Life Lately | Oh, Singing The February Blues!


Yup, it’s me! I’m back to blogging after what feels like forever! February wasn’t a bad month, but it still sucked. I wasn’t my normally peppy, productive self and even though I had a lot of different types of blog posts in my head and in my daily planner, it’s been hard to concentrate to do anything worthwhile.

It seems like for the most part, February was full of sickness. I have over 200+ friends on Facebook and I’m pretty sure, the majority had some sort of illness! I wasn’t sick with the flu, like most people, but I felt really out of it though. I just wanted to sleep, which concerned my parents because they know how I hate taking naps in any part of the day. A part of me thinks it has to do with my depression creeping back to me. I’ve been feeling negative with myself again. I’ve also noticed that I just want to start bawling in both happy and sad times. It’s been really frustrating to figure out which could be wrong with me, because I don’t know what could be different compared to how life was like in October!

When February arrived, I was a little down with myself because I hadn’t used that last week of January to work on the first two weeks of the new month, so I think that was part of the issue in the beginning, but once I started working on my disability challenge posts I was fine! It wasn’t until I started working on my Valentine’s Day stories that I really noticed something different with myself. In January, I wanted to write happy, love stories. I don’t know why I decided to write about breakups instead. I was really mad at myself for not doing better since I had been so excited to begin production on them.

I don’t like putting a lot of pressure on myself. I’m already doing two other series on my blog, plus one more exclusively on my blog’s Facebook profile for this year. I did not need to add a fourth idea this late–and yes, it is considered “late” because I’ve done enough planning! When I came up with these ideas, I gave myself enough time in between so I wouldn’t feel like everything was crushing me to the point where I’d give up on everything! I just decided stop what I was doing for February and wait to publish anything until March begins, so I would have a new month, a new start to get things finished, scheduled and ready for you all to read something different and fun!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to do more self-care things, like reading and watching movies again. I’ve also joined a fun community of baby name euthastists like myself on Facebook, so I’ve been having fun collecting pairings, and adding onto my personal list and “baby names” Pinterest board too! Speaking of Pinterest boards, if you’d like to see what I’ve been watching on TV lately, you can check out my “seen in 2019” mini board now! I’ve been exploring the drama and time period films again, so if you are into historical, tear-jerker type of movies, you’d think you’ve hit the jackpot with my list!

How was your February? Have you or your family been going through the sickness too? Hope you’re all feeling better!

Tune Tuesday | What Inspired You To Create “Upon Wings” by Anne Erickson



If you’re new to my blog, you may not know that summer is like a big season for Got Meghan’s Blog. I usually do a series talking about music from all over the world. I really enjoy searching for new artists and bands and write the posts afterwards. I have found tons of incredible musicians since I started this back in 2014, but I’m literally running out of music in some places that I figured would be an never-ending supply. Once I made this assessment, I realized that if I wanted to continue with the Tune Tuesday series as a whole, I would need more time so I thought it would be cool to call in some reinforcements!

What I have in store for you are a few pieces by an artist that I’ve been looking up to in the last few years. This person is a lead singer of the rock opera band called Upon Wings. Her name is Anne, and she has been freaking awesome about doing this, but honestly I’m doing this for her as well. I’m giving her free promotion on here. This is who I am as both a music blogger and a friend, I don’t want anything else besides that and I know she’d appreciate it just as much, so without further do, I really hope you enjoy these articles she’s gladly written up for us!

Music has always been a part of my life since I was four years old. My parents took me to musical theater productions when I was super young, and I fell in love. That was my introduction to music!

Pretty soon, I got into opera and studied voice, and then later, I discovered rock and metal. I started writing music for Upon Wings, and actually recorded some songs but kept it to myself. A few years later, an incident in my life nudged me to release one of those songs, “The Dream.” I made my own music video to go with the song and posted it on YouTube. I was so touched and floored by the positive response I got from people who were discovering my music from that video. Those people inspired me to push further and release a debut EP “Afterlife” from Upon Wings.

How to follow Anne and Upon Wings?

