Halloween Decor | Everything Is Under $100


I am such a lover of autumn, it is my favorite time of the year to go shopping for decor, the second being is Christmas of course! I just love the different colors of reds, yellows, and oranges of the trees around town, but I also enjoy seeing the impressive Halloween displays in front yards. I am a fan of the tacky bright orange with the Charlie Brown eyes and mouth, but I also love the gore-y decorations some people are brave enough to show off on their neighbors too.

Right now, we currently don’t have a porch on our house so we can’t necessarily have any pumpkins on display, although I think we could get by with putting a couple at the base of the stairs. The cats would enjoy them but I think people would miss them at night and really hurt themselves because they were in the way. So, as another way to talk about ways of decorating, I figured this was the only way to go.

Below I will be giving you eight items that I found on Walmart’s website to help spice up your home a little with some ghoul-y cheer!

There were two things that I wanted to make sure I put on this post and they are everything will be under $100, I honestly tried to keep it about half of that but I kept finding cute things that were higher, so I caved a bit! I also thought it was smart to give you a subtle fall and some Thanksgiving options along with some spooky stuff too! I am going to talk about two items from each section, but if you’d like to check out the whole group, underneath the banner above are the links with their prices to each one. I want to apologize if any of them say they are “out of stock” at the time you go to check them out. None were like that when I created the post.

Thanksgiving Cream Pumpkins

I have always loved the faux white pumpkins, but I’ve always wanted to use the normal orange ones to do any of our crafts. As I’ve gotten older I’ve sort of realized how smart my nana and I would have been to use the fake pumpkins to decorate, because let’s face it we would have them forever! We could have put them in many places throughout the house instead of putting them outside in the cold!

Another reason why I love these pumpkins is because you can have them for the entire fall season. If you can find it in a neutral color like this, your house can look very chic but still have the full inspiration of everything autumn brings too. Walmart also has them in a light shade of green and dusty blue! These were my favorites though because I liked the way they looked, they were different!

Mustard Chevron Fleece Throw Blanket

I have been watching a lot of different YouTube videos lately and I’ve seen almost everyone talk about having a mustard colored blanket and at first, I didn’t understand all of the hype over it but then I thought it was the perfect color to continue my sunflower theme for my room. It wasn’t too bright or light of a hue and that’s what I’ve been interested in for the past few months. I also enjoy the little fringe at the sides because it reminds me of a blanket I had as a child, but ultimately I love fleece blankets so it really doesn’t matter what the color or little additions are on it, if it’s fleece I will pretty much love it to pieces!

Unfortunately, this was the first one that I found that was “expensive” to me, when I told my mom about it, she made it out to be not so bad. In my defense, I don’t go shopping for bedding stuff too often so our differences in price ranges are pretty prominent. I feel like once it becomes time for Christmas to steal the season’s time in the spotlight, it might go on clearance and that could be the perfect time to purchase it. That’s just my thinking for you today!

Mini Ceramic Halloween Tree

Growing up my grandparents had a lot of these types of trees around their house. My nana would leave them on at all hours and since we were afraid to sleep in that living room, those trees were just enough light to keep us sane through the whole night! Anyways, she also had a pretty white one and my papaw had a smaller one, that now belongs to me because it was always stored on top of the organ desk. I still need to replace the light bauble but I think I’ll have it up this winter!

When I saw this on the website, I immediately became very happy because it still looked like the others but it was just in black, purple and orange–regular Halloween colors! What was funny though is that all of the rage last Christmas were these black Christmas trees, and so I thought this would be as close as I would ever get to having a black tree in my room. However, there was one drawback once I looked at the price! So, again I went with my thought I had about the blanket that maybe after Halloween ends it’ll go up on sale.

Purple Translucent Skull Figurine

Right after I finished my search for the pumpkins, I had to check out the skulls they had too! I figured the type I was looking for were in low supplies, because I don’t really like the creepy looking ones nor do I enjoy the tacky ones that much either. When it comes to skulls, I am quite picky! I prefer both matte, day of the dead and translucent skulls. They did have some cool sugar skulls but when I saw this one with the word “purple” hell, even I knew it was game over!

