Love Me by Demi Lovato
Rooting For You by Alessia Cara
I Can Do This by Plumb
Dead In The Water by SPELLES

I wanted to talk to you about some of my favorite channels on Sirius XM. Technically, we get two different selection of music channels on my TVs, but I tend to listen Sirius a little bit more because they have people and other artists hosting shows or playlists. I have been really loving The Blend the most right now. It plays a lot of pop music but what I enjoy about the channel is that it doesn’t just air what is popular right now, they have artists that I know my mom use to listen to when my sister and I were younger, so there is some 80’s through 00’s light pop you’ll hear and if you listen to the station a lot like me, you will surprise yourself on what you end up liking for a few times!

There are two others I tend to switch back and forth a lot during the weekends, and they are The Pulse and The Velvet. The Pulse has always been a favorite of mine since the first time we got the package! They do have a cut off point though, they play any pop-rock music from 2000s to now. Although this seems rather short, I tend to enjoy it more because I have rediscovered old favorites like Train, who’s lead vocalist Pat Monaghan has he’s own spot perfectly titled “Train Tracks” and I have heard a lot of music I have never heard before and that’s been an exciting feature for me!

The Velvet is a totally different vibe, even though they too, play a lot of pop music too, but everybody on that channel is pure. There is not autotuned musicians or harsh screams that I tend to hear on various other stations. So, singers like Demi Lovato, Kelly Clarkson, James Arthur, etc are always a favorite to hear on there. It is very soothing when it is gloomy outside.

All of these types of music have been big inspirations to create my newest and favorite playlist right now: The Happy Playlist! I update it quite a bit but it has been really good on my everyday mindset and mood. I know I have talked about it in last couple of months, but I know if I feel out of it I can click shuffle and any one of those songs can give me one heck of a boost of confidence or energy! Everybody needs to do this, create a large playlist of songs that you know make you happy for whatever reason, so you can have it at your side at all times! Although, when I went through my detox I had to change it up a bit, but thankfully I have these Sirius XM channels to help me get through those days!

Do you have a happy playlist? If you said yes, what are your top five favorites? What were listening to during the month of April?




When was the last time you listened to the radio? Are you the one to plug in your iPod through a cord to hook into your little car radio? My friend has one of those for her car, it’s pretty badass. I remember when I was a kid going to St. Louis, for hospital trips to Shriner’s. The radio was the best thing for us all. The radio kept us somewhat quiet during the trip, until one of our favorite songs came in then it was horror the way to our destination. Because certain people didn’t want anyone to be talking during the song was on.

Last year, we went to St. Louis, and this was our first time were both my sister and I had our iPods plugged into us. We didn’t have to argue about switching radio stations because we hated a song that was playing. She was listening to Justin Bieber and I was listening to Linkin Park. Mom and dad had ahold of the radio the whole way, well I have to take that back. Mom had ahold of the radio. Anyways, seems like nobody wants to listen to the radio anymore. Too old school for everybody. I go back and forth on listening to my iPod and listening to what’s on the radio.

Since my music changes┬áhour by hour, I could be in the mood for rap, pop, and rock at any day. It just depends. When listening to the radio, especially countdown radio stations, they’re an upbeat, pop kind of station. Hardly no rock music. We have the Sirius XM Channels on our TV’s so I am constantly on there and listening in on different channels. I love the Morning Mash Up and the people who run that day-to-day. They are hilarious. They are just amazing to listen to in the mornings. They will definitely get you into a good mood if you’re in a not so good mood. Another channel I can not get enough is Sirius XM Octane. Around noon, I am usually listening to them. Starts my afternoon out great, and my evenings too.

I’m such a music fiend that I can go from my iPod one minute, my TV to the next half hour, then lastly my Spotify account. I love my Spotify account. I’ve got to enjoy different music from there. They have some soundtracks and some tunes I haven’t heard in a while. Yesterday, my Spotify account was replaced with iHeartRadio. When my friend Kate and I were looking to listen to SixxSense, the link to listen to that station took me to iHeartRadio website. Let’s just say, I am in love with it already. It is really easy to use, but you have to take some chances. I have five stations that I can’t stop listening to. I heart SixxSense (of course), Rock Nation, Rock Nation: Top 20 Hits, Linkin Park Radio, and Christina Aguilera Radio. I must have some pop music swirling around in my head. I can’t be lame only liking rock music and nothing else. That doesn’t make me, me.

Album Review: Train’s “California 37”

Today is Tuesday, so got a new album out. Train’s new album, California 37 is finally out! If you get the Sirius XM channels in your car, like with us we get them on our TV’s and if any of you guys listened to The Pulse, Train went on their and played track by track and I listened in and loved every song. I decided to do a review today instead of when they do the preview. I didn’t know if you guys would believe me of not. They are back to their roots and sound just as good as 2009, when they released, Save Me, San Francisco.

Since I heard it the other week, I instant discovered my favorites. Everybody knows, “Drive By” and that’s still my favorite and it hasn’t gotten old yet. My other favorites, this one that’s playing in my headphones right now. “50 Ways To Say Goodbye” it sounds like a good song to be played on Dancing With The Stars, I think especially if something did the Paso. My other favorites are, “Feels Good At First,” Mermaid,” “You Can Finally Meet My Mom,” and the title track “California 37.” The last two songs are very unique. “You Can Finally Meet My Mom” is about Pat’s wife finally being able to his mom, since she died before they could meet. The title track has kind of hip hop feel to it. Something I have never heard from Train before. It’s something new for them.

They have some slower songs, “We Were Made For This” and “When The Fog Rolls In” are probably the only two slow tracks on the album. Both are very pretty and you can hear everything that’s in the songs. They have a song called, “Sing Together” and they originally didn’t want another song with a Ukulele in it after the success of “Hey, Soul Sister” but they decided to have two songs with it. A song called, “Bruises” has a female singer on it, named Ashley Monroe. Very interesting song! Everybody should get the new album.