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Book Review: “The Ring And The Crown” by Melissa de la Cruz

17200974_1190394871070094_2385203544738160469_nBack in April, I got a chance to purchase a new book! I found it at Wal-Mart for about $8 and it was called “The Ring And The Crown” by the author Melissa de la Cruz. If she sounds familiar, she’s written the Blue Bloods and Witches Of East End series. I immediately recognized her name so my exceptions were already high to begin with, but it wasn’t long before this book wasn’t hitting that mark.

The book starts with Aewlyn and shows how much power she has and how she can control it since she’s been away to Avalon. The second character is Princess Marie-Victoria who is heir apparent to the Lily Throne, while her mother Queen Eleanor and her magical adviser Merlin (and Aewlyn’s father) at her side. Marie has been plagued with sickness throughout her life so she’s still quite frail but as heir she will do her duty to the people of London. However, she does not want to, plus she doesn’t even want to marry the Prussian Prince Leopold after he opened Pandora’s box to win the war – in an act to bring peace to both sides, these two will have to marry to secure the alliance.

However, there are more characters included into the story than besides these five people. You have Prince Wolf, who is Leo’s brother, Isabelle of Orleans, who was arranged to marry Leo as a child while her father was still alive to secure the family fortune and an American named Ronan who comes to the season searching for not only a husband but a title to help her secure her family name as well! And this is where the review turns a little sour. So if you haven’t read it yet, I don’t suggest you to continue reading this next section!

There are a lot of pros and cons to the story. I liked the outline of the ball, magic and the two main characters, but there were unfortunately too many cons in the story as well! The amount of characters and their roles with each other can be extremely confusing if you’re not careful. I think Isabelle could have been just a mistress to Leo and that’s it, but instead her story line is as big as Marie. And I felt Ronan and Wolf could have been a separate story altogether.

One of the biggest things with the plot that I had trouble wrapping my brain around was the time frame. It talks about London and the Prussian Empire but there is not a direct date and I know because it’s a fictionalized story it shouldn’t matter, but if you’re going to talk about King Henry VII in certain sections, you need to be more clear on where it is at that time for all of these characters. Melissa gives you more descriptions on the fashion and magic, but the most important part of the story is missing!

Despite the fact that I have written out this book review, I have not finished the book. I still know what chapter I left off on, but I cannot continue to read it. I actually gave it a 2 on the Goodreads rating. I know my mom will think I let the reviews I read about the book itself has helped in my judgement but all they did was help me realize that not all books deserve a full 5 stars and if I don’t think a book is up to par then I need to stop.

If you’ve read the book, what were your thoughts on it? Did you ever finish it?


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8 Best Moments On The Vampire Diaries!

If you haven’t made it past season three or four of the Vampire Diaries, I urge you NOT to read this post! It contains a lot of spoilers!

Tonight is the night we’ve been dreading since the day this show premiered on The CW back in 2009. Fans have created friendships with one another and fought over who should be who, will be an everlasting problem. We all had our favorites live and die, and then die again. By the second time, you knew they were definitely “killed” off the show completely. However, when several of our most beloved characters would make their appearance here and there we’d have all sorts of emotions running through our bodies.

The Vampire Diaries will forever be a favorite of mine. I still can’t believe that after watching the very first episode on September 10, that I would still be so addicted! At that time, I wasn’t into the dark and blood-y types of shows. I tend to give it a lot of credit over the years because now I can actually watch gory stuff like the Underworld series, but I also watched the first season of Hannibal on ABC a few years ago. I would have never watched these types of shows without the help of The Vampire Diaries.

I decided that since our journey was ending tonight that I would do my last post about the show in general. A previous post I had published in 2015 called 11 Hottest Characters On Vampire Diaries and The Originals has became a very popular post among fans and I figured I would try to make all the fans happy once again by talking about some of our favorite moments of the last eight seasons. They might be good memories and there will a few that I remember happening that were not so happy and we cried until our eyes were red and burning like hell! So let’s start this off where we first met our favorite people in Mystic Falls, Virginia!


