What My Zodiac Sign Says About Me


Howdy ūüôā

I would like to say this post was inspired by Safe Haven: Anonymous Letters¬†30 Day Challenge they did in August! I decided to do it about my zodiac sign: SCORPIO! They’ve actually inspired me to do the summer playlist and four others I might do sometime in the future! So you’ll have to venture on the site and guess which ones I might use.

I am a lover of horoscopes! I really am, I don’t look up mine as much anymore but I do love reading it every once in a while. It’s become a bit of a tradition to look at mine on my birthday, because if anything does happen on that day, you basically live by your horoscope and trust me, it has happened before and I will admit to it!

I really love my sign. I think it goes well with me really well. Everything honestly makes sense when you look up some of the characteristics that comes with it. Of course, a normal person will think it could all be part of your DNA and I can believe that too, but there are too many things, like strengths and dislikes that feel too much of a coincidence when you put it together with your sign than your heritage.

One thing that I’ve learned about my sign is that it’s normal to for me show my emotions. I am a strong person. I can hold it in for as long as I can, before I turn into a sobbing mess. This is because my element is Water, we waver back and forth of our decisions. Since we’re passionate people, we also have anger tendencies as well. This is the reason why I’ve seen “most serial killers are born in November” pop up on Facebook. Now I’m not saying I’m one of those people, I mean I can get angry, I’m just not the type of person to yell and fight someone. I like to think I’m classier than that. Scorpios don’t like dishonesty and secrets although the fact as I get older, I don’t want to know certain things, but keeping secrets from me isn’t necessarily so easy either. I’ll find out about it anyways, and apparently that’s also part of this sign too.

I’ve found that we’re brave, resourceful, and stubborn. As a disabled person, we learn how to adapt to our surroundings in that I have definitely become very resourceful, I like figuring how I can get things to go differently. Of course, stubbornness is part of this. I don’t like doing stuff the easy way and hate quitting anything, big or small. If I know something is potentially dangerous, it only makes me want to try it out. So I clearly show all three of these strengths in my daily life!

One thing I recently learned that comes with the sign itself has to do with something hasn’t always made sense. My mom tells me I’m the hard one to shop for and I never feel like I am. And then I read on an astrology site on the bottom section called, “How To Choose A Gift For A Scorpio Woman” we like little things and surprises. I honestly love a lot of things, I just don’t think anybody really listens so when it’s time to get me something for my birthday or Christmas. What they said about jewelry pieces is true, I honestly don’t wear a lot of jewelry but I love anything with spikes and with a “M” or my name in general.

One of the funny things about my sign has a day which holds some significance of some sort, whether it’s good or bad. Tuesday is mine I guess and I find it strange in a way because whenever I was a kid and in the process of losing my baby teeth. I would literally lose my tooth on a Tuesday or Thursday. I always thought it was weird as hell! And then in 2016, they switched the day of when music would be released from Tuesdays to Fridays, which made sense afterwards but Tuesday was my favorite day of the week because I knew new music would be released that morning! I never knew why Tuesdays had so much meaning to me until reading that!

There is honestly a lot you can learn about your Zodiac sign. My favorite way is to go on Pinterest, I have a whole board of different facts, likes and even some risque things, be glad I’m giving you a warning beforehand at least. So if you’d like to dwell into the mind of a Scorpio a little bit more, you can check out my board!

What Zodiac sign are you? Are you a true believer of it or still skeptical? Let me know below!


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When Second Chances Turn Into The Seventh Chance

Sometimes I’m up to giving second chances, hell sometimes I’ll give people their seventh chance and hope for the best this time around. I’m always getting my heart-broken¬†whether it being my own fault or not. I’ve read a lot about Zodiac sign likes to hold a¬†grudge ¬†against people who betray my sign. I’ve also read we’re a very jealous sign. Surprisingly, I’m not a very jealous person. I’ll say it sometimes but I’m usually being funny about it. The other part about holding a¬†grudge ¬†is true. Since I have a good memory, everything stays right with me. Nothing ever goes away like I want them to.

I’ve tried to a forgiving person and lose that part of me, but it’s a bit difficult to do. Everybody says you shouldn’t forgive this person or that one, but why not? I’m used to forgiving people who have hurt me in someway. It’s a lesson we learn. I’ll forgive you, but I’ll be damned if I ever trust you again. That’s how things go with me. I posted this picture on both my Facebook page for this blog and shared it on my profile and put, “so much for second chances.” One of my Facebook friends Gracie, she commented on it. She told me (in short text) to not really give up on the “friends” I had in school, I should see what happens down the road. I readded a friend of mine on my Facebook account. I thought our friendship was getting better and everything but here I am back to my old self of feeling alone again. I’m not texting her first, because I shouldn’t have to ALL the time. I hate second thinking everything and everybody I want in my life. Everybody’s pushing me away again. I can’t do it all over again.