Album Review: “Revival” by Selena Gomez

11149585_10153174655560975_3486450607504209385_nI actually wasn’t going to do a review per se. In the past couple of months I’ve been losing my will to do album reviews, these EPs are much smaller and they’re a little bit easier to get through, but then I started listening to this album and somehow I started describing each song in a way I would to do in this type of post, so I took that as my hint. I was looking forward to this album when I first heard “Good For You” play on Sirius XM Hits 1. You can’t deny yourself of Selena’s music. I thought that single was a game changer because the lyrics are more mature than some of her older songs. I’ve been wondering when we’d start to see more grown up topics of explicit stuff pop up into our most loved Disney stars. Everybody still think Nick Jonas, Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato are itty bitty and they’re not anymore. We need to be more accepting of that. My sister and I have grown up with these stars so we shouldn’t be so surprised to hear these types of topics appearing in a line or two. Especially after what Miley Cyrus did last year in her music!

I think using the word “Revival” as the title of the album was a great choice. I don’t usually like having a track as the title because I feel it’s a bit too cliché. As far as the title track, I am a little bit of a fan of this song. It’s got a good pop/electronica  vibe to it but it also seems futuristic too with how every element is placed! It’s different and I like it. The second is called “Kill Em With Kindness” and this starts off a bit soft and as it becomes the chorus, it has this funky sound. I actually like this high-pitched whistle along with this disco like beat. I kind of wish there were more words as far as lyrics go in this one, I feel it’s a little boring that way but if you’re going to “kill them with kindness” maybe there’s a reason why there’s not a lot to it, but it’s not that bad! The third one is a little interesting. I actually love this song. It’s called “Hands To Myself” and she’s talking in a very soft voice. I like the mellow beat, There’s nothing really to it, very pop but it’s unique.

In the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to keep myself contained. Hold out until the release, but then I saw this one and it all went to hell. “Same Old Love” is another favorite of mine. I can already hum to it I like it that much. I think this track sounds kind of elegant vibe to it; classic R&B is what I’m getting out of it. I really need to learn the words now! The next one is “Sober” and I’m really torn because I like the beat better than the lyrics. Maybe it’s because I’ve heard of other songs from artists using breakups in their songs as a way to look back at their “sober” moments. If I could dance like professionally, I would use this song as a backdrop. I don’t have much to say about it, I’m sorry! The sixth song is her first single “Good For You” featuring A$AP Rocky. If you want to read what I thought about this song, click this. I’m not over this song yet! Next up is “Camouflage” and I really like the use of only a piano with her beautiful voice. It’s so beautiful, very proud of her for creating a very real song for people to relate. This next one appeared on Spotify a week before the album came out. I decided to hold out until the whole was released to hear it and I’m glad I did! It’s called “Me & The Rhythm” it’s another funky-R&B track. It doesn’t sound as dance-y as the first two, but it has a subtle soul beat, very difficult to describe again. I didn’t really like this one.

The last two songs are next. The ninth track is “Survivors” and it’s about time we heard something in the electronica genre. It’s not a in your face kind of beat, it’s more chill. I would consider putting it in the House category. I like the beat more than the song itself. I can’t exactly tell what she’s trying to tell us in the actual song. The last one is called “Body Heat” and I love when the first track starts off pretty slow but the last one is very upbeat and fast. I feel it’s an ideal way to end an album. This one is exactly what I like. It’s intense in every sense of the word. It has some mexican influences with the use of a guitar and wicked drums to give it some body. It definitely makes you want to get up and dance! So I love it! I am VERY impressed with this album. I only disliked two songs out of ten tracks. That’s pretty good for me!

Have you listened to Selena Gomez new album yet? What do you like or hate about it?

Music Video Review: “Good For You” by Selena Gomez

What was the last song you listened to that when you heard it the first time not only did you get chills up and down your spine, but you couldn’t stop listening to it?

Well, the new track by Selena Gomez was mine. I literally heard maybe a few days ago while I was flipping through my music channels on my television and when I heard it. It was like I was in a damn trance. I can’t even explain to you what exactly happened. I couldn’t get over how sexy the whole thing sounded, between the light beat and her soft vocals, it’s like a match made in heaven! I was so in love with it that I had to rewind the song and play it again. So I listened to it twice that night and I was thanking god that when I woke up the next morning I found the song (although with A$AP Rocky) on my Spotify. Now I don’t have to wait to hear it unless our internet goes off for a couple of days. I do feel like I will run this song to the ground though, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard it over 20 times now.