S1: They Meet:

Elena and Jeremy lost their parents and were living with Aunt Jenna. Anybody crying at the thought of Aunt Jenna? Jeremy was a troubled kid in the beginning. He was a boy trying to find ways to numb the pain. He couldn’t write out his feelings in a diary like Elena. He was infatuated with Vicki Donovan, who was the older sister of Matt Donovan, or “Matty Blue Eyes” as we fans have grown to call him over the years. He previously dated Elena before the accident.Vicki was a flirty, troubled girl herself, but she already had a boyfriend: quarterback Tyler Lockwood.

Elena was also friends with newly witch Bonnie Bennett and Sheriff Liz Forbes’ daughter Caroline. The snobby, blonde that almost everybody loved to hate (including me) but there was a new student at school: Stefan Salvatore.

Stefan was a vampire that was turned in 1864, he wanted to know the girl who liked to hang out in cemeteries. He was not into human blood, he fed on little critters in the woods and lived in the old Salvatore manor with his only living relative still located in Mystic Falls. However, we do see him change into the “Ripper” towards the end of the season at the episode of the Miss Mystic Falls pageant. Stefan was supposed to walk and dance with Elena, but he was having issues with controlling his thirst so his “evil” and sexy brother, Damon filled in, which made all of the Delena fans happy. I’m still reeling from this one!

In a way, I should have started this with the scene where Bonnie shows Elena that she’s a witch and makes the feathers of the pillow float up in the air, but let’s face it, Stefan going into the school and meeting Elena Gilbert for the first time is probably the main reason why many of us started watching it in the first place! These main characters become part of our weekly habit. Every Thursday, we watched their lives unfold and we fell in love with them, one by one. Even in death, our love for the characters was as strong as the next. It will never die.


S2: We Finally Meet Katherine Pierce and Caroline Turns Into A Vampire

I have to say, season two was a very chaotic season. There is a lot of information that happens in this one, it was also very, very bloody compared to the first I think!

During the first episode, we realize that “Elena” isn’t exactly herself. She and Uncle John are talking amongst themselves and then “Elena” cuts off John’s fingers with the kitchen knife. Later we realize that this is Katherine and she runs away from the Gilbert household, where she finds Miss Caroline Forbes in a hospital bed. She was fed vampire blood just before and Katherine decides it’s time for some fun. So she kills Caroline, thus becoming a vampire looking to make Damon’s life a living hell after compelling her throughout the first season.

However, while trying to hide from the boys, she gets captured and is put into a crypt by Damon, but curious Elena, wanting to know more about why she looks so much like Katherine. She meets and coaxes her with plastic cups of blood to tell the story of her life as both a human and how she became a vampire. This episode is my favorite and it is called “Katerina” which is Katherine’s real name: Katerina Petrova

I had been looking forward to Miss Katherine Pierce since Stefan took out that picture of her in the attic in season one. I loved the fact that she wanted to reek havoc on the citizens of Mystic Falls, plus the two boys she managed to not only seduce but also turn into vampires so many years ago.

Let’s talk about these werewolves though. They were sort of a late addition. We meet Tyler Lockwood’s young uncle Mason at his father’s funeral. You didn’t think Ian’s blue eyes had competition until this dude walked into the Lockwood manor! Anyways, he turned out to be Katherine’s henchman and like so many others, when Damon found out his true purpose for coming into town, he got drunk, tied him up with wolfsbane soaked rope and ripped out his heart when they wouldn’t cooperate. Oh, and then Tyler, under the guidance of Katherine’s compulsion, killed a fellow schoolmate which triggered his family werewolf curse and during the full moons, he would shed his clothes and break all of his bones to become a scary ass wolf!

In one such episode, Caroline and Tyler hide out in Uncle Mason’s werewolf dungeon, stocked full of chains to use to keep him down inside, instead of wrecking havoc on his friends and newly vampire girlfriend, Caroline. Yes, for Forwood! However, instead of running when the full moon was at its peak, she stayed and watched him transform… I was eating supper during this episode. I had a full plate and could only eat a fraction of it because I was so glued to my TV. I was also bawling my eyes out and didn’t want to get choked, because that would have been an interesting tale to explain to my parents. After that episode, my mom made it a rule that I would eat supper before TVD came on!


