4 Years Of Tune Tuesday Worldwide!



So it is almost summer and you know the deal! It’s time for my worldwide Tune Tuesday posts to come back!

Can you believe I’ve been doing these for FOUR years?! The reason why I started writing these types of posts is because back then, I desperately wanted to write about music but I didn’t have any ideas on where to start, I was even doing my reviews at the time but they weren’t very good. So I kept thinking about all of the music and how international my tastes had become.

I liked freaking out my family and friends of where some of their favorite artists and bands weren’t from the US like Seether! They were featured in the first year and they’re originally from South Africa!

Every year, the lineup changes, if I add more than two or three artists/bands in their native country I tend to lose that country for the next year! Last year I had a lot of new countries I included like Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Romania! Unfortunately, they’re not going to be on this year’s rooster and neither is Africa as a whole! I do have a couple of newbies coming this summer like Iceland and Switzerland!

Here is what we’re talking about for 2017!

Australia | Canada | Denmark | England | France | Iceland | Ireland | Netherlands | Norway | Poland | Sweden | Switzerland | United States of America

It is much shorter than the previous years, but I did remove a bunch of countries that I normally about like Germany! I actually ran out of music from there and I am really bum about that! Hopefully I can find some new music for it next year, as I’d like to bring it back. I already have Finland coming back in 2018!

As a way to get you interested until next Tuesday, I have created a whole playlist of musicians I have already talked about in my posts in the past four years! I tried to go by country (alphabetical order) but I didn’t last very long so I’m sorry for that! I’m bound to do that, as long as I don’t do it on here we’re good! It’s bad enough I’ve messed it up on my calendar! I will continue to do my monthly playlists and I try to include the artists in those playlists too! Plus any reviews that I do, especially the music reviews of any kind will be posted on Thursday until August! Hope you all enjoy!

If you have any suggestions for what I should include in Summer 2018’s list, please let me know and whatever country they’re from too! I will give you credit and be appreciated too!


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Tune Tuesday: Africa


It’s the second week of Tune Tuesday Music Travel. I just made that up on the spot! I still don’t know what to call this exactly, I think that works. What do you think? I’ve decided to go about this in aphetically order, to keep everything separate and make things less confusing to me. There are like three countries that were on the original post I did two weeks ago that had to be left out because I don’t know anybody in those countries. So we are headed to Africa! What everybody thinks about when you say “Africa” are the animals out in the wild. Lions, Antelope, and Zebras are the first to come to mind for me. One of my favorite countries, Egypt is there. I love the history there! I’ve always loved the mysteries, beliefs, and culture of the people who live there. I’m pretty sure I’ve watched every special on TV that has to do with ancient Egypt, not even kidding either! Did you know that actress Charlize Therion is from South Africa? I bet you didn’t know the rock band Seether is also from South Africa as well? They are!! The sad part is I’ve known Charlize was from there for a couple of years now, but just found out about Seether like five months ago! Oops!

Seether are a really, really good band! I’ve been listening to them for years! I’m more of a fan of their singles, even though I have actually tried to listen to their albums before. I have listened to Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray that they released in 2011. I think I fell in love with them when their song “Broken” came out. I was a big Evanescene fan (I still am!) and I just loved everything about it, even my parents liked it. Every once in a while my dad will whistle it while we’re in the car. A few months ago, my mom was looking for new songs to get her woken up and one of my dad’s friends suggested she listen to “Country Song” and I’m pretty sure after her first listen she was hooked. I’ve been hooked to it since I heard it on the radio. It’s very different from other rock songs I’m used to hearing and of course, I heard the introduction and saw the title and immediately thought I wouldn’t like it. My cousin used to have a cat named Seether Ann too. For some odd reason both names actually work well together. I was wrong! I’ve decided to share two of my favorite songs on here. What are you favorite Seether tracks?

Careless Whisper by Seether

Rise Above This by Seether