Boots With The Fur!

Okay, I was just on Tumblr and looking around on my dashboard and found these cute shoes! I think I actually like the pink ones better than the black or blue. I don’t know what color they really are since the picture looks edited somewhat. Anyways, they’re high heels, they have fur and bows on them! Soo freaking adorable! I am in love with these! I’d buy these and put them on my dresser. Hell, any high heels I buy that’s where I’d put them anyways since my closet is already full of junk in the first place.

More Shoes Thanks To Tumblr!

Here we go again! Is there another word to use instead of obsessed? I’m just wondering. I officially in love with the first picture and slightly hating the black ones. I had another picture, they were pink with a bow on the side, but I’m not really into pink that much. Even though at the moment I am wearing pink. Pink pants and my black, white, and pink Linkin Park shirt. The shoes would have matched my wheelchair. Same color of pink. I like the shoes in the top picture, they’ve always been my favorite. I just love the style or them alot. I love them in black more, but tan looks good too.

Lace & Gold

Here I go again! I seriously have a problem. I must be stopped! I am in love with reblogging pictures of high heels on my tumblr. It’s crazy! I love them all! Well most of them at least! Of course I have to be picky in the shoe department. I think it’s safe to say I’m more of a girly girl than I let on to people these days. The first picture is just beautiful even though its a close-up picture of a pair of heels. The second picture, as soon as I uploaded I said to myself that you can make a love story with the picture. A high maintence girl meets a boy with not much money on hand. Just a thought. I don’t really like gold, and one of my high school’s colors was gold. I’m more into silver than gold itself, but I can make an exception to these anyday.

My High Heel Problem

So I’m really excited for tomorrow. One thing I’m not so excited about is my little problem with shoes. Mostly high heels. Even though it’s all shoes to be honest. It freaks me out that I’m handicapped and however I have a big thing for shoes. I get jealous when I see other women walking around in shoes and having a closet just for their heels.

The last time I went into Journey’s I had a hayday between dad making fun that I was into Converse and how he they were shoes from the 80’s. I bet that store cahier was pleased to hear my dad’s wonderful story. Luckily he wasn’t the reason why I was upset afterwards even though I was debating to either laugh at his story or find mom to shut him up. I don’t think it would have worked at all though.

I’m really hoping that doesn’t happen this time, but something always has to go wrong. Can’t get lucky all the time you know. I can’t wait to go though. I’m bringing my good wheelchair with us, that way I don’t get left and have somebody run me into things. I do that enough by myself. I hope that doesn’t happen either. That would be embrassing but at least maybe if I yell at them for having everything together with no space maybe they would get some sense to place things around for handicapped people to get around too.