S3: We Discover The Origins Of The Mikaelson Family!

So this season is generally about the hybrid (werewolf/vampire) Klaus wanting to create more hybrids, because he thinks the curse has been broken and the fact that he has Elena’s blood. Well, turns out the whole thing was a damn hoax made up by his own mother!

We learned a lot about the Mikaelson clan though. Why Klaus and Elijah were running from their father Mikael. In my favorite episode of this season, “Ordinary People” tells the story of the Original vampire family. Mikael was a viking, he and his wife Esther, who was the “Original” witch, and their children Finn, Elijah, Rebekah and Kol where they were forced to become vampires in an act to claim territory of the land over the werewolves nearby. However, Esther had a secret, their son Niklaus was not Mikael’s but a werewolf that Esther ended sleeping with one night. In order to keep his werewolf tendencies at hand, she created a “curse” to stop him from changing during the full moon. She still managed to make all of her children vampires, but he became the first hybrid of his kind.


S4: Elena Turns Into A Vampire

I think the big difference between both The Vampire Diaries and Twilight series was the fact that Elena did NOT want to become a vampire by Stefan or anybody else and yet, she did and I remember a lot of people were very torn with this direction of the character. The biggest reason was the fact that we knew from past experiences with Caroline and Stefan being vampires that it’s not easy to keep yourself in check.

As a vampire, it was better to have your humanity turned off and since Katherine Pierce was still around, seeing Elena Gilbert as “evil” was a totally new thing to the fans. I don’t remember how I felt about it, I think I was curious on how she would deal with it all. However, she breaking up with Stefan in this season about killed me.


S5: We Meet Katherine’s Daughter Nadia

One of the first new faces we meet in the first episode is while Rebekah and Matt are away, she apparently had “compelled” another girl to join them in bed. This woman would sort of stay with us throughout the season, as we find out about the future of Katherine’s child before she had turned into a vampire. The child was a daughter and her name is Nadia, she is also a traveler, another witch-y/supernatural thing that Katherine’s family was originally apart of before she was kicked out of the family by her father. Klaus had killed her entire family as part of the sacrifice of turning into a vampire.

After taking the cure, (forcefully) by Elena, after she injected into her bloodstream trying to get it from her. She tries to redo it, by turning again but it doesn’t work. All it does is help reverse the age processes and she realizes she is dying, but in an act to win back an inch of a relationship with her birth mother, Nadia tries to talk her into becoming a traveler and put her spirit into somebody’s body, but she doesn’t want to. So as she is “dying” at the Salvatore house, she tries to make amends, starting with the Salvatore brothers. As this goes on Matt, Tyler and Jeremy create a drinking game, and since Bonnie is the anchor to the other side, she and Jeremy (who started seeing ghosts during the end of season two!) begin to see some old faces like Vicki and Alaric. And everytime I watch this scene, I can’t stop the tears. I always cry because it was such a bittersweet moment to see our favorites again…

Ultimately Katherine does use Elena as a passenger, after Elena tries to forgive her, but three episodes later, she dies for real. I cried at this scene too, I’m not going to lie! Despite the fact that getting through season five was a total bitch, it ended pretty good!


S6: Bamon Die and Gemini Coven

Technically, Bamon (Bonnie and Damon) die at the end of season five after the other side officially collapses, as do most of our favorites like Lexi, Vicki, but Alaric is one that makes it back to the living! Damon and Bonnie unfortunately do not and instead of going to heaven or hell (that comes later) they are sent to a mysterious place. It’s still Mystic Falls, in all its glory but the only people who are there are them. The year is 1994 and Bamon like to make pancakes together!


S7: Mother Salvatore and Her Family Of Heretics

This was the season I had been looking forward to since the first season! Of course, we find out about the truth of Lily Salvatore during the end of season six, when Damon brings her back from the prison world to help Stefan turn his humanity back on, but even though she does help with this task, she wants Bonnie’s help to bring back her family of fellow heretics, as they were left behind and are more family to her since she became a vampire. Yeah! Freaked out a lot of us too!

