Album Review: “R.O.S.E.” by Jessie J

33753506_1835560959820656_690480477470982144_nI originally had another review for you today, but I decided to scrap that idea and move on to this album instead. British singer Jessie J has a new album since releasing “Sweet Talker” in 2014. “R.O.S.E.” came out on the 25th of May, in basically four different sections on Spotify, each with a different theme spelling out the title of the record. The R represents Realisations, O is for Obsessions, S for Sex, and finally E means Empowerment.

Once I figured it all out, I started to get really curious because I felt as though she was going in a direction that Swedish artist Tove Lo took her debut album, Queen Of The Clouds in 2014, I don’t know if it is going to sound the same, but nobody ever creates sections and list a number of songs that represent that certain word or meaning for no reason at all. So to say I was intrigued was an understatement! I do want to say that I didn’t listen to any of the songs before starting this review, so this is a straight up first impressions discussion and I have to say I am a little more excited to hear the songs in both “Realisations” and “Empowerment” than the other two, but we’ll see at the end which part I liked the most!

So like I said, we start with the first letter R and the first song to begin the album itself is “Oh Lord” and from the moment it starts it has this sad sound brought out by emotions playing out in her beautiful deep voice and that bluesy sound. It’s a bittersweet introduction and gets you into the mood of the album as a whole. Second is “Think About That” and you instantly have this R&B vibe going on, which is sort of her genre and she has a wonderful voice for it too, so everything is kind of perfect. You definitely hear the pain and the sass in her voice, but the beat is somewhat upbeat too. It’s really good.

Next there’s “Dopamine” and I really liked this song. I really enjoyed the beat, it had a classic soulful sound, but I actually liked the lyrics to this one as you can easily understand what she’s talking about, and it’s definitely a song that everybody needs to listen to, so even though the beat makes me want to dance, I really made myself listen to the words too. The ending was kind of adorable, because you hear a little girl singing her ABC’s in the background, it kind of brightened the mood a bit. And then we move on to “Easy On Me” and I liked the idyllic sound, the jazz-y piano section at the last was so pretty but the lyrics were definitely dark, but it wasn’t bad. The only thing that popped into my mind while I listened to it was “nothing is what it seems” and I think that’s the perfect way to explain this song.

The next section is O and so we explore the songs in the Obsessions slot. Instantly the mood swifts with the fifth track “Real Deal” and the beat and lyrics are both positive and I was actually happy to hear something so fun after the first four tracks and how they sounded, despite the fact that I do enjoy hearing Jessie’s full capacity in her voice in those dark and slower songs, so it was nice! Next was “Petty” and with that kind of title, I knew this would have a sharp beat and somewhat sassy tone in her voice. So, in other words, I really liked it.

“Not My Ex” was after that, I tried to keep an open mind after I saw the title of it. Those words together can many means and I’m glad I decided to switch it because it wasn’t in the same badass-y sound like with the previous track, instead it was very lighthearted and soft. It was a different kind of love song, definitely not what people would expect at first. Lastly there’s “Four Letter Word” and it’s very love-y dovey but not in a bad way, because if you know me well enough, I’m not into love songs so sometimes I’m liable to just write it off, but I actually liked it. Very sweet!

Now we are on the letter S and that means we probably move onto sexually based songs, since it is literally titled Sex. We start with a song called “Queen” and it has that sultry flare I was expecting to hear in this section. It actually has a beauty positive kind of vibe going on with the lyrics, and that does change the expectations and how Jessie is going about these songs. So moving on to “One Night Lover” and it does have sexy tone to it, but the storytelling is what I liked about it the most. Almost every women out there has had been in the same situations so right there, it’s relatable to people and I really enjoyed that aspect of it.

“Dangerous” is the eleventh song and from the moment it started, I knew I wasn’t going to like it. For one, the beginning was very boring, nothing was there to grab my attention and even when the beat actually came on, it wasn’t enough to keep me there. We have the song “Play” next and I was really hoping for a banger with this one and that’s exactly what I got and what kind of made me feel strange was that the beat felt so old school and Jessie made her voice sound fun and playful that I became to remember my crushes in grade school, so that alone was interesting enough for me!