I finally broke down and watched the music video. I was mainly going to send it to a friend of mine and ultimately forgot about that. I literally watched it with my eyes glued to the laptop screen. Miss Gomez is no longer this cute, little girl we remember watching on the Disney Channel a few years ago. She’s definitely grown up from those days and I’ll be honest I have never thought she was all that sexy, until I watched the music video and that went right out the window! Technically there are 3 different versions of this song, because the version included in the video is different from both ways I’ve originally heard it. It’s more simple, the tempo stays the same throughout the song; matching her nice and easy vocals beautifully! I was really impressed that for once a music video matched the vibe of the actual song. It was sexy and delicate. I loved it!

What do you think of Selena Gomez new single?

Song Review: “I Want You To Know” by Zedd feat. Selena Gomez

I’ve been getting back into EDM here recently, I literally spent two nights in a row doing a bit reflecting how dance tracks have evolved throughout the years. I went on a massive man hunt for a song that I haven’t heard in several years, for some odd reason I thought I’d remember how it goes. Sadly, I only remember that it had a female vocalist which doesn’t narrow it down at all! You’re probably wondering why I’ve chosen to start out this post this way, well here’s your answer. I find that some electric dance music (EDM) can get lost, especially now that EDM has basically taken over the Top 40 charts all over the world. .

It’s 2015 and Zedd has done a great job at creating good EDM songs for both dance and mainstream radio. He is one of the younger DJs too. He’s had hits with Ariana Grande and Hayley Williams of the rock band Paramore. Now he’s created a song with pop singer Selena Gomez. There’s been a lot of talk that these two are more than just friends, but you know me I don’t care about all that. I just want to hear the music. I was super excited to hear the new song they were coming out with, but the first time I listened to “I Want You To Know” I was a little torn. I loved the intro and I liked the drops, but every time I hear Selena going into the verses I just cringe. I absolutely hate it. It’s not the lyrics, she just sounds boring and dull. I’ve listened to the song a few times and I have to say it’s growing on me, but it still gives me the same feeling. It just sounds like another EDM song with another female singer lending their vocals.

It’s very difficult for me to not like every song, if you’ve read my posts before you know that sometimes I can’t even say I don’t like a song because I know that down the line, I’ll end up liking it. So maybe the reason why I don’t really care for this song right now is because it’s not being played enough yet. I mean, the song did just came out late last month, so maybe once the stations start replaying it about a hundred times, I’ll change my mind. Until then, there’s nothing really special about it.

So what do you think? Is “I Want You To Know” pretty awesome, or do you agree with me?

Summer’s Paradise

As some of you know, my family and I went out on a little outing during this past week. I did a review of my time during the day out, but now its time for my sister’s review. You’ve seen these posts before but this time I got to be apart of it. She finally got some pictures uploaded for me and I edited them slightly so you could see the right color of the clothes, as in different lighting the picture can turn out darker than it seems, we’ve all been there — understand the pain in the ass it is too! Like I said in Tuesday post, Blondie’s favorite stores she likes going into are Wet Seal, Forever21, Body Central, and Charlotte Russe but she only got things from Forever21, Body Central, and Hot Topic. She’s been taking advantage of the new clothes and has actually worn all of them this past week. She had a lot better time with everything fitting her than I did, both of my shirts are way too small for me and one’s even a large in men’s, so explain that one to me! The only thing that didn’t work for her is her perfume stuff she got from Forever21, she said that when she went to open it the top wasn’t screwed on right and it was half empty. So that was the sad part for her. Here are the clothes she got and where she got them from, I tried to find links so you could buy them too! Click the image to direct you back to the site. Not all have links though! **The selfie cat shirt link is here!**

This is the first shirt she got. Since HT was having a sale, she got TWO cat shirts. Can we say obsessed? Her other one has a cat that looks like our mama cat Bootsie and it says "#Selfie" on it.
This is the first shirt she got. Since HT was having a sale, she got TWO cat shirts. Can we say obsessed? Her other one has a cat that looks like our mama cat Bootsie and it says “#Selfie” on it.
This was my favorite top she got. Apparently it has short sleeves on it, but I don't know why but I could see Lzzy Hale from Halestorm wearing this top! This is Forever21.
This was my favorite top she got. Apparently it has short sleeves on it, but I don’t know why but I could see Lzzy Hale from Halestorm wearing this top! This is Forever21.
This is a crop top, we seen a LOT of these as it is summer of course! It's gray and has navy blue stripes. This was from also Forever21 too.
This is a crop top, we seen a LOT of these as it is summer of course! It’s gray and has navy blue stripes. This was from also Forever21 too.
I'm not good at pants/shirts, especially deniem so forgive me! These were from Body Central!
I’m not good at pants/shirts, especially denim so forgive me! These were from Body Central!
I liked these the most and I don't know why. The gold hem on dark blue jeans has ALWAYS been a favorite with me. She got these at Body Central as well.
I liked these the most and I don’t know why. The gold hem on dark blue jeans has ALWAYS been a favorite with me. She got these at Body Central as well.