So the new season starts off with a big fire as Valerie gets run over by a truck and she and fellow heretics Nora and Mary Louise decide to have a little fun in the town of Mystic Falls. While the police academy has their ceremony, the girls set the entire thing on fire. I thought this scene could rival with what Elena did to the Gilbert house, but that’s my personal opinion.

S8: See You In Hell

As much as I thought both season three and seven were my favorites, I think this one is a close third, but I think I might be a little bias. I found it interesting that since we started the show about Stefan’s history that we would find out how his story ends – that is if it actually does end with his death, considering how this season has went, he’s managed to cheat death a total of three times!

I know there are other characters but if it wasn’t Stefan coming back to Mystic Falls in the beginning, we wouldn’t know anything about Elena Gilbert, because Damon would be too scared to come around her like that, I mean, remember the first time they met? He compelled her to forget it all! And of course, Stefan is forcefully injected with the cure by Bonnie. Technically, I thought it was a smart move, but again, very interesting move on Julie Plec for going in that direction for the character.

I think the mythology as a whole, also went full circle when Cade and the sirens, Sybil and Seline were introduced. I’ve heard of stories about sirens before, but nothing like this. I also thought Sybil is more extreme and “scarier” than both Cade and Seline. And then the last two episodes!! OMG! Who could have dreamed to see you-know-who ruling over hell?!?! I mean, I thought that was amazing!

I know I didn’t exactly list “eight” moments, I just went with what I remembered the most in each season so I went by the seasons and listed whatever I wanted to! If you are a Twitter user, I will try to live tweet my reactions throughout the final episode! I will only do this during the East Coast broadcast though, so I will be online before 8pm! You can follow me and chat with me during the commercial breaks! We will cry and laugh together! My link in down below!

What was your favorite season(s) and character(s) on the show?


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REVIEW | Flesh and Bone

The day finally came. Starz new series Flesh And Bone officially started this past Sunday night. I have been looking forward to this show since I first saw the trailer of it over the summer – summer people! This show has been on my radar for that long, are you freaking kidding me right now?!

The show is about a young woman named Claire who wants to escape her life and she gets an audition at American City Ballet. She gets in on her first try and moves into a small apartment with a fellow ballerina named Mia. The first day being in the room with the other dancers and instructors. It doesn’t go very well but then things kind of change in an interesting way. The artistic director Paul sees something Claire and basically wants to use her to not only make her a star but also help their company. Claire’s very quiet and almost jumpy, You kind of don’t know what her deal is until the very end of the first episode and then her introvert way of life makes total sense. This show already has that raw and twisty sense of the story line for these characters. I seriously can’t wait to see what happens in the season.

I love dance! I have a strong weakness for ballet, I’ll never have the body for it. My feet are already deformed enough. I’ve always admired a person who dances ballet professionally because it all seems like a lot of pressure to take on all at once. From achieving the perfect weight, feet, and nailing each move every single time it’s performed, I wouldn’t be able to handle it. So kudos to you if you are or have danced professionally! This show is on Starz, so it’s a little sexualized but it’s not entirely that bad. The sex scenes would literally come out of nowhere. I watched the first episode in my room, my eyes never taking off the screen. So imagine for a minute, I was totally into the soft, graceful dances and BAM! Sex scene. Apparently they didn’t bother me that much!

When it was Claire’s first day with her fellow dancers, you might see a familiar face. If you watched the movie Center Stage anytime in your life, the guy that plays “Charlie” is on this show! AHHH! I almost flipped out! Sascha Radetsky is actually an actor and a dancer. I wonder how his character will play out in the show. I’m really envious of the people who can watch the whole season On Demand, because I really hate waiting to see what’ll happen in the next episode. I’m really curious! I’ve got my DVR set up to record the whole season so that’s good enough for now! Only three days left!

Did you watch “Flesh and Bone” and if you did, what did you think of the first episode “Bulling Through”?