The only thing I was puzzled about it was that it definitely doesn’t look purple on the picture. To me that is more like hot pink! So, I am hoping this isn’t false advertisement there. After I noticed, I also saw the price of it and I began to wonder on good the quality was, just because it looks gorgeous on the site, doesn’t mean it’ll look really cheap once you get it home. However, it could be a good product and I’m worrying for no reason at all!

What did you think of this little Halloween home decor post? do you have any favorites listed above? How would you rate the decorative items from Walmart?

Beautiful Autumn Days

Boy, can you tell it’s autumn in the Midwest. I’ve started to notice some of the trees finally turn to yellow and orange. I’ve never been to North, South, or West coasts in the fall. So I don’t want to say that Midwest has the most beautiful scenery, but it’s pretty close. In the different years, our fall/winter like weather comes in one month earlier or later, so each year we continue to get more confused about when the temperatures really supposed to drop. This year I think it actually started on time. We had some cooler weather in between August-September but nothing really big until the last two of weeks of September and then we started to really noticing the temperature drop in the evenings. Today, the nice cool breeze we’ve been getting used to in the weekdays has turned into full blown wind and it’s cold. You know when it’s really windy bad, when you’re driving and the wind has the car moving all over the place. For me, sitting in the backseat was no fun because I was actually feeling the power of the wind deep inside the car. Today, was also the first day were I wore my trustee jacket that I’ve had for a number of years. I also kept on my socks (that did NOT go with my outfit! Thanks, Dad.) until we got inside and I found the Halloween stuff and I was gone.

My parents were actually supposed to go to Wal-Mart yesterday afternoon, but they ended up going to Royal King and went out to eat were they had margaritas and my poor dad had one that whoever was to make it forgot to put in the actual mix in the drink, so all it was, was tequila, some fruits, and ice. He didn’t drink much of it according to my mom. While they were there, I was at my nana’s and we were having a fun time. My mom got me some pumpkins the other day, so far we only have two and they are freaking HUGE! She said they looked smaller passing by them but when she goes to pick them up, it’s like she’s going to pick me up. So they are underneath my grandparent’s dinner table. This time around when we do our stuff to them, we’re keeping the aluminum foil under them. We did that to two of our pumpkins last year and it actually was the smartest idea we ever had at that point. Hopefully my mom will be able to find medium-small size pumpkins somewhere else. Anyways, when they got back, of course I tried to spend a little time outside with the babies (cats) and we made some rounds. When Bootsie had her second litter, Wren, Midget and Stef used to follow me from the backyard to the front. It was really weird even then, but cute too! Well, now that we have six cats now they all have been racing me every time I’m outside. They no longer follow me, they race me. It’s actually Midget or Kelso that beats to it too.

While I was at my nana’s, I had the job of trying to find our old box of crayons. We had no such luck, however we did find something that might help me get a little more hands on. As much as everybody thinks, I honestly do a lot of the crafts and sadly never have, even in school. I always had to have help, which was good, but I always liked to do things myself. One of the things that I was never allowed to do at home or at school was use the scissors. I’ve been properly trained what not to do with them, but have been able to cut with them. Apparently, I make people feel uneasy with my toes. She found this small blue box, it was kind of dirty but still adorable. My nana never throws anything away and I’m thanking God for that now, but inside this little box were small tools. A pair of scissors, a stapler, measure tape, knife, ruler, an eraser, paperclips, and liquid glue. I thought they were the cutest things I’ve ever seen! I could easily these items. We decided to leave those out because I might be using those sometime soon. While my dad and I were looking for glitter in the craft section at Wal-Mart, he tried to get back into making necklaces again. I can’t do those, I spent too much money over something that does not work well with my toes or back. Even though I was tempted to take home a bottle of purple paint and a wooden letter of “M” but I think God knew what I wanted to do there and I couldn’t find either one.