Now that is done, I can share something else with you as well! Last night my sister and her friend went out to get new tattoos. This will be Blondie’s third tat and she has apparently started her sleeve. Her friend got her first tattoo last night, even I was proud of her! Don’t even ask if I’m getting one, because I’m not. Nice try! If you’ve read Friday’s blog post about the birthday party, then you saw that we have four new baby kitties in our backyard. We still have no clue if they’re Bootsie and Wren’s babies. Blondie and mom went outside to see if they were out and about this afternoon. Our little fluff ball is camera-shy so no pictures of it this time around, but you do get to see better pictures of the other two! We have officially figured out that the fluff ball will be called “Kells” for Blondie’s sake. Mom has named the little calico kitty “Belle” instead. I don’t know who actually took the pictures but they are too good to edit them, I mean that good in quality!

Little Belle!
Little Belle!
All three babies..
All three babies..
My sleepy little Silver Moonlight
My sleepy little Silver Moonlight
Wonder what it's dreaming about? Anybody else see that grin on its face?
Wonder what it’s dreaming about? Anybody else see that grin on its face?
Blondie's new tattoo and she said she is NOT getting any color, she thinks its more unique without it and she said it only hurt of the leaf on the left. She didn't even feel the rest. She's a trooper at pain!
Blondie’s new tattoo and she said she is NOT getting any color, she thinks its more unique without it and she said it only hurt of the leaf on the left. She didn’t even feel the rest. She’s a trooper at pain!

Like Tuesday’s post, I’m ending this with a song that I heard while we were in one of the stores. There were a few that I heard but unfortunately I didn’t know who sang the songs or what they were called. There was just one that I heard while I went running around Forever21 though, it was a Selena Gomez song and while Blondie kept looking through different racks I kept singing to myself and by the end of it I even dancing to it in my wheelchair. I hope you have enjoyed this new edition of Summer’s paradise. I hope you’ve enjoyed it!

Hearing Songs At Wal-Mart

On my song challenge for today, it said pick a song that reminds of somewhere. That is actually very difficult for me to do because apparently I don’t pay that much attention when someplace and a song starts playing and remembering later on. Now thinking about it for two hours, I figured out two times in my head. One was my junior prom and the other at Wal-Mart. I love both stories but the second one is more me than the first because it was more of a random happening than the second–well I take that back. Both stories are pretty random, but you can definitely see me doing the second a lot more than the first one. Here I’ll explain.

One day, my mom, sister and I went to Wal-Mart. Mom and Em got their nails done and I was around the store trying to keep busy and out of everybody’s way. Which is kind of impossible really. Anyways, I was looking through different music and movies in the rows. Usually when I get over in that department. They will play sport advertisements and play a new released movie on these flat screen TV’s. Well occasionally they will play different music videos. Normally it’s either pop or country videos and that’s it. I heard this song on the TV’s behind me and it was of a song I liked. It was Train’s “Hey, Soul Sister” and once it started up, I could not help stop myself. I started singing right along with it and started to dance a little in my chair. It was a first for me. Then after the song was over, I was just about to go back to the book section when “Love You Like A Love Song” by Selena Gomez started playing. My mom and Em had to come get me out of there before the third song started playing.

Once I went with my dad to Wal-Mart, he was waiting in line talking to this lady and I recognized a song that was playing faintly in the back of the store. They were playing “What I’ve Done” by Linkin Park. After it was done, I noticed I was attracting attention behind because where I was parked, there was a bench and I was texting from there. Two people were standing behind me watching me text. It doesn’t bother me that much, but for my dad it does. While he and this lady was talking about different things. I recognized another song, except this song was much harder to figure out than the last one. It literally took me at least two minutes to the melody right. I even had to move up to hear it because my dad’s voice was carrying around that area. From the place where I was, you could see the TV’s in the back, so I used that to help determined what song was playing. Then I got the melody of the chorus and figured out it was Lacey Sturm of Flyleaf song from Underworld: Awakening “Heavy Prey” because it was January and it just released on DVD. I knew the words to the song and melody was there but by the time I finally knew what it was the song was over.