Seen & Heard | June-July

At the end of June, I had too much on my plate. There are times I wish there were more days during the week so I won’t have to rush around to schedule blog posts. I ended up having four posts go up that week, but it wasn’t ideal. That’s why I’ve decided to combine both this month and the last one into one post so I can stop feeling so guilty. Two months into this series and I couldn’t even get the third month up in time! 



What I watched in June? In the beginning of the month, I was watching the movie The Phantom Of The Opera after worrying about it for almost a week because I thought the storms we were supposed to the night of was going to kick off the power and ruin my taping of the film on HBO. It didn’t thank god but while I was busy waiting for it to load to the actual movie, it advertise the upcoming movies it was going to play for the next three weekends: The Judge with Robert Downey Jr. Get On Up with Chadwick Boseman, and Gone Girl with Ben Affeleck and Rosemund Pike. I managed to record all of them but only watch two of them.

I watched Gone Girl back in January with my mother and sister, but we never got to finish it because the beginning of it was SO boring! When I saw the advertisement for it, I was actually excited to watch it but probably because I was going to stay in my room to watch it. After I recorded it, my mom was the first to watch it and then I did. It was very twisted but amazing! I thought it would be like those Lifetime movies that were mild and this was not mild in any way shape or form. I’m very glad that I chose to watch this by myself because towards the ending, I wouldn’t be able to look at anybody in that room for a while! My mom read the book, I didn’t and when we didn’t finish it the first time I had her tell me the ending because I didn’t think I’d ever see it again and it still surprised me!

The other things I recorded on my DVR were ATL, Honey, and Brown Sugar! I’ve always loved all three movies and if I remember correctly I watched them all for the first time in 2008. I also got Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix too! Now all I need is Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hollows Part 1 and I’d have all of the Harry Potter movies! The only shows that came back to me were Ink Master, Wild n’ Out, Mistresses, and Mysteries At The Monument. The two new ones that I’ve added to my daily schedule are Ballers on Sundays and The Astronauts’ Wives Club on Thursday’s! I love both of them too!


The first movie I recorded for the month of July was called The Book Of Life and it’s got a cute “Day Of The Dead” vibe but has a weird cast. If you’re going to use a Hispanic story I think you should have the whole cast have some sort of mexican heritage. So in other words, I didn’t like Channing Tatum playing Jaquin. Now Zoe Saldana and Ron Perlman, I was perfectly fine with! It’s a cute little movie! Keeping it in the kid’s section I guess! We had a free preview weekend of Showtime and they had some good movies playing, while looking through the guide I found the One Direction concert film. No joke either! It was like 11pm and I almost screamed because I was so happy! I wanted to get this as part of my Christmas gifts but I think my family remembers me through the Backstreet Boys days so I didn’t end up with it. This works though. It’s so nice on my HD TV too I’m not going to lie!

After I graduated from high school five years ago, I was wondering if I’d still want to read books as much as I did in school. I loved reading once I was basically forced out of the animals and cookbooks I had read all throughout Elementary and middle schools, but once I started freshman year, I became a bit of a bookworm and I thought I would just stop reading altogether. The first book I got after I was out, was Richelle Mead’s “Vampire Academy” and it was a thick book about vampires and it wasn’t made into a TV show or film at that point. I started it, but I guess life got in the way because I never finished it but the better news was I still loved to read books outside of school! Recently, during the free preview days I found the movie playing and I decided to record it. I don’t want to watch it before finishing it, but I still have no idea where the book is so it might be in my DVR a bit before I can ask my mom if I can purchase it onto my Kindle.

Something that I’ve been looking forward since mid-June was the premiere of Tut on Spike. I thought it was very strange to have something like this appearing on a channel that is more focused around their male audience. However, it had blood, war, and sex in it so I guess it fits the bill! I enjoyed the three part miniseries. i recorded all three parts and managed to finish them in two days I think. I was a little addicted to say the least! It was good, but if you are really curious about what I thought of it, you can read my review here. The next movie I found was this cute, very hilarious–probably better than Guardians Of The Galaxy–and it was called Big Hero 6. Truth be told, it was a movie that I don’t think was even on my list to watch. I thought it was too kid-like, I need stop doing things like that because I’ll just watch it anyways! If you need something cute to watch for an hour or so, this is your movie. Trust me!