While I was outside with them, I’ve been trying to take a lot of pictures of the leaves around the yards because I know my dad will have to mow it sometime soon. Despite the cold temperatures at night, my mom does have one flower bed producing buds, and yesterday she had a lone purple flower in full bloom. It must’ve enjoyed the nice rain we got that night and decided to come alive once more. When we went to leave to go out today, I checked it and it was still open but sadly decaying too. Which made me kind of sad that summer was officially over. It’s strange to think that I’ve always loved autumn because of the changes in the leaves, feeling of Halloween, and then getting closer to my birthday. I think since I took lots of pictures of the outside, especially the flush trees. I don’t know I might be changing my mind slowly and thinking I might have a new favorite instead.







Some pumpkins I found while in Walmart.
Some pumpkins I found while in Wal-Mart.

Ending One Month, Getting More Music Next Month

UntitledIt’s the last two days of August. Man! This year has been traveling back so fast. Some months it seems like it’s fading away so slow but like this month is totally the opposite. One of the things that I like to do is think of the upcoming months is a good light, letting all of the good shine first before anything else. The first thing that makes me excited is the fact that after August ends, that means the air becomes cooler and the temperature drops from the high 80’s to a nice mid-70’s. The colors of the leaves start to change from their deep green to a yellow or an light orange. For some people, the fading of summer is bittersweet. To me, it just means that Halloween is getting closer and my birthday!

Besides the temperatures, leaves, and fun holidays coming up. We have to get through the month of September first. Those things take time to get started after a couple of weeks, but once the new month starts so does looking forward to your favorite shows coming back on. New movies being released on Friday nights, speaking on Friday nights. Football is in full swing too! You go to your old high school or college football games and sit in the bleachers and drink hot chocolate to not only warm up your hands but also the rest of your body. As for shows that are coming back for the fall schedule, I’ve got Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Dancing With The Stars. that comes back on next month! Plus, a show that I have been slowly getting into (I’m only on season three!) and that’s Sons Of Anarchy, their final season starts in September too. I’ve been trying my best to keep away from all of the spoilers but I’ve got bigger issues and that’s figuring how the hell I can get the other seasons that I still need to watch before I can even get started on the final season. So should I just start unfollowing actors on my Twitter now?

One that starts as soon as possible is music. New music comes out every Tuesday and I love it! For you Europeans, you guys are lucky and they get new music on Monday. I wish our music came out on Monday’s too, because that would make the week seem less stressful and you’d have something to start your week off on the right track. Or am I wrong? I would LOVE it honestly, but I can live with getting my music on Tuesdays though, because if my Monday sucked that just means I have something to look forward to that next day. This entire year I’ve been introduced to so many artists and bands that it’s probably one of the best years (musically) for me because I’ve been learning a lot about myself as a person who likes a certain genre for so long, I’m always looking for something else. I am a lover of rock/metal but I’ve been getting into celtic and indie music as well. I’ve also learned that majority of everything that I’ve ever said “ew” or “oh god no!” to has come back to bite me in the ass in someway. Bands like Korn, Asking Alexandria, and Bring Me The Horizon have gotten off my shitty list and are now on my iPod and I play them proudly. However, now I’m at a crosswords with another. Slipknot is not one of my favorites, but I’m not going to lie anymore. I am a fan of their songs, “Wait and Bleed” and “Before I Forget.” They just recently released a new song called, “The Devil In I” and I do like it. I don’t love it, but it’s not bad either.