We are finally on the last section of songs, E is made up of songs representing the word Empowerment in some way and the first one you hear is “Glory” and it has a strong almost 80’s R&B flare, between the horn section and the way of words is actually really good! It does build you up mentally and musically, so that was nice! “Rose Challenge” is next and from the moment I saw this, I wondered if this would kind of explain each letter and word meaning, because I was really curious about why she wanted to go this route with the album. The song itself is actually a longer introduction to the next song, which I thought was good because we really hadn’t had in the last three words, it leads into “Someone’s Lady” and if I was standing up, I’d probably collapse because it just sounds so gorgeous, with just her angelic voice and piano behind her. It’s so soft but it still has this affirmative outlook lyrically, it’s really good. And finally the last song is “I Believe In Love” and it has this really sweet and classic outlook, it reminds me of my papaw in a way.

I’m really impressed with this album. As curious as I felt in the beginning, I was also a little bit nervous too because I’m not used to reviewing R&B music, even though there are some artists I listen to on a daily basis that dabble in it every once in a while, so it’s not like I don’t hear it anymore because I do, I just don’t discuss it out loud like I probably should. Now I know you’re probably curious about what part was my favorite and honestly I liked all of them! The four sections were interesting, you got to hear different stories representing something that was possibly based on what has happened to Jessie at some point in her life. It had it had both good and bad moments–lyric wise and the fact that I only disliked one song out of the whole thing is pretty impressive!

Have you listened to Jessie J’s new album “R.O.S.E” yet? If you have, what were your thoughts? Which section was your favorite and why?


I Don’t Remember The 90’s TV Shows Being So Dirty.

I’ve been watching a lot of reruns of 90’s daytime shows. Most of them either have been on for awhile or some have made their way back on my favorites list again. Take Friends for example. I’ve been a Friends fan for several years, and always love Jennifer Aniston and had a mini crush on Joey. However since Nick At Nite have been playing it now, I couldn’t believe the first I noticed this show was a bit dirty. Not as dirty as Mad About You. I’ve watched over 10 episodes in two weeks and I’m starting to remember ever embrassing question I asked my mom and uncle when I was little. That is really sad for me to realize.

I’ve been watching the reruns of Roseanne and The Nanny and noticed the remarks and plots of certain episodes, but it was like my mind didn’t click until I started watching the other two shows were they were based off of young couples– no offense! When the older couples would do sex remarks or anything it was like it was normal. They’re adults, they are allowed to do that sort of thing. Even though both of those shows were a family based shows too, they weren’t too awful with it either. All four shows were shown on cable network programs and had to be set a certain way or they couldn’t be played. Now nobody cares to be honest with you.

Love Hate Sex Pain

The title is from Godsmack’s song “Love Hate Sex Pain” and I love it so much! I thought I’d go over things that have to do with these four words. I’m going to go through all four words and say what I think about the each of them. Which is going to be interesting. So yeah, I’m going to let loose.

Love: I don’t think I believe in love. I know I don’t believe at first sight. That doesn’t work in favor so why should I believe it? Everytime I’ve met love before it never stayed with me. No matter how hard I tried to make it stay it never did. I think since everything in the society is about appearance. Love at first sight for me, doesn’t work. Which is fine with me. It just makes me know a certain person isn’t worth my time.

Hate: Hate is a strong word.People shouldn’t hate each other. Hate sucks to be honest. It’s also a word we always say instead of “dislike” However, I’m going to use the word, hate because saying dislike is a bit weird. There’s another word “despise” and I’ve been using that a lot lately. There are too words that like the word “hate.” They’re called, “envy” and “jealousy.” Somehow they all go together.

Sex: Haha, this word makes me laugh a little. Sex. Let’s switch this up a bit so we can make this less complicated. Let’s talk about the Opposite Sex. They’re stubborn, brave, idiotic, trendy, denterminated, and beautiful. The female sex though are complicated, make up fiends, stubborn, brave, crazy, and beautiful. I tried to think of more words but my brain doesn’t want to work today. That’s how I’m doing the “sex” part.

Pain: How ironic is this? Talking about pain and guess who has some at the moment? Yup, me. Pain is the worst thing in the world. Physical, mental, and emotion pain sucks. I think emotional pain is the worst to come out of because physical usually lasts about a week or so depending on the wound. Mental pain, does that even exist? I’m thinking about and I don’t have a clue. Pain just sucks, but yet I shouldn’t complain because there are people in this world who can’t even feel pain. Some are thinking, “lucky them” and yet some are thinking  like me, “wanna trade for about a day on a bad day?”