What I’ve Listened To:

If you noticed above with June, I didn’t include what I had listened to that whole month. I figured since I was combining both months into one place I didn’t want to bore you all even more. So I’m only including the month of July’s songs I’ve added to my Starred playlist.

I’m a late bloomer and just now starting to like Shinedown’s “Cut The Cord,” Little Mix’s “Black Magic,” Papa Roach’s “Gravity,” and “Should’ve Been Us,” by Tori Kelly. I found a new song that I liked at the first listen, “In Love With A Boy” by Kaya Stewart, very simple but wonderful! Demi Lovato’s new song took me a few days to get interested into it, it’s a good thing I didn’t do a review of it when it first came out. Blondie would have killed me after she came back from Hawaii!!

Laurel released a new song called “Blue Blood” and it is so good! Then there were releases like Afrojack, Audien, Janet Jackson, and Xandria that deserved their own reviews I thought! I really like Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike/Ummet Ozcan’s “The Hum” a lot now! Before my sister for her trip, she’s been insisting we listen to The Weeknd a lot more than just the song “Earned It” because our mom is still obsessed with the song! So she played both singles: “The Hills” which I loved probably because of the bass that you can clearly hear! And “Can’t Feel My Face” and that has become a favorite of our mom’s. It’s so weird on how that worked out! We rarely like the same thing!

In the middle of July, I was scrolling through my Facebook and found Jack U had posted a new live set on their YouTube channel. It took me three separate days to complete it! I kept getting tired and the WiFi was going crazy for two of those days! I’ve never been able to listen to EDM for a whole hour and I was hoping I’d be able to do it with this, but I was wrong! This next part can be apart of both segments too. I watched about the last hour of the Special Olympics World Games opening ceremony at like 11:30 on a Saturday night. My sleep’s been jacked up! I watched this and they were going through the “M” countries, it was strange for some countries to have maybe 8 athletes and there’s USA and Russia that had over 400 of them! It was so enlightening to see these people with both physical and mental disabilities in these countries like Egypt, Africa, etc I couldn’t stop crying! Anyways, I got to see some of the performances like Avril Lavigne, Cassadee Pope and then there came J Balvin and I’ve haven’t heard of him before. I used to listen to some raggaeton music a few years ago, the morning after I went on a hunt for the songs he performed and I found quite a lot of music to keep me busy for a while!

I am in between of excited for the new Bring Me The Horizon album. I mean, I’ve heard of a lot of people getting upset of the different direction of their sound. One person said it best: Bring Me The Horizon sounds like the new Linkin Park. Ouch! That’s a little insulting but completely true! I love LP and always will, but I still don’t know about the two songs that BMTH released recently: “Happy Song” and “Throne.” I am starting to like HS so I’m making progress! After a month I think, Spotify finally put up Icon For Hire’s new song called “Now You Know” and man, is it good!

Top 5 Best Movie Franchises

I’m a movie freak! I like so many different types of films, from some black and white classics to the modern movies of today. I’m a bit weird too though, because I am a lover of sequels too. Sometimes I have even loved the second movie of the franchise a little more than the first. There even a lot of Disney movies like that, The Little Mermaid, Lady and the Tramp, and Pocahontas sequels are awesome no matter what anybody says! Two of my favorite Disney original movies should be included in this post, but I decided against it. Both the The Cheetah Girls and Halloweentown films are a GREAT group of movies, even if one of the main actresses out of the loop. I thought it would be awesome if I made out a small list of my favorite film franchises. What movies do you think deserve to be on your list? I’d like to hear them!