In August, we saw a LOT of things come forth with different artists and music acts. Two things that were big this month was the fact that both The Civil Wars and Danity Kane disbanded. It took me a while to get into The Civil Wars and I do love their first two albums. I still have their songs, “Poison & Wine” and “The One That Got Away” on repeat on my iPod. I also have a new love for “Dust To Dust” and “Tell Mama” off their second album. After announcing the two had broken up, they released a new single called, “Sunshine” and I have yet to listen to it because I feel like I might cry. Late 2013, we got word that Diddy’s former all-girl group Danity Kane was coming back, even though with only four of their original members, they were working on a new album and going on tour. Aundrea had to leave the group as she is pregnant with her first child and then an incident happened and rumors buzzed about someone getting punched in the head. A day later, remaining members Aubrey and Shannon went on their Facebook and said that the group had also disbanded and apologized to their fans. They also had released a new track over the summer before any of this happened called “Lemonade Stand” and there hasn’t been anything new about if their new album will be released at all.

Despite that heartbreaking news, new music will be released from other acts. I’m pretty excited about it, because two groups that I just love to pieces. Train an Flyleaf have their new albums coming out. Train is releasing their album “Bulletproof Picasso” on September 16th. I love hearing their first single “Angel In Blue Jeans” on the radio. It’s definitely a good late summer track to listen to. The Christian rock band Flyleaf is releasing their first album with new vocalist Kristen May, called “Between The Stars,” a lot of different musicians and bands are not doing the traditional way of going to the studio and recording their music by pulling money out of their pockets. They’re having their fans fund them in the process, bands like Thousand Foot Krutch and Fireflight have done it for their new albums, and TFK just released that album this past week. Flyleaf released an EP last year with their new singer, she’s definitely not like their last singer but she’s still VERY good though! They released their first single off the new album, “Set Me On Fire” last month. I love it! It took me two weeks to learn it and now I sing it all the time.

I’m looking forward to the debut album of the R&B beauty, Banks. She’s been growing one heck of a fan base with taking a dark sound to R&B and making a whole new genre. I found her on Spotify in one of the many indie play lists I follow. I’ve talked about her a lot in the last couple of months. So I’m pumped about finally getting her first album, “Goddess” and hearing the other tracks that haven’t been released yet. I heard a former competitor on the show The X-Factor, Ella Henderson. She came in ninth place but she still releasing her first album called, “Chapter One” and she just released her first single co-written by Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic. This dude is a genius. The song is called, “Ghost” and I literally heard it for the first time this week on The Pulse. It was really good! Does anybody remember in 2010 I think it was, when boy bands New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys went on tour together and released an album together? Well, if you were or are a fan of both Nick Carter and Jordan Knight, they’re in a mini group together and their debut album comes out next month and it’s called, of course “Nick & Knight.”

Maybe you miss Tony Bennett or Lenny Kravitz? Both are releasing albums in September. Although, Tony Bennett isn’t by himself in this album. I’ve heard so much about how he was working with Lady Gaga. Lots of people, including myself thought that was a weird combination, but now that I’ve had time to think about it, it sounds pretty cool! Tony Bennett is such a big singer and to have a big singer in this generation like Gaga sounds like a very interesting mix. Lenny Kravitz is coming out with a new album! Praise the lord! I’ve got to say as much as I’ve loved seeing him on my TV screen in the The Hunger Games and Lee Daniel’s The Butler I am ready for some new music by him. The new singles are just…yummy. How about some new Bryan Adams music too? Yeah, I’ve only heard a few songs of his and I am obsessed with the movie Spirit soundtrack because he did all of the songs on there. I don’t hide from the love I have for that soundtrack honestly. It doesn’t matter how old I get, I always will! Lastly, Boyz II Men, hello? Everybody needs some new Boyz II Men music, it’s just good stuff!

There are a lot of great music out there. Lots can come out in one week, I always try to go through everything that comes out on Tuesday’s on my Spotify. It’s becoming a ritual now and I love it, because I find new good stuff that way. Never turn down music whether it’s old or new, because then when you do discover it, you’ll look like a total ass around everybody else. Or worse, they’ll call you out on it and that’s never fun either! I know in life, we might have a lot going on but it’s always a good thing to take a music break and dance around like nobody’s watching and sing out as loud as you want! So I hope this new month treats you right and I hope you let yourself have some fun too!