Three New Nail Polishes!



I’m back from spending time with my family. Technically I’ve been back for a couple of days but I’ve been trying to edit pictures and rest as much as possible because the last time I spent the night at my grandparent’s house and hung out with the family, I couldn’t do anything for at least two weeks! Things were a bit different this time around, but I’m still really tired! So to give myself some time to relax in the week, I’ve decided to publish a couple of smaller posts and leave the bigger ones for early next week.

Everything happened from Friday evening to Saturday night. It doesn’t seem all that short but to me, it was a lot longer than that trust me! A little run down, During day two, my Uncle Rick came down to spend some time with us. My Aunt Laurie and Uncle Mike had asked me if I wanted to join them while they went to Wal-Mart. I said sure. My younger cousin Taylor wasn’t originally going to go with us, but after I asked where he was Laurie went back and from what he told me she used games as a bribe to get him to go with us. I felt bad for him in a way, I talked my head off the whole way there, but he let me have it on the way back so it was all right! I learned a lot about him on that ride home so that was nice! He’s like me, he’s a little bit shy. If you can get him away from his nook he’s very lively and talkative! I felt bad I managed to lose my UNO cards in the last month and I don’t know why we managed to not buy a whole new deck of cards while we were there! Next time we’ll have our rematch!

I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about this before but my Aunt Laurie and her husband Mike are both deaf, it’s a bit difficult to talk to the both of them. I can’t learn sign language even though we’ve found out there are ways for ones who use their feet like me to do it. Unfortunately my toes can’t separate from one another, but I do know a couple of gestures that I CAN do with my left foot, for the most part I have to talk very slowly so they can (hopefully) read my lips. It’s a lot harder than it looks, I’ve always had an issue with it because I am a fast talker and a giggler, but then again if you saw these two and how fast they talk to one another, even with one hand it will amaze you! Sometimes Taylor does have to tell her what I said because he can hear and use sign language to translate it for her. It’s very interesting! I say this because the first thing she had him ask me was “what do you want for your birthday?” I honestly didn’t know! I still don’t know to tell you the truth!

On our outing, they were searching for things for my grandparents like my Papaw’s ice cream bars. He loves fudge bars but whenever my mom goes shopping at the end of the week for them, she has a hard time finding them. Well, Wal-Mart didn’t have them either! My nana wanted more glasses. So they got her an eight or maybe it was a six-pack of small glasses for her. I was supposed to get her markers but I forgot. And Mike also got her some flowers (fake) for outside in the yard. I also got some pretty flowers, not that I have any place for them! You might see them in future blog posts! I love sunflowers and daisies and surprisingly that’s what I got! One of the last things we got though were the nail polishes! Laurie got some lipstick which turned out to be lip gloss instead! The packaging was misleading! Anyways, I was very troubled in choosing what colors I wanted to get this time around. There was more of a selection and I was only allowed two or three. So I came home with these three colors!

I generally pick these brands on accident almost every time! Sally Hansen and Pure Ice nail polishes! They’re usually cheap and low to my level so I can reach them. The first one that got my attention was the middle one. It’s called “Unbreakable Heart” and it’s a deep red, perfect autumnal color! The second was the “Big Teal” by Pure Ice. It says it’s teal but it looks more navy blue than anything else so we’ll have to see what that one does! And lastly because it is almost Halloween, I got a light orange color called “Sun Kissed” also by Sally Hansen! I really want to paint my toes in this color and borrow my nana’s black sharpie and make a Jack O lantern on my big toe! I’ve got too many ideas to do with that one stuck in my head!

Which color do you like the best?


NOTM: Green & Pink



Don’t worry this isn’t necessarily a new series I’m doing I just wanted an easy title and thought this would do the trick!

Last weekend, I went over to my nana and papaw’s for a little visit and since her internet has been a real pain lately. She’s been kind of without it for the last couple of days. She’s been doing a lot to distract herself though so I’m pretty proud of her for doing that. She’s been coloring a lot! Besides the fuzzy posters I gave her she found an old Peanuts coloring book from 2003. She’s had to switch from markers to crayons, something that she didn’t really like very much but it works! On this same visit my parents bought us some more posters, three different giant boxes. We each have eight of them and I’m REALLY considering that giveaway maybe one through Twitter and the other on Facebook?

One of the first things she asked me when I came over was can you paint my toe nails for me? It’s very interesting to me that every time I get asked to do this I cringe. Her feet are disgusting! Sorry nana! My feet are younger–for a lack of a better term to use–so it might be the reason why I tend to freak out a bit, but trust me my feet are far from perfect! Fun fact: I have hair on the tops of my feet and I HATE it! The day my feet get really nasty, I will probably crawl into a corner and bawl my eyes out! Anyways, she still had some polish on her toes but it wasn’t very bright so with the color she wanted could cover it up without any problems. She wanted a pink-orange shade by Sally Hansen. I don’t really remember the name of it. I actually love doing her nails because she doesn’t care if I get polish all over her. Eh, I’m not a master at everything! She painted my nails too, I am in love with my lime green color also by Sally Hansen! We’re a Sally Hansen type of family! That picture above is what happens when you use your toes to guide yourself in a push wheelchair. Sometimes you get little hairs stuck on your newly painted nails…

So that’s it! We didn’t do anything too fancy but this was fun too!