Book Review: Cut

I’m not into the real personal books. Especially if I know people who have ever done or talked about it. So I was a little worried about this book, and it was also my second choice. I didn’t even want to read it. My mom picked it out for me so I started reading for her. I knew she ordered it for me from our library so I looked it up to see what all it’s about. The Wikipedia summary was the reason why I was so worried about it.

Let’s just say the quote “don’t judge a book by its cover” works for everything. I had prepared myself that it was going to be very in your face and I thought it was suck. I was wrong. It started off kind of weird, the girl Callie who is the narrator thinking about her first time. The first time she cut and couldn’t stop herself. She is nicknamed “S.T” by her roommate Sydney, because she gives everyone the silent treatment. She pays attention to her surroundings and the other girls at Sea Pines.

It’s the first book that’s ever made me almost cry. I almost started crying at the end Chapter 2. The chapters are really long. There are only three chapters in the whole book. Which is another thing I wasn’t use to. I definitely recommend this book. Don’t be quick to judge it like I did. It’s a tear-jerker and can be personal if you know somebody who or use to cut themselves. It’s a sweet and yet vulnerable book.