1.) Back To The Future

Yeah, I’m a BTTF baby! My mom got me started on these movies early on! When I was a kid I remember asking my mom for both purple underwear, because I love the color purple! And where were the damn hoverboards? Now that it’s almost 2015, everybody is taking bets on the Cubbies! You definitely don’t see any hoverboards or flying cars out and about, but Nike did announce recently that they were working on powered laces! HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT?! My mom and I love the first two movies, but she won’t watch or tape the third movie. I can tolerate it. I definitely haven’t seen it as many times as the first two, that’s for sure! 


2.) Step Up

I love my dance movies to the core! The fact that if this movie wouldn’t take off we’d never be so in love with both Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, and then they wouldn’t get married and have Everly?! Oh My Gosh, I don’t want to think about it! The first movie was delicious! I loved the chemistry between Nora and Tyler. The dancing was amazing, the scenes that would repeat in the future installments, the party scenes and big dance finish at the end. I’m sad that I didn’t get to see the newest in theaters, but it’s okay because it’ll be out on DVD soon. I think the best couple that came out of the series was Camille from the first movie, who is played by Alyson Stoner, she played Tyler’s foster-sister. Moose was on the second film, he’s played by Adam Sevani, they somehow meet in the year or two leading up to the third movie. They’re were adorable and had a beautiful relationship between them. The hottest male of the series and this might freak out a few people, including my mother, isn’t Channing. Even though my girl crush of the series is still Jenna! Anyways, the hottest male is Ryan Guzman from Step Up: Revolution! *swoons*


3.) Fast And Furious

This serious has got to be one of the best! Every racing type of movie wants to be like it, plus have the fans like it too. The cast, crew, and fandom had a total shock when the death of Paul Walker was announced. The production of the seventh movie was put on hold for a bit and the new movie technology had its good advantage to it when the news was made that instead of just cropping Paul’s scenes out for good, that the team was going to use Paul’s brothers as his body stunts to continue on his legacy of the films. Despite all of this, the movies are the best! My sister and I loved the current release. We didn’t start bawling our eyes out until the very end of the movie during the prayer. I was sad all over again about the death of Han, played by Sung Kang, but we had to add on Gisele, played by Gal Gadot, who dies in the sixth movie. I can’t wait to see what the newest movie will have in store, as it will about revenge of both Han’s death and Own Shaw’s death too. I’m ready for it!


4.) Transformers

I don’t care what anybody says, but Michael Bay did an amazing job making these movies and characters come to life. I sadly haven’t been able to see the new one yet, but it is on my agenda before the year is over so don’t worry! Yes, I was upset about the new recasting for the new movie, but considering majority of the movies that recast in a franchise will just continue to do it, I may as well get used to it and shut up. I wasn’t feeling the change of Megan Fox in the third movie either but that sure as hell didn’t take me long to stop denying. Rosie was a nice change but looked like Megan’s character Mikaela was a trashy character so I kind of got defensive over that thought. I really loved Shia in the first three movies, he brought those Transformers come to life just as much as the voice actors did. They brought the humor and seriousness of the scenes. My favorite film is the second one and I can literally quote the whole damn movie too. We saw that one in theaters and my mom bawled her eyes out when the Megatron killed Optimus. My favorite car is of course Bee, the yellow Camero, but I really love Sideswipe 2009 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and since I’m more into trucks, you gotta love Ironhide who had a 2006 GMC Topkick C4500.


5.) Bring It On

The first film of the series came out in 2000. That was 14 years ago! I’m pretty sure I didn’t exactly watch it when it first came out but it’s somewhere close to it. I think my sister became a cheerleader after watching these movies, luckily when she was a senior in high school she shared the role of cheer captain before having to quit because she wasn’t enjoying it anymore. She has talked about going and doing it again for college, but doubt she’ll ever do it again. Too many hospital visits! Majority of the sequels of the series was mostly played on ABC Family so all of the cuss words and not family friendly scenes are cut out. My favorite cheer captains are Hayden Paniettere from the All or Nothing and Christina Milian, from the Fight To The Finish. My favorite enemy is Winnie from All Or Nothing. She was a real bitch. The only movie I haven’t seen all the way through is Bring It On Again, because the girls just got on my nerves, but I still love the series and plot of the story. The big finishes of the films are the best. They always make me miss Blondie cheering in school.